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HELLO! Welcome to this sample of Swipe: the iPhone magazine. We’ve put together a taster of what each edition offers, with all the hottest iOS news, reviews of the latest apps and accessories, plus expert advice from the people that bring you Tips & Tricks – iPhone Secrets. We hope you enjoy this small slice of what Swipe has to offer, and don’t forget to check out the full free trial on the App Store. Happy reading!





released a bespoke Maps app using its own data. Following disagreement between the companies, Apple removed Google from the Maps app for iOS 6. After much criticism of its own effort, Apple seemingly let this breeze through the approval process before it appeared on the App Store last week. Let’s take a look at some of the features and compare it to Apple’s Maps… >

UNPARALLELED SEARCH Google made its name as a search engine and it’s never been more evident then when searching for a location. With a bigger range of locations than Apple, and in the correct place, you’ll be for every time.



One of the major reasons Apple went with their own Maps for iOS 6 is that Google wouldn’t give access to turnby-turn directions. Well it’s in this app and it’s just as good as Apple’s. The only negative being that it can’t appear on the lock screen so make sure to turn off auto-lock. It does have a slight workaround where it can send you local >

Direction results also show traffic before you set off


Unlike many map apps, Google Maps features a truly minimal design with swipes and slides required to access some hidden features. There’s the righthand sidebar accessible from a small tab in the bottom corner. From here you can and get public transit results.


When searching for a location, make sure to slide up on the name to reveal more details, such as reviews, opening hours, and Street View. Street View is sorely missing from Apple Maps and it’s great to have it back. If there are several results, swipe across the names to swap between them. >

Street View returns


Google Maps is a very competent navigation app and a great alternative to Apple Maps. While some elements of the design may take some getting used to, it will now be a challenge for Apple to beat this. Google Maps is available for free on the App Store. >






etting up a new iPhone is a daunting

you should do with your new iPhone.


Set your ringtone

One of the most important things is getting the right ringtone so you can hear when you’re being called or have a new message. Open Settings, Sounds, options. Choose either one and select a tone from the huge list of options. If you want to buy more ringtones, tap the Store option on the toolbar. >

Change the background

Your iPhone can have a colorful background. To change the default, open Settings, Brightness & Wallpaper, and tap Wallpaper. Select the Wallpaper album to choose from the default images that are designed to look great on your iPhone. Tap a thumbnail to see it in fullscreen and then Set. Once you have taken a few pictures you can use any image from your Camera Roll for your Wallpaper . >

Add an email account

Adding an email account is a simple process. Open the Mail app and then choose from the options available. If you already use a Gmail account then select Gmail, for example. Then follow the onscreen steps and provide the required information to receive your mail. >

Get connected

It’s possible to sign in to your Facebook or Twitter accounts to sync contacts, or Twitter options. You can then sign in to each service. Once you have signed in you can upload images directly from Photos, update your status, and more. >

Enable Emoji Emoji icons are cute little smileys that are great to use in text messages. However, they are disabled by default. To turn them on, open Settings, General, Keyboard, Keyboards, and then Add New Keyboard. From the list, tap the Emoji option. Now while typing, you’ll see a small globe icon next to the space bar. Tap this to switch to the Emoji keyboard and add your smiley. To swap to the regular keyboard tap the globe again. >


Make sure these are the first apps you download


Instagram Part camera app, part social network, Instagram is the best way to take cool looking photos and share them with others. Add give them a retro twist or see other’s images.


Flipboard Keep up to date with all the news about your favorite subjects. Select from categories such as Business or Entertainment, as well as top news sites such as BBC News. >

$0.99 ÂŁ0.69


Angry Birds The best selling app on iPhone is also a great game to play. You drag birds back on a catapult then send them hurtling towards structures made by the nefarious pigs who have stolen your eggs. With over 175 levels, this game will keep you playing for a very long time for its small price tag. Onavo Extend If you’re worried about your data usage then get Onavo Extend. It magically compresses your data usage when connected to the cell network and reduces your phone bill. >


$0.99 £0.69

Jasmine Feed your YouTube habit with Jasmine. This app is the quickest way to watch any video from the YouTube vault, as well as see what other videos are popular. With a clean look, it’s smart and easy to use. Tips & Tricks - iPhone Secrets From the makers of Swipe, iPhone Secrets is the ultimate guide to your iPhone. With over 160 expert tips, tricks, and secrets plus free updates with every new version of iOS and iPhone, this is the quickest way to master your iPhone and make the most of it.

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Welcome to this sample of Swipe: the iPhone magazine. We've put together a small taster of Issue 9 - Apple in 2012. In the full issue, it’s...