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No Swimming Sign- A Safety Indicator! Pool signs are of grave importance as they are a useful tool to prevent any major or life threatening accidents. Ensuring safety around the pool through effective notifications is imperative. Implementing a pool rule sign is vital near a swimming pool whether in clubs, homes or parks for conveying important messages to people. This also includes a no swimming sign. A no swimming sign indicates that people should not attempt swimming in the pool as its prohibited and will be counted as an offence if violated. There are countless pool signs that can be used and amongst them, a no swimming sign is of high importance. Swimming in a particular area might be prohibited because of the pool depth or some kind of construction. Thus, the primary purpose is to ensure the safety of the people. However, this pool rule sign can only be effective if it is placed in the right place. In majority of the situations where accidents occur, pool signs are placed in locations where people entering the pool area do not notice them or the messageis not visible due to poor lighting or faded signs. Hence, the message is not conveyed resulting in injuries and accidents. Therefore, a no swimming sign should be placed in such a location where they are easily noticeable. Another problem that arises with a pool rule sign is that the size of the signs is not appropriate. Some signs are so small that people don’t even realize they exist. The importance of a sign is emphasized by its size. A no swimming sign should be of adequate size to make it easily visible to people. What’s more is that the sign should make use of bright colors to grab the attention of people passing by. The most common way a no swimming sign is made is simply showing a swimmer crossed out in red. This is a simple and popular method. Nevertheless, people can also get it written instead of making use of a picture. Extra graphics can be added to enhance the sign’s visibility.

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No Swimming Sign- A Safety Indicator!