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Become a swimming teacher and turn your love of swimming into a career. You’ll enjoy a fun, flexible and social role that really makes a difference to people’s lives. Plus you will gain skills that will boost your CV, your employability and your confidence! You can start your training from 16 years old, so it’s a great way to earn extra money as you head towards further or higher education. Or you can turn your passion into a full time career and love every day at the ‘office’.

“Having been a swimmer growing up, it seemed like a very natural progression to want to give something back to others and stay involved in the sport I love.” - Abi, Level 2 swimming teacher and student

Stand out from the crowd Swim England’s qualifications can develop your sports teaching skills and improve your employability.

So, how do you start? Step 1: Become a swimming assistant. Swim England’s Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) qualification is a great way to start your training. You’ll learn a range of technical, teaching and communications skills, including: •

The swimming pathway, fundamental movement, core aquatic skills and the component parts of strokes and the scientific principles of swimming

What makes up a lesson plan, the right equipment to use

Communications skills, how to identify anxiety and motivational techniques to use.

You’ll also understand the responsibilities of a swimming assistant and how they are a great support to swimming teachers. How long does it take? 30 hours (incorporating 26 guided learning hours) Minimum age:

16 years or older on the first day of the course.

No experience necessary.

Step 2: Become a swimming teacher. The Swim England Level 2 Teaching Swimming qualification builds on your Level 1 experience and provides the knowledge, skills and ability needed to become a swimming teacher. It also includes a minimum of six 30 minute real-life swimming lessons to give you hands on practical experience ready for your new role. Key learning areas include: •

Developing the core aquatic skills and the four strokes.

How to identify and correct common swimming faults

How to assess, plan and deliver lessons for different levels of ability. This includes adaptations for learners with special educational needs and disabilities.

Key teaching and organisational skills such as class management, safeguarding, behaviour management, communication skills, teaching methods and motivational techniques.

National curriculum swimming lessons and how they differ from learn to swim lessons.

How long does it take? 63 hours (including 55 guided learning hours) Minimum age:

16 years or older on the first day of the course.

Applicants must also hold one of the following qualifications: Swim England Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) or Level 1 Award in Teaching Aquatics, or an equivalent ASA qualification certificated after 1994.

“I was a competitive swimmer myself and I wanted to give something back to my club. I started helping out in the Learn to Swim Programme and developed a real love of working with young children and helping them to achieve their goals� - Jo, Level 2 swimming teacher

Make a difference Inspire others and stay in the sport you love.

Next steps… As a swimming teacher, there is always something new to learn or try. You can continue to develop your skills throughout your career with our range of continuous professional development (CPD) short courses and industry-leading swimming qualifications.

Why not follow your interests? Do you enjoy engaging with babies and parents? Taking the Level 2 Teaching Swimming to Babies and Toddlers qualification enables you to inspire parents and toddlers to discover the water together. Love open water swimming? Why not become a coach? Take the Level 2 Coaching Open Water Swimming qualification and gain the specialist knowledge needed to plan, deliver and evaluate open water swimming sessions.

Unrivalled online support Swimming teachers and assistants can benefit from Swim England Qualifications’ unrivalled online support network. Providing course details and advice for experienced and budding swim teachers alike, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. 1.

Swim England Qualifications website ( All the latest information on Swim England qualifications and CPDs, along with a handy course finder.

2. Swimming Qualifications (Swim England) Facebook group A fantastic forum for swimming teachers and assistants to discuss the hot topics in the industry and seek lesson advice. 3. Swim England Qualifications Twitter page (@SE_Quals) Swimming teachers, assistants, educators and coaches can follow this account to access the latest news and course updates.

Progress your journey as a swimming teacher with Swim England’s industry-leading qualifications. Recognised by employers for their quality, they consistently remain the preferred choice of over 80% of swimming teachers in England and Wales (Ofqual statistics 2012-17)


Delivering the latest technical, technique and teaching content.

Providing invaluable practical experience to ensure you feel confident and prepared for your next role.

Learn key skills such as behaviour management, communications skills and adaptations for SEND learners.

Ongoing support for your career with a wide choice of skill enhancing CPDs.

Where will you train? With regular courses running around the country at our 320 approved training sites, there’s sure to be a course near you.

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Use the handy course finder on our website to find out more. Visit

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Swim England Qualifications - Jump Into Swim Teaching  

Turn your love of swimming into a career with Swim England Qualifications. Whether you would like to earn extra money at university, get pai...

Swim England Qualifications - Jump Into Swim Teaching  

Turn your love of swimming into a career with Swim England Qualifications. Whether you would like to earn extra money at university, get pai...