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School & Community Activity Brochure 2017/18

ABOUT OUR CHARITY The Swindon Wildcats In The Community (SWITC) is a non-profit charity which was established in 2008, with strong links to the Swindon Wildcats Ice Hockey Team. We recognise our role within the whole community and strive to develop both sports participation levels and raise awareness of the severe importance of a healthy lifestyle for children and adults. Currently we have two main divisions within our organisation, that are our Community Schools Programme and the Swindon Wildcats Ice Hockey Academy.

COMMUNITY SCHOOLS PROGRAMME Our Community Schools Programme was set up in 2008, and since that date we have worked with over 50 schools and more than 50,000 children. Alongside this we have worked in partnership with countless charities and at a multitude of local community events. As a schools programme we recognise our role within the whole community and strive to develop opportunities for children and provide schools with new and exciting sporting and educational activities. Due to the success and enthusiasm shown by local schools and their pupils, the programme is continuing to expand year-on-year, allowing us to reach even more children in Swindon and the surrounding area. We provide an array of programmes designed specifically for schools, and outlined on the following pages of this brochure.

2017 Wiltshire Business Awards Finalists Services To The Community








Samuel Bullas Community Development Officer

Rob Pamphilon Community Sports Coach

INTRODUCTION TO ICE SKATING Sign you school up for Ice Skating lessons from £1.33 per child!*

This package is a six to ten week programme,

Pre-prepared risk assessments are provided for all

which incorporates groups of up to 30. The

users, and discounts are available for schools that

children are coached at Link Centre, Swindon in a

book for a number of sessions during the school

specially contained area of the skating rink by

year. This programme is designed to be

highly qualified and DBS checked coaches.

applicable for delivery in school hours. Skates and helmets are provided and included in the

The aim of this course is to introduce ice skating


into your current school’s curriculum, allowing your pupils to derive new experiences, which has

We also provide an array of support, guidance

the potential to have a life changing effect on

and detailed information for any pupils who wish

health and sports participation.

to take their passion forward, as we have very strong connections with the Swindon Wildcats Ice

Ice skating has been proven to have tremendous

Hockey Academy and their Learn to Play Ice

improvements in both motor skills such as balance,

Hockey programme.

strength, coordination and cognitive skills such as engagement and confidence. This programme is in accordance with the government’s aim for children to be more active during the school day.

* based on a group of 30 and a 2 term booking.

STREET HOCKEY SPORTS CLUB Street Hockey at your school coached by highly qualified professional and international ice hockey players and coaches.

This exciting package is designed to deliver a six

experiences, which has the potential to have a life

week (or more) street hockey course, with new

changing effect on health and sports

skills being taught weekly. As with all of our


programmes, whilst the emphasis is on fun, the children also learn the skills involved in playing

This programme is designed to be most applicable

street hockey.

for delivery as an after-school club, yet can also be delivered within school hours at your school or

The course activities range from basic stick control

local sports club and all sessions are ran by highly

to game based learning exercises, aimed to

qualified and DBS c hec ked coac hes. All

develop a multitude of both motor and cognitive

necessary equipment (including sticks, balls and

skills. As with all our programmes, each session is

goals) is provided.

catered specifically for the participants, as a needs analysis is prepared before eac h programme, taking into consideration a vast array of aspects such as age, skill level and gender. Like all our programmes, the aim of this course is to introduce new sports to your current school’s curriculum, allowing your pupils to derive new

SCHOOL VISITS & ASSEMBLIES Have the Wildcats into your school for a free, fun, interactive and educational school assembly or visit. This programme can be used alongside our Kidzone Ticket Giveaway!

Our free school assembly and visit programme is

photographs to strangers and much more. Our

designed to bring new and exciting experiences

aim is to educate the children to help prevent

to your whole school. All of our assemblies are

potential issues and keep the children within the

interactive, fun and most of all, educational. We

ward of Swindon safe and secure.

utilise videos and sports equipment to engage and

The second part of the assembly visit will involve

excite the children.

the sport ice hockey. Within this, we outline the sport, talk through some of the rules and even

Each year a school assembly is designed to raise

bring some equipment for the children to try on.

the awareness of the sport of ice hockey and combined with a key educational theme. Last year

Each assembly or course is lead by a fully trained

our theme was healthy living and exercise, which

coach who is DBS checked and has up to date

proved ver y successful. We have several

safeguarding training and qualifications. We even

assemblies & lectures that address key themes,

have a mascot which, if available, can also make

that are appropriate for all ages.

an appearance.

This year our online saf ety sc heme will

This programme works very well alongside out

incorporate key messages such as protecting

Kidzone ticket offer.

personal information, not talking or sending

SCHOOL FAYRES & FETES Add a fun, free and interactive game to your school fayre or fete!

Over the last 2 years our organisation has

mascot which if available, can also make an

expanded exponentially, and now we are also


running fun and interactive stations at school fayres and fetes. We have been involved with over 30 schools fairs and are looking to expand and attend even more.

We will also require a large space which is around 10ft by 10ft for our shooting cage. However this is not a necessity as we are very flexible and can accommodate most environments.

Within this package we set up a shooting station,

If you have any questions about this package,

allowing the kids to try out their skills at street

please do not hesitates to contact us.

hockey. Our coaches will also be issuing flyers with information of our Learn To Play sessions, and may also be handing out ice skating vouchers for use at the Better Link Centre in Swindon. As with all our packages, our stations are very interactive and are always based around fun and engaging activities. All of the staff are DBS checked and have up to date safe-guarding training and certifications.

We even have a

We are always in demand for fairs & fetes so please contact us in as advance as possible to book!

KIDZONE FREE WILDCATS TICKET OFFER The opportunity for your pupils to come to the Better Link Centre and watch the fastest team sport on the planet, completely free!

In association with the Swindon Wildcats Ice Hockey Club

Following on from our success in previous years,

Schools will be presented with special vouchers

Swindon Wildcats In The Community are proud to

for the children to bring on game night, and

announce the return of our Kidzone cash-back

furthermore we can arrange for a school visit

scheme. This scheme is in partnership with the

such as an assembly prior to your booking to

Swindon Wildcats Ice Hockey Club, and offers the

promote the game where we’ll bring along some

opportunity for

of the Swindon Wildcats. We also provide this

school pupils and parents to

come watch the Wildcats at the Better Link Centre in Swindon. Tickets for pupils are totally free. Parents, staff, and adult friends can come at a massively reduced cost of less than half price at just £6 for adults.

offer to local sports clubs and local charities. The Swindon Wildcats Ice Hockey team play in the National Ice Hockey League Division 1 South and have an average attendance of over 1,200 people. Match nights are very fun and interactive,

Last year over 2,000 people took advantage of

with several competitions and match night events

our special deal for groups and schools. We’re

such a t-shirt cannon, chuck-a-puck, selfie board

looking forward to increasing that number in

and much more! The programme runs from

2017/18 season! All you need to do is book a

September until April please see the fixture poster

game with us and we’ll provide you with

(right). T’s & C’s apply.

everything you need to promote it.

TESTIMONIALS Ms McCarthy - Teacher (Orchid Vale Primary School) “At Orchid Vale Primary in North Swindon we thoroughly recommend Sam and his team who are doing a fantastic job representing ‘Swindon Wildcats in the Community’. They are running a street hockey club for Key Stage two children after school which has been very successful and has had a really positive response from children and parents. They also visited the reception class and spent over an hour with the children, answering questions about ice hockey, showing them the kit and playing hockey with them outside. The children were really excited to see them and it was a great afternoon. They supported our summer fayre and are running ‘street hockey’ sessions in our sports week raising the profile of the importance of exercise with the children. The highlight of the year was when Sam played hockey with 58 reception children altogether and talked to them about ‘healthy living’ as part of the ‘Lets Get Physical’ topic. His behaviour management and organisational skills were excellent and he has such a lovely manner with the children. ‘Wildcats in the Community’ have very much become ‘friends’ of the school and have contributed so much to enrich the life of the children”

Ms Rushen – Assistant Principal (Mountford Manor Primary School) “All staff and children at Mountford Manor highly recommend this amazing program offered by the Swindon Wildcats. Children from year 2 and 4 who have taken part in the sessions have absolutely loved them. The coaches really understand the children and their capabilities, giving those who are anxious 1:1 coaching within the session as well as stretching those children with a natural ability. Coaches have a wonderful rapport with the children and staff; friendly and fun but authoritative when needed. Children came back from each session 'buzzing' from their experiences. They couldn't wait to share what they  had learnt with their parents and other children.  Even our parents have commented how animated and excited their children are and the fact that they now want them to take them ice skating at the weekends. We have also seen a massive improvement in confidence and resilience within our children -  those who have self-esteem issues were picking themselves up, determined to try again and not give  up. This has also impacted on their academic work, bringing their new found skill of resilience into the classrooms.

Contact Details Samuel Bullas

Community Development Officer

✆ : 07743500285 @ : Swindon Wildcats In The Community Registered Charity Number: 1165470

Switc brochure 2017  
Switc brochure 2017