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swiss agenda

瑞士文化 活动日历

6月—8月 June—August 2017

As an ode to Swiss design, we feature a Swiss designer on the cover of each issue of the Swiss Agenda, by designing it in his or her spirit. 每一期的瑞士文化活动日历,我们都将介绍一位瑞士设计 师,并以其作品为灵感设计封面,以向瑞士设计致敬。

Karl Gerstner

Karl Gerstner (1930-2017) was a Swiss graphic designer and a leading figure of Schweizer Typografie. He carefully divided his brilliance between being a painter and a graphic designer and became a pioneer in both pursuits. Gerstner’s influence on typography is significant to the history and theories of graphic design.

© Karl Gerstner

In the 1960s, Gerstner studied at the Allgemeine Gewerbschule in Basle under Emil Ruder. Together with Markus Kutter, he founded the advertising agency Gerstner + Kutter in 1959, which subsequently became “GKK” after Paul Gredinger joined the agency in 1962. For many years, “GKK” was one of the most successful agencies in Switzerland. Among Gerstner’s most celebrated work is his 1963 book “Programme entwerfen” (“Designing programs”). His design collection was incorporated into the Prints and Drawings Section of the Swiss National Library in 2006.

Karl Gerstner (1930-2017) 是来自瑞士的平面设计大


(Schweizer Typografie)”这场平面设计运动中的领导人 物。Gerstner在绘画与设计领域均有成就,他对字体设计的 影响力十分重要,直接关联到平面设计的历史与理论。

在二十世纪六十年代,Gerstner在瑞士巴塞尔设计学 院师从 Emil Ruder 。之后与 Markus Kutter 一起, 二人共同在 1959 年成立了广告公司 Gerstner + Kutter , 1962 年 Paul Gredinger 加入之后,渐渐被人称作 为“GKK”。多年来, “GKK” 一直是瑞士最成功的广告 设计公司之一。 Gerstner 最受好评的作品是他于1963年 制作的 “Programme entwerfen” (英文:Design Programs )。 2006 年,他的设计系列被瑞士国家博物 馆的印刷与绘画板块收藏。

june 六月

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First Seen by Nicolas Delaroche

01/06 – 30/06

Constellation by Nicolas Delaroche

27/05 – 08/10

Yves Theiler Trio Jazz China Tour Yves Theiler Trio爵士乐中

13/06 – 21/06


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星宿:尼古拉斯·德拉罗什雕塑 与绘画作品展

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16/06 – The Vocational and 17/06 Professional Education and Training (VPET) International Conference 职业专才教育国际研讨会

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Follow_Me: New narratives in SinoSwiss contemporary photography

18/06 – 17/09

Family Concert: Peter Pan’s Fantasy Music Paradise


Black Metal Band Convulsif China Tour

28/06 – 07/07

听我说:中瑞当代摄影中的新 叙事

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家庭音乐会:彼得·潘的音乐奇 幻乐园

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瑞士泥浆/实验黑金属乐队 Convulsif 中国巡演



Venture Leaders China 2017 2017瑞士初创企业国家代表团

01/07 – 04/07

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The 13th World Harp Congress and Julie Campiche Quartet Concert 第13届世界竖琴大会和Julie Campiche四重奏音乐会

07/07 – 13/07

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Chaarts Chamber Aartists China Tour 管弦室内乐队Chaarts Chamber Aartists中国巡演

14/07 – 21/07

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Children’s Book If I Were A Bird


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童书《如果我是一只小鸟》将在 台湾出版

august 八月

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Swiss National Day Celebration in Guangzhou


“Back to Nature” Film Festival “回归自然”电影节



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book 图书

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The Red Book by Carl Jung: Full Translation in Chinese Published 荣格《红书》中文全译本出版

01/06 – 30/06

Zhongshan / 中山 – Zhongshan Workers’ Palace / 中山市工人文化宫

First Seen by Nicolas Delaroche

exhibition 展览


© Nicolas Delaroche

As one of the highlights of Swiss-Sino Friendship Day in Zhongshan, “First Seen” presents a series of photographs from Chinese mainland and Hong Kong private art collections. Visitors are invited to admire photos through telescopes positioned in the center of the room. Nicolas Delaroche has participated in more than 40 exhibitions at cultural heritage institutions including the Musée de L’Elysée in Lausanne and Aperture Foundation in New York. His creative approach and artistic research is dedicated to consolidating links between artworks and their exhibition context. 6

作为瑞中友谊日中山站的亮点之一,《初 见》摄影展聚焦探索八十幅国內和香港 的私人艺术收藏,透过置于展馆中间的 望远镜,观众可从望远镜缩放的视窗去 探索作品,有如重演作者的创作过程。 尼古拉斯·德拉罗什曾参加诸多美术馆 的40多个展览,包括洛桑爱丽舍美术 馆、纽约光圈基金会。他的艺术创作与 研究着眼于发掘作品与展示环境之间的 联系。

27/05 – 08/10

Macau / 澳门 – Tap Seac Gallery / 塔石艺文馆

Constellation: works by Nicolas Delaroche

星宿:尼古拉斯·德拉罗什 雕塑与绘画作品展

exhibition 展览 © Tap Seac Gallery, Macau

Nicolas Delaroche’s concurrent exhibition, “Constellation,” combines photographs from “First Seen” with a giant rock desert sculpture and paintings in Hangzhou under the title “The Adventures of the Coyote in China.” “First Seen,” comprising 30 private art collections from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, will be displayed in the main exhibition room of the Tap Seac Gallery. Visitors will be invited to admire photos through telescopes at the center of the exhibition room. This unique view allows visitors to view the works from afar physically yet close artistically.

尼古拉斯·德拉罗什的《星宿》展览将 会展出《初见》摄影中的新作,包巨大 石沙雕塑,以及在杭州完成的名为《一 只狼在中国的探险》的绘画作品。 《初见》游遍中国大陆和香港地区的三 十家私人艺术展,此次将来到塔石艺文 馆的主展厅。观众将通过展厅中央的望 远镜对艺术形象进行探索和发现,再现 艺术家在缩放现实中度过的创作过程。


13/06 – 21/06

Hong Kong / 香港 — 13/06 Peel Fresco Music Lounge Guangzhou / 广州 — 14/06 Guangzhou Buchhandlung (Music Salon) 15/06 JZ Club / JZ俱乐部

Yves Theiler Trio Jazz China Tour Yves Theiler Trio 爵士乐

book concert readings 音乐会 读书会



© Yves Theiler Trio

Established in 2008 in Zurich, the Yves Theiler Trio is a live band with a polished sound that resonates among contemporary jazz fans. Simply put, their unique style of music combines poise, power, and passion. The trio – Yves Theiler (composer and pianist), Luca Sisera (double bass), and Lukas Mantel (drums) – are popular performers on the jazz circuits of Switzerland and Europe. They have performed at music festivals and collaborated with musicians at home and abroad.


Huizhou / 惠州 — 16/06 Fan House Shenzhen / 深圳 — 17/06 LAVO jazz·funk·soul Xi’an / 西安 — 18/06 Meeting Jazz Club

Beijing/北京 — 19/06 Jianghu Bar / 江湖酒吧

来自苏黎世的现场爵士三人组 Yves Theiler Trio于2008年 成立,拥有优雅的声音,引起无数当代爵士发烧友的共鸣。他 们独特的音乐风格是平衡、力量与热情的完美结合。

Yves Theiler(作曲人和键盘手)、Luca Sisera(贝司 手)和Lukas Mantel(鼓手)——三人组是瑞士和欧洲爵 士音乐界颇受欢迎的表演者。他们曾在国内外的音乐界演出, 也曾与众多音乐家进行合作。

Supported by Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council 活动由瑞士文化基金会上海办公室支持


16/06 – 17/06

Hong Kong / 香港 – Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center 香港会议展览中心

The Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET) International Conference

VPET International Conference 2017

Hall 5E, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Hong Kong


Partnership, Enterprise and Innovation

16 –17 June 2017

conference 会议


Also known as VPET Connex 2017, this conference is being jointly organized by the Education Bureau of the HKSAR Government and the Vocational Training Council (VTC). International educators and VPET leaders will share their insights on global trends at this event with policymakers, principals, teachers, and VPET specialists. Two Swiss professors will attend the conference on June 16, 2017. A Higher Education Leaders Roundtable will be held from 11:00 am to 12:00 noon with Herbert Binggeli, rector and president of Bern University of Applied Sciences. Dual VET – A Success Factor for the Economy in Switzerland will be held from 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm with Cornelia Oertle, director of the Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (SFIVET). 职业专才教育国际研讨会(VPET Connex 2017)由香港 特别行政区政府教育局和职业训练局合办,旨在召集全球职 业专才教育领域的领袖、政策官员及相关从业人士,分享彼 此成功的经验,同时加强合作伙伴与机构之间的合作。两位 来自瑞士的教授将参与6月17日的会议。 高等教育领袖圆桌论坛 (11:00 – 12:00) Herbert Binggeli教授,伯尔尼应用科技大学 院长/校长 职业专才教育焦点演讲 – 瑞士经济的成功因素

(14:30 – 15:00) Cornelia Oertle教授,瑞士联邦职业教育与培训研究所 所长


18/06 – 17/09

Shanghai /上海 – OCAT Shanghai / OCAT上海馆

Follow_Me: New narratives in SinoSwiss contemporary photography

exhibition 展览

听我说:中瑞当代摄影 中的新叙事

© David Favrod

Contemporary photography, both in China and Switzerland, is a powerful medium for storytelling. The creation of imagined realities between documentary and fiction are the focus of “Follow Me,” an exhibition exploring photographers’ multiple roles as authors and narrators whose images navigate audiences through specific stories. Ten young artists from Switzerland and China will participate in the exhibition: David FAVROD, Anne GOLAZ, KIMISA, LAU Wei, Celine LIU, Romain MADER, Virginie REBETEZ, SHI Zhen, Salvatore VITALE, ZENG Yicheng. The exhibition is presented by two co-curators – Peter PFRUNDER and SHI Hantao.


无论在中国还是瑞士,当代摄影都是叙事的有力媒介。《听我 说——中瑞当代摄影中的新叙事》便聚焦纪实与虚构作品中的 想象真实创作,于6 月19 日起在OCAT 上海馆呈现,用影像 语言搭建起层叠交错的叙事时空。展览不仅邀请观众“听我 说”——聆听他人的故事;也在发出 “Follow Me”(跟我 来)的邀请,邀请每一个观众成为叙述者。 十位来自瑞士和中国的青年艺术家将参展:大卫·法沃、安 妮·格拉兹、Kimisa、刘卫、刘思麟、罗曼·马德尔、弗吉 尼·瑞贝特、石真、萨尔瓦托雷·瓦塔伊尔、曾忆城。本次展 览由彼得·福伦德、施瀚涛共同策展。

© Romain Mader

Supported by Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council 活动由瑞士文化基金会上海办公室支持



Beijing / 北京 – National Centre for the Performing Arts / 国家大剧院

Family Concert: Peter Pan’s Fantasy Music Paradise / 家庭音乐会:

concert 音乐会


© Dunshan Symphonic Wind Orchestra

Performed by the Dunshan Symphonic Wind Orchestra, Peter Pan’s Fantasy Music Paradise beckons children on an enchanting musical adventure. As part of the family concert series at the National Center for the Performing Arts, this show combines the fantasy of fairytales with timeless orchestral music. The Dunshan Symphonic Wind Orchestra is the Chinese mainland’s first and only fully privately-funded orchestra. It was conceived by Yu Tian, general manager of Dunshan China, and Swiss musician Adrian Schneider. The orchestra comprises more than 50 professional woodwind, brass, and percussion musicians whose vast international performing experience makes them esteemed entertainers.


© Garrie Maguire / Dunshan Symphonic Wind Orchestra

“彼得·潘的音乐奇幻乐园”是中国敦 善交响管乐团送给孩子们的音乐礼物。 这次演唱会属于国家大剧院“家庭音乐 会”系列,将为观众呈现交响组曲《彼 得·潘》和《儿童乐园》,将奇幻童话 融于经典管乐中。 敦善交响管乐团是中国大陆首家民营交 响管乐团,是由中国敦善文化艺术公司 总经理于添先生和瑞士籍音乐家阿迪 安·施耐德共同策划成立的。乐团由来 自中国、欧洲和美国的50多位专业木 管、铜管和打击乐器音乐家组成,他们 拥有丰富的国际演出经验,是备受尊敬 的艺术家。

Beijing / 北京 – 28/06 School Bar Zhengzhou / 郑州 – 29/06 7Livehouse Luoyang / 洛阳 – 30/06 The-Roof Taiyuan / 太原 – 01/07 BOO Livehouse Xi’an / 西安 – 02/07 Midie Livehouse Wuhan / 武汉 – 04/07 VOX Livehouse

28/06 – 07/07

Changsha / 长沙 – 05/07 Red Live Club Guangzhou / 广州 – 06/07 SD Livehouse Shenzhen / 深圳 – 07/07 B10 direct

Black Metal Band Convulsif China Tour

瑞士泥浆/实验黑金属乐队 Convulsif 中国巡演

concert 音乐会 © Convulsif

Convulsif is one of Switzerland’s trailblazing metal bands that boasts a performing repertoire of more than the “normal” guitar-bass-drum variety. The group also incorporates clarinet, violin, and other orchestral instruments in their pursuit of a distinctly original sound that retains the rebellious metal spirit. Renowned as electric live performers, Convulsif brings high emotion to the stage that will leave audiences wanting more. Join them this summer as they share their music in China. Just make sure you’re ready for a good time! Supported by Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council 活动由瑞士文化基金会上海办公室支持

割裂一种风格最传统的模式向来是困难 却有趣的,来自瑞士的Convulsif恰好就 是其中的佼佼者:他们打碎了传统极端 金属中吉他贝斯鼓为演奏主体的枷锁, 破天荒的通过贝司,提琴,单簧管,电 流与鼓一起构建出他们自身的音乐哲 学。同时,他们的作品勾连了黑金属, 噪音与泥浆的元素,成功让他们的音乐 变得更加特别并不可捉摸。 值得一提的是,Convulsif还有着让人 赞叹的现场。除了个性十足的面具之 外,乐手之间张弛有度的演奏也足以称 得上是一支优秀的现场型乐队。就在今 年夏天,在瑞士文化基金会的支持下, 他们将会展开第一次中国巡回演出。 如果你是那种沉迷于欧洲重型音乐的 同时,还渴求着变革的忠实乐迷,那么 Convulsif可能会给你带来一场今年最 为难忘的现场体验之一。


01/07 – 04/07

Shanghai / 上海 – 01/07 XNode JingAn Space / 创极无限静安空间 Shenzhen / 深圳 – 03/07 InterContinental Shenzhen / 华侨城洲际大酒店 Hong Kong / 香港 – 04/07 Mettā

Venture Leaders China 2017 2017 瑞士初创企业国家代

book readings




© Swissnex

Venture leaders China is a unique 10-day business development program initiated by swissnex China and venturelab to explore the China mainland and Hong Kong potential market for Swiss startups. The objective of venture leaders is to showcase the diversity and the quality of Swiss high-tech innovation at an international level. For Swiss startups, China is a key market to explore. The venture leaders China 2017 startup companies are Astrocast, BestMile, Climeworks, Flyability, Lunaphore, Oviva, Technis, UrbanFarmers, VIU Ventures, ZuriMED.


For the fourth time, the annual Pitch Contest will take place at Shanghai, in which you will have the opportunity to meet the 10 Swiss entrepreneurs and local investors. What’s more, the venture leaders are also invited to participate in Sino-Swiss Innovation Nights at Shenzhen and Hong Kong, as well as a reception at Embassy of Switzerland in China.

Venture Leaders China 2017

Come to meet the «Swiss National Team China»!

Venture leaders China是一个为期十天的独特商业发展项 目,由瑞士科技文化中心上海办公室和venturelab共同发起, 旨在帮助瑞士初创企业探索中国大陆与香港地区的潜在市场。 这一项目的目标为在国际舞台上展示瑞士高科技创新领域的多 样性和高质量。对于瑞士初创企业而言,中国是值得探索的重 要市场。 入围2017年venture leaders China的瑞士初创企业包 括:Astrocast, BestMile, Climeworks, Flyability,

Lunaphore, Oviva, Technis, UrbanFarmers, VIU Ventures和 ZuriMED。

今年,第四次初创企业竞赛将在上海举行,为参与者创造近距 离接触瑞士企业家和当地投资者的机会。此外,入围的初创企 业还将受邀出席在深圳和香港举办的中瑞创新之夜,以及在瑞 士驻华大使馆举办的招待会。


07/07 – 13/07

Hong Kong / 香港

The 13th World Harp Congress and Julie Campiche Quartet Concert 第13届世界竖琴大会和 Julie Campiche四重 The World Harp Congress is the largest world-wide harp festival. It attracts over 800 harpists from 50 countries and takes place every three years. The first of its kind in Asia, the 13th World Harp Congress, will make its debut in Hong Kong in July 2017. Featuring the harp world’s finest performers, pedagogues, academics and composers, the programmes will include a wide range of exciting events, providing a unique platform for the gatherings of harpists and industry professionals.

© Julie Campiche Quartet

We are delighted to have four Swiss Harpists participating in different concerts during the Congress: — Tjasha Gafner: 10/07 Hong Kong Academy of Performing Art — Eliza Netzer: 09/07 Hong Kong Academy of Performing Art — Raoul Moretti: 09/07 Hong Kong City Hall — Julie Campiche Quartet: 09/07 Hong Kong Academy of Performing Art; 10/07 Salon No. 10; 11/07 B10 Live In addition to the aforementioned soloists, sponsored by Pro Helvetia Shanghai, the Julie Campiche Quartet will also perform as part of their broader Hong Kong tour. 18

concert 音乐会


世界竖琴大会是最大规模的全球竖琴音乐节,每三年举办一 次,吸引来自50个国家的超过800位竖琴音乐家前来参与。 第13届世界竖琴大会将首次落地亚洲,将于2017年7月在香 港举行。届时,全球最杰出的竖琴演奏者、教育者、学者和创 作者将齐聚于此,参与和呈现众多演出和活动,为竖琴音乐家 和行业领袖创造独特的欢聚平台。 四位瑞士竖琴演奏家将参与到大会当中: — Tjasha Gafner: 10/07 香港演艺学院 — Eliza Netzer: 09/07香港演艺学院 — Raoul Moretti: 09/07 香港大会堂 — Julie Campiche 四重奏: 09/07香港演艺学院;

10/07 Salon No. 10; 11/07 B10 Live

此外,在瑞士文化基金会的支持下,Julie Campiche四重 奏将在参与竖琴大会之余,在香港举办音乐会。

© Tjasha Gafner

Supported by Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council 活动由瑞士文化基金会上海办公室支持


14/07 – 21/07

Shanghai / 上海 – 14/07 Summer Music Festival / 夏季音乐节

Hangzhou / 杭州 – 15/07 Grand Theatre / 杭州大剧院; 16/07 Art School

Zhengzhou / 郑州 — 18/07 Concert Hall of Henan Art Center / 河南艺术中心音乐厅 Beijing / 北京 — 21/07 National Centre for the Performing Arts / 国家大剧院

concert 音乐会

Chaarts Chamber Aartists China Tour 管弦室内乐队Chaarts Chamber Aartists中国巡演

© Chaarts Chamber Aartists

CHAARTS Chamber Aartists is an elite classical ensemble from Switzerland that is committed to an open and modular instrumental formation. The orchestra CHAARTS Chamber Aartists (double A because of Kanton Aargau, the orchestra’s home base) plans the following tour in China: — concert in the frame of the “summer music festival” /open air on the central place in Shanghai — concert in the frame of the “1st international music festival” in the Grand Theatre in Hangzhou — workshop in the Art School Hangzhou — concert in the concert hall in Zhengzhou — concert in the Beijing National Performing Arts Center. The program contains a composition by Swiss composer Daniel Schnyder and one by Swiss composer Martin Wettstein. Supported by Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council 活动由瑞士文化基金会上海办公室支持


© Chaarts Chamber Aartists

CHAARTS Chamber Aartists是一 支来自瑞士的优质古典团队,致力于形成 开放、模块化的乐器演奏风格。 著名瑞士管弦乐队CHAARTS Chamber Aartists(这里的字母“a”双写 是来源于乐队的所在地——阿尔高州的 写法“Aargau”)将在中国进行巡演: — 上海夏季音乐节户外音乐会 — 杭州大剧院“首届国际音乐节” — 杭州艺术学校工作坊 — 郑州音乐厅音乐会 — 北京国家大剧院音乐会 其间, 乐队演奏曲目将包括瑞士作曲家 丹尼尔·施奈德及马丁·维特斯坦的作 品。


Taiwan / 台湾

Children’s Book If I Were A Bird

童书《如果我是一只小鸟》 将在台湾出版

book 图书 © Flurin Bertschinger

The book written by Hanna Johansen, “queen of children’s book” in the world of German language, named “If I Were A Bird” (Wenn ich ein Vöglein wär) is to be translated and published in Taiwan in July. The book, written in 2015, takes young readers on a flight of fictional fantasy guaranteed to entertain. Hanna Johansen was born in Bremen, Germany and has been living in Zurich, Switzerland, since 1972. She started to write stories for children after 1978 and was awarded by “The Most Beautiful Picture Book in Switzerland”, “Swiss Youth Literature Award”, “Austrian Children’s Book Award”, “Best Book at Bologna International Children’s Book Fair” and others.

由“德语世界童书女王”汉娜·约翰森 创作的《如果我是一只小鸟》将于今年 七月在台湾翻译出版。这本书由作者于 2015年写作完成,将年轻读者们带入 一场充满幻想的愉快飞翔。 汉娜·约翰森生于德国不来梅,自

1972 年起居住在瑞士苏黎世。她从 1978年起开始从事儿童文学创作,曾 获“瑞士最美图画书”、“瑞士青少年 文学奖”、“奥地利儿童书奖”、“博 洛尼亚国际儿童书展最佳选书”等奖 项。

Supported by Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council 活动由瑞士文化基金会上海办公室支持



Guangzhou / 广州

Swiss National Day Celebration in Guangzhou

concert 音乐会


© Consulate General of Switzerland in Guangzhou

In celebration of the 726th anniversary of the foundation of the Swiss Confederation, the Consulate General of Switzerland in Guangzhou will host a feast on the marvelous day of August 1st. Amidst lively Swiss folk band performance and diverse Swiss food, you’ll find an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere in true Swiss style.


为庆祝瑞士联邦成立 72 周年,瑞士驻 广州总领事馆将在国庆日 8 月 1 日当晚 举办盛大的庆祝晚会。置身于瑞士民 俗乐队的现场表演和多样的瑞士美食之 中,请勿错过一个如此轻松愉快,并 以正宗的瑞士方式庆祝国庆节的独特之 夜。


“Back to Nature” Film Festival “回归自然” 电影节

film 电影放映 © Heidi

Echoing with the theme of this year’s summer tourism in Switzerland – “Back to Nature”, a film festival with the same theme will be held in August. Audience in China will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery in Switzerland through the interesting and touching Swiss film Heidi, while preparing to explore the breath-taking natural beauty in real life.

与今年的瑞士夏季旅游主题“回归自 然”相呼应,一场同名电影节将于八月 举行。届时,中国观众将有机会在《海 蒂和爷爷》这部有趣且温情的瑞士电影 中享受美丽的自然风光,同时准备着在 现实生活中实地探索这些令人叹为观止 的自然美景。



China Machine Press / 机械工业出版社

The Red Book by Carl Jung: Full Translation in Chinese Published 荣格《红书》中文全译本 出版

Since the establishment of psychology, there is no other book like The Red Book which has experienced such long time and so many twists and turns from its start of writing until the publishing. As well, there is no other book like The Red Book which has such far-reaching impact on the history of society and thoughts in 20th century, even before its publishing. The Red Book could be regarded as the private dairy of Jung, recording his “self-experiment” during 1914 to 1930. This “book of times” full of mysteries creates a new era of fully understanding Jung’s works. It opens a unique window for people learn about how Jung has fixed his soul in the special period of time during his life, and then continues studying psychology to become a great master. The publishing of The Red Book is a milestone both for its place in Jung’s life and as a piece of art.


book 图书

The Red Book, written by Carl Gustav Jung, the well-known Swiss psychologist, has been published with full translation in Chinese by China Machine Press in January 2017.

瑞士著名心理学家卡尔·古斯塔夫·荣格的著作《红书》已由 机械工业出版社在2017年1月出版中文全译本。 心理学自开创以来,从来没有哪一本书像《红书》这样,从开 始写作到出版面世,历经如此漫长的岁月和波折。也很少有著 作像《红书》一样,在未曾出版之前,就对20世纪的社会和 思想史产生如此深远的影响。《红书》可以被视为荣格的私人 日记,记录了他在1914~1930年间的“自我实验”。 这本充满神秘色彩的“时光之书”,为充分理解荣格的作品开 创了一个新纪元。它打开了一扇独一无二的窗口,让世人可以 看到荣格是如何在他生命中的特殊时期修复了他的灵魂,继续 研究心理学,从而成为一代大师。不论是它在荣格一生发展中 所占据的地位,还是作为一件艺术品,《红书》的出版都堪称 一座里程碑。

© China Machine Press


venues 地点

Beijing 北京

Jianghu Bar / 江湖酒吧

7, Dongmianhua Hutong, Dongcheng District / 东城 区东棉花胡同7号

National Center for the Performing Arts /

2, Chang’an Avenue, Xicheng District/ 西城区西 长安街2号

School Bar /

53, Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng District / 东城 区五道营胡同53号

Red Live Club /

3/F, Red Theatre, 249, Zhongshan Road, Furong District / 芙蓉区中山路249



Changsha 长沙



Guangzhou 广州

JZ Club /


Zhujiang Beer Musuem, Yuejiang West Road, Haizhu District / 海珠区阅 江西路珠江啤酒博物馆大酒桶

Hangzhou 杭州

SD Livehouse

132, Gongye Avenue, Haizhu District / 海珠区工 业大道北132号

Hangzhou Grand Theatre /

39, Xinye Road / 新业路 39号

Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts /

1, Gloucester Road, Wanchai / 湾仔告示打道1号


Hong Kong 香港


Hong Kong City Hall / 香港大会堂 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center / 香港会议 展览中心

5 Edinburgh Pl, Central /


1, Expo Dr, Wanchai / 湾仔



21/F California Tower, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong Island / 港岛中 环兰桂坊加州大厦21层

Peel Fresco Music Lounge / Peel Fresco音乐

49, Peel St, Central / 中环 卑利街49号

Salon No. 10

10, Arbuthnot Rd, Central / 中环亚毕诺道10号


Fan House / 繁

Hanging Garden, 7/F, Nantan Meibocheng, Huicheng District / 惠城区 南坛美博城7楼空中花园


The-Roof / 喜堂

Peony Square, Xiyuan Road, Jianxi District /

Hong Kong 香港




Macau 澳门

涧西区西苑路牡丹广场酒窝 东50米

Top Seac Gallery /

95 Avenida Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida / 荷兰 园大马路95号

OCAT Shanghai / OCAT上海馆

30, Wen’an Road, Jing’an District / 静安区文安路30号

Shanghai Oriental Art Center /

425, Dingxiang Road, Pudong New district / 浦东新区丁香路425号

XNode JingAn Space /

9F Overseas Chinese Mansion, 129 West Yan’an Road, Jing’an District / 静安区延安西路 129号华侨大厦9层

B10 Direct / B10现场

B10, Overseas Chinese Town, Creative and Cultural Park, Nanshan District / 南山区华侨城创意 文化园北区B10栋北侧


Shanghai 上海



Shenzhen 深圳

venues 地点

Shenzhen 深圳

InterContinental Shenzhen /

Shennan Road 9009, Overseas Chinese Town / 深南大道9009号

LAVO jazz·funk·soul

1M/F, T3 Bldg, Jiali Jianshe Plaza, No. 1, Zhongxin 4th Road / 中 心四路1号嘉里建设广场T3栋 1M层

National Concert Hall /

21-1, Chung-Shan S. Road / 中山南路 21-1号

BOO Livehouse

Zijingu Pedestrian Street, Qinxian North Street West Side, Xiaodian District / 小店区亲贤北街西


Taipei 台北


Taiyuan 太原


Wuhan 武汉

VOX Livehouse

Guoguang Plaza, Lumo Road, Hongshang District / 洪山区鲁磨路国光


Xi’an 西安

Zhengzhou 郑州

Meeting Jazz Club / Meeting Jazz 酒吧

2/F, Shuncheng Xixiangli, Zhuquemenli, Beilin District / 碑林区朱雀门里顺 城西巷里20米2F

Midie Livehouse / 迷蝶

Xiangzimiao, 2, Defuxiang, Beilin District / 碑林区德福巷2号湘子庙旁

Concert Hall of Henan Art Center /

CBD1, Zhengdong New District / 郑东新区CBD1号

7 Live House

Crossing of Wenhua Road and Yousheng South Road / 文化路与优胜 南路交叉口向西50米路北

Zhongshan Workers’ Palace /

8, Xing Zhong Dao / 兴 中道8号


Zhongshan 中山



Embassy of Switzerland in China


3, Sanlitun Dongwujie, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100600, P.R. China

中国北京朝阳区三里屯东五街3号 邮编:100600

tel / +86 10 8532 8888 fax / +86 10 6532 4353


Lava Beijing /




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