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•Terrace with lounge function

•A la carte restaurant for fine dining

•Club with excellent live music and entertainment

Three functions within one concept. Terrace, a la carte, club…… A1 Location in Naama Bay

Concept attracts clientele from 18-80 years

Making the difference in Sharm by offering excellent food produced in good hygienic environment. Food for every budget: Fingerfood in lounge and club. Fine dining in a la carte restaurant,

Club offers stylish trendy entertainment. Regular theme nights and excellent live music, shows, dance.

Furnishing and decoration is classic with trendy details

Furnishing and decoration is classic with trendy details

Trends & Classics concept Classical furnishing with trendy details

Classical base menu with trendy dishes based on daily fresh offer, fusion Classical music performed in a trendy way, shows with a trendy twist The daily program will build up from lounge music during day and evening to clubbing in the late hours.

Show, dance, clubbing

Atmosphere of the 1920-ies with a trendy twist

Continuing the Dutch succes of the Night of the Proms in Egypt.

For all ages………

Trends & Classics restaurant and lounges  

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