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APRIL 2013

FEATURES 012 2012 Top 12 World Masters Swimmers of the Year by Jeff Commings, Shoshanna Rutemiller and Hideki Mochizuki

019 Dryside Training: Stretch Band Strength by J.R. Rosania

020 Athletic Foodie/Let’s Live a Healthier Life by Garrett Weber-Gale Although there’s no substitute for getting expert advice from a trained professional, here are five concepts that can help you create a diet that works for you and achieve better health.

022 “Aging-Up” Well!


by Hermine Terhorst

008 A Voice for the Sport

024 Q&A with Coach Brian Nabeta

031 Up & Comers

by Michael J. Stott

032 Gutter Talk

025 How They Train Kailee Nabeta by Michael J. Stott

027 Channeling the Practice Work Ethic by Michael J. Stott When it comes to working hard in practice, all swimmers are not created equal! But one thing is true, not only in swimming, but in life as well: you get out what you put in.

029 USSSA: Develop Your Child’s Genius...with Swimming! by Lana Whitehead Parents and educators should take advantage of the power of movement and early participation in swim lessons to facilitate children’s physical, cognitive and emotional development.


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035 For the Record


048 Calendar 049 Parting Shot

ON THE COVER A bout with prostate cancer was not going to keep Bob Strand down. Less than six months after surgery to remove the tumor, he was back in the pool, setting FINA Masters world records for men 65-69. His accomplishments earned him recognition as one of Swimming World Magazine’s Top 12 World Masters Swimmers of the Year for 2012. (See stories, pages 12 and 32.) [ photo by stephanie north ] SWIMMING WORLD MAGAZINE. Note: permission to reprint articles or excerpts from contents is prohibited without permission from the publisher. The publisher is not responsible for errors in advertisements. Microfilm copies: available from University Microfilms, 313 N. First St., Ann Arbor, MI 48103. Swimming World Magazine is listed in the Physical Education Index. Printed in the U.S.A. © Sports Publications International, April 2013.

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A Voice for the Sport Do the Right Thing

It took awhile, but last January, when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) stripped disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong of the bronze medal he’d been awarded at the 2000 Games in Sydney, it sent a powerful message to would-be dopers: “We’re coming after you!” The IOC action came after Armstrong wisely decided not to challenge the extraordinarily well-documented indictment against him drawn up by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, preferring to come clean in a televised interview with America’s Confessor-in-Chief, Oprah Winfrey. Though Armstrong captured all the headlines, he is by no means the only athlete under investigation by the usually staid IOC. After years of excusemaking punctuated with inaction, the IOC, a handful of national anti-doping agencies and some of the international sports federations are finally taking a stand in favor of clean sport. Swimming was impacted by doping more than most other sports, especially during the 1970s and ’80s, when East Germany’s doped “Wundermädchen” were invincible. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, many of the architects of East German swimming success migrated to China. In no time, the Chinese women emerged as the supreme world swimming power, reigning throughout the 1990s. During all that time, FINA abdicated its responsibility as guardian of swimming’s integrity, doing virtually nothing to keep our sport clean. But that appears to be changing. Under the leadership of IOC president Jacques Rogge, the Lords of the Rings appear to be taking seriously the quaint notion of a level playing field. In analyzing the cases where they have taken a stand against doping, one or more of the following five factors appears to have been decisive: 1. The athlete has confessed 2. WADA (or a national anti-doping agency) has declared the athlete guilty 3. A court has found the athlete guilty 4. The coaches or administrators of a doping program have confessed 5. Scientific records have been discovered detailing the athlete’s doping program. The number of swimmers who have been cheated out of the medals they rightfully earned is staggering. Log on to for a summary of the women swimmers who were victims of the East German doping machine at the 1976, ’80 and ’88 Games. In 1976 alone, some 32 women were cheated out of 48 Olympic medals. Shirley Babashof was the biggest victim. The record books show she earned one gold, one silver and three bronze medals. She actually won five gold medals and one bronze— the greatest Olympic performance ever by a female swimmer. Other victims include Canada’s Nancy Garapick and Holland’s Enith Brigitha. What has been done can never fully be undone. But the IOC can take a giant step in the right direction by awarding appropriate medals to all those who had their moment of glory stolen—beginning with the victims of 1976. At the same time, we believe it would be wrong to demand that the East German swimmers return their medals. They were barely teenagers in the mid-’70s— victims of an evil political system run amuck. The IOC may need some encouragement. That is the job of FINA and national governing bodies, including the USOC and USA Swimming. Some may argue that too many years have passed to take such action. We disagree. It is never too late to do the right thing. Justice postponed is still justice. v


Phillip Whitten Editor-in-Chief Chief Media Officer Swimming World Magazine 1992-2006 8

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E D I TO R I A L, P RO D U CT I O N, M E RC H A N D I S I N G, M A R K E T I N G A N D A DV E RT I S I N G O F F I C E 2744 East Glenrosa Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85016 Toll Free: 800-352-7946 Phone: 602-522-0778 • Fax: 602-522-0744 E ditorial and P roduction e-mail: Senior Editor — Bob Ingram e-mail: Managing Editor — Jason Marsteller phone: 602-522-0778 • fax: 602-522-0744 e-mail: Senior Writer — John Lohn e-mail: Graphic Arts Designer— Kaitlin Kelly e-mail: Graphic Arts Designer — Casaundra Crofoot e-mail: Staff Writer — Shoshanna Rutemiller e-mail: Fitness Trainer — J.R. Rosania Chief Photographer — Peter H. Bick Staff Writer — Michael Stott WebMaster e-mail: M arketing and A dvertising Marketing Coordinator — Tiffany Elias e-mail: M U LT I - M E D I A Writer/Producer — Jeff Commings e-mail: swim shop Product Manager — Caleb Stodghill e-mail:

I N T E R N AT I O N A L CO R R E S PO N D E N T S Africa: Chaker Belhadj (TUN); Australia: Wayne Goldsmith, Ian Hanson; Europe: Norbert Agh (HUN), Camilo Cametti (ITA), Federico Ferraro (ITA), Oene Rusticus (NED), Steven Selthoffer (GER), Rokur Jakupsstovu (FAR), Tom Willdridge (GBR); Japan: Hideki Mochizuki; Middle East: Baruch “Buky” Chass, Ph.D. (ISR); South Africa: Neville Smith (RSA); South America: Jorge Aguado (ARG), Alex Pussieldi (BRA)

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by peter h . bick ]

[ photo 10

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April 2013

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pictured > here ’ s a different view of warm - up , as seen with a fish - eye lens through the underwater window at the iupui natatorium in indianapolis .

April 2013

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ANEL OUR EXPERT Pom around the globe

s fr imming expert ction Six Masters sw Magazine’s sele ld or W g in m im Sw served as panel:

year swimmers of the mo ch izu ki ill er an d hid eki sh os ha nn a ru tem , s ing mm co f by jef

, USA Jeff C ommings oducer; multiple pr ld.TV associate SwimmingWor holder rd co re ld or Masters w , GBR V erity D obbie ittee chair asters Comm Great Britain M , USA R owdy G aines alist; multiple mpic gold med Three-time Oly record holder Masters world , ITA A lberto M ontinicord holder rs world re Multiple Maste , USA S kip T hompson the Year of Coach Former USMS , USA P hillip W hittenof the College ive director Former execut merica; former ssociation of A A s he ac Co g Magazine Swimmin imming World Sw of f ie ch n-i editor

2012 marks the ninth straight year that Swim ming World has honored the Top 12 World Masters Swimmers of the Year. Following are last year’s winners and runnersup (swimmers listed alphabetically): Top 12: Women—Monica Coro, ITA, 50-54; Hitom i Matsuda, JPN, 35-39; Judie Oliver, CAN, 80-84; Karlyn Pipes, USA/FRA, 50-54; Satoko Takeuji, JPN, 70-7 4; Laura Val, USA, 60-64. Men—Roberto Alberiche, ESP, 80-84; Rick Colella, USA, 60-64; Nicolas Granger, FRA, 45-4 9; Jim McConica, USA, 60-64; Petar Stoychev, BUL, 35-3 9; Robert Strand, USA, 65-69. Runners-up: Women—Jane Asher, GBR, 80-84; Linley Frame, AUS, 40-44; Dawn Heckman, USA, 30-3 4; Betty Lorenzi, USA, 85-89; Jean Troy, USA, 85-89; Dian ne Uustal, 12

April.indd 12

USA, 65-69. Men—Tony Goodwin, AUS, 75-79; David Guthrie, USA, 50-54; Stefan Herbst, GER, 30-3 4; Graham Johnston, USA, 80-84; Hugh Wilder, USA, 65-6 9; Jan Wolfgarten, GER 30-34. The World Masters Swimmers of the Year ballo ting process is based on the Nov. 1, 2012 release of the FINA Masters world records set during the competitio n season of Nov. 1, 2011 through Oct. 31, 2012. Global standards were set in 159 events. For voting purposes, only the swimmer endin g the competition season was credited with breaking the record. Also, the final ballot only listed those swimmers who broke multiple world records (long cours e or short course), which totaled 16 women and 17 men.

April 2013

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ROBERTO ALBERICHE Spain’s Roberto Alberiche grew up near the beaches of Las Palmas, a Canary Island province of Spain off the coast of North Africa. The 81-year-old held a number of Spanish national records in the 1940s and ’50s while he was in his early 20s. He even qualified to compete in the 1956 Olympic Games, but the Spanish Olympic Federation did not select him to represent Spain at the Games. So, rather than race his way to Olympic glory, he retired from swimming that year. After a 37-year hiatus, Alberiche, at the urging of a close friend and fellow swimmer, returned to the pool in 1993, at age 62. In a short period of time, he had broken a number of Masters world records. Then he got tired of the training, and retired his aquatic career for the second time in 1998—but not for long. At the close of 2011, Alberiche was again drawn to the water. With only several months of training under his belt, he set five short course world records in the 50, 100, 200 and 400 freestyle events and the 100 IM at a single meet in Castellon, Spain in June 2012. In a remarkable show of talent, he actually broke the 200 freestyle world record twice: first with his 200 split in the 400 free (2:54.97) and then again in the individual race (2:45.24). He now trains with Club Natacion Master Murcia in Murcia, Spain, and sits comfortably on nine world records in the 80-84 age category. If he doesn’t choose to retire for a third time, Alberiche may continue breaking records long into the future. RICK COLELLA It’s been nearly 40 years since Rick Colella stood on the podium at the 1976 Olympic Games. Today, the 61-yearold Masters world record holder has a different take on competition. “It’s much more friendly competition in Masters than it was back in the olden days,” he said with a laugh. “It becomes a part of life and not your whole life.” In 2012, Colella set five 60-64 Masters world records: LC in the 200 breaststroke (2:42.84) and the 400 IM (5:11.73), and SC in the 100 (1:11.77) and 200 (2:37.61) breaststrokes and 400 IM (5:04.54). Those Masters world records were long in the making: “I was a swimmer since I was 8 years old,” Colella said. He’s been in the pool ever since. Colella represented the United States in the 200 breast in the 1972 and ’76 Olympic Games, placing fourth in 1972 and third in 1976. Rather than take time away from the sport after his last Olympics, Colella transitioned immediately from Olympic training into Masters swimming. He swam in his first Masters meet in 1977. However, it took several decades for Colella to move from sporadically competing in Masters meets to having a consistent racing schedule. “My kids grew up, and I had more time. Instead of their activities on the weekend, I now have my own,” he said.

When his success as a Masters swimmer comes up in conversation, Colella often suggests to the enquirer that they test out their legs in Masters swimming. “They always comment, ‘Well, I’m not that good.’ I come back to them (and say): ‘Well, in Masters swimming you have all different levels—from your ex-Olympians down to people who are just beginning in their 50s.’ “If you are training for the Olympics, it’s your whole life. But at this point, Masters swimmers don’t have to worry about that anymore.” MONICA CORO What could be better than setting a world record in your homeland? That’s exactly what Monica Coro did at the June 2012 14th FINA World Masters Championships in Riccione, Italy. The Italian breaststroke star bettered her own 50-54 age group Masters world records in the 50 (34.18) and 100 (1:15.50) LC breaststroke. In the 100 breast, slightly faster wasn’t good enough for Coro: her new world record was more than two seconds faster than her previous 1:17.84, a time she clocked only months before. “That was my goal when I came here,” she told the media at the meet. “I am very satisfied. I competed in three Masters World Championships, but this must be the (best) because I’m in Italy and because I made it!” Coro has been untouchable in her age group for several years in a number of breaststroke events. She holds world records in the SC 50 (33.96) and 100 (1:15.76) breast, and claims all of the women’s long course 50-54 breaststroke Masters world records—from the 50 to the 200 (2:50.92). Coro is so untouchable that when she clocked her 1:15.50 100 breast world record, she finished a full seven seconds ahead of the second-place finisher. Talk about racing yourself! NICOLAS GRANGER Nicolas Granger doesn’t compete every year, but when he does, he really makes it count. The Frenchman has held the Masters world record in the 200 or 400 IM in every age group in which he has competed, and last year, he added the 45-49 age group to that list with a strong showing at the long course FINA Masters World Championships. The 46-year-old posted a 4:44.76 in the 400 IM and 2:11.22 in the 200 IM, breaking the world marks by three seconds in each. In the short course pool, he set world marks in the 100 IM (57.68) and 200 IM (2:04.64) and celebrated his first world records in freestyle, adding the 100 free (51.30) and 200 free (1:52.87) to his already impressive resumé. For those efforts, Granger became the first French swimmer to be selected as a Swimming World Magazine World Masters Swimmer of the Year. “I had hoped to get it,” Granger said. “It’s the first time for —continued on 14 April 2013

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world masters—continued from 13

pictured > ( from left ) robert alberiche , esp ; rick colella , usa ; ( next page from left ) nicholas granger , fra ; monica coro , ita


vi d ed [ ph o to pr o

a st er s b y cn m

m u r ci a ]

a Frenchman, so it makes me feel even better.” Making it even more special is the fact that Granger is competing at all, having been diagnosed twice with testicular cancer in 1991 and 2003. Though he said he feels healthier than he’s ever been, perhaps the reason why Granger continues to break records is his new outlook on swimming. “I think I got stronger after I got sick—and not just physically,” he said. “I got much more pleasure out of life, and I feel like it helped me to swim better. I had hoped to break some world records, but I didn’t expect to swim so fast.” Granger trains alone five days a week with a focus on perfecting technique and not grinding out the yardage. He did plenty of that in his younger days, especially as the 200 IM French national champion in 1984 and 1985. “I know what I need,” he said. “Even if I don’t like it, I do it because I need to do it to be as good as I can.” Granger is world-class at all four strokes, but in 2012, his decision to put more focus on freestyle paid off with his short course world records in the 100 and 200 IM. His 100 time of 51.30 approached his lifetime best of 50.80, which he swam more than 20 years ago. He said butterfly is the focus stroke for 2013. Whatever stroke Granger decides to race this year, expect him to make it count. HITOMI MATSUDA Hitomi Matsuda is fast becoming the face of Masters swimming in Japan, now having won or been a runnerup as part of the Swimming World Magazine Masters Swimmers of the Year in nearly every year since 2005. The 14

April.indd 14

p r o v id

ed by r ic k c olell


only year she missed was in 2011, but she came back with a vengeance this past season. This year, Matsuda dominated the women’s 35-39 age group in Masters swimming by finishing the competitive season with eight short course and four long course FINA Masters world records. In the early ’90s, Matsuda was known as one of the top young stars in Japanese swimming. Now, she’s continued to put up stunning times as a Masters swimmer. Matsuda has focused on her endurance during the last year in an attempt to remain strong throughout her entire race. She also began training with a local high school team in April 2012, which has helped her keep young at heart. “It is a good exchange of energy,” Matsuda said of training with kids. “I absorb energy from them, and I give back my experiences within the sport.” Nearly 20 years since being one of the top young swimmers in Japan with national records at the 1993 East Asian Games, Matsuda maintains her passion for swimming. JIM McCONICA Jim McConica has been named a Swimming World Magazine Masters World Swimmer four straight years and six times overall. Last season, he broke four Masters world records in the men’s 60-64 age group, starting with a short course mark in the 800 free in December 2011 (9:31.23), and finishing with three long course records in 2012: 200 back (2:33.94), 400 free (4:40.00) and 800 free (9:35.50). “I was very pleased with my year in the pool, but I was most proud of my channel swims,” McConica said. McConica swims across major bodies of water at least once a year. In October, he completed two crossings of the

April 2013

3/26/13 3:45 PM

la y n ic h o vi d ed b [ ph o to pr o

er s grang


12.4-mile Anacapa Channel off the coast [ ph ot o pr ov id ed of Southern California on consecutive days with five teammates, breaking the course record in the first swim. His original plan was to complete eight crossings in seven days, but after swimming two, he decided two was enough. McConica is one of those rare swimmers who breaks records year after year. Now at 62 years of age, he is planning an assault on the record book in 2013. As a testament to the power of the times he puts up yearly, McConica still owns the short course world records in the 400, 800 and 1500 freestyles in the 50-54 age group, set nearly 12 years ago! JUDIE OLIVER Most swimmers have a set that’s challenging but very rewarding—one that creates a sense of dread before it starts, but a feeling of accomplishment when it’s over. For 80-year-old Judie Oliver, that set is nine 200 meter butterflys. She’s quick to note that only every third 200 is done full-stroke butterfly, but she credits the set to helping her break five world records in 2012. It’s also led to her first Swimming World Magazine World Masters Swimmer of the Year honor, and the first time a Canadian has been named, which caused her to be “stunned and flabbergasted and speechless.” Oliver has been breaking records in the butterfly events for a few years now, remarking that butterfly “comes easiest for me now.” That may be quite an understatement, given that she shattered the world marks in the 100 and 200 butterfly events—short course and long course—in 2012, as well as the short course 400 IM. Even at 80, a competitive fire still burns in Oliver. She regularly keeps track of times put up by her chief rival, Great Britain’s Jane Asher, and Oliver

by gi an lu ca

ga lz er an


often trains and races with Asher in mind. “If I’m doing an IM, I have to be a pool length ahead of her going into the freestyle,” Oliver said, “because the lead will change otherwise.” It is likely Asher and Oliver will meet once again at the 2014 Masters World Championships, to be held in Montreal. With the meet being held in her home country, Oliver said she already feels a sense of excitement within herself and among those at North York Masters Aquatics, the club she founded 40 years ago. The team started with just a few members, but has grown to 80. Oliver coaches the squad once a week and gets in the pool for her own workouts twice a week—until the big meet approaches. About 10 weeks out, Oliver goes through what she calls the “fame or fatigue” phase, churning out her tough 200 fly sets, using tubing for in-water strength and weights to increase her power. Based on her 2012 results, it looks like Oliver has found more fame than fatigue. KARLYN PIPES It’s been three years since Karlyn Pipes has been on Swimming World Magazine’s list of World Masters Swimmers of the Year, but it’s not as if the Hawaii resident has been lying on a beach sipping mai tais. She did take a break from competition, but the void that was created by not traveling the world for meets was taken up by her new love of cycling. In the past three —continued on 16 April 2013

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world masters—continued from 15

[ ph ot o

[ ph ot o

] jim m c co ni ca pr ov id ed by

pr ov id ed

by hi de ki m oc hi zu ki

years, she’s been on a bike along the roads in Hawaii and Italy, and this July, she plans to bike 800 miles across the state of Iowa. Running also became a regular form of exercise, and the conditioning helped Pipes find her way to aquathons, dual-sport competitive events consisting of swimming and running. Last July, Pipes was named national champion in the 50-54 age group at the USA Triathlon Aquathlon National Championships, and she hopes to compete next year at the World Championships in London. She said she finds aquathlons more suited to her nature than the triathlon. “You just show up with a swimsuit, a pair of goggles and running shoes, and you’re set!” she said. Pipes recently completed another major land-based milestone: 30 consecutive days of running for at least 30 minutes each day, something she said was “equal to all the world records I’ve set.” And she’s set a lot of them in her 25-year Masters career. In 2012, her first full year back in the race pool since taking an official two-year hiatus, Pipes set five world records: three short course (100 back, 100 fly, 100 IM) and two long course (100 back, 200 IM). She enjoyed the year traveling and racing in Italy, France and Massachusetts. The competition in her age group is quite strong, which Pipes said only makes the racing more exciting. “It’s always fun to get up there on the blocks with friends and see who can get to the wall first,” she said. It’s not likely you’ll see Pipes at any meets in 2013, but it is possible you’ll find her at your morning workout as she travels often to give swim clinics. “I’m always going to keep my toes in the water,” she said. PETAR STOYCHEV Bulgaria’s Petar Stoychev has been keeping busy. When he’s not attending meetings as a member of the FINA Athletes Commission or the FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee, he uses his time to break records. For five years (from August 2007 through September 2012), Stoychev held the record for the fastest English Channel crossing at 6 hours, 57 minutes. That time earned him the distinction of being the first person to swim the Channel in less than seven hours. Stoychev’s open water endurance made him a dangerous distance Masters swimmer. He collected a number of Masters world records in the men’s 35-39 age group in March 2012: the LC 400 (4:05.91), 800 (8:18.44) and 1500 (16:00.04) freestyle events. Although this is the first time Stoychev has been honored as a Swimming World Magazine World Masters Swimmer of the Year, he boasts a long list of accomplishments in swimming. He has represented Bulgaria at four Olympic Games, and placed ninth in the 10K Marathon Swim at the London 2012 Olympics. Before transitioning to open water swimming at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, Stoychev competed in the 400 and 1500 meter


pictured > ( from top ) jim m c conica , usa ; hitomi matsuda , jpn ; judie oliver , can


April.indd 16

April 2013

[ ph ot o

iv er ] mi ch el le ol pr ov id ed by

3/26/13 3:45 PM


p r o v id

ed by karlyn

freestyle events at the 2000 and 2004 Olympic Games. In 2009, he was inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. While some Masters swimmers find their way back to the water after beeing absent for years, Stoychev has never left. It seems only natural that this Olympic athlete eventually transitioned into Masters swimming. Truly, he’s leading a life totally immersed in the water.

pictured > ( from top ) karlyn pipes , usa ; petar stoychev , bul ; bob strand , usa

BOB STRAND A bout with prostate cancer was not going to keep Bob Strand down. Less than six months after surgery to remove the tumor, Strand was on the blocks at the Belmont Plaza Pool in Long Beach, Calif., setting Masters world records for men 65-69 in the short course 50, 100 and 200 breaststrokes in December 2011. Strand says his times (34.36, 1:16.60, 2:49.34) were “pedestrian,” a logical statement for someone who sets lofty goals and has often achieved them in his Masters swimming career. And though this marks his first time since 2006 that he has been named one of the World Masters Swimmers of the Year, it’s rare to rewind to a year when Strand wasn’t breaking records—or coming close—in the breaststroke and individual medley events. He calls 2012 “a rebuilding year,” not only in finding his way back to form after surgery, but in making a major move from Pasadena, Calif., to Eagle, Idaho. The transition didn’t seem to affect him in the pool, as Strand broke the world record in the 200 breast for the 65-69 age group at the USMS summer long course nationals in Nebraska with a 2:58.13 and a national record in the 50 breast with a 34.66. “My goal was to just get my sea legs again,” Strand said of his post-surgery plans for the first 18 months. “I felt like I was getting back on my game in Omaha.” If you find yourself racing in a heat with Bob Strand in the short course nationals next month in Indianapolis or later this summer at the long course championships in Mission Viejo, Calif., you had better bring your “A” game. Strand has traveled a tough road to get back into fighting shape, and now he’s ready to show that cancer was just a brief obstacle in his path. “I’ll put the pressure on myself and say if training goes well, Indy’s going to be really good for me,” he said. SATOKO TAKEUJI Satoko Takeuji is better known in Japan as Satoko Tanaka, the Olympic bronze medalist in the women’s 100 meter backstroke at the 1960 Olympic Games held in Rome. The Japanese swimming community remembers her as their country’s second female Olympic medalist in swimming. Takeuji posted a time of 1:11.4 in the 100 meter backstroke in Rome, then a Japanese record. Fifty-two years later, Takeuji is still in the swimming spotlight. Competing in the women’s 70-74 age group last —continued on 18

p ip e s ]

pe ta rs to vi d ed by [ ph o to pr o


by st eph

a n ie


yc h ev . co



April 2013

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world masters—continued from 17

pictured > ( from left ) satoko takeuji , jpn ; laura val , usa

uki] i m o ch iz b y h id ek o vi d ed pr to o [ ph


season, she won the 100 and 200 meter back at the FINA World Masters Championships in Riccione, Italy. Her times of 40.67 and 1:26.15 were both FINA Masters world records. Takeuji also added world marks in the 200 back (3:11.54) and the short course 100 back (1:26.25). She first hit the international swimming scene at the 1958 Asian Games. Just a freshman in high school, Takeuji went on to win gold at the event. She also took down the world record in the women’s 200 meter backstroke with a 2:37.1 at Japan’s nationals in 1959. Nicknamed the “Genius Girl,” Takeuji went on to lower the world record in the 200 ten more times from 1959 through 1963. However, since the event was not added to the Olympic program until 1968, Takeuji never truly received the mainstream recognition as one of the top backstrokers in the world. LAURA VAL Any time Laura Val races, you can half-expect her to set another Masters world record. The funny thing is, she already owns most of the records she breaks. “My goals have always been to continue doing what I’m doing.” Whatever it is she’s doing, she’s certainly doing it well. 2013 marks the eighth consecutive year Val has been named a World Masters Swimmer of the Year. She currently holds every Masters world record in the women’s 6064 age group, excluding the 50, 100 and 200 breast. In fact, two years ago, Val broke an unprecedented six FINA 18

April.indd 18

p r o v id

ed by laura


Masters world records in one race when she bettered the 50-100-200-400-8001500 standards while competing in the women’s 60-64 1500 free. Although she is at the top of her game now, Val grew up in the pre-Title IX era, and remembers a time when women weren’t afforded the same opportunities as men. “Swimming was very different back then—women were not respected as athletes,” she said. “I never considered myself an athlete until I was an adult.” Val spent her childhood swimming on an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) city team, and was talented enough to compete in the 1968 Olympic Trials. But the swimming opportunities were limited after Val reached a certain age. “When you were 17, you couldn’t swim on the team anymore, but I wasn’t ready to hang up my suit yet,” she said. Val found another AAU club team to train with while she attended college and qualified for the 1972 Olympic Trials. “I quit that year before Trials because I didn’t think I would make (the Olympics) anyways, so I hung up my suit and figured swimming was over for me.” Little did she know that the pool would call her back more than a decade later. In 1986, Val heard from a friend that the USMS SCY nationals the following year would be held at nearby Stanford in Palo Alto. “I had been out since I was 21,” she explains. “So I got in the year before (the meet) and started swimming again. I fell in love with it all over again.” v

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upright row Standing on the bands and holding onto the handles, raise your arms up to your chin while keeping your elbows higher than your hands. Lower and repeat.


StreTch Band Strength by j . r . rosania l photos by kaitlin kelly demonstrated by j . r . rosania

2 high pull With the band placed around a fixed item, pull the band toward your body while bending over to about 90 degrees. This mimics a butterfly pull or a pullout off the wall.


dryside // training

freestyle stroke With the band attached about waist-high to a fixed item, bend forward to about 90 degrees and perform freestyle stroking.

4 tricep press With the band attached to a fixed item that is behind you, hold onto the handles of the band and extend your arms over your head. Pulling forward, straighten your arms to full extension, and repeat.

Want an easy and effective routine to get stronger out of the pool that only takes minutes? How about a routine that you can do anywhere you go? Here are five great swim strength exercises that use a stretch band. These exercises are for both swim strength as well as general strength. We all need to gain more strength, and we also want it to be quick and convenient. These exercises target both pulling and recovery muscles, as well as muscle toning and tendon strength. Find a tension in a band that allows you to perform each exercise, but not so hard that you struggle to perform the routine. Your goals should be as follows: • First two weeks, perform one set of each exercise for 15 reps. • Second two weeks, increase to two sets of 15 reps. • Third two weeks, increase to three sets of 15 reps. As you get stronger, you may need to increase your band tension as well. Do the routine two to three times a week, and take a week off every six to eight weeks. After six months, you will be stronger and, hopefully, swimming faster. v

J.R. Rosania, B.S., exercise science, is one of the nation’s

5 bicep curl Standing on the bands and holding onto the handles, begin with your arms fully extended toward your feet with your palms up. Raise your hands up to your shoulder, slowly lower, and repeat.

top performance enhancement coaches. He is the owner and CEO of Healthplex, LLC, and has finished the Ironman Triathlon 18 times. He also serves as Swimming World Magazine’s fitness trainer and was named one of “America’s Top Trainers” by Men’s Journal and Vogue magazines. Check out Rosania’s website at

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by garrett weber - gale

Although there’s no substitute for getting expert advice from a trained professional, here are five concepts that can help you create a diet that works for you and achieve better health.


here’s no question that most of us today know that what we put into our body directly affects the level of performance we are able to attain from it: you get out what you put in, plain and simple. The difficulty lies in actually figuring out what to eat in order to achieve the results we desire. Strangely, we now live in a day and age where almost every answer seems to be at our fingertips, yet many of us still have a hard time knowing what to eat for better health and enhanced performance. In the olden days, people were trim and fit, and they basically ate whatever they had or could get a hold of (they didn’t, however, have all the store-bought processed foods).


April.indd 20

How is it that with all the information we have available to us, we still struggle to figure something out that seems like it should be so simple? I’ll be the first to admit that it can be difficult to weed through all the books, articles, diet fads, TV spots and marketing campaigns on what to eat. For this exact reason, it’s really important to seek counsel from an expert, a nutritionist or registered dietitian. We have swim coaches and strength coaches to guide us toward our goal of swimming fast, so why wouldn’t we have an “eating” coach to help us fuel for success, too? We should! For the past eight years I’ve been dedicated to refining my nutrition and understanding how to use food to gain maximum performance from my body and mind. One thing I’ve realized is that everyone is different. What works for me might not work for you, and what works for you might not work for your teammates. There’s no question that part of nutrition—and gaining a benefit from what we eat—is educated trial and error. Every year, I learn more about what will help fuel me toward my goals. Following are some of the most impactful—yet simple—concepts that I’ve used on my journey to better health and to creating a diet that works for me. These simple ideas are ways each of you can tailor a diet specifically to your own body. However, there’s no replacement for expert advice, and for that, you need to see a trained professional. 1. I read as much as I can about the positives and negatives of different eating plans. A few of my favorite books about food and nutrition are: “In Defense of Food,” “Food Rules,” “Wheat Belly,” “Engine 2 Diet” and “Culinary Intelligence.” Take what each of these books has to say with an objective approach. Many books have a specific line they want everyone to take. It’s important to note that there isn’t just one right way. Like the Olympics, there are thousands of roads to get there. 2. Pick one or two ideas from a book, article or eating concept and implement it into your diet for at least one month. After I read “Engine 2 Diet,” I went vegan for two months. I realized it was very hard for me to get enough substance from eating a completely plant-based diet, but what I was surprised to find out is that I didn’t need nearly as many animal products in my diet as I once

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thought. What’s more, I felt much better eating fewer animal products. To pick something simpler than going vegan cold turkey, you could try using soy, almond or rice milk instead of dairy milk. Choose something you think will be easy to implement and that you can do consistently for at least one month. 3. Talk to other friends, family members and athletes about specific changes they’ve made in their diet and the impact these changes have made for them. Remember that we are all different and that you might not have the same results, but learning from people doing something successfully is always a good place to start. 4. Keep a log of the changes you’re making and about how the changes make you feel, look and/or perform. When I make a change, I often keep track of my weight, my practice performances and how much I’m eating. Without keeping track of what I’m doing, it would be hard for me to decide definitively what works and what doesn’t. For example, try eating one particular thing before workout for a week, then switch to something completely different the next week. If you notice a difference in how you feel, that means you are on the right track to honing in on what works best for you. One of my favorite pre-workout snacks is a whole-wheat pita

with hummus, tomato and cucumber. 5. Start by changing something easy. You want to feel positive results as soon as possible. Get the ball rolling. For me, I started by cutting out junk foods. You could start by not eating chips, cookies, cutting out all soda, making sure you eat a salad every night, staying more hydrated, eating sooner after finishing workout or even taking the salt shaker off the table. Be confident and believe that you will find a way of eating that works specifically for you. Find an expert in your community—there are a ton of them just waiting to help you on your journey. Make a plan. Stay patient. Be positive. You’re on your way to better performance! v Olympic gold medalist Garrett Weber-Gale and his family founded AthleticFoodie in 2008 on the belief that delicious food can be healthy, too. The company’s mission is to show athletes—particularly swimmers—how tasty, healthy food and fitness can easily become an important part of everyone’s daily routine. Weber-Gale’s passion is to help others realize how good nutrition can make a difference in their lives. For more information, visit www.athleticfoodie. com.

southwest vegetarian chili Ingredients: • 3 cups beans (your choice of beans) • 6 cups low sodium vegetable broth • 1 cup crushed tomato • 2 bay leaves • 3 tsp brown sugar • 1 tbs canola oil • 3 cups onions, chopped • 1 cup red bell pepper, chopped • 1 cup green bell pepper, chopped • ½ cup carrot, chopped • ½ cup celery, chopped • 1 tsp low sodium sea salt • ¼ tsp black pepper • 2 dried ancho chilis, chopped • 1½ tsp garlic, minced • ½ tsp cumin • ¾ tsp chipotle chili powder

Directions: • Soak beans in vegetable broth with crushed tomato, bay leaves and brown sugar for at least one hour. • Bring large pot to medium-high heat. Add canola oil. • Once canola oil is hot, add the onion, bell peppers, carrot, celery, salt and pepper. Cook 10 minutes, stirring frequently, until onions just begin to caramelize. • Add dried ancho chilis, garlic, cumin and chipotle chili powder to the pan, and cook for an additional three to four minutes, stirring frequently. • Combine beans, vegetable broth, crushed tomato, bay leaves and brown sugar into the large pot with the other cooked vegetables. • Bring to a boil, then reduce to medium-low and cook for two hours. • Remove bay leaves • Serve immediately, or enjoy the following day. The chili will last up to three days in the refrigerator. • Note: I often cook brown rice on the side and combine it with the chili for even more fuel.

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A"GING-UP "WELL! by hermine terhorst demonstrated by hermine terhorst


s the coach of a Masters team, I am constantly addressing the word, “Masters.” What does it mean? Do you have to be a really fast

swimmer? No! You can be just 19 years old with a passion for the pool! But the No. 1 goal of a Masters swimmer should be to master the art of agingup well. How, exactly, do you do that? Blood—that’s it, that’s the secret! The only thing that heals is blood. You must get it pumping everywhere in your body. Freewheeling joints are the best insurance for optimum blood flow—organic blood doping, if you will. Dryland training is great if you are



constantly incorporating moves that give you full rotation of all your ball joints. If you treat your joints like a box, they will begin to behave like one. Your body will become rigid and box-like long before its time. Following are my favorite exercises for treating your ball joints like the circles they are: 1. Hold a 4-foot closet pole/ broomstick above your head, hands out to the very end. Take one hand way behind your back and keep the other straight above your head. At the same time as your hand is going back, roll that arm’s ball shoulder joint forward. This creates a circular motion with the ball joint of your shoulder.



2. Next, take the same pole with the same hand position. Gently drop the pole forward with both hands, then bring it up over your head and gently down your back. The first few attempts at this may be difficult. Don’t give up—you may feel like the Tin Man! Your joints need to get “greased” for a bit before they will fully move—which they will do when given time and attention. But they will fully shut down if ignored.

3. For the ball joints at your hips, the band/rotation method is easiest to achieve anywhere, anytime. Put an elastic band over the middle of your foot, hold the bands in your opposite hand and rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, using your hips. Too many of us take for granted the beauty and efficiency of these four ball joints. Give them a little time and attention, and life-giving blood—filled with cleansing oxygen—will do the rest of the work for you. v Hermine Terhorst is a coach at Santa Rosa (Calif.) Masters Flower Power and a long-time Pilates trainer.




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Brian nabeta Brian Nabeta is resurrecting the storied past of the Arden Hills Swim Club thanks to a new generation of swimmers and a commitment to CrossFit training. by michael j . stott photos provided by brian nabeta

Q. Swimming World: Thirty years in swimming with 24 as a coach. Why? A. Coach brian nabeta: I have always been a highly driven individual. I competed in the ’80s at Golden Bear Swim Club (then affiliated with the University of California, Berkeley) and was a regular at U.S. nationals. SW: What did you learn from Coach Nort Thornton at Cal? BN: During my five years coaching at UC Berkeley, Nort was a true mentor to me: he taught me the importance of ingenuity and making annual changes to avoid getting stale. Now I continue that innovative focus and strive to revamp, renew and refresh every year. SW: Any other influences? BN: Absolutely. Others who helped shape my coaching style include: • Kim Musch, UC Santa Cruz head coach, who underscored the importance of hard work; • Mike Bottom, now the head coach at the University of Michigan, who taught me to have fun while working hard; and • Tim Powers, former head coach at BYU, who instilled high moral standards and stressed that family matters first and foremost. SW: With all your college coaching, why did you ultimately choose club? 24

April.indd 24

Coach Brian Nabeta Head Coach Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa Sacramento, California

After seven years (1993-99) of coaching college students at BYU, San Jose State and Cal, Brian Nabeta (Brigham Young University, B.S., history, ’92) switched to developing younger athletes in USA Swimming settings. Born and bred in the Bay Area, Nabeta coached at the Blackhawk Swim Club and was head coach for the Golden Bear Swim Club in Berkeley before assuming the top position at Arden Hills. He has coached U.S. junior national champions and senior national finalists, international qualifiers, National Junior Team members and Olympic Trials qualifiers. He also has served USA Swimming at the Gold Medal, Zone Select and National Select Camps and on national team trips. A CrossFit disciple, Nabeta has a second-degree black belt in taekwondo. Bn: A variety of factors weighed into my decision to join the Arden Hills aquatics program in 1999. I was approached personally by the owner, Brett Favero, himself a former national swimmer. I appreciated the opportunity to coach at an established swim club with an impressive heritage of training worldclass swimmers, and I was excited about the opportunity to “own” the aquatics program that I still consider my baby. SW: Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa is not a typical team name or training site. How does the “wellness resort experience” translate into fast swimming? BN: The wellness resort experience and amazing training facility at Arden Hills offers a wonderful foundation to train fast swimmers and strong athletes in general. Everything is under one roof. We have an impressive strength and conditioning facility, an on-site nutritionist, sports massage therapy, healthy food options and more. Plus, the swimming program at Arden Hills is a top priority. SW: The halcyon years at Arden Hills (Spitz, Meyer, Burton, et al.) were in the 1960s and ’70s. What does it take to get back to that level? BN: Success to that degree depends on a good eye for recruiting and

inviting talented athletes who have both potential and a real drive to excel. With so many recreational swimmers in the greater Sacramento area—from Vacaville to El Dorado Hills—the talent that will thrive under the top-notch, well-rounded, yearround program offered by Arden Hills is out there. SW: In 2012, seven Arden Hills swimmers went to Olympic Trials, and your 11-12-year-old girls had a number of national age group top 10 times. Are you on your way? BN: Our current team of 11-, 12and 13-year-old girls offers some outstanding talent and drive. And they are really having fun in the program, which makes a huge difference. We will see some very fast swimming in the next four years. Make no mistake about it—we’re aiming for 2016. In fact, my daughter, Kailee (age 13), is part of that group. We also now offer a post-grad program in which we invite such swimmers as Randall Bal to train at Arden Hills. The hope is that they will inspire our young swimmers and provide effective training tips and techniques that will help them on their journey. SW: How do taekwondo and CrossFit help you as a swim coach? BN: Both have helped me become a better coach. CrossFit, along with healthy eating, has dramatically

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changed my personal fitness. I weighed 240 pounds in 2005 and am now down to 190. Once again, I can keep up with my swimmers during dryland workouts. I like to be an example of how healthy eating and making proper choices make a huge difference. My five years of taekwondo training really helped me find my patience. These days, I skeet shoot, which helps keep me sharp and it’s really fun. SW: For you, CrossFit is... BN: ...a supplemental training regimen that consists of dryland strength and conditioning exercises. Together they increase overall fitness to make the swimmers better all-around and more physically fit athletes. SW: At what age do you introduce a CrossFit regimen? BN: At first, to the 9- and 10-yearold swimmers, with 30 minutes of dynamic stretching and proper movement techniques (burpees, air squats, push-ups, sit-ups). I apply the movements to CrossFit, using a body-weighted approach. I introduce the CrossFit philosophy with games such as dodge ball and baseball. At ages 11 and 12, we introduce some of the strength movements still without weights. We get creative and, for example, might use PVC pipe

instead of a weighted bar to show proper lift techniques. I also focus on proper pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups while continuing to add to the fitness toolbox. At age 14, I incorporate the strength component to workouts with specialized movements for swimming. SW: Why is Arden Hills no longer a high-volume program? BN: Training has changed. We have done high volume, and it works really well when you have swimmers who are capable of that. I’ve learned to plan micro and macrocycles better. We have higher volume days, and I sometimes separate a group out for that. My program ranges from 5,500 yards to 9,000 at a practice. It really depends on the swimmers, the time of year, etc. SW: You also do some Swim Salo stuff. Describe that and its benefits. BN: I like Dave Salo’s philosophy of really going fast at practice. I’ve incorporated some of his philosophy, but I hand-pick elements that work for the swimmers I have in any given year. SW: Kicking? BN: Kicking is very, very important in swimming. Watching the 2012 Olympic Games and seeing the amazing leg strength of the athletes has made it even more important. In

fact, I make kicking an emphasis in main sets. SW: How so? Bn: Definitely. My group is still learning to get better at it. SW: How do you prepare your athletes mentally and physically for second swims at championship meets? BN: I talk to individuals personally, help them work on their weaknesses, find out if—and why—they are nervous, try to draw out their anxiety and manage any external factors. At crunch time, it helps that I really know my swimmers and what makes them tick. Right now, the year-round swimming group I coach consists of 24 swimmers. SW: You have coached at a number of USA swimming camps. Bn: Being head coach of the National Select Camps was a great honor. I worked with many swimmers who went on to compete for the national junior team at the Mare Nostrum series in Barcelona in 2010. As the assistant women’s coach at that meet, it was a great honor to wear the USA Swimming jacket and represent the USA on behalf of Arden Hills. v

Michael J. Stott, one of Swimming World Magazine’s USA contributors, is based in Richmond, Va.


kailee nabeta


It may take several years, but the young ladies at Arden Hills are serving notice that, once again, this USA Swimming Silver Medal club may be a force on the national level. At the close of the 2012 long course season, four 11-12-year-olds claimed top-10 places on USA Swimming’s national age group list.

Leading the way was Lizzie Menzmer, who had top-10 finishes in five events, earning the No. 1 spot in both the 100 meter free and 100 fly, a second in the 50 fly, third in the 50 free and 10th in the 200 fly. Teammate Amalie Fackenthal was seventh in the 50 back. The Otters’ 200 meter freestyle relay of Tina Reuter (30.81), Fackenthal (29.2), Kailee Nabeta (28.2) and Menzmer (27.7) tied for fifth (1:55.92) in an event in which just 75-hundredths of a second separated the top eight teams.

Perhaps no one on the team models the Arden Hills’ commitment to CrossFit training better than Kailee Nabeta, head coach Brian Nabeta’s daughter. A one-time tennis prodigy, Kailee took after her mother (who played at BYU), mixing the two disciplines until she devoted her energies to swimming at the age of 12. Kailee, a straight-A student, makes six to seven practices a week and has an immediate goal to qualify for junior nationals, followed by senior nationals and the 2016 Olympic Trials. — continued on 26 April 2013

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how they train—continued from 25

A first step on that journey was taken as a member of the Sierra Nevada team that went to the Olympic Training Center in March. A look at her last three years of progressions indicates a young lady on the rise. Her dad attributes Kailees’s dramatic improvement to a stellar work ethic, attention to underwater mechanics and breath control. Devotion to CrossFit runs in the family, and Kailee is an ardent disciple. “She knows the importance

of being fit—not only for swimming, but overall fitness,” he says. As an example, she has a one rep am back squat of 140 pounds, has done more than 22 consecutive kipping pull-ups and six strict pull-ups. “Kailee takes pride in hard work, and she is tenacious, whether it is swimming or CrossFit,” says her coach, Chris Oshiro. “Her smile is infectious, and her ability to lead and inspire her peers elevates her and her teammates to stupendous heights. She is a driven and talented swimmer, a wonderful





April.indd 26



100 FREE

9 10 11 12 13

29.76 27.73 26.70 24.82 24.22

1:09.95 1:01.44 57.76 53.85 53.63

200 100 BREAST BREAST 1:23.42 1:16.02 1:13.22 1:08.80 1:07.90

— — 2:40.23 2:26.13 2:22.79

teammate and remarkable young lady,” he says. v


• 12 x 50 choice fast. Kailee says, “I enjoy swimming

fast, and this set makes me concentrate on my goal race pace as well as working on the small details to help me swim faster at upcoming meets.”

• 28 x 100 free (14@1:25; 9@1:20; 5@1:15). “This

set allows me to focus on staying even with my stroke counts and working on getting faster as the interval drops.”

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channeling the

practice work ethic

by michael j . stott

When it comes to working hard in practice, all swimmers are not created equal! But one thing is true, not only in swimming, but in life

Focus on what you are able to do and the things you are able to accomplish. Be happy for your teammates when they do well because—even if you don’t see it— your work ethic and perseverance may be what helps them reach their success.

Brent Kintzer

as well: you get out

Randolph Macon College

what you put in.


t’s a confusing and difficult problem for a coach: “How does one deal with a swimmer who has enormous talent, but little motivation to practice hard?” “It’s a huge challenge,” says Annie Babicz, assistant coach with the Crow Canyon Sharks in Danville, Calif. As a talented age grouper and former All-American swimmer at Cal, Babicz uses personal experiences to relate to her charges. “Swimmers go through a roller coaster of training habits. Comparing current performance levels with the ‘what ifs’ of potential can be quite helpful,” she says. “Often, the talented—but not necessarily hard-working—athletes already view themselves as the big fish in the little pond. It’s my job to refocus their energy on striving for

the next big thing—whether that is going from JOs to Far Westerns, from sectionals to junior nationals or from looking at Division II to Division I colleges. There’s always room to improve. “After refocusing the swimmer, it’s about keeping them on task in daily practice and reminding them of their goals. It can be extremely frustrating when you see someone wasting their talent, but it’s about providing athletes with the necessary skills to reach their own personal potential,” says Babicz. “There are those who get results without hard work and those who work day-in and day-out to reach levels more easily achieved by naturally gifted athletes. I’ve found the best approach is to get the dedicated workers to focus on their own journeys—whether that is in terms

of goal times, technique improvement or mental/race preparation. Humans have a natural inclination to compare themselves to others. I ask swimmers to focus on their own efforts instead of worrying about what teammates are doing—or not doing.” COMMUNICATION The swimmer who has enormous talent and performs well, but isn’t motivated to practice hard is a “coach’s nightmare,” offers Rob Walker, head coach and founder of All Star Aquatics in Bethesda, Md. “Enormous talent comes with a price. Some have grown early, and size has led them to the top. Others have found success without really correcting anything or trying,” he says. — continued on 28 April 2013


Practice work ethic — continued from 27

“Communication with your athletes is the key. Letting them know we care lowers the communication barrier,” says Walker. “Taking the time with each swimmer and just talking is a great first step. Let them know you care. Take them out of a group and focus on them as individuals, make them feel like a person rather than a number. Find out what makes them tick, what motivates them. I like to tell swimmers what I can do for them as a coach and what resources I can provide.” Walker also relies on personal experiences to engage his swimmers, but it is simple conversations that he finds most effective. “Early in the season, I take each athlete out of practice and just sit and chat,” shares Walker. “Some conversations go on and on, while others last a couple of minutes, but I let them take their course. “Often, goals play a major factor. Every swimmer has weak areas— from eating, sleeping, school, social, strength, size, technique and so on. I structure the talks around shortand long-term goals, swimmer weaknesses and meet schedules. I let them know they can expect to swim FAST! Those sheets provide me with actual time goals, pace, splits, practice attendance, grades and whether expectations were met from last year.” Brent Kintzer, head coach at Randolph Macon College in Ashland, Va., also uses data: “By focusing on numbers and having athletes set their own goals, it’s easy to hold them accountable. And those who hold themselves accountable are the ones who are most successful,” says Kintzer. For swimmers who have to watch work-ethic-challenged teammates, Kintzer tells them to control their own “controllables.” “It is important that athletes stay focused inwardly to prepare themselves better for their own futures,” he says. “There are things that are going to happen throughout the training season that are beyond 28

April 2013

their control. Athletes around them are not going to work as hard and yet be able to go just as fast. “However, getting frustrated is a futile exercise that will just create feelings of jealously and resentment. I tell them, ‘Focus on what you are able to do and the things you are able to accomplish. Be happy for your teammates when they do well because—even if you don’t see it—your work ethic and perseverance may be what helps them reach their success.’ ” ACCOUNTABILITY Accountability starts early at the University of Tennessee. A talented swimmer not giving his best is “addressed quickly,” says Volunteer head men’s and women’s coach, Matt Kredich. “In fact such a scenario is nearly untenable in our program,” he says. “In that situation, there is such a huge difference between our values and that behavior that it has to be addressed. It is critical that a team talk about identity and values, and then commit to those things as a group. If that happens, then almost any team will commit to working hard, pushing each other and looking for the best in themselves. “Once someone commits to one of those values or identities, then they are accountable for the fact that their actions need to be a reflection of those values. Then the team culture is responsible for reinforcing those values, both in a negative and positive way. “Such an exercise is an opportunity to examine why one is swimming. If it is to be the fastest of everyone, a swimmer is going to have a frustrating career. There is a reason that the faster swimmer is faster. If it is attributed to talent, then it is an empty explanation, and there is nothing to learn. Chances are the faster swimmer is more technically proficient, stronger, more competitive or better mentally, and the slower swimmer has a chance to learn from this competition every single day,” Kredich says.

PRAISE, SELF - AFFIRMATION Swimmers at Ann Arbor (Mich.) Pioneer High School (31 state championships) have been learning from Dennis Hill for 44 years. What appeals to the Hill tandem (he and wife, Liz, now coach only the boys team) is the simplicity of the sport. “It’s a matter of who gets to the wall first,” says Hill. Years ago, Hill coached Dan Stephenson, who would go on and write the swimming novel, “The Underwater Window.” “If he was nose-to-nose at the flags, he was going to win,” Hill says. “I always attributed that to the last-minute thinking of, ‘I’m hurting, but the other guy is hurting more,’ and Dan was going to dig deeper and get to the wall first. Swimmers like that are pretty special. You can learn that toughness if you don’t panic; just bear down and get your hand to the wall. The secret is to emulate that in practice so the kids are prepared for it. “We talk about finishes. A lot of times, coaches don’t practice them and allow kids to float into the wall. No race was ever won a foot from the wall. You have to get in there. It is a matter of pounding it into them. Swimmers will buy into it if you give them praise when they are doing it right,” he says. Praise can often induce selfaffirmation. A colleague of Babicz, Ben Loorz at Cal State East Bay, has a team rule that the swimmers have to love some part of swimming—whether it is the friendships, the social aspect, the act of pushing one’s body to the limit or seeing a best time. “That is what I encourage my swimmers to find and keep fresh in their minds—why it is that they swim,” says Babicz. “First to the wall may not be the goal for every swimmer,” she says, “but I am a firm believer that you get out what you put in. To me, that’s really a life lesson.” v Michael J. Stott, one of Swimming World Magazine’s USA contributors, is based in Richmond, Va.



Your Child’s genius... of Early with swimming! Swim Lessons: by lana whitehead

photo provided by john kirk

o matter how old your children are, you have the power to affect their development and even their success in life. By selecting activities for them that contribute to the development of their brain, you are helping them achieve their dreams and assisting them with becoming self-confident and optimistic adults. Swimming is wonderful for a child’s brain. Fascinating new research shows that a baby’s brain develops through bilateral cross patterning movements similar to the movements done in swimming. That cross patterning increases the communication between the two hemispheres of the brain, thus increasing the functionality of the brain. • The spinning, rotating, somersaulting and harmonic movements involved in swimming activate the vestibular system, which organizes the nervous system. • The active motor skills of swimming increase memory capacity.


• Swimming instruction involves complex motor planning that lays the groundwork for a child’s sensory/ motor development. The early sensory experience of the skin touching the water aids in the child’s overall organization of the nervous system. The more tactile stimulation of nerves the child experiences, the more interconnections and neural pathways develop in the brain cells. Many studies have shown that children who have experienced early stimulation in water training develop earlier in many different ways. Earliest learning is stimulated by reflexes, which develop into movement exploration. When the exploration experiences are repeated, nerve pathways are created. These new nerve pathways set down intricate neural networks that direct a child’s higher-level brain development. The more plentiful and diverse the experiences, the more complex patterns for memory, learning and reasoning will be established. —continued on 30

pictured > parents and educators should take advantage of the power of movement and early participation in swim lessons to facilitate

children ’ s physical ,

cognitive and emotional

development .

Swimming helps a child in the following ways: Motor Development. By giving a child so many sensory experiences in swim class, his neural memories of motor skills become more precise. The child will have an accurate base so that his proprioceptors (sensors of where body is in space) can update the brain with information, so the brain can plan the next movement. The result is a stronger, more coordinated child.


Cognitive development. More stimulation causes a child’s neurons to grow interconnecting fibers and twigs reaching out to other neurons. Each new synapse adds to the child’s perceptions. The more synapses a person has, the more capable he is of learning.


Emotional Development. If the sensory-motor processes are well organized, a child will have an easier time learning emotional control. The more organized the brain is, the easier it is to instill self-control and self-discipline. The easier the emotional, cognitive and complex skills are, the greater the feeling of success and selfesteem experienced by a child. Parents and educators should take advantage of the power of movement and early participation in swim lessons to facilitate children’s physical, cognitive and emotional development. The children will know they are splashing around and just having fun! Parents and teachers will know they are actually becoming stronger and smarter. v


April 2013

April.indd 29


3/26/13 3:46 PM

usssa—continued from 29

THREE KEY AREAS OF DEVELOPMENT Scientific studies of young swimmers at the German Sports College in Cologne have shown that early water movement develops the child in three key areas: physically, mentally and emotionally. As compared with a control group that did not take year-round lessons, the children who swam consistently from infancy (three months) were significantly stronger and more coordinated when tested at 2-4 years. The children also scored higher for intelligence and problem solving, which carried over into excellence in academic achievement. Emotionally, they were found to be more selfdisciplined with greater self-control and an increased desire to succeed. From consistent goal setting and skill achievement in swimming, they rated higher in self-esteem. Finally, the children were more independent and comfortable in social situations than the control groups. More recent research has shown that swim lessons for babies


April.indd 30

advanced their physical development. Studies conducted at Norwegian University of Science & Technology with Dr. Hermundur Sigmundsson and his colleagues found baby swimmers developed better balance, movement and grasping techniques than nonswimmers. Research in Australia has demonstrated that early participation in swim lessons can accelerate a child’s cognitive development. Starting in 2009, Griffith University embarked on a four-year Early Years Swimming Research Project with 45 swim schools across Australia, New Zealand and the United States. The preliminary results show that children under the age of 5 who are involved in learn-to-swim programs are more advanced in their cognitive and physical development than their nonswimming peers. In 2011, researchers in Melbourne, Australia reported intellectual and physical benefits for early swim lessons. The scientists determined that children who were taught to swim by 5 years of age had

statistically higher IQs. The research also showed that moving in the high-water resistance strengthened the child’s muscles more rapidly than playing on the floor because swimming activates more large muscle groups. Scientific studies have shown participation in swim class helps to strengthen a child’s self-confidence. In a longitudinal study, Dr. Liselott Diem and her colleagues reported that children who took part in baby swim lessons from the age of 2 months to 4 years were better adapted to new situations and had better self-confidence and independence than non-swimmers. In swim class, the child cooperates within a social structure to take turns, to share and to cooperate. This fosters a sense of belonging, which builds self-esteem and develops social confidence. v

Lana Whitehead, an international speaker and author, is a leading expert in baby/child swimming. She also is the founder of SWIMkids USA in Mesa, Ariz. (

April 2013

3/26/13 3:46 PM



photo provided by lien dang

What is your practice schedule? I practice two hours a day, seven days a week. Tell me about a typical workout: A typical workout is 30 minutes of dryland followed by 90 minutes of swimming. We swim 3,500 to 4,000 yards a day and really work on stroke count. We spend a lot of time working on IMs.


by shoshanna rutemiller



When did you start swimming? I learned how to swim when I was 3, and I started swimming competitively when I was 6 years old.


Long-term goals? To qualify for the next Olympic Trials at the age of 14. What’s your favorite thing about swimming? My favorite thing about swimming is being in the water and with my friends. What do you like to do outside the pool? I like to play outdoors, playing basketball, riding my bike and scooter.

April.indd 31

er h. bick]

April 2013


Who is your favorite swimmer? Why? My favorite swimmer is Michael Phelps. I watched him swimming in [ph the Olympics when I was ot o 6 years old, and I had just joined KING Aquatic Club. He motivated me to become a great swimmer.


The announcer at the KING Valentine Classic, Feb. 9-10, in Des Moines, Wash., was correct to tell spectators: “Folks, you might want to get on your feet for this one.” “This one” referred to the start of the boys 10-and-under 100 yard breast, and KING Aquatic Club’s Ethan Dang responded with a national age group record in 1:07.25, crushing the previous mark of 1:08.53, set in 2010 by Michael Andrew. It was the second time he had broken an NAG mark, with the first one coming in July 2012 at the PNS Long Course Championships in Federal Way, Wash., where he clocked 1:18.71 in the 100 meter breast. The 10-year-old went into the short course season with his sights set on the 100 breast NAG record. He told Swimming World: “I try to break as many records (team, state or NAG marks) as I can.” Dang currently holds team records for 9-10 boys in five short course events (100 yard free, 50-100 breast, 100 IM and 200 medley relay) as well as seven long course races (50-400 meter free, 50-100-200 breast and the 200-400 IM). And he owns all of the 8-and-under team records (long course and short course) except for two: the 25 yard free and 25 fly. Dang ages-up this year, and he’s looking forward to being able to swim different events in the 11-12 age group: “My favorite event is the 200 breaststroke, which I got to swim only once in Canada. I am really excited about swimming it now that I turn 11.” v

What’s your best event? My best event is the 100 breaststroke.


3/26/13 3:46 PM

A Day in the Life: Bob Strand

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[ photos

by stephanie north ]

5:30 A.M.: Rise & Shine! 5:45 A.M.: Two hours working on the laptop. We own numerous investment properties so there are bills to pay, units to rent, organizing repairs, etc. I also handle investment details and management of financial investments and family bill paying. 6:30 A.M.: My wife, Lynn, gets up. She handles getting our 9-year-old daughter, Ava, up and ready for school. 8 A.M.: Breakfast 8:45 A.M.: Ava goes to school.

pic tu re ly nn s bo b st an d th da ug h

9:30-11:30 A.M.: Working out of our home office. 12-1:30 P.M.: Swim workout at the West Boise YMCA Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday; dryland and/or weights Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I drop my Saturday weight session mid-season up until U.S. Masters Nationals. 2 P.M.: Lunch 2:30-3:15 P.M.: NAP!!! 3:30-5:30 P.M.: Home improvement! Finishing painting our house’s interior. 6:30 P.M.: Dinner 7-8:30 P.M.: Family time: helping with homework, watching TV, reading... 9 P.M.: Bedtime Additional Interests (dictated by the season): - Fishing - Home re-modeling - Gardening - Camping - Getting Ava ready to join the swim team 32

April.indd 32

April 2013

3/26/13 3:46 PM


pic tu re d > bo b st ra nd he lp ing his da ug ht er , av a , wi th ho me wo rk

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swim mart

April 2013

April.indd 33


3/26/13 3:46 PM

April.indd 34

3/26/13 3:46 PM


Wherever you see this logo, Total Access members can click on the link for more information and results.

NATIONAL USA SWIMMING GRAND PRIX Orlando, Florida Feb. 14-16, 2013 (50 M)

3:54.70 Conor Dwyer, UNAT

1:08.79 Karin Schienvar, MSM

1500 FREE Feb. 16 15:29.34 Michael Klueh, CW 15:34.82 Esteban Enderica, DN 15:48.82 Arturo Perez, MEX

100 FLY 57.89 Jocelyn Woo, CHS 59.59 Corissa Calico, CHS 1:01.59 Alexa Tininenko, BVHS

WOMEN 50 FREE 25.33 25.36 25.46

100 BACK Feb. 15 Feb. 15 54.92 Ryan Murphy, BSS C. Magnuson, FORD 54.95 Robert Hurley, AUS J. Ottesen Gray, DEN 55.42 Ryan Lochte, DBS Madison Kennedy, MAC 200 BACK Feb. 16 100 FREE Feb. 16 1:57.85 Tyler Clary, CW 55.37 Missy Franklin, STARS 1:59.31 Yannick Lebherz, GER 55.99 C. Magnuson, FORD 1:59.92 Ryan Murphy, BSS 56.06 Dana Vollmer, CAL 100 BREAST Feb. 15 200 FREE Feb. 14 1:00.86 Felipe Lima, DN 1:58.01 Missy Franklin, STARS 1:00.90 Mike Alexandrov, TROJ 2:00.10 S. Cheverton, PCSC 1:03.28 Bradley Craig, TENN 2:00.28 Becca Mann, CAT 200 BREAST Feb. 14 400 FREE Feb. 15 2:14.13 Mike Alexandrov, TROJ 4:10.66 Becca Mann, CAT 2:14.16 Felipe Lima, DN 4:11.49 Alexa Komarnycky, IS 2:17.40 Gabriel Souza, UNAT 4:12.42 Barbara Jardin, PPO 100 FLY Feb. 14 800 FREE Feb. 16 53.38 Tyler McGill, NYAC 8:27.37 Becca Mann, CAT 54.40 Ryan Lochte, DBS 8:38.06 A. Steenvoorden, UNAT 54.62 Santo Condorelli, BSS 8:41.67 Alexa Komarnycky, IS 200 FLY Feb. 15 100 BACK Feb. 15 1:59.42 Tyler Clary, CW 59.34 Missy Franklin, STARS 2:00.80 Wu Peng, CW 1:01.81 Olivia Smoliga, GTAC 2:00.93 Alec Page, IS 1:02.19 Hilary Caldwell, PSW 200 IM Feb. 16 200 BACK Feb. 16 2:01.32 Ryan Lochte, DBS 2:08.47 Missy Franklin, STARS 2:02.91 Tyler Clary, CW 2:11.11 Hilary Caldwell, PSW 2:03.39 Conor Dwyer, UNAT 2:11.48 Kylie Stewart, DYNA 400 IM Feb. 14 100 BREAST Feb. 14 4:24.56 Tyler Clary, CW 1:08.51 Alia Atkinson, SFAC 4:25.12 Esteban Enderica, DN 1:09.00 Katie Meili, UNAT 4:25.30 Conor Dwyer, UNAT 1:09.49 Rebecca Ejdervik, SWE 400 MR Feb. 16 200 BREAST Feb. 15 3:47.67 Germany 2:29.58 Martha McCabe, UBCD 3:49.02 Swim Ontario 2:31.15 R. Dvariskyte, SMU 3:51.83 Bolles School 2:31.91 Alia Atkinson, SFAC 400 FR Feb. 14 100 FLY Feb. 14 3:26.83 Germany 58.91 Dana Vollmer, CAL 3:29.93 Bolles School 59.36 J. Ottesen Gray, DEN 3:30.70 Redlands 59.71 Audrey Lacroix, PPO 800 FR Feb. 15 200 FLY Feb. 15 7:37.01 Germany 2:09.63 Audrey Lacroix, PPO 7:43.11 Mexico 2:10.83 Becca Mann, CAT 7:45.37 Venezuela 2:14.99 Kim Vandenberg, NYAC

200 IM 2:15.25 2:16.98 2:18.13

Feb. 16 Becca Mann, CAT Alexa Komarnycky, IS Carolyn McCann, KING


400 IM 4:41.24 4:50.23 4:52.08

Feb. 14 Becca Mann, CAT S. Arevallo, UNAT Kylie Stewart, DYNA

Little Rock, Arkansas Feb. 22-23, 2013 (25 YD)

400 MR Feb. 16 4:17.11 Germany 4:20.14 York YMCA 4:21.80 Dynamo 400 FR Feb. 14 3:54.84 York YMCA 3:56.64 Bolles School 3:57.31 Dynamo 800 FR Feb. 15 8:22.66 York YMCA 8:27.01 Dynamo 8:34.16 Saint Andrew’s MEN 50 FREE 22.43 22.88 23.01

ARKANSAS HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS * = State Record GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 304 Conway 290 Bentonville 161 Cabot 50 FREE 24.26 Hope Ernhart, BENHS 24.42 Carly Holland, HHS 24.69 Lindsey Butler, BRYHS 100 FREE 54.33 Carly Arp, MHHS 54.45 Hope Ernhart, BENHS 54.51 Eunsol Chon, BVHS

Feb. 15 Anthony Ervin, CAL Josh Schneider, UNAT Adam Brown, UNAT

200 FREE 1:57.05 Claire Bristow, LRCHS 1:58.94 Karin Schienvar, MSM 2:01.59 Delaney Haralson, PA

00 FREE Feb. 16 1 49.85 Anthony Ervin, CAL 50.36 Robbie Renwick, SCO 50.83 Kevin Leithold, BSV

500 FREE 5:11.73 Claire Brostow, LRCHS 5:17.93 Jordan Sweet, LRCHS 5:28.69 Laura Bloomfield, CHS

00 FREE Feb. 14 2 1:49.48 Yannick Lebherz, GER 1:49.81 Conor Dwyer, UNAT 1:49.81 Robert Hurley, AUS

100 BACK 58.23 Lindsey Butler, BHS 58.51 Corissa Calico, CHS 59.23 Carly Holland, HHS

00 FREE Feb. 15 4 3:51.62 Ryan Cochrane, IS 3:53.71 Michael Klueh, CW

100 FREE 50.15* L. Malazdrewicz, EVER 20.40 Eryn Eddy, THOM 52.94 Colleen Olson, DEVE

400 FR 3:26.41 Regis Jesuit 3:28.75 Fossil Ridge 3:31.34 Arapahoe

100 FLY 48.74 Patrick Park, PED 49.74 Tim Wynter, AND 49.99 Jiimmy Jameson, HAV

200 FREE 1:48.34* Eryn Eddy, THOM 1:54.01 Kamryn Holland, EVER 1:55.12 Olivia Leoni, KENT


500 FREE 4:55.11 Lauren Abruzzo, KENT 5:03.26 Kate Petreson, BROO 5:09.60 Kamryn Holland, EVER

100 BACK 56.49* Mary Saiz, PUES 200 IM 57.08 Kelly Sheldon, THOM 2:09.32 Jocelyn Woo, CHS 2:11.26 Maddie Edwards, ALMA 57.28 Lindsay Morrow, EVER 2:13.43 Eunsol Chon, BVHS 100 BREAST 1:03.60* Logan Morris, MONR 200 MR 1:04.23 Katie Roach, CHYM 1:52.11 Conway 1:06.12 Sydney Buckley, CHYM 2:01.66 Jonesboro 2:03.06 Heritage 100 FLY 56.41 Sydney Buckley, CHYM 200 FR 56.43 Brenna Bushey, DEVE 1:39.69* Conway 56.80 Haley Bertoldo, PUEW 1:41.54 Bentonville 1:45.01 Mountain Home 200 IM 2:04.25 Lauren Abruzzo, KENT 400 FR 2:07.02 Katie Roach, CHYM 3:44.12 Bentonville 2:07.96 Jessi Modlich, THOM 3:48.06 Conway 3:55.04 Mountain Home 200 MR 1:45.89* Cheyenne Mountain BOYS 1:47.30 Pueblo South TEAM STANDINGS 1:48.64 Thompson Valley 430 Bentonville 222.5 Little Rock Central 200 FR 217 Little Rock Catholic 1:36.54* Thompson Valley 1:37.97 Niwot 50 FREE 1:39.54 Cheyenne Mountain 20.60* Tyler Crosson, CHS 21.37 Alex Holyfield, SSHS 400 FR 21.79 William Bryden, CHS 3:29.02* Evergreen 3:30.26 Thompson Valley 100 FREE 3:36.65 Cheyenne Mountain 47.60 Alex Holyfield, SSHS 48.55 Colton Holland, HHS COLORADO 5A 48.83 Blair Bish, LRCHS


GIRLS 200 FREE CHAMPIONSHIPS 1:42.34 Minki Kang, BRYHS 1:46.61 Brandon Haefner, BVHS Fort Collins, Colorado Feb. 8-9, 2013 (25 YD) 1:49.37 Jacob Toland, LRCHS 500 FREE 4:32.52* Minki Kang, BRYHS 4:47.48 Chris Heye, LRCHS 4:50.54 Jason Hunt, BVHS 100 BACK 50.77* Tyler Crosson, CHS 53.21 B. McCauley, LRCHS 54.36 Lane Bland, BVHS 100 BREAST 56.70* Gage Crosby, BVHS 1:00.55 Chris Heye, LRCHS 1:01.48 Jared Crosby, BVHS 100 FLY 51.82 Caleb Hathaway, CAC 52.08 Gage Crosby, BVHS 52.43 William Bryden, CHS

200 IM 1:57.72 Blair Bish, LRCHS 1:59.42 Jared Crosby, BVHS 2:00.26 Lane Bland, BVHS

200 MR 1:93.26 Bentonville 1:41.21 Little Rock Central 1:41.25 Conway 200 FR 1:29.37 Conway 1:33.28 Little Rock Catholic 1:33.47 Siloam Springs 400 FR 3:17.94 Bentonville 3:21.53 Little Rock Central 3:24.87 Fort Smith Southside


n = National Independent Record * = 5A State Record TEAM STANDINGS 287 Regis Jesuit 243 Fossil Ridge 181 Fairview 50 FREE 23.02 Rhianna Williams, FOSS 23.47 Annie Ochitwa, THUN 24.14 Abigail Kochevar, ROCC 100 FREE 49.90 Rhianna Williams, FOSS 51.32 Ella Moynihan, ARAP 51.72 Annie Ochitwa, THUN 200 FREE 1:49.92 Metzger-Seymour, RALS 1:50.30 Ella Moynihan, ARAP 1:51.56 Madison Dirks, GRDV 500 FREE 4:41.72* Missy Franklin, REGG 4:54.98 Amanda Richey, BOUL 4:57.63 Madeline Myers, RALS 100 BACK 56.28 Andie Turner, LEWP 56.65 Sarah James, DOHE 57.13 Lindsay Painton, REGG 100 BREAST 1:03.35 Brooke Hansen, LOVE 1:05.72 Amanda Sanders, MONA 1:06.01 Sammie Guay, FOSS 100 FLY 54.91 Metzger-Seymour, RALS 55.64 Bailey Nero, FOSS 56.14 Madison Dirks, GRDV

* = 4A State Record

200 IM 1:56.85n 2:02.20 2:05.55

TEAM STANDINGS 300 Thompson Valley 282 Cheyenne Mountain 266 Evergreen

200 MR 1:45.37 Fossil Ridge 1:46.90 Regis Jesuit 1:48.80 Chaparral

Thornton, Colorado Feb. 8-9, 2013 (25 YD)

50 FREE 23.63* L. Malazdrewicz, EVER 100 BREAST 24.08 Mary Saiz, PUES 1:05.67 Maddie Edwards, ALMA 24.11 Morgan Wice, CHYM 1:06.01 Virginia Carr, CFHS

Missy Franklin, REGG (25.59, 53.48, 1:29.21) Brooke Hansen, LOVE Haley Rowley, BOUL

200 FR 1:36.19 Regis Jesuit 1:37.48 Fairview 1:38.12t Fossil Ridge 1:38.12t Grandview

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania Feb. 22-23, 2013 (25 YD) n = National High School and Independent Record * = Eastern Interscholastic Record GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 543 Germantown 395 Episcopal 326 Peddie 50 FREE 23.38 Meagan Dollard, GA 24.00 Amy Zhao, AND 24.02 Natalie Dowzicky, GA

200 IM 1:48.31 Bradley Cline, PED 1:48.83 Alex Lebed, GA 1:52.39 C.J. Schaffer, MALV

200 MR 1:31.53 Peddie 1:34.58 Andover 1:34.82 Malvern 200 FR 1:23.84 Peddie 1:25.82 Malvern 1:25.84 Penn Charter 400 FR 2:59.98* Peddie 3:06.82 Malvern 3:07.94 Andover


100 FREE CHAMPIONSHIPS 50.16 Shannon McKernan, GA Atlanta, Georgia 50.18 Val Yoshimura, BALD Feb. 8-9, 2013 (25 YD) 51.53 Meagan Dollard, GA * = State Record 200 FREE 1:47.65 Shannon McKernan, GA GIRLS 1:52.26 Kaitlin Simpson, AND TEAM STANDINGS 1:52.34 Kathryn Babbin, RES 306 Westminster 239t Marist 500 FREE 239t Woodward 4:41.10 Rachel Zilinskas, GA 4:54.71 Emily Erwin, GA 50 FREE 4:56.60 Kathryn Babbin, RES 23.00 Caitlin Cooper, WWAC 23.54 A. Williamson, OCON 100 BACK 23.99 Joelle Borchers, WWAC 55.88 Emma Seiberlich, EA 57.38 Emily Rhodes, EA 100 FREE 57.67 Sarah Baturka, EA 50.15 Caitlin Cooper, WWAC 51.76 Kathleen Cook, WWAC 100 BREAST 51.78 Darby Wayner, SVAA 1:03.93 Madison Visco, GA 1:05.00 Maddie Pujadas, BALD 200 FREE 1:05.49 Haylie Randolph, GA 1:45.29* Nicole Stafford, WSTM 1:50.21 Stephanie Peters, NPLD 100 FLY 1:50.79 Devon Dabney, STPX 54.17* Val Yoshimura, BALD 55.74 Emily Rhodes, EA 500 FREE 56.93 Natalie Dowzicky, GA 4:49.49 Stephanie Peters, NPLD 4:59.03 Sarah Smith, MRST 200 IM 4:59.38 Lila Best, RVWD 2:01.54 Rachel Zilinskas, GA 2:02.72 Madison Visco, GA 100 BACK 2:04.34 Danielle Liu, AND 56.26 Aja Malone, ALTO 56.27 Patricia Forrester, CALD 200 MR 56.29 Missy Beall, MCIN 1:44.47 Episcopal 1:46.34 Germantown 100 BREAST 1:46.48 Mercersburg 1:03.97 Jamie Christy, WSTM 1:05.35 Emma Murray, POPE 200 FR 1:05.50 Taylor Wilks, NPLD 1:33.35* Germantown 1:37.14 Peddie 100 FLY 1:37.24 Andover 53.49 Nicole Stafford, WSTM 54.65 Aja Malone, ALTO 400 FR 55.68 Patricia Forrester, CALD 3:21.63n Germantown McKernan 49.93 200 IM Dollard 1:40.28 (50.35) 2:04.40 Katie Christy, WSTM Visco 2:31.50 (51.22) 2:05.63 Darby Wayner, SVAA Zilinskas 3:21.63 (50.13) 2:07.49 Julia Durmer, STPX 3:30.36 Episcopal 3:31.23 Peddie 200 MR 1:43.96* Westminster BOYS 1:49.34 St. Pius X TEAM STANDINGS 1:49.57 Marist 459.5 Peddie 320 Malvern 200 FR 315 Loyola Blakefield 1:36.10 Woodward 1:38.92 Marist 50 FREE 1:39.25 Westminster 20.87 Jamal Willis, PENN 21.28 Joshua Daniel, PED 400 FR 21.43 Andrew Sanchez, MSJ 3:26.22* Westminster 3:35.96 Woodward 100 FREE 3:37.00 Marist 45.32 Patrick Park, PED 45.93 Jimmy Jameson, HAV BOYS 46.48 Grant Goddard, GEOP TEAM STANDINGS 192 Dalton 200 FREE 173 Westminster 1:36.56* Michael Nunan, PED 154 Oconee County 1:41.69 Conal Loughlin, GA 1:42.25 Zach Switzer, WFA 50 FREE 20.21 Paul Powers, NHLL 500 FREE 20.80 Ty Powers, NHLL 4:18.88 Michael Nunan, PED 21.08 Braxton Young, MRST 4:30.51 Conal Loughlin, GA 4:35.08 Sam Ciocco, MERC 100 FREE 44.49 Paul Powers, NHLL 100 BACK (Prelims: 44.02*) 49.18 Joseph Lane, PED 47.44 Braxton Young, MRST 49.69 Zach Switzer, WFA 47.67 Burdette-Sapp, LKSD 49.89 Bradley Cline, PED 200 FREE 100 BREAST 1:38.65 Gunnar Bentz, STPX 55.53 Forrest Davis, PED 1:40.27 Knox Auerbach, NTVW 55.81 Carsten Vissering, GEOP 1:42.20 Tyler Graff, GLYN 58.15 C. McGoldrick, PENN — continued on 36

April 2013


for the record — continued from 35 500 FREE 4:35.46 Gunnar Bentz, STPX 4:38.71 Tyler Graff, GLYN 4:40.12 Wil Masters, OCON 100 BACK 49.11 Taylor Dale, DALT 49.14 Ethan Young, DALT 51.02 Justin Moore, NGAT 100 BREAST 57.93 Alex Kemenov, CHAM 58.06 Basil Orr, STPX 58.63 Sean King, MVPS 100 FLY 49.86 Taylor Dale, DALT 50.49 Ethan Young, DALT 50.70 Derek Cox, WSTM

200 IM 1:52.00 Derek Cox, WSTM 1:52.86 Colin Monaghan, GAIN 1:55.78 Basil Orr, STPX

200 MR 1:32.93* Dalton 1:38.07 St. Pius X 1:38.21 North Hill 200 FR 1:27.17 North Hall (Powers: 19.91*) 1:27.48 Marist 1:28.43 Chamblee Charter 400 FR 3:10.83 Dalton 3:12.05 Westminster 3:15.57 Oconee County

GEORGIA 6A HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS Atlanta, Georgia Feb. 8-9, 2013 (25 YD) * = State Record GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 292 Lambert 222 Peachtree Ridge 197 Lassiter 50 FREE 23.14 Alexi Smith, ARCH 23.65 Kaitlin Kitchens, JCRK 23.91 Katherine Aikins, LAMB 100 FREE 50.55 Kaitlin Kitchens, JCRK 50.94 Alexi Smith, ARCH 52.31 Morgan Lyon, ALPH 200 FREE 1:47.65 Rebecca Postoll, KMTN 1:47.84 Rachel Muller, BRKW 1:51.52 Kaylyn Thomas, NFRS 500 FREE 4:48.49 Rebecca Postoll, KMTN 4:49.77 Rachel Muller, BRKW 4:51.51 Anna Jahns, BRKW 100 BACK 55.21 Katie Grover, MILT 56.41 Megan Young, ETOW 56.73 Megan Bestor, LAMB 100 BREAST 1:04.29 C. BeVier, PRDG 1:04.47 Jordan Drake, LASS 1:05.37 Lauren O’Malley, LASS 100 FLY 53.55 Katie Grover, MILT 55.34 Haley McInerny, PRDG 55.42 Taylor Weiss, ETOW

200 IM 2:04.22 Kira de Bruyn, WALT 2:04.36 Ellie Sills, LAMB 2:05.13 C. BeVier, PRDG

200 MR 1:46.32 Lambert 1:46.39 Lassiter 1:47.05 Peachtree Ridge 200 FR 1:37.02 Lambert 1:37.04 Lassiter 1:37.29 Johns Creek 400 FR 3:29.98 Kennesaw Mountain 3:31.19 Johns Creek 3:33.42 Lambert BOYS TEAM STANDINGS 234 Parkview 226 Chattahoochee


April 2013

211 Lassiter

200 FR 1:38.70 Kealakehe 1:40.13 Kauai 1:41.72 Punahou School

50 FREE 20.66 Chris Powell, MLCK 400 FR 20.88 Matthew Weiss, JCRK 3:34.53 Mid-Pacific Institute 21.31 Jackson Wasden, NGWT 3:36.51 Kealakehe 3:36.53 Punahou School 100 FREE 45.06 Chris Powell, MLCK BOYS 45.29 Michael Ragan, DACL TEAM STANDINGS 46.40 Matthew Weiss, JCRK 60 Kamehameha-Kapala 47 Punahou School 200 FREE 22 Mililani 1:37.49 Jimmy Yoder, LASS 1:39.66 Cody Reul, ALPH 50 FREE 1:39.78 Jay Litherland, CHAT 20.87 Noah Deer, PUN 20.90 Kevin Frifeldt, MIL 500 FREE 21.18 Kaikena Naone, KSK 4:26.93 Cody Reul, ALPH 4:27.61 Kevin Litherland, CHAT 100 FREE 4:29.68 Cody Bekemeyer, COLH 45.70 Noah Deer, PUN 46.30 Ryan Stack, KSK 100 BACK 47.00 Sky Hirsch, MPA 49.40 Zach Bunner, LASS 49.48 Jay Litherland, CHAT 200 FREE 49.66 Connor Oslin, HARR 1:39.80 Ryan Stack, KSK 1:40.91 Renny Richmond, SEA 100 BREAST 1:41.02 Kale Ai, KSK 56.84 N. LaMontagne, BRKW 56.88 Geoffrey Carter, PKVW 500 FREE 57.68 Nathan Hufnagel, WALT 4:32.78 Kale Ai, KSK 4:37.28 Aukai Lileikis, PUN 100 FLY 4:47.07 Jacob Urbano, KALA 48.16* Jimmy Yoder, LASS 50.08 Connor Oslin, HARR 100 BACK 50.35 Mick Litherland, CHAT 52.10 Makoa Alvarez, CHS 54.39 Mika Kane, KSM 200 IM 55.33 Ryan Bisel, HILO 1:50.51 Zach Bunner, LASS 1:50.81 Geoffrey Carter, PKVW 100 BREAST 1:51.97 T. Peribonio, NGWT 55.91 Austin Hirstein, IPA 57.07 Christian Kubo, HILO 200 MR 58.02 Jonah Hu, BALDMA 1:34.35 Chattahoochee 1:34.80 Parkview 100 FLY 1:36.63 North Gwinnett 48.81 Renny Richmond, SEA 50.07 Kevin Frifeldt, MIL 200 FR 51.94 Anson Tam, KHS 1:24.87 Lassiter 1:26.63 Mill Creek 200 IM 1:26.86 Johns Creek 1:50.44 Austin Hirstein, IPA 1:55.46 Zack Woo, PUN 400 FR 1:58.93 Nick Zachmeier, LJA 3:06.12* Lassiter 3:07.63 Chattahoochee 200 MR 3:09.45 Parkview 1:36.22 Kamehameha-Kapalama 1:36.96 Punahou School HAWAII 1:37.80 Mililani

HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS Kihei, Maui, Hawaii Feb. 15-16, 2013 (25 YD)

GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 54.5 Mid-Pacific Institute 38.5 Kealakehe 37 Punahou

200 FR 1:24.56 Kamehameha-Kapalama 1:26.80 Punahou School 1:28.64 Mililani 400 FR 3:06.69 Kamehameha-Kapalama 3:11.97 Punahou School 3:16.70 Seabury Hall

50 FREE 23.75 Yasmine Ware, KHS 24.36 Madisyn Uekawa, WHS 24.47 Kassie Kometani, KOH


100 FREE 51.96 Summer Harrison, MPI 53.00 Beth Tsuha, HILO 54.24 Kiana Yamashiro, KSK

n = National High School Record * = State Record

Winnetka, Illinois Feb. 23-24, 2013 (25 YD)

200 FREE 1:53.31 Lena Hayakawa, MPI 1:54.81 Rebecca Walton, MPI 1:55.47 Beth Tsuha, HILO

TEAM STANDINGS 189 New Trier 96 Hinsdale Central 93 Lake Forest

500 FREE 5:02.74 Sydney Kimura, IOL 5:04.36t Leahi Camacho, KEAL 5:04.36t Rebecca Walton, MPI

50 FREE 19.95 20.27 20.81

Connor Black, MUN (Prelims: 19.80*) Ryan Held, SHG Karol Mlynarski, NNHS

100 BACK 57.45 Anu Nihipali, HIPRP 00 FREE 1 58.31 Yasmine Ware, KHS 44.43 Ryan Held, SHG 59.17 Madison Hauanio, KEAL 45.42 Adam Stacklin, WVHS 45.65 Steven Tan, IMSA 100 BREAST 1:05.00 Cara Jernigan, KEAL 200 FREE 1:05.05 Lena Hayakawa, MPI 1:36.82 Reed Malone, NTHS 1:06.01 Aja Grande, IOL (Prelims: 1:35.60*) 1:37.94 Peter Grumhaus, LFHS 100 FLY 1:38.56 Matthew Conway, WHS 52.78 Jasmine Mau, PUN 55.50 Summer Harrison, MPI 500 FREE 59.30 Michaela Yamashita, MS 4:23.27 Reed Malone, NTHS 4:24.24 Peter Grumhaus, LFHS 200 IM 4:29.90 Jonathon Burke, CHS 2:01.78 Jasmine Mau, PUN 2:07.99 Aja Grande, IOL 100 BACK 2:10.89 Lara Yasumi, KAIS 48.25 Andrew Jovanovic, LOY (Prelims: 48.21*) 200 MR 49.98 Alex Snarski, LIBHS 1:48.30 Mid-Pacific Institute 50.01 Steven Tan, IMSA 1:48.39 Punahou School 1:49.62 Kealakehe 100 BREAST 55.86 Jae Park, NTHS

1:39.58 Ethan Whitaker, CHES TEAM STANDINGS 1:40.98 Joseph Steinkamp, NCIN 236 Shawnee Mission South 199 Hayden 100 FLY 500 FREE 183 Maize South 46.71n Connor Black, MUN 4:23.60 Max Irwin, BHSN (21.78) 4:26.01 Trevor Carroll, SBSJ 50 FREE 48.11 Andrew Jovanovic, LOY 4:30.09 Ethan Whitaker, CHES 20.48 Keiser Witte, WHS 49.07 Matt Harrington, LIBHS 21.61 G. Heckman, MSHS 100 BACK 22.03 Jack Wirtz, BMHS 200 IM 47.29* Aaron Whitaker, CHES 1:50.04 Jae Park, NTHS 49.17 Austin Flager, NRID 100 FREE 1:50.05 Nick Zito, ATHS 50.94 Nick Wonder, BHSS 45.58 Keiser Witte, WHS 1:50.95 Jon Salomon, GSHS 47.18 Derick Goodson, MPHS 100 BREAST 48.61 Kenneth Bergman, SMS 200 MR 55.25 Cody Taylor, COLN 1:32.35 New Trier 56.08 Brennan Berger, CAR 200 FREE 1:32.86 Hinsdale Central 56.48 Ian Finnerty, BHSS 1:42.88 Ryan Sweat, SMS 1:33.33 Lake Forest 1:42.93 John-M. Schmidt, THHS 100 FLY 1:46.06 Derick Goodson, MPHS 200 FR 47.33* Aaron Whitaker, CHES 1:23.43 Hinsdale Central 47.88 Max Irwin, BHSN 500 FREE 1:24.16 Fenwick 49.65 Bowen Anderson, PENN 4:42.15 John-M. Schmidt, THHS 1:24.43 New Trier 4:50.26 Heath Maginn, SJA 200 IM 4:56.25 Ryan France, THHS 400 FR 1:48.86 Blake Pieroni, CHES 3:02.75 New Trier 1:50.54 Cody Taylor, COLN 100 BACK 3:04.01 Lake Forest 1:50.92 Brennan Berger, CAR 53.06 Jonathon Lavall, MSHS 3:06.15 Marmion Academy 55.27 Kevin McGowan, SHHS 200 MR 56.45 Ben Johnson, TRIN INDIANA 1:32.45 Chesterton HIGH SCHOOL 1:33.34 Penn 100 BREAST CHAMPIONSHIPS 1:34.11 Hamilton Southeastern 1:02.36 Will Smith, BCHS Indianapolis, Indiana 1:02.49 M. Wangerin, THHS Girls: Feb. 8-9, 2013 (25 YD) 200 FR 1:03.90 Trent Pimer, COLL Boys: Feb. 22-23, 2013 (25 YD) 1:24.26 North Central 1:24.99 Columbus North 100 FLY * = State Record 1:25.06 Penn 51.30 G. Heckman, MSHS GIRLS 51.74 Ryan Sweat, SMS TEAM STANDINGS 400 FR 53.97 Ryan France, THHS 397 Carmel 3:04.77 Chesterton 189 Penn 3:06.37 Carmel 200 IM 178 Zionsville 3:07.83 Columbus North 1:57.25 Heath Maginn, SHA 1:59.08 Kevin McGowan, SHHS 50 FREE IOWA 2:02.79 Jonathon Lavall, MSHS 22.99 Alex Cleveland, ZION HIGH SCHOOL 23.26 Clara Baggett, MTV BOYS 200 MR 23.52 Rachel Hayden, NCIN CHAMPIONSHIPS 1:40.90 Maize South Marshalltown, Iowa 1:43.03 Collegiate 100 FREE Feb. 9, 2013 (25 YD) 1:45.23 Bishop Carroll 50.29 Veronica Burchill, CAR 50.46 Clara Baggett, MTV TEAM STANDINGS 200 FR 50.67 B. Robinson, WAWA 180 Muscatine 1:30.57 Hayden 147 Dubuque 1:31.40 Collegiate 200 FREE 129 Dowling Catholic 1:31.67 Maize South 1:49.25 Claire Adams, CAR 1:49.30 Summer Brown, WEST 50 FREE 400 FR 1:49.71 B. Robinson, WAWA 20.76 Josh Gill, DBS 3:17.91 Hayden 20.86 Jonathan Fiepke, DOW 3:21.54 Shawnee Mission South 500 FREE 21.26 R.J. Hemmingsen, LEW 3:23.16 Bishop Miege 4:53.49 Brittney Walter, NRID 4:54.39 Emil Moser, FISH 100 FREE KANSAS 6A 4:54.50 Erin Moe, WEFL 44.76 Jonathan Fiepke, DOW HIGH SCHOOL 46.16 Haden Calegan, MUS BOYS 100 BACK 46.48 Mark McGlaughlin, ICW CHAMPIONSHIPS 53.40* Claire Adams, CAR Topeka, Kansas 54.11 Hanna House, CAR 200 FREE Feb. 14-16, 2013 (25 YD) 54.68 Lacey Locke, CAR 1:42.08 Ben Severino, DOW 1:43.69 Josh Hughes, CRW TEAM STANDINGS 100 BREAST 1:44.47 Jack Scafuri, WAU 308 Wichita East 1:00.29 Bethany Galat, PENN 274 Shawnee Mission East 1:01.54 Lillia King, ERTZ 500 FREE 245 Blue Valley North 1:02.37 C. Weigand, HMST 4:41.46 Josh Hughes, CRW 4:43.93 David Merriman, WDM 50 FREE 100 FLY 4:45.48 Aidan Keen, ICW 20.99 Lucas Popp, MHS 53.90 Ariana Bullard, CAR 21.05 Jake Spitz, WEHS 54.62 Hanna House, CAR 100 BACK 21.74 Tanner Emerson, OEHS 54.71 Aly Tetzloff, CP 50.34 Alex Walton, MUS 52.39 Mark McGlaughlin, ICW 100 FREE 200 IM 52.44 Tyler Cracraft, JON 45.37 Lucas Popp, MHS 1:59.06 Bethany Galat, PENN 47.19 Zach Holbrook, SME 2:00.99 Addisynn Bursch, PENN 100 BREAST 48.10 Nick Badsky, WRHS 2:01.31 Lacey Locke, CAR 56.46 Travis Greenwald, MUS 57.09 Josh Gill, DBS 200 FREE 200 MR 57.34 Jaden VanDike, WDM 1:39.47 Jesse Musser, BVNW 1:41.17* Carmel 1:42.35 Canaan Campbell, LFS 1:44.20 Penn 100 FLY 1:45.52 Preston Barley, MHS 1:44.42 Zionsville 50.25 R.J. Hemmingsen, LEW 51.31 Max Ward, DMR 500 FREE 200 FR 51.65 Ben Severino, DOW 4:32.06 Jesse Musser, BVNW 1:32.97 Carmel 4:37.66 Canaan Campbell, LFS 1:35.38 Penn 200 IM 4:44.79 Kyle Culllinan, WHHS 1:35.55 Zionsville 1:51.28 Haden Calegan, MUS 1:51.68 Travis Greenwald, MUS 100 BACK 400 FR 1:55.02 Alex Walton, MUS 50.90 Chris Hearl, BVHS 3:23.37* Carmel 52.00 Brandon Shinsat, WEHS 3:28.66 Crown Point 200 MR 52.12 Troy DeMoss, SME 3:30.18 Chesterton 1:35.24 Muscatine 1:35.40 Johnston 100 BREAST BOYS 1:36.20 Iowa City West 57.80 Nate Pimer, WEHS TEAM STANDINGS 59.95 Chuck Balkenbus, OEHS 238.5 Chesterton 200 FR 1:00.32 Josh Terrell, LFS 203.5 North Central 1:23.99* Dubuque 173 Carmel 1:24.29 Muscatine 100 FLY 1:26.45 Dowling Catholic 50.00 Jake Spitz, WEHS 50 FREE 50.30 Chris Hearl, BVHS 20.37 Ausstin Flager, NRID 400 FR 51.01 Ben Sloan, LFS 20.83 Bryce Timonera, BATE 3:09.44 Dowling Catholic 20.93 Timothy Martin, JEFF 3:09.52 Dubuque 200 IM 3:11.14 Muscatine 1:53.86 Troy DeMoss, SME 100 FREE 1:55.25 Chris Clemons, MHS 44.28* Blake Pieroni, CHES KANSAS 5A-1A 1:55.68 Nate Pimer, WEHS 45.80 Bryce Timonera, BATE HIGH SCHOOL 45.81 Jon Astashinsky, CAR BOYS 200 MR CHAMPIONSHIPS 1:35.91 Wichita East 200 FREE Topeka, Kansas 1:37.59 Olathe East 1:37.10 Trevor Carroll, SBSJ Feb. 14-16, 2013 (25 YD) 1:38.13 Lawrence Free State

56.34 Kyle Aerne, LAKES 56.42 Eddie Mapel, HCHS

200 FR 1:26.97 Maize 1:27.29 Shawnee Mission East 1:27.84 Washburn Rural

100 FLY 50.00 Thomas Cooper, TRIN 50.33 Brian Habacivic, DMHS 50.58 William Harrison, STX

500 FREE 4:37.94 Arthur Conover, MESS 4:49.40 M. O’Donovan, CHEV 4:58.63 Joseph Palmer, WIND

50 FREE 22.64 Jonathan Clapp, BELF 22.97 Talor Hamilton, ELLS 23.21 M. McCluskey, CAMD

400 FR 3:44.61 Poolesville 3:49.82 C. Milton Wright 3:55.36 Damascus

400 FR 3:10.67 Shawnee Mission East 3:11.18 Maize 3:15.27 Wichita East

100 BACK 52.12 Trebor Lawton, CHEV 53.23 Nate Samson, BRUNS 53.34 Josh Williams, BREW

100 FREE 47.49 Cam Fadley, FOX 49.98 Greg Violette, WEST 50.24 Talor Hamilton, ELLS

200 MR 1:49.70 Wootton 1:49.95 Sherwood 1:52.39 Walt Whitman


200 MR 1:33.26* St. Xavier 1:34.23 Ballard 1:34.63 Covington Catholic

100 BREAST 57.83* Jerry Gravel, SCAR 59.88 Liam Reading, BANG 1:00.22 Eric Delmonte, DEER

200 FREE 1:44.94 Ross Johnson, MDI 1:46.63 Luke Jeton, WAYN 1:47.35 Jake Perrott, FAL

BOYS TEAM STANDINGS 327 Poolesville 160 Damascus 139 Queen Anne’s

200 FR 1:24.84 St. Xavier 1:25.45 duPont Manual 1:25.75 Trinity

100 FLY 51.23 Trebor Lawton, CHEV 51.78 D. Smallwood, BANG 53.78 Lucas Adair, DEER

200 FR 1:32.19 Poolesville 1:35.54t Damascus 1:35.54t Stephen Decatur

100 FLY 51.06* Rory Lewis, EHS 52.08 Matthan Martin, OMHS 52.96 Michael Thomas, MBHS

400 FR 3:21.85 Poolesville 3:27.13 Queen Anne’s 3:28.88 Seneca Valley


200 MR 1:37.94* Quince Orchard 1:39.72 Wootton 1:40.68 Richard Montgomery

Louisville, Kentucky Feb. 22-23, 2013 (25 YD) * = State Record

GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 441.5 Sacred Heart 284 duPont Manual 217.5 Notre Dame 50 FREE 23.44 Sarah Love, DMHS 23.56 M. Margroum, NDA 23.66 Brooke Bauer, SHA 100 FREE 50.93 Sarah Love, DMHS 51.15 M. Margroum, NDA 51.21 Brooke Bauer, SHA 200 FREE 1:48.68 Leah Stevens, SHA 1:51.76 Madison Lichtefeld, SHA 1:51.87 Elizabeth House, DMHS 500 FREE 4:43.38* Leah Stevens, SHA 4:51.48 Sharli Brady, CHS 5:00.45 Ellie Grimes, DMHS

200 IM 1:50.46 Robert Leasure, STX 1:53.08 Christian Clark, TCHS 1:53.85 Connor Lohman, KCD

400 FR 3:06.59* Covington Catholic 3:09.21 duPont Manual 3:09.47 St. Xavier


Brunswick, Maine Girls: Feb. 19, 2013 (25 YD) Boys: Feb. 18, 2013 (25 YD) * = State Record GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 282 Cape Elizabeth 268.5 Brunswick 248 Deering 50 FREE 23.84* Celia Ouellette, MTA 24.77 J. McDonald, BANG 24.89 Tessa Lindsley, CHEV

100 BACK 54.51 Asia Seidt, SHA 00 FREE 1 55.55 Hannah Magnuson, CAL 53.29 Celia Ouellette, MTA 57.12 Sydney Sell, WHHS 54.44 Tessa Lindsley, CHEV 55.65 Lindsey Thomsen, GOR 100 BREAST 1:02.17 Kennedy Lohman, SHA 200 FREE 1:03.52 Madison Winstead, PLD 1:56.49 Jessica Russell, BRUNS 1:03.88 Maggie Patterson, PARIS 1:59.53 Sydney Wright, CAPE 1:59.81 Lynsie Russell, BRUNS 100 FLY 55.16 Hannah Magnuson, CAL 500 FREE 55.83 Maggie Patterson, PARIS 5:25.64 Lynsie Russell, BRUNS 57.53 Emma Skinner, OCHS 5:38.64 Alyssa Reardon, BANG 5:39.39 Kayley McNeff, CONY 200 IM 2:00.67 Sharli Brady, CHS 100 BACK 2:02.20 Asia Seidt, SHA 57.40 Sarah Nappo, CHEV 2:03.41 Annie Davies, BHS 58.20 Jessica Russell, BRUNS 1:00.20 Hannah Homans, CAPE 200 MR 1:43.54 Sacred Heart 100 BREAST 1:47.09 Christian Academy 1:03.72* Genna Worthley, DEER 1:47.11 Paul L. Dunbar 1:05.00 Kristy Prelgovisk, MESS 1:08.07 Catie Luedee, MORSE 200 FR 1:35.58 Sacred Heart 100 FLY 1:36.58 duPont Manual 56.74 Emma Waddell, BANG 1:38.36 Notre Dame 57.74 Sydney Wright, CAPE 58.39 Kristy Prelgovisk, MESS 400 FR 3:27.66 Sacred Heart 200 IM 3:28.82 duPont Manual 2:05.46 Genna Worthley, DEER 3:31.05 Christian Academy 2:05.91 Emma Waddell, BANG 2:06.83 Olivia Paione, EL BOYS TEAM STANDINGS 200 MR 430.5 St. Xavier 1:50.17* Cape Elizabeth 311.5 Covington Catholic 1:51.42 Deering 235.5 Ballard 1:51.84 Cheverus

200 IM 1:53.07* Jerry Gravel, SCAR 1:58.31 Eric Delmonte, DEER 2:00.54 Liam Reading, BANG

200 MR 1:40.49 Bangor 1:42.47 Cheverus 1:42.96 Brunswick 200 FR 1:32.71 Cape Elizabeth 1:33.88 Cheverus 1:34.79 Brunswick 400 FR 3:19.30 Bangor 3:22.03 Cheverus 3:29.85 Deering


Orono, Maine Girls: Feb. 19, 2013 (25 YD) Boys: Feb. 18, 2013 (25 YD) * = State Record GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 295.5 Mount Desert Island 280 Greely 234.5 Camden Hills Regional 50 FREE 24.54 Leila Johnston, MDI 25.06 Jules Annis, MDI 25.35 Anabel Carter, CAMD 100 FREE 53.78 Leila Johnston, MDI 53.92 Amelia Deady, WAYN 55.67 Anabel Carter, CAMD 200 FREE 1:55.49 Colby Harvey, WAYN 1:57.72 Amelia Deady, WAYN 1:58.41 Hwanhee Park, GREE 500 FREE 5:18.66 Hwanhee Park, GREE 5:27.00 Erin Connery, MDI 5:27.67 Ellen Silk, WAYN 100 BACK 56.51* Sarah Easterling, GREE 59.70 Vika Arkhipova, WIN 1:02.72 Walker Foehl, WAYN 100 BREAST 1:06.73 Sonia Lin, NYA 1:07.33 Jules Annis, FOX 1:09.01 Cece McEachern, ELLS

50 FREE 20.79 Brian Habacivic, DMHS 21.39 Garrett Stephens. STX 21.50 Travis Johnson, PLD

200 FR 1:41.92 Brunswick 1:44.51 Cape Elizabeth 1:48.25 Deering

100 FLY 56.22 Colby Harvey, WAYN 58.26 Ellen Silk, WAYN 59.16 Katie Call, MCAU

100 FREE 46.09 Mitchell Forde, STX 46.23 Branson Smith, BHS 46.54 Aaron Sexton, BHS

400 FR 3:43.07 Deering 3:45.75 Bangor 3:47.92 Brunswick

200 FREE 1:37.93* Max Williamson, CCAT 1:39.25 Jake Schultz, BHS 1:39.72 Thomas Cooper, TRIN

BOYS TEAM STANDINGS 372 Cheverus 298 Bangor 190 Deering

200 MR 1:53.43 Greely 1:54.23 Mount Desert Island 2:00.32 Foxcroft Academy

500 FREE 4:23.00* Jake Schultz, BHS 4:34.71 Ethan Curl, TCHS 4:38.44 Noah Johnston, STX 100 BACK 48.77 Max Williamson, CCAT 51.55t Robert Leasure, STX 51.55t Jake Precious, BHS

50 FREE 21.41 Evan Long, CAPE 22.23 Nate Samson, BRUNS 22.48 Tim Smith, GOR 100 FREE 47.00 Nick Sundquist, WIND 47.11 Evan Long, CAPE 50.39 Tim Smith, GOR

100 BREAST 57.05 Aaron Sexton, BHS 00 FREE 2 57.69t Preston Schilling, TRIN 1:41.37 Nick Sundquist, WIND 57.69t Chase Vennefron, CCAT 1:42.33 D. Smallwood, BANG 1:44.49 Arthur Conover, MESS

200 IM 2:04.85 Sarah Easterling, GREE 2:14.22 Sonia Lin, NYA 2:16.01 Avalon Kerley, MDI

200 FR 1:40.13 Waynflete School 1:43.37 Mount Desert Island 1:48.51 Camden Hills Regional

400 FR 3:41.00 Waynflete School 3:47.43 Greely 3:52.65 McAuley BOYS TEAM STANDINGS 303 Greely 247 Mount Desert Island 201 Ellsworth

200 IM 2:07.66 Charlotte Meyer, WWHS 2:09.60 Taylor Gill, AHS 2:09.90 Audrey Gould, WWHS

200 FR 50 FREE 1:39.86 Richard Montgomery 22.12 Xavier Laracuente, PHS 1:39.94 Wootton 22.65 Patrick Ward, PMHS 1:40.63 Walt Whitman 23.02 Austin Apple, FAHS 500 FREE 400 FR 4:43.88 Jake Perrott, FAL 100 FREE 3:36.57 Sherwood 4:57.31 Luke Jeton, WAYN 48.56 Xavier Laracuente, PHS 3:39.29 Richard Montgomery 5:15.17 Nathan Madeera, GREE 50.58 Patrick Ward, PMHS 3:39.49 Walter Johnson 51.28 Griffin Walter, DHS 100 BACK BOYS 53.84 Evan Coleman, YARM 200 FREE TEAM STANDINGS 54.74 Maks Grover, ELLS 1:48.48 Griffin Alaniz, RHS 274 Walter Johnson 58.89 Ryan Plante, GREE 1:50.72 Jake Rubenstein, PHS 204 Montgomery Blair 1:51.01 Jake Middleton, SDHS 179 Richard Montgomery 100 BREAST 1:02.38 Thomas Gallup, MDI 500 FREE 50 FREE 1:03.14 Adrian Rivas, WATER 4:56.19 Mitchell Reynolds, FHS 21.33* Barry Mangold, WJHS 1:03.58 Ben Walton, ELLS 4:56.59 Gabe Lackey, NHHS 21.46 Matthan Martin, OMHS 4:58.34 Chris Kahl, PATHS 21.87 Austin Cole, WCHS 100 FLY 52.31 Ross Johnston, MDI 100 BACK 100 FREE 53.28 Evan Coleman, YARM 54.57 Chris Kahl, PAXHS 47.73 Barry Mangold, WJHS 53.80 Jonathan Dunnett, GREE 55.03 Alex Lin, PHS 48.18 Chris Root, WJHS 55.12 Griffin Alaniz, RHS 48.20 Austin Cole, WCHS 200 IM 1:55.77 Cam Fadley, FOX 100 BREAST 200 FREE 2:00.75 Jonathan Dunnett, GREE 1:01.10 Nolan McMahon, CSD 1:40.59* Ben Lawless, NHS 2:05.50 Sam Zarfos, WATER 1:01.86 Ryan O’Leary, DHS 1:43.82 Mike Sullivan, WWHS 1:03.20 Brad Updegraff, WHS 1:44.29 Brian Tsau, MBHS 200 MR 1:41.96 Mount Desert Island 100 FLY 500 FREE 1:42.60 Greely 53.45 Austin Apple, FAHS 4:30.55 Ben Lawless, NHS 1:42.96 Ellsworth 54.75 Jacob Weiss, PHS 4:37.76 Mike Sullivan, WWHS 55.73 Mitchell Reynolds, FHS 4:40.37 Brian Tsau, MBHS 200 FR 1:34.59 Camden Hills Regional 200 IM 100 BACK 1:35.75 Greely 2:01.55 Alex Lin, PHS 53.27 Jack Foster, MBHS 1:37.07 Westbrook 2:02.03 Gabe Lackey, NHHS 54.08 Duncan Johnson, EHS 2:03.28 Brad Updegraff, WHS 54.17 Andrew Gibson, WHS 400 FR 3:23.57 Greely 200 MR 100 BREAST 3:26.00 Ellsworth 1:44.93 Poolesville 57.28* Austin Dickey, WHS 3:27.23 Yarmouth 1:47.87 Queen Anne’s 58.12 Michael Seaberg, SRHS 1:48.18 Seneca Valley 58.80 Jeremy Liu, QOHS

MARYLAND 3A-2A-1A HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS College Park, Maryland Feb. 22-23, 2013 (25 YD)

GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 313.5 Poolesville 255 C. Milton Wright 184 Damascus 50 FREE 25.09 Brooke Bielecki, EHS 25.46 Page Fox, FHS 25.47 Sayaka Vaules, PHS 100 FREE 53.20 Dorit Song, PHS 54.84 Brooke Bielick, EHS 56.26 Page Fox, FHS 200 FREE 1:55.08 Megan Cowan, CMW 1:55.14 Dorit Song, PHS 1:58.74 Hedda Boege, DHS 500 FREE 5:10.13 Hedda Boege, DHS 5:27.95 Sydney Gilmer, OHS 5:30.41 Katie Dahlin, PHS 100 BACK 1:01.99 Madison Brown, FAHS 1:02.78 Justine Wantz, WHS 1:03.33 Meghan Karl, RHS 100 BREAST 1:06.70 Lauren O’Mara, CMW 1:07.19 Diana Hanson, PHS 1:09.02 Julia O’Mara, CMW 100 FLY 59.14 Megan Cowan, CMW 1:03.37 Katie Dahlin, PHS 1:04.22 Tia Graham, OHS

200 IM 2:11.41 Diana Hanson, PHS 2:17.94 Molly Updegraff, WHS 2:20.13 Meghan Giron, DHS

200 MR 1:53.24 C. Milton Wright 1:56.29 Poolesville 1:58.21 Walkersville 200 FR 1:44.03 Poolesville 1:45.57 Frederick 1:46.13 Oakdale

College Park, Maryland Feb. 22-23, 2013 (25 YD) * = State Record GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 329 Wootton 255.5 Sherwood 237.5 Richard Montgomery 50 FREE 24.42 Michelle Illig, WCHS 24.47 Catherine Johnson, SHS 24.75 Audrey Richter, RMHS

200 IM 1:53.16* Jack Foster, MBHS 1:55.65 Rory Lewis, EHS 1:56.00 Gregory Song, RMHS

200 FR 1:27.51* Winston Churchill 1:27.82 Walter Johnson 1:30.84 Northern

400 FR 3:13.92 Winston Churchill 3:15.02 Walt Whitman 3:16.10 Walter Johnson


G: Springfield, Massachusetts 100 FREE Feb. 16, 2013 (25 YD) 52.32 Anna Kolanowski, SHHS B: Cambridge, Massachusetts 53.54 Kristina Li, WHS Feb. 17, 2013 (25 YD) 53.69 Melanie Doan, PBHS * = Division Record 200 FREE 1:53.21 Anna Kolanowski, SHHS GIRLS 1:55.57 Sophia Kuvan, WJHS TEAM STANDINGS 1:57.09 Megan Conrad, SHHS 351.5 Westford Academy 250 Lincoln Sudbury 500 FREE 219 Westfield 5:02.93 Charlotte Meyer, WWHS 5:05.63 Sophia Kuvan, WJHS 50 FREE 5:09.08 Leah Hubert, WHS 24.18 Jessica Harper, EHS 24.21 Katherine O’Shea, LSHS 100 BACK 25.14 Asnley Baker, LSHS 58.14 N. Horikawa, WJHS 58.15 Kristina Li, WHS 100 FREE 58.30 Taylor Gill, AHS 52.25 Jessica Harper, EHS 52.87 Katherine O’Shea, LSHS 100 BREAST 53.77 Carly Schnabel, KPHS 1:06.72 Audrey Gould, WWHS 1:07.76 Zoe Kaplan, NHS 200 FREE 1:07.90 Jessica Chen, WHS 1:53.66 Sarah Hargrave, NAHS 1:54.41 Colleen Humel, CHS 100 FLY 1:56.28 Aidan Devers, NAHS 57.06 Morgan Hill, SHHS 57.46 Allie Klatzkin, WHS 500 FREE 58.78 Amy Zhou, MBHS 5:02.51 Sarah Hargrave, NAHS 5:10.81 Sydney Nasson, KPHS

— continued on 38

April 2013


for the record — continued from 37

3:20.08 Bishop Stang

50 FREE 23.96 Jerrica Li, LHS 100 BACK 24.42 Victoria Bryson, WEST 55.20* Jennifer Marrkand, WHS 24.50 Delaney Dyjak, HCHS 56.78 Colleen Humel, CHS 58.62 Carly Schnabel, KPHS 100 FREE 51.05 Jerrica Li, LHS 100 BREAST 53.44 Erin Voss, NHS 1:06.70 Kelly Huber, WHS 53.66 Hannah Verrette, MHS 1:07.25 Haley Gula, OAHS 1:08.25 Ansley Baker, LSHS 200 FREE 1:52.36 Olivia Jameson, BHS 100 FLY 1:55.25 Ryan Alexander, MHS 56.72 Astrid Swensen, BHS 1:57.96 Juliette Lacoste, PJHS 57.90 Christina Greco, MHS 58.48 Courteney Martin, WHS 500 FREE 5:00.08 Erin Voss, NHS 200 IM 5:00.24 Olivia Jameson, BHS 2:02.22* Jennifer Marrkand, WHS 5:02.64 Ryan Alexander, MHS 2:08.18 Astrid Swensen, BHS 2:08.71 Emily McQuaid, KPHS 100 BACK 56.09** M. Chamberlain, NAHS 200 MR 59.21 Sarah Daher, MHS 1:48.36 Westford Academy 1:00.76 Carly Adams, HHS 1:53.48 Westfield 1:53.67 Minnechaug Regional 100 BREAST 1:05.79 Meriza Werenski, HCHS 200 FR 1:07.38 Molly Pierce, WHS 1:40.04 Lincoln-Sudbury Reg. 1:09.09 Shylee Stewart, NAHS 1:40.07 Westford Academy 1:42.68 Minnechaug Regional 100 FLY 56.44** M. Chamberlain, NAHS 400 FR 57.90 Kylie Cronin, MHS 3:35.63 Westford Academy 58.01 Megan Pierce, WHS 3:40.39 Lincoln Sudbury Reg. 3:42.76 King Philip Regional 200 IM 2:06.29 Meriza Werenski, HCHS BOYS 2:07.67 Megan Pierce, WHS TEAM STANDINGS 2:08.00 Sara Daher, MHS 374 St. John’s 155.5 Westford Academy 200 MR 144.5 St. John’s Shrewsbury 1:49.92 Marblehead 1:50.42 Wayland 50 FREE 1:52.19 Nauset Regional 21.68 Owen Wright, AHS 21.72 Erik Finn, LHS 200 FR 21.76 Scott McGinty, RHS 1:39.32 Wayland 1:40.72 Weston 100 FREE 1:41.68 Longmeadow 48.01 Eric Zhao, ANDHS 48.20 Scott McGinty, RHS 400 FR 48.32 C. Bastianelli, NNHS 3:35.89 Marblehead 3:40.76 Northampton 200 FREE 3:46.71 Nauset Regional 1:40.39 Owen Wright, AHS 1:44.21 Jonathan Dray, BHS BOYS 1:44.59 C. Bastianelli, NNHS TEAM STANDINGS 299 Weston 500 FREE 171 Wayland 4:42.72 Kevin King, LHS 167 Bishop Feehan 4:44.96 Andrew Majeski, CHEL 4:46.43 Drew Beland, ALHS 50 FREE 20.50* Jack Blyzinskyj, WEST 100 BACK 21.92 M.l Fothergill, ACHS 51.71 Erik Finn, LHS 22.02 Chad Schreiber, BFHS 51.96 Alexander Swaim, SJP 53.50 Aaron Szczepanek, PHS 100 FREE 47.16 Tommy Peacher, WEST 100 BREAST 47.79 Chad Schreiber, BFHS 58.64 Thomas Normoyle, MHS 48.09 Colin Machat, NHS 1:00.37 Kent Parsons, SJP 1:00.80 David Kitchen, CCHS 200 FREE 1:43.09 Tommy Pecher, WEST 100 FLY 1:45.19 Colin Machat, NHS 51.89 Alexander Swaim, SJP 1:45.25 Dillon-Davidson, APHS 52.16 Aaron Szczepanek, PHS 52.73 Matt Phillips, ABHS 500 FREE 4:36.29 Kevin Bradley, MILF 200 IM 4:41.59 Grant Casey, BFHS 1:58.02 David Kitchen, CCHS 4:43.45 Connor Haley, MED 1:58.22 Richard Smith, SJHS 1:59.50 Drew Beland, ALHS 100 BACK 49.68 Jack Blyzinskyj, WEST 200 MR 52.50 M. Fothergill, ACHS 1:36.00 St. John’s Prep 52.96 W. McLaughlin, BFHS 1:41.04 St. John’s Shrewsbury 1:41.20 Acton-Boxboro Regional 100 BREAST 59.39 Mark Karlson, WAY 200 FR 1:01.59 C. McCormick, DSHS 1:28.24 St. John’s Prep 1:01.68 G. Sommerville, THS 1:30.32 Westford Academy 1:30.49 Newton North 100 FLY 52.00 Ryan Burrow, WEST 400 FR 52.38 Dillon-Davidson, APHS 3:16.66 St. John’s Prep 52.67 Connor Haley, MED 3:18.68 Lincoln Sudbury 3:19.44 Reading 200 IM 1:52.81 Kevin Bradley, MILF MASSACHUSETTS II 1:57.44 Ryan Burrow, WEST HIGH SCHOOL 2:00.72 Doug Curtin, WAY


100 BREAST 55.53 Chris Klein, PHS (Prelims: 55.47*) 56.99 Clark Lindsay, GHS 57.61 Jack Russell, BSHS

5:11.14 Carlyn Soares, MHS


G: Springfield, Massachusetts Feb. 16, 2013 (25 YD) B: Cambridge, Massachusetts Feb. 17, 2013 (25 YD)

200 MR 1:40.15 Wayland 1:41.16 Bishop Feehan 1:41.78 Weston

* = State Record ** = Division Record

200 FR 1:26.39** Weston 1:30.87 Duxbury 1:31.45 Bishop Stang

GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 340.5 Wayland 213 Northampton 205.5 Marblehead


April 2013

400 FR 3:09.42 Weston 3:16.87 Bishop Feehan

Holland, Michigan March 8-9, 2013 (25 YD)

50.71 Jason Wesseling, JHS

100 FLY 50.83 John Vann, LHS 51.25 Kai Williams, PHS 51.44 Max Cornblath, PHS

50 FREE 25.62 Rebecca Jaszczak, HHS 25.83 Kelsey Justin, SAHS 27.04 Maria Pirkola, KHS 100 FREE 56.28 Kelsey Justin, SAHS 58.30 Amy Knapp, RHS 1:00.02 Jill Toorongian, HHS


Minneapolis, Minnesota Feb. 28-Mar. 2, 2013 (25 YD) * = Division Record

TEAM STANDINGS 200 FREE 263 St. Thomas Academy 2:08.32 Katy Beckstorm, MHS 190.5 Monticello 2:08.79 Hannah Gundlach, HHS 177 Breck-Blake 200 IM 2:12.83 Paige Gilbert, MHS TEAM STANDINGS 1:48.79 Chris Klein, PHS 50 FREE 313 Saline 1:50.68 Kyle Doss, HHS 500 FREE 21.12 Cole Bateman, HHS 308 Brother Rice 1:53.27 Nick Leshok, NFHS 5:40.21 Hannah Gundlach, HHS 21.20 Luke Schneeman, STA 191 Stevenson 5:50.14 Janelle Carroll, MHS 21.32 Jack Hellie, SSS 200 MR 6:18.70 Gwen Hoenke, MHS 50 FREE 1:34.81* Holland 100 FREE 20.96 Michael Bundas, SHS 1:34.83 Pioneer 100 BACK 46.21 Luke Schneeman, STA 21.14 Tabahn Afrik, WOHS 1:35.92 Seaholm 1:07.14 Rebecca Jaszczak, HHS 46.93 Duncan Pederson, RHS 21.28 Patrick Nodland, BRHS 1:11.29 Paige Gilbert, MHS 47.20 Michael McLain, WHS 200 FR 1:13.27 Luisa Birkmann, SAHS 100 FREE 1:25.18 Holland 200 FREE 44.65 Adam Whitener, SHS 1:25.41 Dow 100 BREAST 1:40.84 Paul Fair, MHS 45.55 Tabahn Afrik, WOHS 1:25.62 Dexter 1:12.37 Katy Beckstrom, MHS 1:41.52 Tanner Alms, RWHS 45.95 Joe Krause, BRHS 1:13.41 Olivia Rouleau, HJHS 1:42.64 Colter Allen, FHS 400 FR 1:15.40 Sophie Witting, HHS 200 FREE 3:05.80 Holland 500 FREE 1:38.31 Adam Whitener, SHS 3:06.95 Dow 100 FLY 4:36.73* Tanner Alms, RWHS 1:39.84 Joe Krause, BRHS 3:07.83 Seaholm 1:09.32 Sophie Witting, HHS 4:46.42 Michael Berg, STA 1:40.26 Zach Diener, LOHS 1:09.98 Annika Wheeler, HHS 4:50.23 Felipe Barreto, MSC MICHIGAN 1:11.11 Logan Vear, MHS 500 FREE DIVISION III (LOWER) 100 BACK 4:27.75** Nick Arakelian, LSHS HIGH SCHOOL 200 IM 49.32* Cole Bateman, HHS 4:35.69 Jacob Carl, RHS BOYS 2:24.43 Olivia Rouleau, HJHS 49.94 Mitchell Foster, BBHS 4:37.52 Will Walker, LHS 2:30.55 Logan Vear, MHS CHAMPIONSHIPS 52.71 Jack Speath, MONHS Ypsilanti, Michigan 2:30.70 Janelle Carroll, MHS 100 BACK March 8-9, 2013 (25 YD) 100 BREAST 49.75** David Boland, SHS 200 MR 56.52 Alec Kandt, SHS 50.28 John Ferrara, LSHS * = Division Record 2:02.62 Houghton 56.88 Eric Dahlseng, DCHS 50.61 Jack Walsh, CCHS 2:04.00 Marquette 58.24 Humphrey Pruett, BBHS TEAM STANDINGS 2:11.41 Sault Area 100 BREAST 278 East Grand Rapids 100 FLY 55.31* Josh Ehrman, SHS 274 Cranbrook Kingswood 200 FR 49.63 Paul Fair, MHS 57.57 Kyle Willson, MSHS 217 Detroit Country Day 1:51.11 Marquette 50.23 Alec Kandt, SHS 57.68 Ryan Newman, CCHS 1:53.28 Houghton 50.64 Colter Allen, FHS 50 FREE 1:58.13 Westwood 100 FLY 21.04 Ollie Smith, MILAN 200 IM 48.59* David Boland, SHS 21.52 Michael Nadolski, CDHS 400 FR 1:51.90 Mitchell Foster, BBHS 50.62 Gust Kouvaris, BRHS 21.57 John Schihl, LHS 4:00.86 Marquette 1:55.68 Andy Petersen, RHS 50.74 Cameron Craig, MHS 4:01.78 Houghton 1:58.34 Eric Dahlseng, DCHS 100 FREE 4:15.70 Sault Area 200 IM 46.85 David Alday, CHS 200 MR 1:47.86* Josh Ehrman, SHS 47.28 Rayn Beezhold, GRC BOYS 1:36.15 Breck-Blake 1:48.22 Nick Arakelian, LSHS 47.63 Alex Jirgens, OHS TEAM STANDINGS 1:37.35 St. Thomas Academy 1:51.58 Jack Walsh, CCHS 258 Sault Area 1:37.51 Sartell St. Stephen 200 FREE 225 Marquette 200 MR 1:41.21 P. Cook-Weeks, HCHS 192 Kingsford 200 FR 1:30.01n Saline 1:42.18 Kurt Swieter, EGR 1:24.87* Monticello Boland 22.75 1:44.16 Tanner Peltier, JGHS 50 FREE 1:27.19 Sartell St. Stephen Ehrman 47.95 (25.20) 22.02 Josh Johnson, KHS 1:27.24 St. Thomas Academy Bundas 1:10.14 (22.19) 5 00 FREE 22.75 Daniel Shonnard, HHS Whitener 1:30.01 (19.87) 4:38.27 P. Cook-Weeks, HCHS 23.88 Adam Sexton, RHS 400 FR 1:24.32 Brother Rice 4:39.72 Kurt Swieter, EGR 3:08.66 Monticello 1:26.15 West Ottawa 4:44.16 Tanner Peltier, JGHS 100 FREE 3:11.32 St. Thomas Academy 49.25 Josh Johnson, KHS 3:13.28 Hutchinson 200 FR 100 BACK 50.38 Daniel Shonnard, HHS 1:23.92* Saline 52.75 Joey Puglessi, GRCC 52.82 Luke Sides, MHS MINNESOTA “AA” 1:24.32 Brother Rice 52.99 Skyler Fish, IONIA HIGH SCHOOL 1:26.15 West Ottawa 53.23 Mitch Buccalo, CKHS 200 FREE BOYS 1:52.52 James DeClerck, HHS CHAMPIONSHIPS 400 FR 100 BREAST 2:01.26 Nick Cevillot, SAHS Minneapolis, Minnesota 3:03.78 Brother Rice 56.12* Matt Hooper, EGR 2:02.09 C. McCommons, MHS Feb. 28-Mar. 2, 2013 (25 YD) 3:07.07 Stevenson 56.58 John Schihl, LHS 3:09.32 Zeeland 58.54 Mitchell Davis, SJHS 500 FREE * = State Record 5:08.30 James DeClerck, HHS MICHIGAN 100 FLY 5:32.15 C. McCommons, MHS TEAM STANDINGS DIVISION II (LOWER) 51.60 Matthew Liu, CKHS 5:37.22 Nick Chevillot, SAHS 344 Eden Prairie HIGH SCHOOL 52.08 G. McCormick, MHS 237 Edina BOYS 52.14 Broderick Bender, AHS 100 BACK 177.5 Minnetonka CHAMPIONSHIPS 1:01.84 Ricky Peterson, INHS Rochester, Michigan 200 IM 1:03.07 Luke Sides, MHS 50 FREE March 8-9, 2013 (25 YD) 1:52.88 David Alday, CHS 1:04.13 Nikita Velat, HHS 20.65 Aaron Greenberg, EPHS 1:54.97 Matthew Liu, CKHS 21.12 Noah Dalluge, SMA * = Division Record 1:56.07 Mitchell Davis, SJHS 100 BREAST 21.18 Sheldon Hatlen, RHS 1:03.33 Nathan Rotundo, MHS TEAM STANDINGS 200 MR 1:12.21 Josh Naiman, RHS 100 FREE 323 Holland 1:35.58* East Grand Rapids 1:12.27 Casey Pepin, SAHS 45.10 Aaron Greenberg, EPHS 280 Pioneer 1:35.80 Lahser 45.34 Noah Busch, MHS 223.5 Seaholm 1:36.41 Cranbrook Kingswood 100 FLY 46.65 Buzz Rehnberg, EHS 1:01.82 Bryan Colborn, SAHS 50 FREE 200 FR 1:04.06 Michael Edwards, MHS 200 FREE 21.08 Jackson Goethe, DOW 1:26.61 Country Day 1:06.59 Pasha Hammar, KHS 1:37.30* Noah Lucas, MVHS 21.37t Brennan Maisch, DHS 1:27.06 East Grand Rapids 1:38.73 J. Lieberman, EPHS 21.37t Jeremiah Morren, HHS 1:27.87 Hamilton 200 IM 1:39.14 Erick Huft, EHS 2:08.80 Nathan Rotundo, MHS 100 FREE 400 FR 2:27.97 Pasha Hammar, KHS 500 FREE 45.76 Jackson Goethe, DOW 3:12.99t Cranbrook Kingswood 2:31.14 Josh Naiman, RHS 4:26.47* Noah Lucas, MVHS 46.51 Jeremiah Morren, HHS 3:12.99t Lahser 4:26.78 J. Lieberman, EPHS 46.55 Brennan Maisch, DHS 3:13.21 Hamilton 200 MR 4:27.61 Erick Huft, EHS 1:54.62 Houghton 200 FREE MICHIGAN 1:54.82 Rudyard 100 BACK 1:39.50 Thomas Rathbun, HHS UPPER PENINSULA 1:57.32 Sault Area 49.14 Noah Busch, MHS 1:39.65 Adam Marsh, OHS HIGH SCHOOL 51.81 Jackson Lindell, EHS 1:41.79 Jonathan Zofchak, DHS CHAMPIONSHIPS 200 FR 51.84 B. Underwood, HHS Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan 1:35.00 Houghton 500 FREE Feb. 16, 2013 (25 YD) 1:40.50 Rudyard 100 BREAST 4:30.95 Thomas Rathbun, HHS 1:41.05 Sault Area 57.12 Ben Albert, BHS 4:36.74 Jonathan Zofchak, DHS GIRLS 58.39 B. Hohenstein, MGHS 4:36.90 Matt Orringer, SHS TEAM STANDINGS 400 FR 58.81 Nick Wilkerson, HOPHS 339 Houghton 3:44.41 Marquette 100 BACK 319 Marquette 3:51.22 Sault Area 100 FLY 50.33 Adam Marsh, OHS 155 Sault Area 4:05.68 Kingsford 49.86 Bryce Boston, EPHS 50.44 Kyle Doss, HHS 50.69 Jenia Foster, EPHS n = National High School Record * = State Record ** = Division Record

51.15 Marshall Heskin, PLHS 200 IM 1:51.43 Jackson Lindell, EHS 1:54.15 Mike Solfelt, EPHS 1:54.82 Ben Albert, BHS

200 MR 1:32.64 Eden Prairie 1:35.10 Edina 1:35.27 Minnetonka 200 FR 1:24.67 Eden Prairie 1:25.88 Edina 1:25.93 Rosemount 400 FR 3:06.00 Edina 3:10.21 Minnetonka 3:10.81 Mounds View

MISSOURI HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS CHAMPIONSHIPS St. Peters, Missouri Feb. 15-16, 2013 (25 YD) * = State Record TEAM STANDINGS 190 Glendale 151.5t Notre Dame de Sion 151.5t Parkway West 50 FREE 23.78 Nikki Sisson, GHS 23.81 Samm Crocker, PSHS 24.01 Maria Schroeder, FHHS

200 FREE 1:57.11 Hailey Jacobson, HGT 1:57.12 Shelby Sechena, CMR 1:58.60 Emma Foster, HHS 500 FREE 5:15.17 Shelby Sechena, CMR 5:18.60 Emma Foster, HHS 5:29.08 Andrea Schmidt, SEN 100 BACK 56.91 Hanni Leach, HGT 1:01.89 Molly Hamilton, BHS 1:02.11 Libby Hardwick, HHS 100 BREAST 1:04.48* Kaitlyn Kleppelid, HHS 1:08.35 Hailey Jacobson, HGT 1:12.41 Hayley Houck, GFHS 100 FLY 56.10* Jenna Marsh, BCHS 58.32 Kate Zimmer, BSL 1:00.21 Andrea Schmidt, SEN

200 IM 2:07.72 Kaitlyn Kleppelid, HHS 2:18.95 Sami Duvall, BCHS 2:20.38 Cece Monroe, HGT

200 MR 1:51.20 Hellgate 1:55.49 Central 1:55.59 Helena 200 FR 1:44.22 Central 1:45.01 Helena 1:47.22 Sentinel

GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 267 Millard West 222 Lincoln Southwest 197t Elkhorn 197t Marian

1:28.18 Burke

50 FREE 23.49 Laura Miksch, CHS 24.29 Alexa Goldstein, LSEHS 24.39 Laura Ney, MNHS


100 FREE 52.72 Bryn Lohrberg, ELKHS 53.31 Karlie O’Connell, KHS 53.67 B. Lawrence, DHS 200 FREE 1:54.57 Aimee Fischer, LSWHS 1:55.60 Grace Porter, OWHS 1:56.28 Lexi Altmaier, LEHS 500 FREE 5:07.15 Aimee Fischer, LSWHS 5:07.26 Mary K. Luddy, MNHS 5:11.86 Linzie Kreizel, LNEHS 100 BACK 57.03 Erin Oeltjen, MWHS 58.22 Emma Vertin, LSWHS 58.69 B. Lawrence, DHS 100 BREAST 1:05.67 Laura Miksch, CHS 1:05.81 Sophia Nelson, LSWHS 1:06.41 Lauren Pavel, SKUTT

400 FR 3:10.74 Millard South 3:11.65 Creighton Prep 3:13.16 Elkhorn

Durham, New Hampshire Feb. 8-9, 2013 (25 YD) GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 225 Dover 177 Bishop Guertin 161 Bedford 50 FREE 24.45 Rebecca Dionne, AHS 25.24 Elise Fredericks, THS 25.72 Tori Claverie, PHS 100 FREE 53.30 Rebecca Dionne, AHS 56.77 Elise Fredericks, THS 57.16 Sarah Wydra, DHS 200 FREE 1:55.96 Alaina Pribis, CHS 2:00.15 Elizabeth Malia, DHS 2:02.53 Jessica Martin, PHS 500 FREE 5:10.16 Alaina Pribis, CHS 5:21.01 Elizabeth Malia, DHS 5:26.73 Julia Rucker, SHS

100 FLY 56.35 Erin Oeltjen, MWHS 57.18 A. Goldenstein, LSEHS 400 FR 57.78 E. Amato-Hanne, OWHS 100 BACK 100 FREE 3:41.55 Hellgate 58.37 Marissa Patterson, WHS 51.59 Lauren Shaw, PHHS 3:43.34 Helena 200 IM 1:02.53 Sarah Wydra, DHS 52.00 Maddie Wessel, JBHS 3:49.78 Bozeman 2:06.69 E. Amato-Hanne, OWHS 1:02.75 Meghan Gray, EHS 52.20 Dreya Curnow, LHS 2:07.71 Sophia Nelson, LSWHS BOYS 2:07.95 Mary K. Luddy, MNHS 100 BREAST 200 FREE TEAM STANDINGS 1:07.85 Natalie Giraldi, BHS 1:49.46 Kelley Tackett, RBHS 179 Helena 200 MR 1:09.57 Jessica Martin, PHS 1:52.22 Macie Beairsto, GHS 166.5 Glacier 1:46.99 Lincoln Southwest 1:10.49 Julia Rucker, SHS 1:53.67 Grace Stiegemeyer, SJHS 162 Skyview 1:47.55 Millard North 1:48.24 Millard West 100 FLY 500 FREE 50 FREE 58.62 Elizabeth Aldrich, MCHS 4:55.53* H. Lundstrom, PNHS 22.08 Jordan Loyda, GHS 200 FR 59.05 Julia DeGregorio, DHS 4:56.70 Kelley Tackett, RBHS 22.18 Pete Kotson, HHS 1:38.12 Lincoln Southeast 59.51 Marissa Patterson, WHS 5:02.60 CeCe Etter, PSHS 22.67 Orion Kubat, BOZ 1:38.18 Duchesne 1:38.29 Millard West 200 IM 100 BACK 100 FREE 2:09.17 Elizabeth Aldrich, MCHS 55.11 Haley Hynes, LSN 47.56 Pete Kotson, HHS 400 FR 2:11.27 Julia DeGregorio, DHS 55.81 Lauren Shaw, PHHS 48.83 Jordan Loyda, GHS 3:33.85 Millard West 2:14.71 Tessa Chapman, DHS 57.65 Trey Ross, MICDS 49.79t Orion Kobat, BOZ 3:36.13 Lincoln Southwest 49.79t Logan Streit, GHS 3:37.64 Marian 200 MR 100 BREAST 1:54.34 Dover 1:05.25 Corinne Rinne, BSHS 200 FREE BOYS 1:56.84 Bishop Guertin 1:06.06 Ally Neumann, PCHS 1:49.11 Pierce Oja, BCHS TEAM STANDINGS 1:59.19 Exeter 1:07.14 Claire Kirchhoeffer, LHS 1:53.22 Stephen Murphy, HHS 409.5 Creighton Prep 1:53.47 Habib Mostefa, BOZ 254 Millard South 200 FR 100 FLY 212 Lincoln Southwest 1:45.60 Pinkerton 54.57 H. Lundstrom, PNHS 500 FREE 1:46.62 Bishop Guertin 55.50 Maria Schroeder, FHHS 5:06.64 Pat Hooks, HHS 50 FREE 1:47.70 Dover 56.62 Courtney Coe, FZW 5:06.86 Habib Mostefa, BOZ 20.76 Sean Tate, CPRP 5:12.95 Nick Angeli, HHS 21.13 Neil Girmus, MSHS 400 FR 200 IM 21.70 Hayden Pinkman, LEHS 3:47.07 Dover 2:04.76 Haley Hynes, LSN 100 BACK 3:49.45 Pinkerton 2:05.93 Maddie Wessell, JBHS 52.74 Chandler Crowe, SKY 100 FREE 3:55.16 Bishop Guertin 2:06.26 Kristine Sullivan, NDHS 55.68 Josh Loyda, GHS 46.42 Sean Tate, CPRP 57.65 Ryan Mason, SEN 47.67 Lucas Van Wie, GIHS BOYS 200 MR 48.09 Hayden Pinkman, LEHS TEAM STANDINGS 1:50.03 Parkway West 100 BREAST 271 Exeter 1:50.17 Park Hill South 1:01.03 Pierce Oja, BCHS 200 FREE 208 Bishop Guertin 1:50.54 Glendale 1:04.80 Keegan Whelan, BUTTE 1:37.63 Jacob Molacek, CPRP 172 Bedford 1:05.49 Paul Allen, SKY 1:42.63 Michael Mollak, ELKHS 200 FR 1:44.42 Jack Turman, PLVHS 50 FREE 1:38.82 Glendale 100 FLY 22.71 James Mundy, EHS 1:39.09 St. Joseph’s Academy 53.66 Matt Wehr, BCHS 500 FREE 22.76 Nicholas Bergstrom, PHS 1:39.14 Parkway South 55.28 Jake Cirincione, GHS 4:40.92 V. Blazhievski, LSWHS 23.02 Samuel Root, BGHS 56.37 Chandler Zins, BCHS 4:42.14 Jack Turman, PLVHS 400 FR 4:44.16 Michael Mollak, ELKHS 100 FREE 3:32.64 Glendale 200 IM 48.35 Connar Patterson, WHS 3:34.89 Parkway West 1:57.54 Matt Wehr, BCHS 100 BACK 49.83 James Mundy, EHS 3:35.14 Notre Dame de Sion 1:57.60 Chandler Crowe, SKY 49.49 Robert Glover, MSHS 49.90 B. Seeley-Hacker, BGHS 2:06.17 Jake Cirincione, GHS 52.13 Nicholas Kirklin, ELKHS MONTANA 53.73 Caleb Kruse, MWHS 200 FREE HIGH SCHOOL 200 MR 1:46.14 Connar Patterson, WHS CHAMPIONSHIPS 1:40.01 Central 100 BREAST 1:46.97 Zachary Bishop, EHS Hardin, Montana 1:42.19 Skyview 57.60 Neil Girmus, MSHS 1:48.00 Oliver French, NNHS Feb. 8-9, 2013 (25 YD) 1:47.09 Hellgate 57.75 Szymon Day, CPRP 58.66 Garrett Cadotte, RGHS 500 FREE * = State Record 200 FR 4:48.73 Oliver French, NNHS 1:30.48 Glacier 100 FLY 4:59.61 Zachary Bishop, EHS GIRLS 1:30.69 Central 48.68* Jacob Molacek, CPRP 5:00.15 Gregory Levine, BHS TEAM STANDINGS 1:33.33 Skyview 50.23 Robert Glover, MSHS 220 Helena 50.86 Ryan Tate, CPRP 100 BACK 218 Hellgate 400 FR 53.87 Kellen Gray, EHS 154 Bozeman 3:18.67 Glacier 200 IM 54.51 Riley Ewing, BHS 3:25.70 Helena 1:53.68 Ryan Tate, CPRP 57.46 Carl Laborera, NNHS 50 FREE 3:27.99 Bozeman 1:56.32 Szymon Day, CPRP 23.52* Jenna Marsh, BCHS 1:58.35 Quentin Bishop, OWHS 100 BREAST 24.37 Kate Zimmer, BSL NEBRASKA 59.75 Matthew Puksta, BGHS 25.51 M. Siebenaler, GHS HIGH SCHOOL 200 MR 1:04.57 Patrick Carignan, EHS CHAMPIONSHIPS 1:32.90 Creighton Prep 1:05.99 Brian Eldridge, DHS 00 FREE 1 Lincoln, Nebraska 1:33.31 Millard South 54.35 Hanni Leach, HGT Feb. 21-23, 2013 (25 YD) 1:38.29 Elkhorn 100 FLY 55.87 Callan Blossom, HHS 53.83 Nathan Garner, NNHS 55.93 Makayla Crist, SEN * = State Record 200 FR 55.49 James Schumacher, CHS 1:23.45* Creighton Prep 56.27 Patrick Carignan, EHS 1:26.98 Ralston

200 IM 1:58.60 Nathan Garner, NNHS 2:01.38 Riley Ewing, BHD 2:03.22 Kellen Gray, EHS

200 MR 1:42.17 Exeter 1:42.27 Bishop Guertin 1:44.00 Nashua North 200 FR 1:33.54 Bedford 1:34.38 Exeter 1:35.25 Bishop Guertin 400 FR 3:22.48 Exeter 3:23.21 Bedford 3:24.40 Bishop Guertin


Durham, New Hampshire Feb. 8-9, 2013 (25 YD) GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 215 Oyster River 205 Hanover 170 Souhegan 50 FREE 25.90 Miriam Caveney, MRA 25.92 M. Shannon, ORHS 26.25 Hannah Scott, SHS 100 FREE 56.06 Jamie Freud, SOU 56.72 M. Shannon, ORHS 57.03 Tessa Oakes, ORHS 200 FREE 1:54.56 E. Brechbuhl, HHS 1:57.91 Haley Jones, ORHS 1:58.55 Rebecca Cook, GHS 500 FREE 5:09.57 E. Brechbuhl, HHS 5:13.80 Haley Jones, ORHS 5:18.58 Rebecca Cook, GHS 100 BACK 1:01.42 Kathryn Aman, HHS 1:02.80 Kayla Phelps, LHS 1:03.00 Tessa Oakes, ORHS 100 BREAST 1:06.71 Kersten Dirrane, PRHS 1:08.00 Molly Fitzpatrick, DHS 1:08.76 Christine Black, SOU

57.49 Jamie Lutze, SOU 57.64 Grant Levasseur, CHS

100 BREAST 1:01.80 Alexander Bedard, SOU 1:04.44 Matt Falcone, HBS 1:07.94 Andrew Kalil, WHS 100 FLY 53.97 Sam Haines, STA 54.45 Matt Jones, ORHS 56.40 Grant Levasseur, CHS

200 IM 2:04.14 Sam Haines, STA 2:07.51 Alexander Bedard, SOU 2:10.76 Matt Falcone, HBS

200 MR 1:45.78 Souhegan 1:47.25 Hollis-Brookline 1:50.68 Windham 200 FR 1:36.93 St. Thomas Aquinas 1:37.78 Windham 1:39.63 Bow 400 FR 3:28.19 Souhegan 3:32.86 St. Thomas Aquinas 3:41.08 Hollis-Brookline


Albuquerque, New Mexico Feb. 22-23, 2013 (25 YD) * = State Record GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 324 Eldorado 260 Albuquerque Academy 200 Las Cruces 50 FREE 23.63 Olivia Morrell, VOLC 23.64 Gillian St. John, ACAD 23.96 Madison Burns, ALAM 100 FREE 49.41* Anika Apostalon, ACAD 51.16 Olivia Morrell, VOLC 53.24 Miriam Swisher, LACV 200 FREE 1:49.73* Nika Fellows, LACV 1:50.02 Gillian St. John, ACAD 1:55.80 Sarah Lott, LALM

500 FREE 100 FLY 4:56.21 Nika Fellows, LACV 59.91 Kathryn Aman, HHS 5:06.07 Lauren Atkins, STPI 1:02.25 Meghan O’Connor, WHS 5:15.56 Aine Scholand, SAND 1:02.82 Margaret Dean, SOU 100 BACK 200 IM 53.78* Anika Apostalon, ACAD 2:10.71 Kersten Dirrane, PRHS 57.01 Amanda Key, SAND 2:11.16 Molly Fitzpatrick, DHS 58.54 Tyler Wickesberg, ELDO 2:18.91 Kaitlyn McManus, MHS 100 BREAST 200 MR 1:08.53 Kyra Mohns, ELDO 1:56.67 Souhegan 1:08.58 Hannah Veseth, SAND 1:56.91 Hanover 1:08.66 Felicia Zamora, ALBQ 2:07.36 Windham 100 FLY 200 FR 57.62 Cassaundra Pino, ALBQ 1:47.09 Oyster River 58.83 Adelheid Barsun, LACV 1:51.12 Monadnock 1:00.09 Kirsten Sweers, STMI 1:53.89 Hanover 200 IM 400 FR 2:04.13 Lauren Atkins, STPI 3:48.17 Oyster River 2:10.09 Cassaundra Pino, ALBQ 3:48.71 Hanover 2:13.28 Madison Gordley, HOPE 3:52.17 Souhegan 200 MR BOYS 1:48.29 Albuquerque Academy TEAM STANDINGS 1:48.78 Eldorado 196 Souhegan 1:51.37 Sandia 170 St. Thomas Aquinas 149 Windham 200 FR 1:38.66 Albuquerque Academy 50 FREE 1:42.34 Eldorado 22.92 Jack Gentes, STA 1:43.03 Sandia 22.93 Joshua Rines, HBS 23.43 Ziqi Wang, HHS 400 FR 3:36.36 Eldorado 100 FREE 3:42.11 La Cueva 49.92 Antony Hubbard, BHS 3:45.46 Los Alamos 50.25 Jack Gentes, STA 50.62 Joshua Rines, HBS BOYS TEAM STANDINGS 200 FREE 265 Eldorado 1:48.63 Antony Hubbard, BHS 262 La Cueva 1:50.46 Tyler Howard, SOU 252 Rio Rancho 1:57.42 William Micalo, STA 50 FREE 500 FREE 21.56 Ian Roberson, ELDO 4:59.17 Tyler Howard, SOU 21.67 Cory Dean, HOBB 5:16.03 Zach Wood, CBS 22.01 Angus Gullick, ELDO 5:20.05 William Micali, STA 100 FREE 100 BACK 47.06 Stephen Klein, LACV 55.27 Matt Jones, ORHS — continued on 40

April 2013


for the record — continued from 39

48.40 Jason Hou, ACAD 48.52 Daniel Cornejo, HOBB

200 FREE 1:41.99 K. Tillery, LACV 1:44.39 Luis Conejo, RIOR 1:47.15 Jason Hou, ACAD 500 FREE 4:51.70 Luis Conejo, RIOR 4:54.37 Everett Ward, CLOV 4:56.46 M. Westerberg, LACV 100 BACK 51.01 K. Tillery, LACV 51.21 Anthony Kim, ACAD 54.63 Brock Smith, CLOV

3:12.10 Fairport


TEAM STANDINGS 269 Fordham Preop 188 Pittsford 155 Canisius

100 FLY 55.60 Christina Lappin, LCHS 57.35 Alyssa Marsh, PLP 57.38 Tara Martin, RCHS

500 FREE 4:56.08** Katy Stringfield, THS 4:59.18 Christine Sullivan, CCHS 5:00.15 Elsa Welshofer, CCHS

50 FREE 23.02* Emily Allen, WAH 23.60 Natalie Labonge, GHS 23.73 Alexandra Marshall, RHS

100 BACK 55.09** Nora McCullagh, CCHS 56.51 Nicole Emery, CCHS 58.56 Anabelle Durham, CHHS

100 FREE 49.77* Emily Allen, WAH 52.08 Caroline Estep, HHS 52.22 Christine Kerr, CARY

200 MR 1:51.78 Raleigh Charter 1:54.67 Carrboro 1:55.96 Lincoln Charter

100 BREAST 1:05.00 Sara Stranick, CCHS 1:05.65 Emily Pfeiffer, WHS 1:08.18 Kaitlin Jones, CHHS

200 FREE 1:48.84 Jessica Merritt, WAH 1:51.48 B. Rubendall, GHHS 1:52.17 Kelsey Moore, BHS

200 FR 1:38.37 Raleigh Charter 1:45.31 South Iredell 1:45.32 Tarboro

100 FLY 54.69** Elsa Welshofer, CCHS 56.09 Maria Sheridan, CCHS 56.13 Claire DeSelm, CCHS

500 FREE 4:47.66 Hannah Moore, GHHS 4:57.95 Carly Catella, PCHS 4:594.1 Kendall Pena, MCHS

200 IM 2:02.01** Nicole Emery, CCHS 2:05.18 Sara Stranick, CCHS 2:05.59 Claire DeSelm, CHHS

100 BACK 54.37* Hannah Moore, GHHS 55.87 Victoria Tschoke, APEX 56.52 Heather Merritt, WAH

200 MR 1:45.52* Charlotte Catholic 1:47.95 Chapel Hill 1:52.28 Cardinal Gibbons

100 BREAST 1:03.21 A. Martelle, SMHS 1:03.32 Maddie Witzke, HSHS 1:04.66 Jessica Merritt, WAH

200 IM 2:11.21 Margaret Ireland, RCHS 2:12.46 Abbey Joiner, LNC 2:14.52 Sara Siemens, CRHS

50 FREE 21.10 Gunnar Zemering, BC 21.12 Robert Brown, ALX 100 BREAST 21.21 Trevor Dearstyne, MASS 400 FR 59.15 Edgar Melchor, CIBL 3:32.89 Raleigh Charter 59.28 Nick Balmer, RIOR 100 FREE 3:46.96 Lincoln Charter 59.43 Tyler Drake, HOBB 44.73 Jeffrey Williamson, VIC 3:51.58 Carrboro 45.30 Patrick Conaton, CFP 100 FLY 45.71 James Donlevy, SN BOYS 50.85 Anthony Kim, ACAD TEAM STANDINGS 51.87 Kyle Temple, LCHS 200 FREE 281 NC Science & Math 54.82 Kevin Benavidez, SPRP 1:36.19 Jack Boyd, CCAN 237.5 Carrboro 1:36.82 Jeffrey Williamson, VIC 214 Lake Norman Charter 200 IM 1:40.52 Patrick Ransford, PITT 1:53.49 Stephen Klein, LACV 50 FREE 1:58.95 Nick Balmer, RIOR 500 FREE 21.76t Cameron Anderson, THS 1:59.72 Zach Weeks, LACV 4:24.90 Jack Boyd, CCAN 21.76t Justin Morrell, CARR 4:26.11 Patrick Ransford, PITT 22.23 Matt Weaver, NCSM 200 MR 4:32.18 Joseph Eiden, CFP 1:36.45 Hobbs 100 FREE 1:36.95 La Cueva 100 BACK 47.55 Cameron Anderson, THS 1:37.94 Rio Rancho 49.40 Ryan Gordon, SHEN 47.90 Justin Morrell, CARR 49.60 Patrick Conaton, CFP 47.95 Austin Jones, LNC 200 FR 51.29 Hudson Carroll, NP 1:27.61 Eldorado 200 FREE 1:28.79 Hobbs 100 BREAST 1:42.48 Jacob Vosburgh, NCSM 1:31.51 Las Cruces 56.24 Gunther Cassell, HUN 1:43.92 Cole Riggan, LHS 56.66 Matthew Tanchick, PITT 1:44.06 Will MacMillan, CARR 400 FR 57.00 Joseph Lozano, GC 3:09.89* La Cueva 500 FREE 3:13.19 Albuquerque Academy 100 FLY 4:38.38* Jacob Vosburgh, NCSM 3:13.52 Eldorado 48.30 Ryan Nicholson, IHS 4:46.44 Thomas Bilden, CARR 48.92 Justin Plaschka, HAU 4:49.20 Lucas Rhodes, CDHS NEW YORK 50.37 David Stewart, NRHS PUBLIC 100 BACK HIGH SCHOOL 200 IM 52.32* Parker Campbell, SHHS BOYS 1:49.89 Ryan Gordon, SHEN 52.95 Chris Cardwell, LNC CHAMPIONSHIPS 1:51.99 Ryan Nicholson, IHS 53.95 Cole Riggan, LHS Webster, New York 1:52.66 Matthew Tanchick, PITT March 1-2, 2013 (25 YD) 100 BREAST 200 MR 1:00.37 Matt Jacobs, DAHS TEAM STANDINGS 1:34.47 Pittsford 1:00.68 Drew Queen, LNC 213 Pittsford 1:35.31 Fordham Prep 1:02.14 Adam Wetherell, LHS 170 Shenendehowa 1:35.63 Fairport 129 Ithaca 100 FLY 200 FR 51.34* Thomas Bilden, CARR 50 FREE 1:25.47 Fordham Prep 52.06 Chris Cardwell, LNC 21.10 Gunnar Zemering, BC 1:25.93 Ithaca 52.54 Logan Cole, GHS 21.12 Robert Brown, ALX 1:26.95 Canisius 21.21 Trevor Deastyne, MASS 200 IM 400 FR 1:56.31* Parker Campbell, SHHS 100 FREE 3:05.61 Fairport Prep 1:59.66 Zach Darden, GHS 44.73 Jeffrey Williamson, VIC 3:08.69 Canisius 2:00.60 Gabe Shepherd, NCSM 45.71 James Donlevy, SN 3:10.29 Chaminade 45.86 Justin Plaschka, HAU 200 MR NORTH CAROLINA 1:38.52 Lake Norman Charter 00 FREE 2 DIVISION 1A-2A 1:38.75 Carrboro 1:36.82 Jeffrey Williamson, VIC HIGH SCHOOL 1:42.56 Bishop McGuinness 1:40.52 Patrick Ransford, PITT CHAMPIONSHIPS 1:42.11 Nick Hooper, SHEN Cary, North Carolina 200 FR Feb. 9, 2013 (25 YD) 1:30.52 NC Science & Math 500 FREE 1:31.42 Bishop McGuinness 4:26.11 Patrick Ransford, PITT * = Division Record 1:32.21 Lincoln Charter 4:35.14 Connor Brown, GC 4:37.77 Brandon Shields, NROC GIRLS 400 FR TEAM STANDINGS 3:13.72 Carrboro 100 BACK 376 Raleigh Charter 3:17.20 NC Science & Math 49.40 Ryan Gordon, SHEN 161 Carrboro 3:20.40 Lake Norman Charter 51.29 Hudson Carroll, NP 154 Lincoln Charter 51.32 Keith Carlino, WAP NORTH CAROLINA 50 FREE DIVISION 3A 100 BREAST 23.76 Christina Lappin, LCHS HIGH SCHOOL 56.24 Gunther Cassell, HUN 24.34 Rachel Hatt, RCHS CHAMPIONSHIPS 56.66 Matthew Tanchick, PITT 24.39 Tara Martin, RCHS Cary, North Carolina 57.00 Joseph Lozano, GC Feb. 8, 2013 (25 YD) 100 FREE 100 FLY 50.75* Olivia Ontjes, RCHS * = State Record 48.30 Ryan Nicholson, IHS 53.28 Michaela Carter, CHS ** = Division Record 48.92 Justin Plaschka, HAU 53.44 Rachel Hatt, RCHS 50.37 David Stewart, NRHS GIRLS 200 FREE TEAM STANDINGS 200 IM 1:53.51 McKenzie Stevens, SHS 469 Charlotte Catholic 1:49.89 Ryan Gordon, SHEN 1:55.89 Grace Baird, WDHS 258 Marvin Ridge 1:51.99 Ryan Nicholson, HIS 1:56.43 A. van Dorsten, RCHS 228 Chapel Hill 1:52.66 Matthew Tanchick, PITT 500 FREE 50 FREE 200 MR 5:06.28 Grace Baird, WDHS 22.92* Nora McCullagh, CCHS 1:34.47 Pittsford 5:07.74 McKenzie Stevens, SHS 24.04 Maria Sheridan, CCHS 1:35.63 Fairport 5:17.19 Rory O’Dell, NHS 24.80 Michaela Nolte, OHS 1:36.99 Shenendehowa 100 BACK 100 FREE 200 FR 57.11 Alyssa Marsh, PLP 50.02** Lauren Rhodes, CCHS 1:25.93 Ithaca 57.73 Margaret Ireland, RCHS 53.32 Lexie White, MRHS 1:27.71 Penfield 58.31 Mia Morrell, CARR 53.37 Michaela Nolte, OHS 1:27.75 Shenendehowa 100 BREAST 200 FREE 400 FR 1:03.94 Olivia Ontjes, RCHS 1:47.98** Lauren Rhodes, CCHS 3:10.42 Pittsford 1:05.67 Becca Churchill, CRHS 1:52.60 Katy Stringfield, THS 3:11.18 Ithaca 1:07.35 Rebecca Gibbs, MHS 1:53.50 Christine Sullivan, CCHS


April 2013


Bismarck North Dakota March 1-2, 2013 (25 YD) * = State Record TEAM STANDINGS 448.5 Century 379.5 Minot 252 Fargo North 50 FREE 21.60 Matthew Poppe, MANHS 21.72 Zach Grosz, CHS 22.13 Tanner Bjorlie, FNHS 100 FREE 48.15 Zach Grosz, CHS 48.67 Matthew Poppe, MANHS 49.44 Lee Keller, MINOT 200 FREE 1:43.01* Dylan Sether, CHS 1:44.80 Alex Brock, FSHS 1:48.37 Nate Duncan, FDHS

500 FREE 100 FLY 4:41.36* Alex Brock, FSHS 55.59 Megan Owens, CARY 4:48.74 Loren Sether, CHS 55.75 Natalie Labonge, GHS 5:01.01 Kyler Alme, CHS 55.93 Alexandra Marshall, RHS 100 BACK 400 FR 200 IM 54.76 Nate Duncan, FDHS 3:24.61* Charlotte Catholic 2:03.32 A. Martelle, SMHS 55.38 Austin Schmidt, BHS 3:35.60 Chapel Hill 2:04.59 Victoria Tschoke, APEX 56.53 Nich Buch, MINOT 3:41.26 Marvin Ridge 2:06.15 B. Rubendall, GHHS 100 BREAST BOYS 200 MR 58.45 Ethan Bahl, MINOT TEAM STANDINGS 1:47.56 Green Hope 58.84 Collin Kemmesat, CHS 312 Cardinal Gibbons 1:47.80 Panther Creek 58.91 Tanner Olson, FSHS 283 Charlotte Catholic 1:48.48 Cary 212 Chapel Hill 100 FLY 200 FR 51.00* Dylan Sether, CHS 50 FREE 1:35.04* W.A. Hough 54.34 Ethan Doll, WFHS 21.46 Bailey Maloney, CGHS 1:36.88 Green Hope 54.43 Nathan Hogue, CHS 21.76 Ryan Hall, CCHS 1:37.25 Grimsley 21.80 Tyler Gomez, JMR 200 IM 400 FR 1:57.95 Loren Sether, CHS 100 FREE 3:24.83* W.A. Hough 1:59.94 Collin Kemmesat, CHS 46.57 Bailey Maloney, CGHS 3:30.09 Green Hope 2:01.10 Ethan Doll, WFHS 48.10 Justus Cochran, CHS 3:32.81 Panther Creek 49.42 Ryan Hall, CCHS 200 MR BOYS 1:36.64* Century 200 FREE TEAM STANDINGS 1:38.14 Minot 1:43.17 Kai Wombacher, CGHS 259 Green Hope 1:42.77 West Fargo 1:43.33 Sava Turcanu, SSHS 190 W.A. Hough 1:44.00 Jake Pierce, FTF 175 South Mecklenburg 200 FR 1:30.14 Minot 500 FREE 50 FREE 1:30.17 Fargo North 4:36.83 Jake Pierce, FTF 20.54 Kyle Darmody, PHS 1:30.84 Century 4:40.23 Kai Wombacher, CGHS 20.94 Scott Johnson, LRHS 4:44.08 Noah Cairns, CGHS 21.53 Eyan Eagle, JHR 400 FR 3:14.85 Century 100 BACK 100 FREE 3:18.64 Fargo North 52.00 Garrett Simpson, CREST 44.87* Colin Ellington, HSHS 3:20.59 Minot 53.35 Davied Sanchez, ALB 45.30 Kyle Darmody, PHS 54.72 Brian Gilley, NWC 45.60 Scott Johnson, LRHS OHIO I

200 FR 1:35.00* Charlotte Catholic 1:40.78 Marvin Ridge 1:42.56 Cardinal Gibbons


200 FREE CHAMPIONSHIPS 1:39.85 John Manchester, WAH Canton, Ohio 1:41.50 Philip Perdue, JHR Feb. 20-23, 2013 (25 YD) 1:41.51 Jonathan Glavich, GHHS * = State Record 100 FLY 500 FREE 50.68 Griffin Fiedler, JMR 4:34.53 Jamison Hauser, PCHS GIRLS 50.94 Sava Turcanu, SSHS 4:35.32 David Craig, MHS TEAM STANDINGS 51.51 Tyler Gomez, JMR 4:39.08 Hunter Brakovec, IHS 234 Ursuline 215 Upper Arlington 200 IM 100 BACK 148 Mason 1:51.63** Dalton Shaw, DHC 49.39 John Manchester, WAH 1:52.66 L. Bretschneider, MRHS 50.53 Koya Osada, ECH 50 FREE 1:54.23 Luke Lechner, AHS 51.66 Travis Johns, LHS 22.53* Chase Kinney, JHS 23.38 Temarie Tomley, UHS 200 MR 100 BREAST 23.58 Hannah Whiteley, SPHS 1:37.98 Charlotte Catholic 55.14* Daniel Le, NWG 1:38.19 Cardinal Gibbons 56.58 Sean Yeh, LRHS 100 FREE 1:41.33 J.M. Robinson 58.02 Ryan Cade, GHHS 49.70* Chase Kinney, JHS 49.85 Gracie Long, UAHS 200 FR 100 FLY 50.54 A. Marsteller, UHS 1:27.51** Cardinal Gibbons 50.02 Christian Caveness, LHS 1:29.76 Charlotte Catholic 50.90 Jonathan Glavich, GHHS 200 FREE 1:31.42 Marvin Ridge 51.24 Connor Johnson, TSHS 1:47.43 Zoe Thatcher, MHS 1:48.63 Gracie Long, UAHS 400 FR 200 IM 1:49.53 Cara Norris, SYHS 3:14.63 Cardinal Gibbons 1:49.29 Colin Ellington, HSHS 3:14.81 J.M. Robinson 1:51.19 Koya Osada, ECH 500 FREE 3:16.03 Concord 1:52.93 Ryan Cade, GHHS 4:47.81 Zoe Thatcher, MHS 4:51.74 Kaitlyn Ferrara, SUHS NORTH CAROLINA 200 MR 4:54.40 Paige Kelly, HHS DIVISION 4A 1:34.99 Green Hope HIGH SCHOOL 1:36.30 Leesville Road 100 BACK CHAMPIONSHIPS 1:36.71 Providence 54.04 Katie Miller, FHS Cary, North Carolina 54.27 Emily Slabe, UHS Feb. 7, 2013 (25 YD) 200 FR 54.79 Hannah Whiteley, SPHS 1:26.16 Green Hope * = State Record 1:26.52 W.A. Hough 100 BREAST 1:26.89 J.H. Rose 1:03.09 Bridget Blood, UHS GIRLS 1:03.23 Taylor Vargo, SANHS TEAM STANDINGS 400 FR 1:03.28 D. Margheret, WJHS 323 W.A. Hough 3:09.19 J.H. Rose 236 Green Hope 3:09.52 Providence 100 FLY 182 Panther Creek 3:11.24 Green Hope 55.37 Maddie Martin, PCHS 55.43 Emily Slabe, UHS 100 BREAST 58.63 Matthew Rigali, CCHS 1:00.13 L. Bretschneider, MRHS 1:00.75 Austin Toney, KMHS

55.46 Morgan Contino, THS 200 IM 1:57.98* Katie Miller, FHS 2:02.91 Bridget Blood, UHS 2:03.37 A. Marsteller, UHS

100 BACK 54.80 Hannah Stevens, LHS 55.10 Marissa Cominelli, GMH 55.75 Alexandra Tracy, IHHS

* = 6A State Record GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 435 Edmond North 331 Jenks 210 Norman North

200 FREE 1:55.82 Jessi Hildebrand, NHS 2:07.40 Rylee Hess, MCHS 2:09.19 Lauren Keithley, CHALL 50 FREE 23.64 Breonna Barker, BAHS 100 FLY 500 FREE 24.74 Hunter McEachern, EHS 55.56 Elizabeth Auckley, BAY 5:24.97 Kasey Rein, PHS 4.81 Dovie Rayburn, NNHS 200 FR 55.79 Sarah Koucheki, GMH 5:45.99 Amber Pence, BIXBY 1:34.19* Upper Arlington 56.44 Kaitlyn Cerne, GMH 5:48.54 Sydney Goad, SHS 100 FREE 1:35.61 Ursuline 50.90 Breonna Barker, BAHS 1:35.82 Strongsville 200 IM 100 BACK 54.29 Dovie Rayburn, NNHS 2:01.03* Sydney Lofquist, OHS 1:00.21 Kasey Rein, PHS 56.07 Elizabeth Le, SHS 400 FR 2:03.60 Kendra Crew, SHS 1:03.69 Karen Chao, MAHS 3:23.19* Ursuline 2:04.15 Sarah Koucheki, GMH 1:05.72 Chasity Cooper, AHS 200 FREE 3:26.70 Upper Arlington 1:52.99 Avery Niemann, HH 3:28.84 Mason 200 MR 100 BREAST 1:55.35 Madie Sarantakos, NNHS 1:44.22* Granville 1:08.96 Leslie White, FTG 1:58.59 Ann-Marie Stowe, ENHS BOYS 1:46.12 Oakwood 1:14.72 Brooke Njaa, SHS TEAM STANDINGS 1:46.99 Hawken School 1:18.07 Madison York, KHS 500 FREE 270 St. Xavier 4:57.50 Rylee Linhardt, ENHS 187.5 Upper Arlington 200 FR 100 FLY 5:06.73 Avery Niemann, HH 186 St. Ignatius 1:34.99* Hawken School 58.73 Jessi Hildebrand, NHS 5:17.59 Olivia Kinsinger, BMG 1:36.30 Indian Hill 1:04.77 Alex Thomas, SHS 50 FREE 1:36.96 Gilmour 1:05.93 M. Murlette, BIXBY 100 BACK 20.87 Mason Miller, WNHS 57.98 Rylee Linhardt, ENHS 20.94 Thomas Trace, UAHS 400 FR 200 IM 58.87 Grace Fodor, BHS 21.00 Nick Brodie, SFHS 3:28.90 Hawken School 2:16.66 Leslie White, FTG 58.99 Alex Ballard, MHS 3:31.04 Gilmour 2:16.83 Paige Nall, DCHS 100 FREE 3:31.91 Indian Hill 2:28.49 Madison York, KHS 100 BREAST 45.17 Mark Belanger, FHS 1:04.99 Ally Robertson, ENHS 45.77 Mason Miller, WNHS BOYS 200 MR 1:06.89 Kathy Bliss, JHS 45.78 Robert Tolson, HHS TEAM STANDINGS 1:59.13 Stillwater 1:07.08 Annah Baykal, EMHS 288 Oakwood 1:59.61 Fort Gibson 200 FREE 169 University 2:00.98 Bixby 100 FLY 1:38.43 Joey Long, UAHS 157 Hawken School 58.03 Madie Sarantakos, NNHS 1:38.91 Jack Hendricks, STX 200 FR 58.22 Annah Baykal, EMHS 1:39.22 Mark Belanger, FHS 50 FREE 1:46.34* Fort Gibson 58.96 Alex Ballard, MHS 20.88 Jack Nee, OHS 1:48.29 Bixby 500 FREE 20.93 Ronnie Bolden, BHHS 1:51.00 Stillwater 200 IM 4:27.69 Jack Hendricks, STX 21.03 Malique Elder, MHS 2:03.65* Ally Robertson, ENHS 4:28.62 Joey Long, UAHS 400 FR 2:12.70 Sara Nazari, ENID 4:32.75 Kevin George, AMHS 100 FREE 3:55.47 Stillwater 2:13.64 Hailey Jensen, JHS 46.50 Sean Mulvin, PHS 3:57.00 Fort Gibson 100 BACK 46.51 Malique Elder, MHS 4:09.17 B.T. Washington 200 MR 49.00 Andrew Appleby, CFHS 46.54 Jack Nee, OHS 1:49.64 Edmond North 49.73 Henrik Pohlmann, BCHS BOYS 1:51.50 Jenks 49.98 Ian Wooley, STX 200 FREE TEAM STANDINGS 1:56.51 Enid 1:39.21 Brock Turner, OAK 275 Bixby 100 BREAST 1:39.75 Micah Simpson, GMH 256 Harrah 200 FR 55.00 Ross Palazzo, HHS 1:41.25 Cliff Goertemiller, OAK 226.5 Altus 1:39.11* Edmond North 55.55 Jack Barone, SFHS 1:42.95 Bartlesville 55.57 Derek Hren, SIHS 500 FREE 50 FREE 1:44.34 Jenks 4:28.83 Brock Turner, OAK 22.34 Garrett Thompson, AHS 100 FLY 4:30.17 Cliff Goertemiller, OAK 22.61 Mark Roselius, SHHS 400 FR 49.43 Ryan Bailey, BHS 4:39.22 Henry Senkfor, GMH 22.65 Ben Deibert, BIXBY 3:41.27 Edmond North 49.76 Ian Wooley, STX 3:46.21 Jenks 50.13 Greg Nymberg, AMHS 100 BACK 100 FREE 3:46.76 Norman North 48.92* Josh Quallen, WILHS 49.62 Ben Deibert, BIXBY 200 IM 49.41 Austin Quinn, CHS 50.63 Brandon Walker, FTG BOYS 1:48.49 Ross Palazzo, HHS 49.82 Patrick Mulcare, OAK 50.65 Garrett Thompson, AHS TEAM STANDINGS 1:49.53 Josh Brooks, CHS 321 Norman North 1:51.06 Derek Hren, SIHS 100 BREAST 200 FREE 264 Bartlesville 57.06 Jonathan Rutter, CWHS 1:46.55 Riley Bunyard, HHS 209 Edmond North 200 MR 57.63 Jake Armstrong, DHS 1:52.06 Daniel Brown, AHS 1:31.97 St. Ignatius 57.70 Frannie Brogan, DHS 1:53.62 James Huggins, FTG 50 FREE 1:32.79 St. Francis 20.94 Tomas Elder, NNHS 1:33.31 Upper Arlington 100 FLY 500 FREE 21.98 Aaron Stanek, BHS 47.95* Josh Quallen, WILHS 4:50.27 Riley Bunyard, HHS 22.23 Paden Scribner, JHS 200 FR 50.01 Michael Kessler, PHS 5:05.26 Paul Davis, AHS 1:23.74 St. Xavier 50.13 Ronnie Bolden, BHHS 5:10.96 Culley Coleman, THS 100 FREE 1:23.94 Hoover 46.07 Tomas Elder, NNHS 1:25.37 St. Ignatius 200 IM 100 BACK 48.68 Paden Scribner, JHS 1:49.51 Austin Quinn, CHS 51.56 Preston Selby, HCP 48.72 Aaron Stanek, BHS 400 FR 1:49.91 Patrick Mulcare, OAK 55.91 Bryan Lee, BIXBY 3:04.86 St. Ignatius 1:51.31 Jonathan Rutter, CWHS 58.33 David Heise, HHS 200 FREE 3:05.92 Hoover 1:39.13* Justin Wu, NNHS 3:05.97 St. Xavier 200 MR 100 BREAST 1:42.41 Naresh Naik, EMHS 1:34.80 Perkins 59.23 Mason York, KHS 1:45.31 Colton Laramore, SFHS OHIO II 1:35.04 Oakwood 1:00.97 Conner St. John, PHS HIGH SCHOOL 1:35.68 University 1:02.41 Robert Harvey, HHS 500 FREE CHAMPIONSHIPS 4:33.44 Naresh Naik, EMHS Canton, Ohio 200 FR 100 FLY 4:43.94 Reid Hibbs, SHS Feb. 20-23, 2013 (25 YD) 1:26.15 Perkins 51.44* Preston Selby, HCP 4:46.14 Colton Posey, UNION 1:27.37 Canfield 54.91 Bryan Lee, BIXBY * = State Record 1:27.40 Ada 55.59 Tyler Nichols, CHS 100 BACK 50.60 Justin Wu, NNHS GIRLS 400 FR 200 IM 54.20 Reid Hibbs, SHS TEAM STANDINGS 3:06.98 Oakwood 2:00.34 Mason York, KHS 55.22 Riley Fant, ENHS 321 Hawken School 3:11.73 Hawken School 2:02.53 Conner St. John, PHS 260.5 Oakwood 3:13.18 University 2:06.30 Paul Davis, AHS 100 BREAST 192 Indian Hills 59.33 Colton Posey, UNION OKLAHOMA 5A 200 MR 59.75 Austin Cody, NHS 50 FREE HIGH SCHOOL 1:45.10 Shawnee 1:00.28 Garrett Duncan, ENHS 23.28 Macie McNichols, GA CHAMPIONSHIPS 1:45.14 Harrah 23.34 Emily Murphy, LSH Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1:45.48 Bixby 100 FLY 23.62 Alexandra Tracy, IHHS Feb. 15-16, 2013(25 YD) 50.45 Chase Davis, UNION 200 FR 50.46 Colton Krause, BHS 00 FREE 1 * = 5A State Record 1:32.05 Shawnee 52.79 Riley Fant, ENHS 50.51 Hannah Stevens, LHS 1:32.80 Bixby 50.61 Allie Wooden, CDS GIRLS 1:33.23 Harrah 200 IM 50.89 Macie McNichols, GA TEAM STANDINGS 1:52.23 Colton Krause, BHS 299 Fort Gibson 400 FR 1:52.63 Chase Davis, UNION 00 FREE 2 260 Stillwater 3:23.80 Bixby 1:56.87 Garrett Duncan, ENHS 1:48.22* Carrie Bencic, GMH 237 Bixby 3:23.94 Altus 1:48.75 Allie Wooden, CDS 3:26.70 Harrah 200 MR 1:50.61 Sydney King, GHS 50 FREE 1:35.88* Norman North 24.97 Anka Lukannek, CAHS OKLAHOMA 6A 1:39.92 Edmond North 00 FREE 5 26.18 Hannah Cantrell, FTG HIGH SCHOOL 1:41.38 Jenks 4:50.12 Carrie Bencic, GMH 26.62 Alex Thomas, SHS CHAMPIONSHIPS 4:51.97 Sydney Lofquist, OHS Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 4:55.87 Sydney King, GHS Feb. 15-16, 2013 (25 YD) 200 MR 1:43.27 Ursuline 1:44.99 Thomas Worthington 1:45.98 Strongsville

100 BREAST 1:02.82 Lydia Pocisk, OHS 1:03.31 Kendra Crew, SHS 1:03.46 Andrea Cottrell, BHHS

100 FREE 53.61 Anka Lukannek, CAHS 55.70 Paige Nall, DCHS 57.09 Rylee Hess, MCHS

200 FR 1:27.18 Norman North 1:29.67 Edmond Memorial 1:29.88 Bartlesville 400 FR 3:14.44 Bartlesville 3:14.46 Edmond Memorial 3:17.22 Edmond North

OREGON 1A-4A HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS Gresham, Oregon Feb. 15-16, 2013 (25 YD) * = Division Record GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 45 Orange Coast Tech 44t Henley 44t Phoenix 50 FREE 25.70 Mary Stewart, SHS 25.88 Shelby Baker, LGHS 26.10 Jenny Kirschner, HHS 100 FREE 53.41 Alyse Darnall, PHS 55.51 Alyssa Bennett, OCT 56.19 Julia Anderson, VCHS 200 FREE 2:00.29 Alyssa Bennett, OCT 2:01.46 Becca Haynes, LGHS 2:01.58 Makayla Nelson, SHHS 500 FREE 5:17.22 Cassie Dallas, OCT 5:21.89 Sarah Clyde, GHS 5:24.36 Makayla Nelson, SHHS 100 BACK 58.85 Rachel Haney, RHS (Prelims: 58.40*) 59.19 Alyse Darnall, PHS 1:01.94 Kiera Supple, SA 100 BREAST 1:05.93 Breanna Sapienza, CCHS (Prelims: 1:05.59*) 1:08.35 Sophie Gemelas, MHS 1:08.94 Cassie Dallas, OCT

100 FLY 53.26 Bryce Ebel, LGHS 53.32 Philip Hewitt, COR 54.36 Ian Goodwin, MHS

200 IM 1:58.50 Austin Turner, NHS 1:59.18 Caleb Leczel, CGHS 2:00.43 Ian Goodwin, MHS

200 MR 1:45.56 Madrias 1:48.12 Philomath 1:49.05 Seaside 200 FR 1:32.09 Newport 1:35.50 Madras 1:36.19 Philomath 400 FR 3:21.81 Newport 3:23.08 Cottage Grove 3:26.99 Madras

OREGON 5A HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS Gresham, Oregon Feb. 15-16, 2013 (25 YD) * = Division Record ** = State Record GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 58 Summit 47 Bend 35 West Albany 50 FREE 24.33 Maddy Kelly, LHS 24.84 Sierra Sexton, WHS 25.12 Bella Wiener, BHS 100 FREE 51.86 Julia Bush, SHS 53.34 Madi Brewer, SUMHS 54.23 Allison Wells, CVHS 200 FREE 1:47.96** Grace Carlson, WHS 1:52.00 Julia Bush, SHS 1:53.35 M. Halligan, SUMHS

100 FLY 55.32 Breanna Sapienza, CCHS 1:01.26 Sarah Clyde, GHS 1:02.38 N. Gunselman, SHHS

500 FREE 5:00.67 M. Halligan, SUMHS 5:06.78 C. Halverson, WVHS 5:12.23 Jennifer Robeson, BHS

100 BACK 54.95** Grace Carlson, WHS 57.96 Madi Brewer, SUMHS 58.42 Emily Stevens, SHS

200 IM 2:14.84 Sophie Gemelas, MHS 2:16.43 Rachel Haney, RHS 2:18.73 Leta Spradley, HHS

200 MR 1:55.41 Oregon Coast Tech 1:57.72 Henley 1:58.20 Salem Academy

100 BREAST 1:08.32 K. Settlemeyer, WAHS 1:08.57 Shaylyn Brownell, MHS 1:09.20 Ida Donohue, CHS

200 FR 1:44.12 Phoenix 1:44.70 Valley Catholic 1:44.92 Oregon Coast Tech

100 FLY 58.62 Ida Donohue, CHS 58.87 Hannah Gupton, SANDY 59.30 Emily Stevens, SHS

400 FR 3:47.24 Phoenix 3:48.03 Henley 3:48.08 LaGrande

BOYS TEAM STANDINGS 59 Madras 53 Newport 32 Cottage Grove

200 MR 1:52.79 Summit 1:53.10 West Albany 1:56.27 Bend

50 FREE 22.24 Philip Hewitt, COR 22.26 Jade Feigert, RAHS 22.48 Kellen Wood, NHS 100 FREE 48.58 Kellen Wood, NHS 49.15 Jade Feigert, RAHS 51.41 Chase Celorie, PHHS

200 IM 2:12.19 Jennifer Robeson, BHS 2:13.18 Ali Epple, SUMHS 2:13.27 Molly Beamer, SAHS

200 FR 1:42.00 Bend 1:45.58 Sherwood 1:46.37 Sandy 400 FR 3:41.02 Summit 3:44.81 West Albany 3:48.88 Mountain View

200 FREE 1:48.68 Bryce Williams, MHS 1:49.06 David Spurgeon, VCHS 1:51.01 Brandon Hill, CGHS

BOYS TEAM STANDINGS 72 Summit 52 Corvallis 41.5 Pendleton

500 FREE 4:50.87 Liam O’Shea, RIHS 4:53.26 Bryce Williams, MHS 4:54.44 Stuntzner-Gibson, OCT

50 FREE 21.88 Jacob Rickman, PHS 22.09 Joe Cihak, CHS 22.26 Joseph Murphy, MVHS

100 BACK 53.79 Austin Turner, NHS 56.46 Noah Norris, NMHS 57.26 Sam Garrison, CGHS

100 FREE 48.86 John Hartmeier, SHS 49.68 Evan O’Grady, PHS 49.75 Jacob Rickman, PHS

100 BREAST 1:01.00 Caleb Leczel, CGHS 1:02.15 Grant Gooding, LSP 1:03.78 Garen Marter, RIHS

200 FREE 1:41.43 Alex Saver, MAR 1:43.20 Carlos Hunnicutt, SPHS

— continued on 42

April 2013


for the record — continued from 41 1:43.65 Brandon Shreeve, CHS 500 FREE 4:37.04 Alex Seaver, MAR 4:37.40 Brandon Shreeve, CHS 4:42.88 Ian Campbell, CHS

BOYS TEAM STANDINGS 260 Sunset 120 Southridge 105 Jesuit

50 FREE 100 BACK 20.79 21.40 51.25 Anton Locar, LHS 52.22 John Hartmeier, SUMHS 21.84 53.73 Alex Brooks, CVHS 100 FREE 100 BREAST 45.59 56.34** Tommy Brewer, SUMHS 46.42 59.77 Daniel Lupro, LHS 47.16 59.91 Connor Webb, HRHS 200 FREE 100 FLY 1:39.23 50.98* Carlos Hunnicutt, SPHS 1:39.43 51.87 Gus Simms, AHS 1:41.94 53.62 Nick Chaney, SANDY 500 FREE 200 IM 4:33.89 1:51.13* Tommy Brewer, SUMHS 1:56.80 Connor Webb, HRHS 4:43.73 1:59.12 Daniel Lupro, LHS 4:46.43

2:20.21 Grace Bellamy, BARR 200 MR 1:53.92 Cumberland 1:54.72 North Kingstown 1:56.42 LaSalle Academy

200 FR 1:42.16 South Kingstown Carson Brindle, LHS 1:43.48 Cumberland Max Yakubovich, SOHS 1:43.84 Prout Jordan Hurwitz, SHS 400 FR 3:41.04 South Kingstown Carson Brindle, LHS 3:46.00 North Kingstown Nicholas Thorne, BHS 3:49.88 Barrington Tristan Furnary, SHS BOYS TEAM STANDINGS Jonathan Zoucha, SHS 309 Bishop Hendricken Cameron Stitt, SHS 224.5 Smithfield Curtis Klein, WLHS 196.5 North Kingstown Cameron Stitt, SHS (Prelims: 4:25.21**) Jacob Weitzel, WHS David Perlow, SHEL

50 FREE 21.46 Logan Hellwig, WEST 21.65 Boris Paraliticci, NK 21.70 Ryan Cote, SMITH

100 BREAST 1:03.44 Bree Roman, BAY 1:05.10t Elena Escalas, USN 1:05.10t Maddie Hoff, BHS

200 FREE 1:50.61 Annelyse Tullier, DAHP 1:52.25 Julia Cook, BOER 1:53.13 Lauren Murski, DAHP

100 FLY 54.62 Carrie Johnson, MJHS 55.10 K. John-Williams, BAY 56.19 Natalie Burnett, SCHS

500 FREE 4:56.07 Jessica Sloan, MAWE 50 FREE 5:00.37 Lauren Murski, DAHP 23.37 Raquel Grays, SAJO 5:02.35 Woolley-MacMath,AUMC 23.43 Raena Eldridge, ROWL 23.51 Megan Strickland, SACH 100 BACK 57.16t Jaecey Parham, LUMO 100 FREE 57.16t Annelyse Tullier, DAHP 50.14 Sarah Gibson, SARE 57.37 Shayne Gregson, TOMM 50.51 Raquel Grays, SAJO 50.52 S. Hashbarger, MCKI 100 BREAST 1:02.22* Madisyn Cox, LUBB 200 FREE 1:03.88 Kira Schlosberg, ALED 1:48.45 A. Buscher, HOME 1:05.05 Destiny Nelson, PROS 1:49.33 Sarah Gibson, SARE 1:49.34 Emily Zapinski, SOCA 100 FLY 55.67 Hannelore Strash, SSAH 500 FREE 57.34 Sanchez-Aizcorbe,NACO 4:50.27 Ashley Boyles, KLCO 57.88 Jaecey Parham, LUMO 4:51.33 Lindsay Manning, COOR 4:51.46 Dorothy Halmy, COCP 200 IM 1:59.42* Madisyn Cox, LUBB 100 BACK 2:04.13 Destiny Nelson, PROS 55.79 Laura Norman, KELL 2:06.33 Morgan King, DAHP 56.51 Raena Eldridge, ROWL 56.84 Jordan Wheeler, HUAT 200 MR 1:47.53* Highland Park 100 BREAST 1:50.31 Frisco 1:03.84 Ashley Brem, HOCW 1:50.47 Vandegrift 1:04.47 Jenna Beaury, LEFM 1:04.83 Vanessa Duran, SARE 200 FR 1:38.04 Highland Park 100 FLY 1:38.21 Magnolia West 55.35 S. Campbell, FWPA 1:38.73 Alamo Heights 55.73 Emily Gubson, SOCA 56.27 Leah Pfitzer, HUKI 400 FR 3:31.68 Magnolia West 200 IM 3:31.80 Highland Park 2:04.46 Laura Norman, KELL 3:34.54 Alamo Heights 2:04.57 Madi Straight, KECE 2:04.96 Vanessa Duran, SARE BOYS TEAM STANDINGS 200 MR 212 Stratford 1:45.47 Kingwood 203 Wakeland 1:45.76 Houston Memorial 159 Alamo Heights 1:47.20 Carroll

200 IM 2:05.10 Hannah Peiffer, BAY 2:05.48 M. Chintanaphol, HH 2:07.23 Maddie Hoff, BHS

200 MR 1:42.16 Baylor 1:47.25 Harpeth Hall 1:48.89 Bearden 200 FR 1:33.05 Baylor 1:37.77 Harpeth Hall 1:38.00 Hardin Valley 400 FR 3:30.45 Harpeth Hall 3:31.40 Baylor 3:33.80 Bearden

100 FREE 47.42 Boris Paraliticci, NK 48.97 Michael Fedorenko,BHHS BOYS 50.02 Spencer Gradley,MTOWN TEAM STANDINGS 286.5 Baylor School 200 FREE 198 Montgomery Bell 200 FR 100 BREAST 1:43.59 Andrew Bauer, CUMB 189.5 Bearden 1:30.46 Pendleton 56.41* Cole Hurwitz, SHS 1:48.46 Michael Fedorenko,BHHS 1:30.78 Summit 57.90 Jordan Hurwitz, SHS 1:52.57 Michael Sundberg, BHHS 50 FREE 1:31.57 Corvallis 58.38 Curtis Hubbard, SHEL 20.94 Tyler Mills, SHHS 500 FREE 21.21 Luke Kaliszak, BAY 400 FR 100 FLY 4:50.07 Andrew Bauer, CUMB 21.40 Andrew Dobbs, MBA 3:16.08 Summit 49.80 Max Yakubovich, SOHS 4:58.21 Mike Toolin, NK 3:20.26 Corvallis 50.86 Jonathan Zoucha, SHS 5:02.41 Michael Sundberg, BHHS 100 FREE 3:24.50 Ashland 50.87 Tristan Verstee, MMHS 46.01 Chandler Hinson, BAY 100 BACK 46.14 Grant Stafford, RAV OREGON 6A 200 IM 51.57 Adam Betts, NARR 46.25 Ethan King, MHEA HIGH SCHOOL 1:51.93 Nicholas Thorne, BHS 52.43 Logan Hellwig, WEST CHAMPIONSHIPS 1:52.14 Cole Hurwitz, SHS 55.31 Asher Kiely, SK 200 FREE Gresham, Oregon 1:55.64 Kasey Kwong, SHS 1:38.81 Evan Pinion, BEST Feb. 17-18, 2012 (25 YD) 100 BREAST 1:40.99 John Myrhe, WEBB 200 MR 1:01.90 Alex Chatterton, CLASS 1:41.14 Grant Stafford, RAV * = Division Record 1:33.54** Sunset 1:02.04 Ryan Cote, SMITH ** = State Record 1:36.53 Southridge 1:03.71 Jack Fortin, BARR 500 FREE 1:38.61 Lincoln 4:24.22 Evan Pinion, BEST GIRLS 100 FLY 4:25.97 Sam McHugh, BAY TEAM STANDINGS 200 FR 51.53 Adam Betts, NARR 4:38.56 Hayden Burns, BEST 152 Jesuit 1:27.02 Lincoln 53.43 Mike Toolin, NK 145 Sunset 1:27.48 Sunset 55.78 Zack Herchen, BARR 100 BACK 143 West Linn 1:27.89 Southridge 48.45 Chatham Dobbs, MBA 200 IM 49.36 Pace Clark, MUS 50 FREE 400 FR 2:03.30 Asher Kiely, SK 49.49 Ethan King, MHEA 23.28 Alysha Bush, NHS 3:08.01* Sunset 2:03.48 Alex Chatterton, CLASS 23.48 Brie Balsbough, WLHS 3:16.28 Jesuit 2:05.48 Andre Silva, EPHS 100 BREAST 24.54 Logan Neal, CHS 3:16.74 Grant 56.35 Mathias Porter, SMHS 200 MR 56.85 Alex Goss, RAV 100 FREE RHODE ISLAND 1:42.43 North Kingstown 57.31 Daniel Chang, SHHS 50.47 Alysha Bush, NHS HIGH SCHOOL 1:43.64 Smithfield 51.74 Brenda Cha, LHS CHAMPIONSHIPS 1:46.21 Barrington 100 FLY 52.46 Emily Cheng, SHS Kingston, Rhode Island 47.37 Pace Clark, MUS Feb. 15-16, 2013 (25 YD) 200 FR 49.65 Reece Boyd, RAV 200 FREE 1:31.55 Bishop Hendricken 50.12 Tyler Mills, SHHS 1:50.11 Ellie Thornbrue, CENHS * = State Record 1:32.66 Smithfield 1:50.81 Prudence Rooker, FGHS 1:32.69 Westerly 200 IM 1:51.11 Emily Cheng, SHS GIRLS 1:48.00 Sam McHugh, BAY TEAM STANDINGS 400 FR 1:48.18 Chatham Dobbs, MBA 500 FREE 310 South Kingstown 3:25.04 Bishop Hendricken 1:50.64 Taylor Charles, MTM 4:52.91* Blaise Wittenau, JHS 225 North Kingstown 3:26.89 North Kingstown 4:56.05 Ellie Thornbrue, CENHS 217 Barrington 3:32.53 Cranston East 200 MR 5:05.27 Celia Keany, LOHS 1:32.22 Ravenwood 50 FREE TENNESSEE 1:33.01 Baylor 00 BACK 1 24.16* Jackie Karpowicz, SKING HIGH SCHOOL 1:34.66 Bearden 54.81** Michelle Cefal, WHS 24.65 C. Tudel, NSMTH CHAMPIONSHIPS 54.99 Rowan Hauber, LHS 24.79 Emily Landon, NK Knoxville, Tennessee 200 FR 56.87 Laine Visscher, CHS Feb. 8-9, 2013 (25 YD) 1:24.37 Baylor 100 FREE 1:24.53 Montgomery Bell 100 BREAST 51.95 Jackie Karpowicz, SKING * = State Record 1:26.91 Bearden 1:03.70 Prudence Rooker, FGHS 54.25 Emily Landon, NK 1:04.22 Brie Balsbough, WLHS 54.72 C. Trudel, NSMTH GIRLS 400 FR 1:04.79 Tiffany Zhao, WHS TEAM STANDINGS 3:07.79 Montgomery Bell 200 FREE 388 Baylor School 3:08.26 Baylor 100 FLY 1:54.33 Courtney Kent, CUMB 316 Harpeth Hall 3:08.44 Ravenwood 53.13** Michelle Cefal, WHS 2:00.26 Beatrix Lavigueur, ROGRS 165.5 Brentwood 56.06 Lainey Visscher, CHS 2:00.29 Gabrielle Dunkie, SKING TEXAS 4A 57.55 Marita Sailor, SHS 50 FREE HIGH SCHOOL 500 FREE 22.91 Kristen Vredeveld, BAY CHAMPIONSHIPS 200 IM 4:59.29 Courtney Keng, CUMB 23.53 Sophie Pilkinton, HH Austin, Texas 2:03.24* Blaise Wittenau, JHS 5:24.71 Gabrielle Dunkie, SKING 24.10 Jessica Wingo, BHS Feb. 22-23, 2013 (25 YD) 2:05.12 M. Rumrill, WSHS 5:28.16 Mikayla Rogers, TGATE 2:05.98 Brenda Cha, LHS 100 FREE * = State Record 100 BACK 49.57 Kristen Vredeveld, BAY 200 MR 58.05 Mollie Westrick, LINC 50.88 Sophie Pilkinton, HH GIRLS 1:46.28 West Linn 1:00.30 Ivana Andrews, LSA 51.88 Carrie Johnson, MJHS TEAM STANDINGS 1:47.77 Jesuit 1:00.78 Kristin Karpowicz, SKING 284.5 Highland Park 1:48.54 Sunset 200 FREE 183 Alamo Heights 100 BREAST 1:48.38 Tatum Wade, CPA 179 Frisco 200 FR 1:08.92 Grace Bellamy, BARR 1:51.19 Elizabeth Stinson, HH 1:38.03 Newberg 1:09.00 Allison Dunkie, SKING 1:52.23 Ashley Darby, HVA 50 FREE 1:38.47 Jesuit 1:10.20 Sabrina Nuttail, SKING 23.63 Kate Boyer, DAHP 1:38.94 West Linn 500 FREE 23.73 Anelise Diener, SAAH 100 FLY 4:50.03 Elizabeth Stinson, HH 24.09 Erin Giles, MAWE 400 FR 59.54 Mollie Westrick, LINC 4:52.55 Tatum Wade, CPA 3:34.03 Sunset 1:01.42 Ivana Andrews, LSA 4:57.80 Morgan Flynn, HH 100 FREE 3:35.94 Lakeridge 1:01.54 Allison Dunkie, SKING 51.72 Shayne Gregson, TOMM 3:37.02 Jesuit 100 BACK 52.01 Anelise Diener, SAAH 200 IM 54.18 Hannah Peiffer, BAY 52.06 Kate Boyer, DAHP 2:10.46 Kristin Karpowicz, SKING 54.80 K. John-Williams, BAY 2:17.84 Livvy Huber, NK 56.41 Tessa Wilson, SHHS 200 MR 1:42.37 Summit 1:42.49 Wilson 1:44.20 Corvallis


April 2013

100 BACK 50.58 Tristan Furnary, SHS 50.81 Curtis Klein, WLHS 52.58 Ethan Hanson, GHS

GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 235 Carroll 189.5 Reagan 189 Kingwood

50 FREE 20.75 Alec Willrodt, HSTR 21.01 A. Hauglum, CCFB 21.22 Nicholas Hook, FRIS

200 FR 1:35.86 Kingwood 1:35.89 Carroll 1:36.35 Atascocita

100 FREE 45.97 Nicholas Hook, FRIS 46.21 Alex Willrodt, HSTR 46.59 Owen Upchurch, BOCH

400 FR 3:28.16 Churchill 3:29.47 Carroll 3:30.26 Kingwood

200 FREE 1:39.07 Brayden Seal, FRWA 1:40.60 C. Flynn, AUVA 1:41.20 Matthew Bitara, HUSV

BOYS TEAM STANDINGS 279 Carroll 167 The Woodlands 141.5 Klein

500 FREE 4:28.23 Brayden Seal, FRWA 4:33.03 Taylor Abbott, CEPA 4:35.62 Seth Timmons, BURN

50 FREE 20.69 Joshua Clothier, LEHE 20.84 Jacob Gonzales, KLCO 21.01 Blaine Oldham, AUBO

100 BACK 51.17 Cody Holland, LSTR 00 FREE 1 52.14 Everett Mahlmann, BREN 44.58 Cannon Clifton, COTW 52.76 Anthony Aranda, RIGP 45.40 Joshua Clothier, LEHE 46.01 Jacob Gonzales, KLCO 100 BREAST 58.98 Zach Baker, TXTX 200 FREE 59.50 Tommy Peterson, FRIS 1:36.34* Jonathan Roberts, SOCA 59.93 Clayton Lynn, STOC 1:39.90 Harry Sale, KLEI 1:40.67 Gavin Erdmann, KATA 100 FLY 48.93 Michael Miller, HSTR 500 FREE 50.76 Prescott Marcy, BOCH 4:20.08 Jonathan Roberts, SOCA 51.13 Matthew Bitara, HUSV 4:29.92 Elliot Dewlen, COCP 4:30.16 Connor Dobbs, SOCA 200 IM 1:49.43 Michael Miller, HSTR 100 BACK 1:54.31 Carter Wallace, ANGL 49.27 Aaron Greene, KETC 1:54.56 Chase Garrott, FRWA 50.42 Ryan Massey, KLOA 50.71 Thomas Norman, HOLA 200 MR 1:35.87 Kingwood Park 100 BREAST 1:36.56 Stratford 56.32 Ryan Sorensen, COTW 1:36.75 Wakeland 56.99 Jonathan Tybur, COCP 57.04 Patrick Guillory, FBDU 200 FR 1:25.22 Alamo Heights 100 FLY 1:25.25 Flour Bluff 49.37 A. Skowronek, SARE 1:25.61 Wakeland 49.82 Aaron Greene, KETC 49.83 Joe Brown, EPEA 400 FR 3:06.54* Stratford 200 IM 3:08.37 Alamo Heights 1:48.40 David Moore, NOMA 3:08.46 Wakeland 1:49.59 Ryan Massey, KLOA 1:49.91 John Remetta, SOCA

TEXAS 5A HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS Austin, Texas Feb. 22-23, 2013 (25 YD) * = State Record

200 MR 1:32.41 The Woodlands 1:33.72 Carroll 1:34.17 Collins 200 FR 1:24.26 The Woodlands 1:25.04 Klein 1:25.18 Cypress Ranch

400 FR 3:04.10* Carroll 3:04.27 The Woodlands 3:06.71 Klein

UTAH 3A HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS Provo, Utah Feb. 8-9, 2013 (25 YD) * = Division Record GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 317 Wasatch 263.5 Judge Memorial 258 Park City 50 FREE 25.49 Phebe James, WHS 25.69 Zoe Smith, DHHS 25.70 Kayla Greer, DHS

200 IM 2:01.30 Zach Carfi, PCHS 2:03.05 Brandon Johnson, THS 2:05.80 Michael Pantelakis, DHS

100 BACK 53.28 Porter Roe, MCHS 55.93 Thomas Sheridan, WCHS 56.52 Josh Burningham, MCHS

100 FREE 45.96 Jordan Dahle, CHS 47.60 Brock Harries, BRHS 48.84 Aaron Cookson, PGHS

400 FR 3:36.35 Spotswood 3:39.84 Western Albemarle 3:41.01 Jefferson Forest

200 MR 1:39.19 Wasatch 1:41.23 Park City 1:43.96 Juan Diego

100 BREAST 1:00.53 John Morris, SPR 1:02.72 Mathew Vaughan, SPR 1:03.18 Grant Rainier, EAST

200 FREE 1:41.37 Jordan Dahle, CHS 1:44.32 Jarren Brinton, WJHS 1:47.67 Jorgen Jensen, CHHS

200 MR 1:45.11* Oakton 1:47.53 McLean 1:48.07 Woodson

200 FR 1:29.97 Wasatch 1:33.03 Juan Diego 1:34.14 Tooele

100 FLY 52.79 Jarom Chamberlain, OHS 53.42 Ethan Beseris, SHS 54.06 Josh Whisenant, HHS

500 FREE 4:41.83 Jarren Brinton, WJHS 4:48.29 Jayden Rasband, AHS 4:53.50 Ethan Pollock, AFHS

BOYS TEAM STANDINGS 195 Hidden Valley 185.5 Lafayette 147.5 Western Albemarle

400 FR 3:20.00 Wasatch 3:24.42 Park City 3:24.81 Desert Hills

100 BACK 52.76 Trevor Blackburn, LHS 53.31 Chris Nielson, LPHS 54.21 Jayden Rasband, AHS


200 MR 1:38.81 Mountain Crest 1:40.40 Skyline 1:41.63 Springville

Provo, Utah 100 FREE Feb. 8-9, 2013 (25 YD) 54.06 McKenzie Barber, SCHS 55.63 Phebe James, WHS * = Division Record 56.62 Zoe Smith, DHHS GIRLS 200 FREE TEAM STANDINGS 1:52.37 Amelia Draney, DHHS 406 Skyline 2:03.09 Bailey Burke, PCHS 211 Mountain Crest 2:03.50 Kaylee LeBaron, HHS 202.5 Highland 500 FREE 4:59.38 Amelia Draney, DHHS 5:33.72 Kaylee LeBaron, HHS 5:38.02 Bailey Burke, PCHS

50 FREE 23.74* Hailey Pabst, MCHS 24.57 Nichole Mertz, SHS 25.29 Tyler Stephenson, HHS

100 BACK 1:00.21 Natalie McDonald, PCHS 1:02.52 Jaime Slack, CCHS 1:03.95 Tiffany Farris, SCHS

100 FREE 52.80 Hailey Pabst, MCHS 54.06 Shaylee Howard, OHS 54.36 Polly Creveling, SHS

100 BREAST 1:06.54 Anna Dahl, WHS 1:08.43 Aspen Johnson, WATHS 1:09.92 Marcela Vasquez, JMHS

200 FREE 1:57.16 Eva Gontrum, HHS 1:58.13 Audrey Miller, SHS 2:04.61 Abby Loden, OHS

100 FLY 1:00.67 Tessa Trimble, DHHS 1:01.02 Kaley Banyai, JMHS 1:01.27 Natalie McDonald, PCHS

500 FREE 5:12.34 Eva Gontrum, HHS 5:18.27 Audrey Miller, SHS 5:26.60 McKenzie Dollei, MHS

100 BACK 57.49 Zoe Phillips, HHS 58.18 McKenzie Wells, OREM 58.78 Shaylee Howard, OHS

200 IM 2:16.00 McKenzie Barber, SCHS 2:17.66 Allison Witte, JMHS 2:20.97 Kaley Banyai, JMHS

200 MR 1:54.34 Judge Memorial 1:54.45 Wasatch 2:00.39 Park City

100 BREAST 1:09.73 Alexis Ralph, WCHS 1:09.93 Tyler Stephenson, HHS 1:12.02 Laura Spencer, OHS

200 FR 1:41.39 Wasatch 1:42.65 Desert Hills 1:45.23 Judge Memorial

100 FLY 56.19* 1:02.70 1:02.84t 1:02.84t

200 IM 1:56.56 John Morris, SPR 1:58.94 Sean O’Very, MCHS 2:03.57 Carter Grafton, MHS

200 FR 1:28.91 Skyline 1:28.97 Springville 1:31.80 Mountain Crest 400 FR 3:11.93* Mountain Crest 3:14.83 Skyline 3:15.15 Springville

UTAH 5A HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS Provo, Utah Feb. 7-8, 2013 (25 YD) * = State Record ** = Division Record GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 311.5 Brighton 288.5 Bingham 274 Lone Peak 50 FREE 24.20 Kristine Pataray, CHHS 24.28 Amelia Wolfgram, WHS 24.42 Alicia May, AHS 100 FREE 52.87 Kristine Pataray, CHHS 53.09 S. Scoresby, LPHS 53.63 Claire Jackson, HHS 200 FREE 1:54.65 1:54.99 1:55.03

50 FREE 21.56 Zachary Dehli, SRHS 21.64 Jacob Gibbs, HVHS 21.91 Jared Britton, GMHS 100 FREE 47.61 Jacob Gibbs, HVHS 48.45 B. Nowakowski, JFHS 48.53 Zachary Dehli, SRHS

400 FR 3:10.51* Brighton 3:15.83 Cottonwood 3:16.24 Lehi

100 BACK 49.44* Philip Hu, OHS 50.76 John Shebat, OHS 51.67 Nate DaCruz, COX


200 MR 1:38.66 Hidden Valley 1:39.52 Lafayette 1:40.62 Tabb

Christiansburg, Virginia Feb. 15-16, 2013 (25 YD) * = Division Record

GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS Amelia Wolfgram, WHS 210 Western Albemarle Kirsten Mathewson, BHS 196 Cave Spring Rachel Hubert, LPHS 164 Spotswood

200 IM 1:54.64 Carter Kale, LHS 1:55.47 B. Nowakowski, JFHS 1:55.55 Alex Rayle, WAHS

200 FR 1:27.10* Grafton 1:28.98 George Mason 1:30.79 Jefferson Forest 400 FR 3:12.42 Grafton 3:15.13 Hidden Valley 3:18.60 Lafayette

100 BACK 57.51 Amelia Wolfgram, WHS 59.93 Alisa Gouge, KHS 1:00.52 Abbey Sorensen, RHS

100 FREE 52.78 Hailey Bivens, CSHS 53.10 Kelly Frizzell, BHS 53.54 M. Lingle, WBHS

200 MR 1:51.12 Skyline 1:51.72 Highland 1:55.93 Orem

100 BREAST 1:03.63 Brianna Francis, AHS 1:08.57 Mariah Gassaway, VHS 1:08.75 Abby Alber, BRHS

200 FREE 1:50.95 MaryE. Warhol, YHS 1:51.48 Jessie Arnold, SHS 1:52.82 Maggie Harman, CSHS

GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 275 Oakton 128 Yorktown 119 McLean

50 FREE 22.50 Mitchell Brown, CCHS 22.54 Bryce Mounteer, WHS 22.66 Phillip Hojnacki, JDHS

200 FR 1:40.46 Skyline 1:40.74 Mountain Crest 1:42.00 Olympus

100 FLY 57.55 Autumn Wolfgram, WHS 59.20 Alicia May, AHS 59.97 Kirsten Mathewson, BHS

500 FREE 4:56.93 Jessie Arnold, SHS 5:05.64 Maggie Harman, CSHS 5:12.37 Brazil Rule, WAHS

50 FREE 23.18* Abi Speers, LANG 23.60 Laura Branton, OHS 23.86 Hannah Baker, ROB

100 FREE 49.57 Bryce Mounteer, WHS 49.75 Makai Smith, DHHS 49.95 Phillip Hojnacki, JDHS

400 FR 3:36.52 Skyline 3:41.09 Highland 3:43.24 Mountain Crest

100 BACK 56.23 MaryE. Warhol, YHS 56.49 Annie Boone, EVHS 57.88 Carrie Lee, HHS

100 FREE 50.79 Laura Branton, OHS 50.82 Abi Speers, LANG 51.86 Hannah Baker, ROB

200 FREE 1:45.84 M. Hutchings, PVHS 1:47.35 C. Christensen, SFHS 4:57.52 Jensen Howard, PCHS

BOYS TEAM STANDINGS 328 Mountain Crest 324 Springville 301.5 Skyline

200 MR 1:50.33 West 1:51.69 Brighton 1:52.67 Alta

100 BREAST 1:02.12* Kaleigh Rosenberg, HHS 1:05.80 Annie Lane, WBHS 1:06.98 Allie Christy, BRHS

200 FREE 1:50.07 Abigail Richey, CHHS 1:50.24 Megan Byrnes, OHS 1:51.77 Robyn Dryer, WS

100 FLY 55.68 Remedy Rule, WAHS 57.22 Athena Summa, PHS 57.57 Ashley Mauzy, BROOK

500 FREE 4:49.75* Megan Byrnes, OHS 4:59.08 Emma Skelley, OPHS 5:00.35 Abigail Richey, CHHS

100 BACK 53.27* Janet Hu, OHS 55.39 Hellen Moffitt, WP 56.92 Robyn Dryer, WS

BOYS TEAM STANDINGS 379 Wasatch 244 Park City 183 Desert Hills

500 FREE 4:51.43 M. Hutchings, PVHS 4:54.55 C. Christensen, SFHS 4:57.52 Jensen Howard, PCHS

200 IM 2:07.97 Lillian Moore, SHS 2:08.28 Zoe Phillips, HHS 2:11.75 McKenzie Wells, OREM

200 IM 2:04.52 Brianna Francis, AHS 2:11.95 Alisa Gouge, KHS 2:15.77 Ciera Orr, BHS

200 FR 50 FREE 1:39.20 Lone Peak 22.22 Regie Topham, HERHS 1:42.35 Brighton 22.24 D. Amirkhanashvili, SHS 1:42.81 Viewmont 22.36 Porter Roe, MCHS 100 BACK 400 FR 54.92 David Finley, WHS 100 FREE 3:35.34 Lone Peak 55.83 Spencer Bleazard, DHHS 48.49 Sean O’Very, MCHS 3:37.50 West 55.96 Garrett Jensen, PCHS 49.11 M. Chamberlain, SHS 3:41.38 Bingham 49.13 D. Amirkhanashvili, SHS 100 BREAST BOYS 1:00.74 Zach Carfi, PCHS 200 FREE TEAM STANDINGS 1:02.49 Hunter Hallows, WHS 1:41.05 William Watts, MCHS 382 Brighton 1:04.94 Ty Fejerany, BLHS 1:41.59 Connor Anderson, SPR 225 Lehi 1:45.34 James Sorensen, SHS 206 Cottonwood 100 FLY 53.80 Brandon Johnson, THS 500 FREE 50 FREE 54.28 Garrett Jensen, PCHS 4:37.11 Connor Anderson, SPR 21.20 Nathan Bramhall, PGHS 54.72 Brady Winward, WHS 4:37.58 William Watts, MCHS 21.79 Brock Harries, BRHS 4:48.26 James Sorensen, SHS 22.40 Chandler Ward, WEBER

400 FR 3:28.44* Oakton 3:35.77 West Springfield 3:35.92 Yorktown BOYS TEAM STANDINGS 218.5 Robinson 192.5 James Madison 192 Oakton

50 FREE 24.17 Lauren Cowher, CSHS 24.34 Storrs Lamb, CHS 24.36 Hailey Bivens, CSHS

400 FR 3:48.22 Desert Hills 3:48.74 Park City 3:49.95 Wasatch

200 FR 1:36.81 Oakton 1:38.02 Woodson 1:38.46 West Potomac

100 BREAST 57.54** Nathan Bramhall, PGHS 2 00 FREE 1:01.09 Zack Bradshaw, LPHS 1:43.73 Brad Allison, JMHS 1:02.12 Nathan Peercy, KHS 1:45.56 Ryan Mitchell, MHS 1:45.68 Jonathan Spires, GHS 100 FLY 48.68* Long Gutierrez, BRHS 500 FREE 52.47 Hunter O’Neal, BRHS 4:39.78 Carter Kale, LHS 53.44 Chris Nielson, LPHS 4:42.65 Aidan O’Hara, DHS 4:45.03 William Lin, PFHS 200 IM 1:52.57** Long Gutierrez, BRHS 100 BACK 1:54.82 Trevor Blackburn, LHS 52.85 Ben Kennedy, GLHS 1:59.66 Ethan Pollock, AFHS 53.03 Alex Rayle, WAHS 53.11 Lucas Cherry, GMHS 200 MR 1:40.42 Lehi 100 BREAST 1:40.66 Cottonwood 59.15 Trevor Jones, THS 1:40.79 Lone Peak 59.31 James Kegelman, THS 1:00.27 Ryan Mitchell, MHS 200 FR 1:27.34 Brighton 100 FLY 1:29.70 Lone Peak 51.43 Ben Kennedy, GLHS 1:31.28t Kearns 51.45 Carter Stulen, LHS 1:31.28t Pleasant Grove 52.98 Brennan Maxwell, BRW

500 FREE 5:15.83 Rachel Hubert, LPHS 5:24.11 Katy Daggett, BRHS 5:27.34 Jordan Verdejo, LPHS

Lillian Moore, SHS Gabrielle Beard, WCHS M. Callaway, OREM Xandra Pryor, HHS

200 IM 2:04.21 Laura Schwartz, FCH 2:04.43 Katie Munch, ROB 2:05.83 Caroline Wanner, BPHS

200 IM 2:04.25 Kaleigh Rosenberg, HHS 2:07.14 Annie Lane, WBHS 2:08.15 Athena Summa, PHS

VIRGINIA AAA HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS Fairfax, Virginia Feb. 15-16, 2013 (25 YD) * = Division Record

200 MR 1:48.31 Cave Spring 1:51.98 Tabb 1:52.11 William Byrd

100 BREAST 1:02.69 Amy Tansill, OPHS 1:03.04 Brooke Malone, SC 1:03.25 Kayla Brumbaum, RHS

200 FR 1:36.92* Cave Spring 1:39.73 Western Albemarle 1:40.82 Jamestown

100 FLY 52.84* Janet Hu, OHS 54.33 Hellen Moffitt, WP 55.62 Leah Rogers, WTW

50 FREE 20.78* Brandon Fiala, WSTFD 20.94 Harrison Pierce, PA 21.06 Matt Lockman, AHS 100 FREE 45.70 James Murphy, ROB 46.17 Matt Lockman, AHS 46.82 Matt Jones, ROB 200 FREE 1:39.16* Grimmett-Norris, CHAN 1:39.31 James Murphy, ROB 1:40.66 Evin Rude, SC 500 FREE 4:33.49 Evin Rude, SC 4:34.45 Sam Stronko, OPHS 4:34.59 Ben Southern, MCHS

100 BREAST 55.78* Austin Temple, COX 56.17 Brandon Fiala, WSTFD 57.65t Evan Owens, MAD 57.65t Johann Shim, ROB 100 FLY 47.92 Andrew Seliskar, TJEFF 49.88 Harrison Pierce, PA 50.39 Ben Southern, MCHS

200 IM 1:46.09* Andrew Seliskar, TJEFF 1:54.92 Mark Wilson, PA 1:55.49 Ian Russiello, MAD

200 MR 1:33.80 Thomas Jefferson 1:34.73 Frank W. Cox 1:35.61 Oakton 200 FR 1:24.97 Princess Anne 1:26.06 Robinson 1:27.23 James Madison 400 FR 3:08.16 Princess Anne 3:08.79 Robinson 3:09.07 Thomas Jefferson

VIRGINIA INDEPENDENT HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS Richmond, Virginia Feb. 15-16, 2013 (25 YD) * = Division Record GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 555 Collegiate 394 Trinity Episcopal 386 Hampton Roads 50 FREE 23.91 Kate Nezelek, TRIN 24.55 C. Makepeace, COOL 24.72 Nicole Shuford, HRA 100 FREE 51.74 Kate Nezelek, TRIN 53.56 C. Makespeace, COOL 53.96 Natalie Brendsel, FHS 200 FREE 1:52.62 Claire Adkins, CARL 1:53.66 Peyton Baldwin, HRA 1:56.89 Kasey Newton, TRIN 500 FREE 4:57.51 Mary Kish, COOL 5:00.73 Nicole Piercy, HRA

— continued on 44

April 2013


for the record — continued from 43 5:00.85 Claire Adkins, CARL 100 BACK 56.56* Reni Moshos, HSS 57.85 Kira Tomenchok, TRIN 57.93 Ashton Pollard, COOL 100 BREAST 1:05.68 Sommer Harris, STCA 1:06.08 Ellis Woods, STCA 1:07.04 Nicole Shuford, HRA 100 FLY 54.50* Kylie Jordan, MAD 56.06 Peyton Baldwin, HRA 57.31 Rachel Swarts, FHS

200 IM 2:04.21* Kylie Jordan, MAD 2:06.16 Mary Kish, COOL 2:06.42 Reni Moshos, HSS

200 MR 1:48.09* Collegiate School 1:48.14 Hampton Roads 1:50.45 St. Catherine’s

200 FR 1:38.88* Collegiate School 1:39.36 Trinity Episcopal 1:40.60 St. Catherine’s

400 FR 3:33.55* Collegiate School 3:34.22 Trinity Episcopal 3:34.83 Hampton Roads

BOYS TEAM STANDINGS 585 Collegiate School 422 Trinity Episcopal 412 Hampton Roads 50 FREE 21.12 Henry Bassett, STEW 21.61 James Balderston, NCS 21.75 Eli Holstege, COV 100 FREE 45.21* Ali Khalafalla, FUMA 47.07 Michael Guerci, FUMA 47.63 James Balderston, NCS 200 FREE 1:41.74 Townley Haas, BCP 1:44.23 Mac McNally, NCRS 1:45.10 Ian Shackley, SSSA 500 FREE 4:37.14 Townley Haas, BCP 4:42.12 Mac McNally, NCRS 4:42.60 Tyler Gimple, STAB 100 BACK 48.92* Zach Switzer, WFS 51.48 Henry Bassett, STEW 51.58 Peter Ferguson, COOL 100 BREAST 57.28 Eli Holstege, COV 59.35 Dallas Tarkenton, STC 59.68 Karim Elsayed, FUMA

100 FREE 48.25 Benjamin Scott, STHS 48.74 Kian Hausken, WVHS 48.89 Hunter Cosgrove, AMHS 200 FREE 1:45.07 Ian Schleh, AHS 1:45.46 Austin Barnard, AMHS 1:48.10 Curran Wilbour, SEHS 500 FREE 4:36.26 Stephen Boden, AMHS 4:41.88 Austin Barnard, AMHS 4:55.19 Ian Schleh, AHS

April 2013


Federal Way, Washington Feb. 15-16, 2013 (25 YD) TEAM STANDINGS 207 Kamiak 170 Stadium 163 Newport 50 FREE 20.11 Edward Kim, EHS 21.20 Andrew Lackman, SHS 21.73 Eben Schumann, KHS

100 BACK 51.46 Benjamin Scott, STHS 52.49 Kian Hausken, WVHS 00 FREE 1 53.38 Hunter Cosgrove, AMHS 45.21 Chase Bublitz, KENT 46.74 Andrew Lackman, SHS 100 BREAST 47.94 Erik Nielsen, GHHS 59.12 Patrick Gregory, SEHS 1:01.05 Will Burgett, PHS 200 FREE 1:03.04 Joseph Bowley, ABHS 1:39.51 Chase Bublitz, KENT 1:41.35 Asahel Jenkins, CHS 100 FLY 1:44.39 Brenden Eslick, MLHS 50.24 Alec Barnard, AMHS 54.99 Austin Lashley, LWHS 500 FREE 56.00 Cullyn Newman, HHS 4:37.23 Evan Indahl, GHHS 4:39.61 P. Giedeman, WWHS 200 IM 4:42.09 Luke Jackson, RHS 1:56.38 Stephen Boden, AMHS 2:04.94 Jonah Rodewald, HHS 100 BACK 2:05.30 Joseph Bowley, ABHS 49.99 Brian Woodbury, CUR 52.34 Conner McGinnis, JHS 200 MR 52.58 Ashton Pollick, RHS 1:41.91 Sehome 1:42.05 Steilacoom 100 BREAST 1:42.60 Hockinson 57.08 Liam Sosinsky, KAM 57.27 Keith Schendel, RHS 200 FR 58.34 Wyatt Sintay, RHS 1:28.50 Archbishop Murphy 1:31.73 Sehome 100 FLY 1:32.07 Anacortes 48.00 Edward Kim, EHS 49.38 Logan Rysemus, SHS 400 FR 50.10 Asahel Jenkins, CHS 3:14.26 Archbishop Murphy 3:18.19 Anacortes 200 IM 3:22.63 Hockinson 1:50.51 Logan Rysemus, SHS 1:52.56 John Stupey, KHS WASHINGTON 3A 1:53.75 Evan Indahl, GHHS


Federal Way, Washington Feb. 15-16, 2013 (25 YD) * = Division Record TEAM STANDINGS 274 Lakeside 271 Mercer Island 248 Bellevue

200 MR 1:36.71 Stadium 1:37.29 Kamiak 1:37.57 Issaquah 200 FR 1:28.95 Issaquah 1:29.40 Kentridge 1:29.57 Gig Harbor

50 FREE 21.13 Grant Neil, ODEA 21.28 Matt Williams, BHS 21.32 Andrew Weiss, MIHS

400 FR 3:13.03t Kamiak 3:13.03t Stadium 3:15.05 Eastlake

100 FREE 45.47 Tommy Thach, KHS 46.76 William Wertz, HHS 46.77 Andrew Weiss, MIHS


200 FREE 100 FLY 1:41.02 Todd McCarthy, BHS 51.18 Henry Fauls, STC 1:41.87 Grant Gamroth, ODEA 51.79 Geoff Marston, HRA 1:42.32 William Wertz, HHS 52.20 Cameron Moore, COOL 500 FREE 200 IM 4:32.65 Abrahm Devine, LHS 1:50.208 Zach Switzer, WFS 4:34.18 Michael Stanchi, BHS 1:55.35 Dallas Tarkenton, STC 4:36.69 Nick Klatt, LIBHS 1:55.66 Nick Switzer, WFS 100 BACK 200 MR 48.56* Thane Maudslien, KHS 1:34.69 Woodberry Forest 49.17 Todd McCarthy, BHS 1:35.07 Bishop O’Connell 50.93 C. Lindsay, AMHS 1:36.04 St. Christopher’s 100 BREAST 200 FR 57.79 Raymond Ha, LIBHS 1:25.18 Fork Union 58.08 Caleb Riggs, PHS 1:25.86 Bishop O’Connell 58.87 Morgan Ciliv, BHS 1:27.62 Hampton Roads 100 FLY 400 FR 49.76 Thane Maudslien, KHS 3:08.61* Fork Union 50.39 Grant Neil, ODEA 3:11.75 Bishop O’Connell 51.33 Henry Stolz, LHS 3:12.63 Woodberry Forest 200 IM WASHINGTON 2A 1:49.22* Tommy Thach, KHS H.S. BOYS 1:50.92 Abrahm Devine, LHS CHAMPIONSHIPS 1:51.28 C. Lindsay, AMHS Federal Way, Washington Feb. 15-16, 2013 (25 YD) 200 MR 1:36.56 Kennedy TEAM STANDINGS 1:36.62 Bellevue 267 Archbishop Murphy 1:37.53 Lakeside 237 Sehome 197 Anacortes 200 FR 1:27.30 Mercer Island 50 FREE 1:27.47 Kennedy 21.45 Alec Barnard, AMHS 1:27.51 Lakeside 22.29 Will Burgett, PHS 22.33 Kellen Meyers, KHS 400 FR 3:09.57 Mercer Island


3:09.64 Bellevue 3:11.07 Lakeside

Morgantown, West Virginia Feb. 14-15, 2013 (25 YD) * = State Record GIRLS TEAM STANDINGS 216 George Washington 176 Morgantown 122 Wheeling Park 50 FREE 24.31 Samantha Hall, EHS 24.53 Anna Davis, GWHS 24.56 Delaney Johnson, EHS 100 FREE 53.23 Samantha Hall, EHS 53.31 Maggie Miller, BUHS 53.33 Anna Davis, GWHS 200 FREE 1:59.50 Cecelia Jebbia, WPHS 2:02.95 Becka Crandall, BHS 2:02.96 Bekah Shephard, MHS 500 FREE 5:04.17 Morgan Carr, CCHS 5:12.47 Madisyn Lyons, WIN 5:33.82 Bekah Shephard, MHS 100 BACK 56.72 Maggie Miller, BUHS 59.39 Jordyn O’Dell, GWHS 1:02.73 Rachael Adams, MHS 100 BREAST 1:08.23 Katlyn Curnes, WPHS 1:08.38 E. Hageboeck, GWHS 1:10.76 Jade Worrels, JMHS 100 FLY 57.23* Morgan Carr, CCHS 59.21 Delaney Johnson, EHS 1:00.62 Claire Coleman, HURR

200 IM 2:12.33 Madisyn Lyons, WIN 2:13.94 E. Hageboeck, GWHS 2:16.67 Katlyn Curnes, WPHS

200 MR 1:52.58* George Washington 1:58.21 Wheeling Park 1:58.48 Morgantown 200 FR 1:43.12 Elkins 1:43.55 Morgantown 1:44.77 Bridgeport 400 FR 3:42.13* George Washington 3:48.08 Morgantown 3:49.02 Elkins BOYS TEAM STANDINGS 192 George Washington 156 Bridgeport 118 Notre Dame 50 FREE 21.21 Frank Csonka, BHS 21.80 Adam Poe, SCHS 21.83 Preston Padden, PKHS 100 FREE 45.87 Frank Csonka, BHS 47.03 Preston Padden, PKHS 47.78 Adam Poe, SCHS 200 FREE 1:44.86 Keegan Simmons, JEFF 1:45.13 Sean Snider, PKHS 1:53.08 Zach Kidd, GWHS 500 FREE 4:52.31 Sean Snider, PKHS 4:59.04 Zach Kidd, GWHS 5:09.22 Matt Lowther, BHS 100 BACK 51.60* Nathaniel Carr, CCHS 54.19 Jake Preaskorn, NDHS 55.83 Nathan Runyon, CCHS 100 BREAST 56.67* Austin Green, SCHS 1:02.40 Zach Shurow, HURR 1:02.97 Nick Peyatte, GWHS 100 FLY 49.25 Austin Green, SCHS 52.19 Keegan Simmons, JEFF 52.56 Jacob Nason, GWHS

200 IM 1:52.10 Nathaniel Carr, CCHS 1:54.16 Jake Preaskorn, NDHS 1:58.95 Jacob Nason, GWHS

200 MR 1:40.94 George Washington 1:42.38 Hurricane 1:43.27 Notre Dame 200 FR 1:30.05 South Charleston 1:30.24 Bridgeport 1:31.79 Charleston Catholic 400 FR 3:19.05 Bridgeport 3:19.61 George Washington 3:24.86 Charleston Catholic

WISCONSIN I H.S. BOYS CHAMPIONSHIPS Madison, Wisconsin Feb. 16, 2013 (25 YD)

* = Division Record TEAM STANDINGS 316 Madison Memorial 206 Madison West 191 Eau Claire Mem. North 50 FREE 20.81 Nick Menninga, MAME 21.23 Evan Kuker, VHS 21.31 Jon Roberts, MUS 100 FREE 46.47 Nick Menninga, MAME 46.66 Jon Roberts, MUS 46.82 Evan Kuker, VHS

50.84 Rick Perez, GGHS

100 BREAST 54.56* Alex DeLakis, ECM 57.32 Trevor Manz, ECM 57.81 Dan Gilbertson, ANE

49.81 Matt Archibald, KEM 50.20 Josh Cohoon, BUF

200 FREE 1:49.92 Alec Hampton, WOR 1:50.73 Neil Medders, BUF 1:55.47 C. Fotheringham, LYM

100 FLY 48.71 Matt McHugh, WBE 00 FREE 5 51.30 Sam Jekel, MAWE 5:09.80 Neil Medders, BUF 51.47 Ross Rybakowicz, GGHS 5:11.96 Drew Gramlich, LAN 5:12.57 Alec Hampton, WOR 200 IM 1:50.38 J. Temprano, MAME 100 BACK 1:51.29 Alex DeLakis, ECM 57.39 Nate Holt, BUF 1:51.57 Trevor Manz, ECM 1:00.21 Nic Tracy, POW 1:03.51 Chad Mason, LAN 200 MR 1:35.17 Madison Memorial 100 BREAST 1:35.60 Greenfield-Greendale 1:01.11 Erron Hopkins, KEM 1:35.91 Madison West 1:01.93 C. Nichols, WOR 1:03.00 Tylor Weiss, DOU 200 FR 1:25.29 Madison Memorial 100 FLY 1:26.01 Madison West 54.92 Tylor Weiss, DOU 1:26.80 Arrowhead 57.24 Darren Pursel, LAN 57.74 Austin Harley, NEW 400 FR 3:04.89* Madison Memorial 200 IM 3:07.89 Eau Claire Memorial 2:06.20t Zach Cain, ROW 3:08.56 Middleton 2:06.20t Nate Holt, BUF 2:09.88 C. Nichols, WOR

WISCONSIN II H.S. BOYS CHAMPIONSHIPS Madison, Wisconsin Feb. 15, 2013 (25 YD)

200 MR 1:44.90 Buffalo 1:46.30 Lander 1:49.25 Douglas

TEAM STANDINGS 258 Monona Grove 209 Edgewood 198 Milton

200 FR 1:33.06 Worland 1:33.21 Lander 1:33.74 Kemmerer

50 FREE 21.08 Al Nennig, GHS 21.76 Lee Hollman, FAHS 22.09 Jack McLaughlin, EHS

400 FR 3:23.66 Worland 3:26.27 Buffalo 3:27.83 Kemmerer

100 FREE 47.47 Lee Hollman, FAHS 47.81 Jan Hansen, BDHS 48.51 Miguel Gonzalez, PHS


200 FREE 1:44.41 Kirill Korolev, SHS 1:44.89 Sam Johnson, EAHS 1:44.95 Mitchell Paull, MGHS 500 FREE 4:42.63 Kevin Van Cleave, BA 4:44.70 Kirill Korolev, SHS 4:46.07 Sam Johnson, EAHS 100 BACK 52.65 Al Nennig, GHS 52.77 Zach Soper, SCHS 53.10 Mitchell Paull, MGHS 100 BREAST 57.35 Spencer Mattox, MHS 57.54 Tyler Roehr, MGHS 1:00.05 Tony Donagan, MFHS

Gillette, Wyoming Feb. 21-22, 2013 (25 YD)

* = Division Record TEAM STANDINGS 264.5 Cheyenne Central 246 Campbell County 198 Laramie 50 FREE 20.44 Kyle White, CEN 22.30 Justin Kovich, CEN 22.50 Andrew Apodaca, CAM 100 FREE 44.99 47.24 48.32

Kyle White, CEN (Prelims: 44.76*) David Bowersox, CAM Connor Vasa, RSP

200 FREE 1:44.83 Connor Vasa, RSP 100 FLY 1:44.99 David Bowersox, CAM 51.79 Brandon Benson, MHS 1:48.21 Ben Wisdorf, EAS 52.09 Michael Perry, SHS 53.27 Andrew Sackett, MGHS 500 FREE 4:48.73 Kayden Harbison, RSP 200 IM 5:01.90 Thomas Reams, CEN 1:53.35 Tyler Roehr, MGHS 5:03.05 Kyler Cochrane, GRV 1:55.73 Spencer Mattox, MHS 1:55.85 Kevin Van Cleave, BA 100 BACK 49.24* Collin Baldacci, CAM 200 MR 54.58 Kayden Harbison, RSP 1:36.74 Monona Grove 55.37 Chris Byrd, GRV 1:38.17 Milton 1:38.54 McFarland 100 BREAST 57.64 Levi Jensen, KWH 200 FR 59.08 Clayton Larsen, LAR 1:27.28 Monona Grove 1:00.71 Noah Beaver, CAM 1:27.82 Grafton 1:27.91 Fort Atkinson 100 FLY 49.46* Collin Caldacci, CAM 400 FR 51.00 Levi Jensen, KWH 3:15.90 Fort Atkinson 54.14 Andrew Apodaca, CAM 3:17.65 Monona Grove 3:18.94 Grafton 200 IM 1:58.13 Clayton Larsen, LAR WYOMING 3A 2:00.04 Noah Beaver, CAM H.S. BOYS 2:02.84 Justin Hood, CEN


Gillette, Wyoming Feb. 23-24, 2012 (25 YD) 200 FREE 1:41.87 Jackson Uselman, MHS TEAM STANDINGS 1:43.44 Bailey Biwer, ECM 284.5 Lander 1:44.04 J. Szczupakiewicz, MUS 194.5 Buffalo 181.5 Worland 500 FREE 4:35.93 J. Szczupakiewicz, MUS 50 FREE 4:40.72 A. Lindstrom, MAWE 22.46 Chase Walton, COD 4:41.52 Jackson Uselman, MHS 22.69 Connor Petty, WOR 22.76 Matt Archibald, KEM 100 BACK 49.34* Nicholas Petersen, MUS 100 FREE 50.17 Matt McHugh, WBE 48.52 Connor Petty, WOR

200 MR 1:36.57 Campbell County 1:38.93 Kelly Walsh 1:39.10 Laramie

200 FR 1:27.11 Campbell County 1:27.80 Cheyenne Central 1:28.42 Kelly Walsh

400 FR 3:14.38 Cheyenne Central 3:18.45 Campbell County 3:23.77 Rock Springs v

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April 2013

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MayCalendar MAY

3 Sterling, VA SNOW SC Spring Classic Invitational 3-4 Newburgh, IN NSC Cinco de Mayo Sprint Spectacular, scy

4-5 Indianapolis, IN WAC Pentathlon, scm 4-5 Laurel, MD CAA Spring Fling Novice, lc 4-5 Laurel, MD MSSC Long Course Invite entries@

3-4 Longview, WA KWSC Mother’s Day Open 4-5 Bend, OR Bend LC Invitational 3-5 Thornton, CO Steve Drozda Shotgun, lc 4-5 Fairfax, VA FISH LC Derby Meet 3-5 Brandon, FL BSAC AG/SR/TF Open, lcm 4-5 Sterling, VA 813-689-0908 SNOW LC Classic Invite 3-5 Seminole, FL WFLA AG/SR/TF Open, lcm 10-11 Jacksonville, FL 727-686-6418 BSS AG/SR/TF Open, lcm 904-256-5212 3-5 Vero Beach, FL TCSC AG/TF Open, lcm 10-12 Lakewood, CO 561-810-5403 FST LC Open barb@ 3-5 Crown Point, IN CPSC Summer Splash Invite 10-12 Carmel, IN CSC Spring Fling, lcm 3-5 Rockville, MD RMSC Spring Classic 10-12 Lees Summit, MO Christa.krukiel@ Montgomerycountymd. KCB Early Bird Gardner.howland@ gov 3-5 Albany, OR 10-12 Charlotte, NC Flakeboard Invitational USAS Grand Prix meetdirector@ 719-866-4578 10-12 Athens, OH 3-5 Beaverton, OR Thunderbolt Spring Open BSC Spring Classic meetdirector@ 11 Long Beach, CA BSC SC RW 4 Winter Park, FL TPA 14&U T/F, scy 321-282-2558 11 Tallahassee, FL DOLF AG/SR/TF Open, scm 4 Indianapolis, IN LST Summer Splash, scm 850-294-1004 11 Middlebury, IN NASA Off the Block, scy 4 Michigan City, IN MCPS Summer Spectacular 11 Youngstown, OH Youngstown Season Opener 4 Geneva, OH Hawken May Madness Meet 11 Hood River, OR Hood River Spring Sprinter 4-5 Corona, CA CCAQ LC BR/W, 11&U 11-12 San Pablo, CA coachwayne@ AAA “C-B-A+” lc 510-295-8470 4-5 Downey, CA 11-12 Chicago, IL DWNY LC BRW WEST Dive Into Summer rickettsfedeerico@


4-5 Santa Monica, CA TSM LC BRW

11-12 Morris, IL JAMS May Meter Madness

4-5 St. Charles, IL SCST Arena Spring Pentathlon

11-12 Erlanger, KY CLPR Arctic Splash Meet Clippers.swimming@

April 2013

18 Lithonia, GA 11-12 Portland, OR GA LC Invitational MHA Sextathlon hugh@ 11-12 McLean, VA MAC May Mini Olympics 18 Macon, GA Swim Macon LC Invite 703-391-2077 12 Santa Clara, CA SCSC Senior II Walk-On scy 18 Roseburg, OR RYST Spring Splash Invite jbitter@ murphyhwdfloors@ 17 Cumming, GA 18-19 Anaheim, CA GOLD Kickoff AAA SC RW cmheadcoach@ marius@ 17-18 Ocala, FL CFM AG/SR/TF Open, lcm 18-19 Camarillo, CA PVST SC Novice/JO Max 352-873-5811 17-18 Valparaiso, IN UTSC SYOA Summer Invite 18-19 Los Altos Hills, CA LAMV “C-B-A+” lc 17-19 Santa Maria, CA 18-19 Morgan Hill, CA SMSC LC BRW MAKO/GGST IM Ready, lc santamariaswim@ meetdirector@ 17-19 Arvada, CO North Jeffco Invitational 18-19 Rohnert Park, CA QUIK “C-B-A+” scy quiltnmama@ 17-19 Colorado Springs, CO CMA IMX 18-19 Saratoga, CA DACA “C-B-A+”, lc 17-19 Longwood, FL PA AG/SR/TF Invite, lcm 18-19 Glenwood Springs, CO 407-862-2207 Western Slope IM Challenge 17-19 Naples, FL T2 AG/SR/TF Open, lcm 239-249-6563 18-19 St. Petersburg, FL SPA AG/SR/TF Open, lcm 17-19 Sarasota, FL SYS AG/SR/PF Invite, lcm 727-471-8896 941-922-9622 18-19 Chicago, IL Academy Speedo Spring 17-19 Bloomington, IN BSC Summer Invite, lcm Swimtacular t.capen@ 17-19 Fishers, IN FAST 500 Invitational, lcm 19 Moraga, CA OAPB SR II Walk-On, scy 17-19 Fort Wayne, IN SWAC Spring Fling, lcm 19 Oakland, CA ONDA Relays, scy 17-19 West Lafayette, IN BA Early Bird Invite, lcm 24-26 Irvine, CA NOVA Grand Challenge 714-731-8065 17-19 Baltimore, MD RAC Abby Seeger 24-26 Palm Springs, CA PSP LC BRW Memorial Invitational jeffconwell_2000@ 17-19 Cincinnati, OH CM Pepsi Cola Spring Invite 24-26 Denver, CO ACES Spring Open 303-741-1733 17-19 Cincinnati, OH Senior Circuit Meet 24-26 Ft. Pierce, FL RATS AG/SR/TF Open, lcm 772-462-7760 17-19 Corvallis, OR CAT Open 24-26 Lincolnshire, IL PAC Memorial Day Melee 18 Hemet, CA HVDA SC RW 24-26 Munster, IN MSC Memorial Day Invite 18 Los Angeles, CA JCA Relays 24-26 Notre Dame, IN IA May Invitational, lcm 18 Jacksonville, FL BSS AG/SR/TF Open, lcm 24-26 Wichita, KS 904-256-5212 WSC Oz Classic 18 Chamblee, GA DYNA Spring Splash 24-26 Boulder City, NV joy@ DSS LC BRW

2 4-26 Carson City, NV CARS Age Group Open, lcm tsmeetdirector@ 24-26 Gresham, OR CRST Big Wave Decathlon Mark.mcbride@

31-2 Port Orange, FL DBS AG/SR/TF Open, lcm 386-212-2681 31-2 Tampa, FL CVST AG/SR/TF Invite, lcm 813-961-1368 31-2 Rockville, MD Maryland State LC Champs. Christa.krukiel@ Montgomerycountymd. gov

24-26 Oakton, VA Virginia State LC Champs. potomacmarlins@ 31-2 Columbus, OH OSSC Spring Into Summer Splash 25 Sterling, IL SSSC Spring Sprint sterlingstingrays@ 31-2 Sterling, VA SNOW LC Invitational 25-26 Jacksonville, FL EAJ AG/SR/TF Open, lcm MASTERS 904-868-1490 MAY 4 St. Petersburg Beach, FL 25-26 Madras, OR Hurricane Man 2.4-mile RW MST Summer Kick-Off, scy Swim and Pass-A-Grille Challenge 1000 meter Swim 25-27 Salinas, CA MBSC Age Group Open, lcm 4 Cambridge, MA maryhazdovac@ LANES Tea Party 5 2 5-27 Santa Clarita, CA CANY LC BRW 2 5-27 Simi Valley, CA CSSC LC BRW

9-12 Indianapolis, IN USMS Spring Nationals goldsteinmel@ 18 Stanford, CA California Senior Games

25-27 Stockton, CA TIGR Age Group Open, lcm 19 New Britain, CT Connecticut Masters Games 31-1 Colorado Springs, CO ryan@ AFA Spring Open Anthony.boettcher@ 19 Ocala, FL Marlins Spring LC Meet 31-2 Pleasanton, CA meetdirector@ 25 Fernandina Beach, FL Ed Gaw Amelia Island OW 31-2 Santa Clara, CA Challenge USAS Grand Prix 719-866-4578 25-26 Reston, VA 31-2 Thornton, CO Jim McDonnell CUDA Star LC Lake Swims v


this in swimming Sponsored by:

The International Swimming Hall of Fame


During the 1961 U.S. Senior Women’s Indoor Swimming Championships, April 6-8, in Hialeah, Fla., 14-year-old Kathy Ellis (1991 ISHOF Honor Swimmer), claimed her first national title in the 100 yard fly, defeating 1960 Olympian Carolyn Wood, 1:01.7 to 1:02.1. Ellis set her only WR in the 100 fly with a 1:06.5, Aug. 16, 1963, at nationals, but only held it for two weeks. At the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, she earned gold medals as part of the WR-setting 400 medley and 400 free relays, and individual bronze medals in the 100 free (1:00.8) and 100 fly (1:06.0). She also earned gold in the 100 fly and bronze in the 100 free at the 1963 Pan Am Games.


pictured > andrea kropp of rattler swim club in san fernando , calif . stretches before her race at last year ’ s u . s . open in indianapolis .

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April Swimming World Magazine  

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