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Asian Games Recap

Filipino Athletes Compete in Guangzhou

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Swimming for Expecting Mothers

FILIPINO PRIDE Banjo Borja & Joboy Gonzalez Make Us Proud

Humble Filipina

Get to Know Hannah Dato and Her Passion

Be Seen: n SC G-League Championships n 1st Water Polo Inter-School Tournament n 2nd Asian Beach Games n Tri Unitediii

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04 Water Mommy

Swimming for Pregnant Mothers

05 Swimmer-Friendly

Hannah Dato Shares Her Love for Swimming

05 The Comeback Kids

Bacolod Team NOGCC-ST Gears Up for Some Action

06 Braving

International Shores

Banjo Borja and Joboy Gonzalez: Crossing Borders and Making Waves



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A Recap on How Our Athletes Fared in Asia’s Biggest Sporting Event

Be Seen

Snapshots from the 1st Water Polo Inter-School Tournament

Tri Events

Snapshots from the 2nd Asian Beach Games’ Triathlon event

As we bid farewell to 2010 and welcome a promising 2011, a new beginning is in order for Swim Philippines Magazine. We’ll kick off the year by introducing our 16-page magazine which will be given FREE to all PASA members in PASA-sanctioned competitions. Though our pages have decreased, the content remains fun, relevant, and helpful. Swim Philippines will continue to pursue its goal in giving a face and a voice to the swimming community­— catering not only to swimming enthusiasts but to those who desire to live a healthy and active lifestyle as well. On behalf of Swim Philippines, I would like to thank everyone for a “swim-tastic” year. We couldn’t have done it without your constant support and encouragement. All the best in the coming year,


Ph i l i p p i n e s

Photographed by Shaira Luna . Grooming by Ces Guerrero Shot on location at L ake Cit y S wim Club

08 Guangzhou Asian

content editor Keshia design & layout Mikke

Fule Gallardo


Pepper Angeles-Lozada acknowledgements:

Arne Navarro • Venus Borja • Didi Gonzalez • Jasmine Alkhaldi • Jessie Lacuna • Erica Totten • Marie Dimanche • Nikko Huelgas • Rose Rodriguez • Shaira Luna • Ces Guerrero • Lake City Swim Club • PASA • TRAP Publisher:

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A FINA Aquatics World Magazine is a 124-page treasure-trove of information, news, views and profiles from the international federations and five disciplines around the globe. We aim to produce a magazine of the highest quality that will be of benefit and interest to the worldwide swimming community. The newlook Magazine is being published six times a year, every second month, in full colour. A black-and-white results and information section is presented on 813 pages.


world magazine

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on 124 pages – six times a year! Photo: REUTERS



When is the best time to start swimming for pregnant women?

Water Mommy How swimming can benefit expectant mothers By Pepper Angeles -Lozada



of Events


owadays, doctors would highly encourage women to do exercise during their pregnancy as it helps increase the body’s ability to process and use oxygen, which is important for both the mother and the child. Exercising helps stretch and strengthen the muscles that support the weight of pregnancy for more than nine months. One effective and safe exercise recommended for pregnant women is swimming. Swimming is a great exercise because it works out the back, hip, thigh, and leg muscles—which are all vital during pregnancy and delivery. The weight that is carried by an expecting woman can affect the curvature of the spine that can cause spinal pain. Toughening and toning these muscles will help women feel the lightness in carrying a child in their womb. Practicing those strokes once in a while also helps in strengthening the abdominal and shoulder muscles—areas that are often strained by pregnancy. In addition to


8-16 Asian Beach Games (Muscat) 11


SPEEDO NAGT Series-6th Leg (UPLB) Duathlon Series4th Leg

15-19 FINA World Short Course Swim Championships (Dubai)

that, water exercise can also reduce the joint stiffness, high blood pressure, and discomfort of pregnant women. Some consider swimming to be a type of mild aerobic exercise. Although, it is a lowimpact activity, it provides cardiovascular benefits, builds endurance and allows women to feel weightless, despite the extra pounds they gain. Swimming likewise deals with every woman’s desire of shredding off the pounds as it helps in burning calories and reducing the stress they often feel. Being active in water exercises enables women to have a good night’s sleep as well as cope with physical and emotional changes they experience . Beginners ought to start slowly and take it one step at a time. Keep in mind that swimming while pregnant is advantageous only if it is done properly. Start with simple stretching exercises and refrain from straining the body. It is always best to consult with your doctor first before beginning any exercise program to assure not only your safety but that of your child’s as well.



(Infant Aquatics Head, Bert Loz ada Swim School)

8-9 Fat Ass Run-2nd Edition 6/12/24 hours (Clark) 9

Cebu City Marathon

Subic International Marathon3/5/10/21/42k

15 In-Motion Series: Road X-Trail-Run Events (Laguna)

If you have never experienced swimming before, you can swim in the first trimester in stages from mild to severe. You can start by holding the pool wall and train your feet to pedal in the water. However, other sources would say that if a pregnant woman has never swam before, they could do swimming in the second trimester of their pregnancy.

What is the best stroke to do for pregnant women? During the first and second trimesters, any stroke would do as long as you could summon enough energy to do it, and you don’t feel any strain during the activity. The breast stroke is particularly beneficial for pregnant women in their third trimester as it requires no rotation of the torso and helps lengthen the chest muscles and shortens the back, two areas prone to misalignment according to certified personal trainer and founder of Maternal Fitness, Julie Tupler, RN. The backstroke is also another good stroke because it reduces the effects of gravity on your body.

How long should each swimming session be? The time spent for the swimming itself is gradual. It ranges from five minutes up to 20 and another five to 10 minutes for the warm up. This is done in order to prevent interferences while swimming like cramping and muscle pains. Subsequent to that, the cooling process or warming down is also advised. As for the water temperature, between 18 – 25 degrees Celsius is the most suitable to avoid over-heating or chilling (about 64 to 77 Degrees Fahrenheit).

16 In-Motion Series: Road X-TrailDuathlon Events (Laguna)

23 Greentennial Run: The La Salle Run3/5/10/15k (The Fort)


Green Aquathlon (Philsports Arena Pool & Track)

22 Bike King Cycling Event (Subic) 23 SPEEDO NAGT Series-1st Leg (Subic)

XTERRA Trail Run-8/16k/ Relay (Tagaytay Midlands)


Swimmer-Friendly The 2000 sydney olympic games prompted hannah dato to start swimming. she hasn't stopped since. By Keshia Fule

The Comeback Kids Unified and determined, this Bacolod-based team is ready to make its comeback in the competitive scene. By Keshia Fule


he Negros Occidental Golf and Country Club Swim Team, more known as the NOGCC-ST, is a parent-owned swim club established in the early 90s by Ernesto “Boy” Piccio, governed primarily by the swimmers’ parents and by coaches. Since Robbie M. Tan took over as the head coach just three years ago, the team has grown from six competitive members to 22, five of whom are novice swimmers aged eight years old and below. The team maintains their performance on a competitive level by training at least 15 hours a week, incorporating some dry-land exercises or light calisthenics at least once a week into the training regimen. Stretch cord exercises are done regularly as well.

Coach Robbie also engages the team to do other activities once in a while, in order to keep the bond among the swimmers and their parents. They do out-of-town summer trips and celebrate birthdays and holidays with the whole team in attendance, which also serve as a means to develop greater camaraderie with everyone. According to Coach Robbie, “The club is committed to continue to provide its members with the best training program it can provide. It has done so in the past and will continue to do so in the future,” he adds. With the team intact and driven towards their goals, Coach Robby believes that they can now look forward to being more competitive in team competitions and improve its standings.

Since its institution, NOGCC-ST has produced topcaliber swimmers, able to succeed both in local and international competitions. Among them are Juan Carlo Piccio, who competed in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Robbie Rivero, Rissa Baylon, Tia Lacson, Martin Pareñas, BJ Justiniani and Alfred Valentin Rojo, who competed in the Southeast Asian Age Group Swimming Championships last June 2010.

2010 was quite a year for Hannah. Not only did she earn the Most Outstanding Swimmer award in the SPEEDO Short-Course Swimming Championships, she also bagged a bronze medal in the Southeast Asian Age-Group Swimming Championships held last June—a feat she considers as one of her greatest. “I know it’s a small award in comparison to the others but its mountain tops for me and my family. In addition, I know that an international award is one sweet solid award for the flag and country,” she shares. Just like any other athlete who’s new to the scene, Hannah faced tough challenges early on. Back in 2006, she was aiming to qualify for the Palarong Pambansa. After bagging a bronze medal, Hannah failed to make it to the team since a silver medal is required in order to qualify. She took it quite hard but with the unfaltering support of her family and teammates coupled with her determination and perseverance—Hannah went past the event and promised herself that she would win and qualify next time. True to her words, the hardworking teen fulfilled her promise. At the end of the day, even with countless medals and achievements already under her belt, what Hannah treasures the most from her career are the people she met in local and international competitions over the years. For her, building friendships is the best investment and experience she got from swimming. Name: Age: Date of birth: Height: School: Current Team/s: Favorite Event/s:

Hannah E. Dato 16 years old December 6, 1994 5’5” San Beda College-Alabang Thundersharks Swim Club San Beda Alabang Sea Lions All freestyle distances, 200m & 400m Individual Medley Swimming Idols: Olympians Eric Buhain and Akiko Thomson


Brav Interna Sho

Competing abroad may well be likened in uncharted territory. Facing not possibility of a different weather favor. In the cases of Banjo Borja and just cross borders and competed. Armed unwavering dedication, these

By Cielo Anne Calzado • Pho Considering the chance to participate in the Hawaii State Short Course Championships last November 12-14, 2010 as a fun and exciting experience—Banjo and Joboy are both honored and proud to represent the Philippines showing the whole world the talent of Filipino athletes. With Hawaii being a tropical country, adjusting to it was not a problem for the boys and they felt comfortable easily. “There are a lot of Filipinos and the people are warm and friendly,” Banjo recalls. Joining an average of three to four competitions a year if you are qualified for the meets, participating at the Hawaii State Championships is made possible by the invitation of Coach Victor Wales, head coach of the University of Hawaii Swim Team. Apart from Coach Victor, Coaches Scott Sherwood and Christel Simms Name: Banjo Borja Age: 18 years old Team: Lake City Royal Dolphins Swimming Club Height: 5’7 ½’ Weight: 65kg Events Participated in the Hawaii State Short Course Championships: 100m and 200m Breaststroke | 200m and 400m Individual Medley Fun facts: Banjo’s favorite school subject is Math. He’s free from training every Wednesday, Sunday morning, and Saturday afternoon.



ving ational ores

likened to finding yourself not only a new crowd but the – the odds may not be in your and Joboy Gonzalez—they didn’t rmed with exceptional skill and two surely made waves.

otos by Shaira Luna also helped in making Banjo and Joboy feel welcome and at home. Accompanied by their Filipino coaches, Carlos Brosas, Rosa Rodriguez, Lianne Marquez and Jim Saret, the promising swimmers wowed the crowd and clocked notable finishes. Banjo and Joboy also impressed other coaches who were present and observing participants. Swimming with big dreams and determination, both youngsters plan to join more international events and represent the Philippines. And who knows one day they are already accomplished Olympians. Name: Joboy Gonzalez Age: 17 years old Team: Coastland Davao Swim Team Height: 5’7 Weight: 61kg Events Participated in the Hawaii State Short Course Championships: 200m, 500m and 1650m Freestyle | 200m Backstroke | 400m Individual Medley Fun Facts: Joboy also had the opportunity to compete at the recently concluded 2nd Asian Beach Games held in Muscat, Oman last December 8-16, 2010. The pride of the Philippines joined the 5K and 10K marathon swimming clocking 1 hour and 6 minutes and 2 hours and 20 minutes respectively. His favorite quote is: “If you can dream it, you can do it!”


Guang Asia’s most important international sporting event and the second largest in the world (after the Olympic Games) was staged last November 12-27, 2010 in China. It gathered over 10,000 athletes from 45 countries and regions in Asia, showcasing once again the Filipinos’ great talent, skill and dedication to sports. Here’s a peek into the action, and how our athletes fared in one of Asia’s biggest compet.

Photos courtes y of Kent Vives

Sheila Mae Perez

RP Swimmers gamely pose for a snapshot (Not in picture: Erica Totten)

RP Divers with Coach Zhang Dehu








Jasmine Alkhaldi Ryan Arabejo Daniel Coakley Jessie Lacuna Miguel Molina Erica Totten Charlie Walker

Jaime Asok Nino Carog Zardo Domenios Ryan Fabriga Sheila Mae Perez

Neil Catiil Nikko Huelgas

200m Individual Medley

2:23.16- Erica Totten

800m Freestyle

8:54.11-Erica Totten


4x200m Freestyle Relay


7:30.76- (Jessie Lacuna, Charlie Walker, Ryan Arabejo & Miguel Molina)

gzhou Asian Games 188:

Number of Filipino athletes


RP Swimmers posing after the event

S WIM Photos courtes y of Jasmine Alkhaldi

Jessie Lacuna, Jasmine Alkhaldi with Coach Carlos Brosas


Neil Catiil


Erica Totten and Jasmine Alkhaldi


Number of medals garnered by the Philippines

Filipino Divers and Swimmers who participated in the Aquatics Event

3-4-9 Charlie Walker, Miguel Molina and Erica Totten with volunteers


new Philippine records set

Number of gold, silver and bronze medals won by Philippines

Nikko Huelgas



































19 Overall ranking of the Philippines



Catherine Bondad

SPEEDO Short Course National Championships Nov. 26-28, 2010

Jaycen Cruz

Trace Aquatic Sports Complex, Los Baños, Laguna

Gio Palencia

Jasmine Alkhaldi

Sean Tan

Team Standing team


Ayala Harpoons Swim Club


Lake City Swim Club


PCA Stingrays Swim Club


VVCC Aqua Lasers Swim Club


San Pablo Mantas Swim Team


LCSC Women’s Relay Team

Banjo Borja and Daniel Coakley pose after the 100m Breaststroke event

Celina Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez

Most Outstanding Swimmers


(L-R): Fil-Ams Daniel Coakley and Charles Walker, Gabriel Castelo and Joshua Desamero

Over-all Team Champion Ayala Harpoons with Coach Candice Esguerra (middle)

Coaches Caloy Garcia (PCA Stingray) and Jayvee Villagracia (Lake City)

a g e g ro u p

m e n ’s


11 Year Olds 12 Year Olds 13 Year Olds 14 Year Olds 15 Year Olds 16 Year Olds 17 Year Olds 18 and Over

Jose Marie Arcilla Anthony Linn Navarro Rafael Sta. Maria Jethro Chua Fahad Alkhaldi Axel Toni Steven Ngui Jose Joaquin Gonzalez Banjo Borja

Nicole Meah Pamintuan Catherine Bondad Roxanne Ashley Yu Ariana Herranz Lea Margaret Martinez Hannah Dato Anna Celina Gonzalez Christine Grace Hipol



College of Saint Benilde (1st Runner-Up), San Beda College (Champion), University of the Philippines (2nd Runner-Up)

Hawaii State Short Course Senior Championships Two of the country’s top swimmers, Banjo Borja and Jose “Joboy” Gonzalez (on cover), represented the Philippines in the Hawaii Short Course Senior Championships held at the University of Hawaii, Manoa last November 12-14, 2010. Gonzalez earned the Highest Pointer Award at the end of the competition.

1st PASA Water Polo Inter-School Tournament

Photos by Keshia Fule. H awaii S tate Short Course Senior Championships Photos courtes y of Venus Borja

San Beda College dominated the 1st PASA Water Polo Inter-School Tournament held last December 4-5 at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex in Manila, beating the College of Saint Benilde in the action-packed finals. The University of the Philippines bagged the third place, after defeating De La Salle University.

Banjo Borja (1st place on blue podium)

Jose Gonzalez (3rd from left) and Banjo Borja (4th from left) with Hawaiian participants

With swimmer Kacey Johnson

Proud parents of the participants

Swimmers with Coach Scott Sherwood



Triathletes prepare for the swim leg

Lea Langit

Nikko Huelgas

Tri United at Whiterock November 13, 2010

Kim Mangrobang

Women’s Overall Winners

Results Tri Kids Clinic Participants

Lea Langit

w o m e n ’ s o ve ra l l 1st: LC Langit (5:07.31) 2nd: Rizielle Tangan (5:56.02) 3rd: Mariela Martinez-Powell (6:43.19) re l a y o ve ra l l

1st: Clear Sabak (4:54.09) 2nd: Island Cove Tri (5:06.26) 3rd: Tribe-Mixed (5:13.42)

Felipe Sajulga III

Lawrence Trinidad of Team Island Cove Tri

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Philip Jurolan

2nd Asian Beach Games Muscat, Oman December 8-16, 2010 Triathletes Nikko Huelgas and Lea Langit set a new Philippine mark in the Olympic standard distance triathlon (1.5km swim/40km bike/10km run). Huelgas became the first Filipino to go beyond the twohour barrier with a time of one hour, 59.44 minutes, while Langit missed a podium finish in fourth place, clocking two hours, 13.16 minutes. Philip Jurolan and Kim Mangrobang also represented our country in the event.


m e n ’ s o ve ra l l 1st: Brian Borling (4:53.22) 2nd: Ferdinand Catabian II (5:07.21) 3rd: Noel Salvador (5:10.58)

w o m e n ’s 4th: Lea Langit (2:13.16) 7th: Kim Mangrobang (2:23.28) m e n ’s 10th: Nikko Huelgas (1:59.44) 17th: Philip Jurolan (2:10.36)




Swim Philippines Dec/Jan2011  

Featuring Jose Gonzalez (left) and Banjo Borja (right) who made waves in the Hawaii State SC Swimming Championships last November 2010.

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