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FEBRUARY 2013 / MARCH 2013


NEWSLETTER AGM 19. March (only paid up members are eligible to vote)

Our Youth back to Switzerland An interview on three young members

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lthough we’ve started a new year, we just want to glance back briefly to the last happenings of 2012.

Once again, Bettina Wiesmann opened her lovely home to us on 5 December for our yearend Bratwurst and Cervelat braai. As this is held primarily for the ladies who cannot make it out to Jonkershoek for our Christmas Sale, we laid out a nice assortment of goods for them to be purchased. The demand for Swiss Christmas biscuits was so great that we feared that there might be little or nothing left to sell in Jonkershoek! Our most sincere thanks go to each and every one who contributed to this wonderful day, especially Bettina and her husband as well as Martha Reichmuth, who, once again, donated the yummy sausages.

Even though we didn’t have a raffle this time round, the sale brought in a goodly sum - enough, for some nice treats for our Frauentreffen members in the new year and to make our usual donations to our chosen charities. Many thanks to all the hard-working and generous contributors, you are much appreciated! Ladies: please join us, the Frauentreffen, on the last Wednesday of every month. Just give Theres Dennler a call on 021 981 7958 or 082 775 5849 to find out where our meeting it will be held. We would love to see you there!

According to our newly established tradition, we set out all our goodies on the tables in Jonkershoek on the day that Santa Claus was expected. Luckily, we had kept some Christmas biscuits in reserve, but it didn’t take long to find buyers for them and for the cakes, jams, blankets etc made by our industrious ladies. The children just loved the cute cuddly toys knitted by Theres Dennler and they disappeared off our tables in no time at all.



e wish to express our sincere gratitude to the Exco of the Swiss mother club for donating a sign for the official opening of the upgraded club house in September 2012 – now proudly mounted at the clubhouse entrance! Since the official opening last September we have increased our membership to over 100 and are confident that this trend will continue.

We have also been fortunate to secure the participation of a second on-site coach, thus boosting the daily activities at the club. Saturday afternoons from 15h00 are now open for social tennis and visitors are welcome. Please feel free to visit our website for more info

FEBRUARY 2013 / MARCH 2013

CHRISTMAS DINNER SOME 80 SWISS AND AUSTRIAN MEMBERS WITH THEIR FRIENDS ATTENDED THE CHRISTMAS DINNER On Saturday, 15th December 2012, was the last official Club-Function of the year. Whilst the guests tucked into Martin’s Special Christmas-Menu, consisting of ‘ Vitello Tonato’ , Beef Fillet ‘Wellington’ and a Dessert Variation, our ever-so-young Guenther Ruppel entertained the lively crowd by playing some beautiful tunes with his accordion. A pleasant evening was had by all !!

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THE YOUTH CORNER Raphael Trischler >

SWISS CLUB: What was your motivation to move to Berlin and how long have you been there? RAPHAEL: Growing up with both South African and Swiss/German Cultural features, the curiosity grew to experience different sceneries, cultures, religions and meet people from another country and hear out their story. I moved to Berlin three months ago, because it will help me grow with the experience I go through in the future with myself. Being totally independent is the feeling I was looking for and knowing the German language, it was easy to integrate and get in contact with others in the social but also in the business environment. Are you planning to come back to SA and if so when? Yes, definitely. The MotherCity is my home and always will be. Growing up in a country with so many different environmental sceneries in front of my doorstep is a great way to start the day every morning. My goal is to be back in Cape Town by the end of 2013, just in time for summer like no other. Tell us about how you experience Berlin

as a born Capetonian and what would you like to pass on to someone who is planning to do the same trip? Berlin is a very multicultural City with many tourist attractions (e.g. Brandenburger Tor). Being a very creative city, it allows everyone to feel comfortable and welcome as a visitor, but also as a new ‘Berliner’. Young and old have a wide range of opportunities to experience this city in every aspect. The well organized public transport, with the S-Bahn / U-Bahn / Bus or Train, makes it comfortable and enjoyable to travel around at low costs. Berlin has no centre or CBD; but rather several famous districts with a mixture of great shopping locations, businesses and start-up companies. Who and what do you miss most about SA? SA isn’t a famous holiday destination for no reason. The African culture is a lively spirit which is shown all around SA and reflects on the people and places. No doubt, SA is paradise, not only taken from my own opinion, but also the positive feedback from visitors all around the world proof this statement. SA gives you so many opportunities to spend your day outside



308 Sea Pont Medical Centre 11 Kloof Rd, Sea Point (021) 434 5773

Comprehensive Eye Examinations Cataract Surgery Glaucoma Treatment

English, German and French spoken

and be around other people who are open and happy. I definitely miss the several beaches we have and waking up to the view of our beautiful Table Mountain and the smell of the salty sea breeze. It is incredible how SA has so much to give, in the sense of environmental differences even after a short time and distance of travelling. I miss the people that are always up for a good party and the way of thinking, which makes this country a place full of heart. What do you enjoy most in Berlin? The public transport is a definite plus. It makes travelling very convenient, especially for visitors. It is unbelievable how different places have different mind sets, even though we all live on the same earth. The multicultural feeling you get as soon as you enter Berlin makes this city very interesting. From Punker to Rocker to Hip Hopper, everybody is welcome, regardless where you come from. Being the capital of Germany makes this place popular and attracts a lot of famous musicians and artists from all over the world.

FEBRUARY 2013 / MARCH 2013

< Fiona Koch

SWISS CLUB: What was your motivation to move to Switzerland and how long have you been there? FIONA: Moved to Switzerland, because of my education. I knew that there is a bigger chance of starting an apprenticeship in Switzerland than in South Africa. It’s been 2 Years now, since I left the beautiful City, Cape Town. Are you planning to come back to SA and if so when? Yes, I will definitely come back to SA! When exactly I don’t know jet, but it will be after I ended my Apprenticeship successfully. Tell us about how you experience Switzerland as a born Capetonian and what would you like to pass on to someone who is planning to do the same trip? I have had a very adventurous and exciting 2 years here. When I arrived in Switzerland, I have been welcomed by my Grandmother and two of my friends. It was a winter day, with snow outside, and me just a Tracksuit on, felt the coldness quite quick =). In the first few weeks I packed out all of my belongings and started to get used to the Winter. I have also visited all of my friends and family that I haven’t seen in a very long time. I went to two different Hotels, where I absolved job shadowing. After I got a document being accepted to absolve my Apprenticeship in the “Gasthof Rössli” in Adligenswil . I was very glad, and excited to

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start in Summer. In February I went for a 5 month stay to the french part of Switzerland, where I stayed by a family with to young boys. I was Au-pair there, and went to a French College 2 days a week, where I learnt the grammatic of this beautiful language. It was a very intense and adventurous stay, that I will never forget. After these five months it was time to go back to the mother city Lucerne. I went with good friends of my parents to Sardegna for 2 Weeks, that was just amazing!! So, the day finally came, on the 15 August (on my Birthday) I could start my apprenticeship as a cook. At the end of the Day I was tired and excited for the next day to start... Who and what do you miss most about SA? What I miss most about SA, is of course the hot and beautiful summer days, with the ocean waves splashing in the background when you at the beach. Body-boarding and all sorts of water sports that I used to do. Going for a 18 holes game of golf with my parents or friends. The beautiful wine estates, table mountain and lions head, that I used to go climbing up with my father and my godfather in the early morning. There is so much more to mention, what I miss, and my friends that are in SA, I think about you guys every day!! You know who you are =) Who and what inspires you back in SA? At the moment, I’m not thinking about going back to SA for good, I first have to

finish my apprenticeship and then travel around Switzerland and Europe, to get as much experience,as possible, so that I can use my know how later, maybe in South Africa or wherever the World takes me to. What do you enjoy most in Switzerland? What I enjoy most about Switzerland, is that you can be independent, with all the public transport like buses, trains and taxis that are safe! What I also love is the wide range of activities you can enjoy, like for example: in summer you can go swimming in the refreshing lakes, cruising with Steamships on a hot day, going on a cycling tour around Switzerland. In winter its of course the awesome snow you can enjoy, going skiing, sledging, ice skating on a deep frozen lake, mountain climbing and lots more!!! =) I personally think that there is so much to do, you‘ll never be bored and don’t know what to do now, On a day and if the weather isn’t the best in Switzerland, you quickly travel with your car, train or easy-jet to Italy, Austria, Istanbul, Germany, France or wherever for a day or two visit, you are so quick somewhere else, that’s great! Who inspires you in Switzerland? The team that I work with, inspires me, and my colleges at school.The whole of Switzerland with it’s nature and the good schools you can take part, the Education, the different apprenticeships you can accomplish and lots, lots more!!!



SWISS CLUB: What was your motivation to move to Berlin and how long have you been there? MELANIE HAUSER: After finishing the Abitur at the ‘Deutsche Internationale Schule Kapstadt’, I thought it would be about time to get into that big, wide world. I decided to take gap-year in Switzerland to gain some new experiences and get more independent. The first four months I committed myself to the Swiss Army – something I never thought I would ever do! I worked as a ‘hospitalsoldier’ in Moudon. After my 18 weeks in a camouflaged uniform, I got the opportunity to work as a nurse in an old age home in Zürich.


Are you planning to come back to SA and if so when? I am happy to say that I’m coming back to Cape Town on the 18. December. Tell us about how you experience Switzerland as a born Capetonian and what would you like to pass on to someone who is planning to do the same trip? I have noticed as a born Capetownian, that Zürich for example has a very hectic lifestyle. You just have to go to the Main Station in Zürich, and I’m sure you’ll know what I mean. But on the other hand, I appreciate the public transport – it is so much easier to get from Point A to B. Also the punctuality is a big plus. When I arrived in Switzerland in January, I had an extreme temperatureshock. Even though I love the Camps Bay beach, I am very fond of the winter season. Who and what do you miss most about SA? I miss my family, my dog and my friends in Cape Town. Not to forget to mention the sea, a piece of Biltong and a typical Braai! Who and what inspires you back in SA? Nelson Mandela inspires me. What do you enjoy most in Switzerland? During the Army I made some tough, but also great and experiences, learnt a lot and made wonderful friends. I also enjoyed my ski-holidays and the best way to end such a great year is by walking through one of Switzerland’s beautiful ‘Christkindlmärt’ with a wonderful christmas-spirit. Who inspires you in Switzerland? My grandfather, who is over 70 years of age, rides his bicycle approximately 40km a day. And that is an inspiration to me.

Your Committee wants again to wish you all the best for this coming year, and most of all, Good Health and Harmony amongst family and friends !! We, as your Committee, should be setting the direction, which “Your” club is taking for this coming year , and at the same time, should be looking back at our achievements and ‘missed’ goals !! At the Club’s AGM, which will take place on Tuesday , 19th March 2013, at 19.00hrs (refer to ‘Forthcoming Events’), you are invited to question us on both !! So hopefully, we will be able to welcome a large number of our members !! Please attend this very important date !! Unbeknown to many of you, including your dear Presi., The Swiss Social & Sports Club,Cape Town will turn 90 years old, this year; !! precisely on 30th May 2013 !! - What an honourable occasion for our Club !! Festivities around this event are still in the planning – stage, however, you can rest assured, we will come up with some ‘fireworks’ !! As mentioned in my previous reports, the Committee has put a lot of emphasis on attracting our senior members back to the club; those that don’t want to drive at night to and from Club-Evenings; those that can’t drive at all, anymore ; those that are looking to establish new contacts !! The introduction of our Pensioners – Luncheons has filled that gap somewhat, and these events will continue this year on a just about monthly basis !! We want to encourage those present to make an ‘afternoon’ of it and play cardgames or enjoy themselves in reminiscing about the olden days !!) This year, your Committee has set itself another objective, which is,....... to attract the JUNIORS to our club !! We believe that in spite of all the distractions in their lives, our club could become ‘ an attraction in their lives’ !! – We just need to find the right ‘recipe’ !! What’s wrong with having two Presidents for the club ??? One, who associates with the younger generations and has an understanding on a different level, and one for the more senior generation !! (Guess, which one I

would apply for on the 19th !!) These are just ‘thoughts’ of how we can successfully continue in our endeavour, to make ‘our club’ a meeting-place for ‘young & old’. (Just imagine a ‘under 18’ -Baenze-JassCompetition!!) The “Waldfescht” , our ‘Annual Highlight’ in Jonkershoek (‘Jonkies’) is just around the corner; It will take place on Sunday, 10th February 2013, from 11.00hrs onwards; you can come earlier or even camp-over from Saturday !! We’ll promise you a great ‘Party in the Forest’ , with lots of fun & entertainment; - please follow the ’ NewsFlashes’ or contact any of the CommitteeMembers for more information !!! Leaves me three ‘Wishes’, whilst I am coming towards the end of my report !! One is,... wishing our ‘ex-Vice Presi’ and loveable host on many occasions, Stefan Ruesi, a speedy and successful recovery !! No.2 is ,... that our very dear Marcie Bischof (our club’s secretary) will soon represent the “ Swiss in the Cape” as their representative at the ‘ASO’ (AuslandsSchweizer Organisation); May her qualities be recognised in the election-process - ! and No. 3 is,... last but not least,... that our (Ex) Consul, Marianne Jenni and her partner, Desmond, will find new challenges and friends and their successful ‘ settlingdown’ in their (old) and new environment !! Marianne, many,many Thanks for all your contributions and your commitment, which you have shown towards our club ! We hope to see lots of you 2 on your regular visits to the Cape !! Bon Voyage !! Warmest Regards from Your Swiss Club Committee (See you all at ‘ Jonkies’ !!)

FEBRUARY 2013 / MARCH 2013



Dear Members !! Our well-established Club, is pleased to announce TWO vacant positions in our Committee, starting with immediate effect, however, having to be formally approved by our members at the AGM on Tuesday, 19th March. The Positions are: Treasurer and Membership - Secretary Potential Candidates will be inducted by their predecessors and coached-along, until they ‘find the rope’ !! These are positions within the club, which are fairly demanding, however, interested members should not shy away from tackling this challenge, since the Committee acts as a team, and assistance will always be forthcoming. If you are not ‘ scared’ by the above, kindly contact myself or Nicky, our Vice Presi/Secretary/ Multi-tasker. We would love to have some fresh influence in our midst!! Your Swiss Club Committee

We welcome following new members: Herbert & Christa Schmell, Somerset West Stephan Moser & Oliver Studer, Darling Gregory & Helen Carstens, Edgemead Jesse Sickle, Kraaifontein Theresa van der Walt, Atlasville Frank Stiehle, Devils Peak Salome Risi, Westlake Margrit Minger, Bellville Herbert & Denise Huber-Russi, Tableview Franz & Anita Schroeter, Zürich Martin & Jeanine Gilmour, Milnerton Julien & Theresa Louw, Milnerton Bruno & Judith Guntelach, Worcester John & Noeline Rose, Tableview Alexander & Avril Enres, Rondebosch Congratulations to our senior members Jocelyne Meyer 82, February 15 Werner Gautschi, 82, March 31 Bruno Ruegg 85, March 28 Arthur Tobler 89, March 26

swiss fin ad

Bank Details Swiss Social & Sports Club Standard Bank, Seapoint Account No: 07104 3144 Branch code: 024 109 Donation welcomed

Kind regards André Häberli Membership fees Single R250, Family R350, Pensioners R200 Please pay your membership 2013 now. The 2012 membership card is only valid till end of February 2013 11.09.2012

Liebe Freunde und Unterstützer der DSK, die DSK baut ein neues Schulgebäude für Klassenräume und eine neue, geräumige Schulbibliothek - und braucht Ihre Hilfe.

Dear Friends and Supporters of the DSK, The DSK is constructing a new school building for classrooms and a new, spacious school library and needs your help.

Mit Ihrer Spende - nur R500 pro Backstein - helfen Sie uns einen Multifunktionsraum in diesem Gebäude zu finanzieren - für Konferenzen, Klausuren, Fortbildungs- und andere Veranstaltungen.

At just R500 per brick, your donations will help complete a multi-function room in the building, intended for conferences, exams, training and other events.

Turkish Airlines fand unsere Idee so gut, dass sie uns zwei Tickets von Kapstadt zu einem Ziel Ihrer Wahl und zurück - weltweit - schenken.

Turkish Airlines liked our idea so much that they are giving us two return tickets from Cape Town to a destination of your choice - worldwide.

Mehr Info, wie sie uns helfen können, finden sie hier.

To help us build the multi-function room click here

Einen Blick auf die Baustelle und die Baupläne gibt es hier.

To view the construction site and plans click here

Herzlichen Dank für ihre Unterstützung Hermann Battenberg Schulleiter

Thank you for your support Hermann Battenberg Principal





Jan 26 (Sat)

Annual Programme.


Feb 02 (Sat)

Annual Programme.


Feb 16 (Sat)



Feb 17 (Sun)



Mar 09 (Sat)


& Annual Programme.


Mar 12 (Tue)

AGM (at Swiss Club).


Apr 12 (Fri)

Absenden (at Swiss Club)


Apr 14 (Sun)

Annual Programme.


/ Feb 23 (Sat)

/ Mar 23 (Sat)

/ May 04 (Sat)



DATE NAME TEL. NO. CELL NO. FEBRUARY 3 Tonja Ellman 021 930 6852 082 978 3576 10 René Bützer 021 557 6628 082 224 4191 17 Marius Eppenberger 021 975 7721 073 333 4313 24 Daniel Siegenthaler 021 551 4173 082 826 1709 MARCH 3 Rosi Frey 021 424 7905 079 733 4679 10 Nicole Gasser 021 461 5481 082 660 9709 17 Hans Weber 021 461 2087 24 Nik Eppenberger 021 557 3034 084 557 3034 31 Roger Huber 021 552 4067 083 548 3260 APRIL 7 Marcelle Hayman 082 731 1371 14 Ernest Bürki 021 557 1244 083 369 3859 21 Hans Herren 021 558 9041 074 768 5468 28 Stefan Pflocksch 021 715 2703 082 920 9351 The camping over the festive season was well attended, with many day visitors on the 1st January. The Cabin is in the process of being refurbished, a new ceiling has already been fitted and a cold shower attached to the side of the Cabin. This is mainly for the children and parents to rinse off after their swim in the river. If there are any members who would like to join our duty list, please contact me. About 3 months ago I was approached for the first time regarding GPS and its coordinates for the Club, I am pleased that I can now share it with all Members who in return can share it with their friends when visiting Jonkershoek. So its: S 33º57’33.96” E18º54’54.28” Regards & Best wishes for 2013 - René Bützer & The Jonkershoek Committee

The past year was notable for the high number of cancelled shoots because of bad weather, and, in at least two instances, false weather reports! We were unable to hold the traditional Navy shoots, and some shooters did not complete their full programmes. We trust we shall have better luck in 2013! The FELDSCHIESSEN will take place over one weekend; on both Saturday February 16 and Sunday Feb 17. Please support our club and bring family and friends to take part in this traditional shooting event – the largest shooting competition in the world! We have programmed several Sunday shoots this year to give some businessmen an opportunity to shoot at their leisure. Please also note the date of the PIGGY SHOOT – Saturday April 20. The airguns will again be available at the Waldfest. For further information please log on to the Swiss Social and Sports Club website, under ‘rifle club’. See you at the range and “Guet Schuss!” Dierk Lüthi President / Präsident Swiss Rifle Club – Cape Town E T +27 (0)21 715 6104 C +27 (0)83 441 4626

FEBRUARY 2013 / MARCH 2013


Braai Competition in Jonkershoek

10. Sun

Waldfest Jonkershoek

14. Thurs

Valentine's Dinner

16. Sat


17. Sun


20. Wed

Pensioners Lunch

22. Fri

Business Lunch with Pub Night

27 Wed - 2. Sat

March Community Chest Maynardville

MARCH 9. Sat

ARGUS-TOUR - Pasta Evening from 17.00hrs at the Swiss Club

19. Tues

AGM (only paid up members are eligible to vote )

31. Sun

Easterbunny in Jonkershoek

APRIL 12. Fri

Absenden ( @ Swiss Club )

20. Sat

Family Piggy Shoot Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft Confédération suisse Confederazione Svizzera Confederaziun svizra

Consulate General of Switzerland in Cape Town


With facilities in Barcelona, Brisbane, Cape Town, Dubai and Suva, Mindpearl specializes in the outsourced contact centre industry. Customer service is offered in more than 20 languages, enabling Mindpearl to support leading brands across the globe. Mindpearl’s aim is to partner with companies to help maximise business performance and significantly increase profitability. Through the operation of multi - channel contact centres which employ dedicated, well trained employees and state of the art technologies, Mindpearl enables global solution - delivery with an emphasis on quality and consistency.

P.O. Box 563, Cape Town 8000, South Africa th No. 1 Thibault Square, 26 Floor, Cape Town Tel. +27 21 400 7500 Fax. +27 21 418 3688 Ė � Ė �


edel weiss add Swiss Club Members flying Economy Class will get the Business Class allowance of 2 pieces at max 32 kg each!

Conditions: Members have to send an email to, with cc to You have to quote your membership number, have to be a paid-up member and quote your flight details. BECOME PART OF A GLOBAL TEAM OF CUSTOMER CONTACT CENTRE PROFESSIONALS!




FEBRUARY 2013 / MARCH 2013

6. DECEMBER AT CLUBHOUSE : Adolf Aebi played his first Beanze-Jass 62 years ago at the Newlands hotel. Adolf at the tender age of 92, won together with Heidi and Peter (first couple to win BeanzeJass). Between them they are almost a quarter of a century.

L SOCIA B S S I W S LU RTS C & SPO TOWN C A P cEe 1 9 8 5 si n




Swiss Social & Sports Club, P.O. Box 2279, Cape Town, 8000

Bill Peters Road Green Point Tel: 021 434 8405

Standard Bank Sea point Branch Code 024109 Account Number 071043144

PRESIDENT - Stefan Pflocksch - Tel : 021 715 2703 • Cell: 082 920 9351 VICE PRESIDENT - Nicky Rodrigues - Tel: 021 658 7276 • Cell: 072 218 5759 TREASURER - Annette Weber - Tel: 021 461 2087 • Cell: 083 233 4502 SECRETARY - Marcie Bischof - MEMBERSHIP - André Häberli - Tel: 021 551 4898 • Fax: 086 532 8002 • Cell: 076 933 0304 PUBLIC RELATIONS - Michael Hauser - Tel: 021 423 9146 • 021 423 8416 • Cell: 082 888 0970 CATERING - Martin Dannecker - Tel: 021 434 8405 • Cell: 079 710 5179 CYCLE CLUB - Hans Herren - Tel: 021 511 8267 /• Cell: 074 760 54 68 EDITOR - Patricia Lo Sciuto - Cell: 083 548 2530 EVENTS - Daniel Buser • 021557 8955 • 076374 0144 FRAUENTREFFEN - Theresa Dennler - Cell: 082 775 5849 HUUSMUSIK - Ernst Tobler - Tel: 021 531 5779 • 083 508 7906 JONKERSHOEK - René Bützer - Tel: 021 557 6628 • Cell: 082 224 4191 RIFLE CLUB - Dierk Lüthi - Tel: 021 715 6104 • 083 441 4626 TENNIS CLUB - Jürgen Aiff - Tel: 082 556 1615 WEBSITE - Hansjörg Kunz - Tel: 021 683 0007 • Cell 072 609 2180 EMAIL -


February March  

All the good news that we had over the December and January.

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