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PARENTS an autofiction written & directed by Eric Bergkraut & Ruth Schweikert

RUTH SCHWEIKERT * 1964. Ruth Schweikert is the author of several awardwinning novels and plays. She is known for her short stories collection “Erdnüsse. Totschlagen.” (1994) and her latest work “Tage wie Hunde” (2019 ). PARENTS is her first film.

SWITZERLAND Fiction, 96 min., 2019 ORIGINAL LANGUAGE: Swiss-German CAST: Eric Bergkraut, Elisabeth Niederer, Orell Bergkraut, Elia Bergkraut, Ruben Bergkraut, Beat Schlatter, Peter Schweiger, Hagar Admoni, Tatjana Werik, Ursina Greuel, Selina Weber PRODUCER: Eric Bergkraut

PRODUCTION AND WORLD RIGHTS: p.s. 72 productions GmbH, Zurich WORLD PREMIERE: Locarno Film Festival 2019 INTERNATIONAL PRESS: Io Baur T + 41 79 875 04 89


ERIC BERGKRAUT * 1957 in Paris. Eric Bergkraut was an actor for the stage and cinema, prior to directing numerous documentaries. He is especially known for his award-winning docs among then LETTER TO ANNA (2008).


A couple from Zurich believes they did everything right. Then their adolescent children start disrupting the family system. Until the parents move out. An autofictional grotesque.

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Locarno 2019