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Welcome to the first issue of the swim spa examiner. A Monthly short piece on issues surrounding the swim spa industry. We are going to focus on questions and answers we as professionals in this industry need to answer and identify. The first short topic we will be discussing in SSE#1 is the amount of value or equity a swim spa can add to a home. Some people think that it’s a great selling point to potential customers. Others think an in ground installation can actually be a negative thing for some people. We are going to discuss a few of the main points here to get the industry talking. So first thing is first as I’m sure we all know. For most people a swim spa is a large investment- it’s commonly stated to be in the top 5 most expensive purchases of a lifetime. Even for a reasonably large business such as a gym or a hotel – it is a substantial investment. But how well does a unit hold this value? Just like second hand hot tubs, a second hand swim spa is something that has unclean and unhygienic connotations attached to it. The common thoughts along the lines of “who knows what has happened in it?” “Who’s sweat and body fluids are you swimming in?” these are the questions that are at the for front of people’s minds. These guys discuss this in great detail. It’s a bigger issue than many of us in the industry think. I mean would you buy a second hand hot tub or swim spa? For this reason many people do not want to use a public or second hand unit. If the swim spa is inbuilt into the ground it can actually be a negative thing for some people looking to purchase a property. They will have to get the unit removed and the cavity in the earth will need to be filled In with either a new unit or a pool. This is not a very common scenario admittedly but it is certainly something to bear in mind. They are not always desirable. However this is certainly the exception instead of the rule. And by and large a swim spa is a good investment for a property, most people will be happy with getting a second hand or used unit. They will simply usually get it professionally cleansed. Add more chlorine to the water and bathe / swim in bliss / ignorance. Homes in inner city areas that do not have access to a swimming pool due to size restrictions are going to benefit the most. Both young and teenage children will enjoy it as it will double as a paddling pool for the young ones and a hot tub for the teenagers. And then there is the obvious glamour a it will bring. Let’s face it most prospective home owners are going to see the swim spa, and picture themselves waking up every morning, and then going for a dip in the water. And this in our opinion is the greatest benefit of a swim spa to a potential customer. The fact that people will buy the swim spa for the glamour. For the dream it brings.

(We all know that most owners do not use their units even half as much as they do when the first buy it.) So in our opinion a swim spa won’t add a huge amount of value to a home, if any. But it will certainly make it sell quicker. If you want to use that in your sales pitch – it’s up to you. Thanks for reading. The SSE Team

Swim Spa Examiner Issue#1  

A short monthly piece for professionals in the swim spa industry. Starting discussions and debates on the topics and challenges we as in the...

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