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The Meadow

Delia Schiltknecht

Raphaël Dubach

Jela Hasler

Switzerland, 2015, 6 min. Original language: German

Switzerland, 2015, 46 min. Original language: French

Switzerland, 2015, 9 min. Without dialogue

World premiere: Leipzig 2015 Production and World Rights: Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK T +41 43 446 31 12

World premiere: IDFA 2015 Production and World Rights: École Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne T +41 21 316 99 33

World premiere: Festival del film Locarno 2015 Production and World Rights: Jela Hasler, Zurich T +41 79 757 64 91

"Bad images should disappear immediate­ ly!" Negative images mustn't be thought of. Nevertheless they are here and con­ stantly circling in one's head. Compulsion should chase them away.

Since he fell off his bike, Mr. Jacot hasn’t been himself; in fact he isn’t really any­ body. The brain damage he sustained in the fall means his existence is reduced to the bare minimum of consciousness. Mr. Jacot is an unresponsive body lying in a white bed. He is treated at the acute neu­ rorehabilitation centre of the CHUV by a group of highly specialized therapists. He begins a long journey, structured by the regular rhythm of these therapies, where he has to learn how to use his body again and to re-establish his personality.

In a dry, barren landscape, a herd of cattle grazes, accompanied by dogs, tended to by cowboys. Step by step the seemingly peaceful place starts to prove deceptive to the viewer – while the cows end their day as it began.



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