The cloud for Switzerland

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Cloud security

“The issue of security is currently undergoing a fundamental change.� Due to the ongoing digitalisation of our society, more and more sensitive data is being generated, stored and transferred using information and communication technology (ICT). Data security is therefore a key concern for Swisscom, one that is gaining importance in both our day-to-day activities and in our development work. For this reason, we created the position of Head of Group Security on 1 November 2013, a role taken on by Roger Halbheer, who will report directly to the CEO. Roger Halbheer will be supported by Gabriela Burkart, the operational data protection officer in our Legal team. She will also be in regular contact with the office of the Federal Data Protection Commissioner. We spoke to Mr Halbheer and Ms Burkart in an interview and asked them about the security concerns relating to cloud services.