The cloud for Switzerland

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Moving on to new horizons An increasing amount of IT performance is being shifted to the Internet in order to manage today’s immense data volumes. As market leader, Swisscom offers customised solutions – for SMEs and corporate customers. A look at Air Zermatt. Fast All Air Zermatt’s relevant data are stored either in the cloud or are web based. Any modifications made to a document by an employee are automatically synchronised, which ensures that all employees are always working on the latest document.

Secure Air Zermatt’s backup solution saves several versions of critical business data in order to ensure their recoverability at all times in the event of a loss. The e-mail solution guarantees virus scanners, anti-spam filters and encrypted data transmission, while the data are stored exclusively on servers located in Switzerland. In this way Swiss data protection regulations and security standards for data centres apply.

Flexible Air Zermatt increases or reduces the scope of services used, such as processing power and storage space, according to its needs, and can therefore make optimum use of resources and reduce costs.

Reliable A comprehensive workplace service ensures that all components are installed, updated on an ongoing basis and maintained – from laptops to operating systems to printers –, thereby ensuring that security measures are always state of the art.

Individual Air Zermatt works with an ICT total solution: Swisscom guarantees a fast data connection with its network solution and offers a virtual server infrastructure from the cloud in the form of Dynamic Computing Services for Business Applications. Swisscom partner Seabix provides the comprehensive workplace service.