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Pure Simplicity. Pure Performance. Pure Partnership.

No subscription, installation or maintenance costs.

We only make money when you do.

Common reservation behavior guest searches for hotels in the destination city 1 The using the popular search engines.


The guest will reserve directly through the hotel website if it offers‌

Best rates online Instant confirmation online Reservation guarantee Modify reservation online 24/7



The guest reviews various hotel portals and online travel agents, then selects a hotel based on location, rates and quality.

The guest then finds the hotel website, comparing rates and reservation terms to those on the portals and online travel agents.

Hotels earn more by selling direct through their website

Travel Agency 10% commission + fees

Online Travel Agents (Expedia, Travelocity, Best Day)

30% commission

Direct Reservations 10% Performance-Based fee

A market poised to explode

69% of guests prefer to book direct

Guests can make room reservations in your hotel via two online channels




Unrealized due to: • no website • poorly designed website • poorly marketed website • no instant confirmation

The solution:

31% of guests prefer to book indirect


Hotel website

Quick Beds

Third party intermediaries

Pure simplicity We make things simple from start to finish for you and your guests.

Guests will find your website more easily

Simpler still‌

View availability and rates, then make a reservation with instant confirmation and a payment guarantee

If necessary, guests can also easily modify bookings all by themselves

We take our service fee upfront via the guest deposit - no billing reconciliations

It’s simple and it works!

bringing in more visitors turning visitors into bookers adding value from start to finish

How you benefit You get MORE visitors via our optimized online marketing services: • search engine optimization • paid search engine advertisement • travel directory listings • affiliate website marketing You capture MORE bookers through our reservation service featuring: • a simple 4-step reservation process • rate parity offered on your website • a 10% deposit charged to a credit card to secure the booking • instant confirmation • easy online reservation modifications for your guest

You achieve MORE performance on your website by: • collaborating with us on specific strategies and recommendations focused on improving occupancy, revenue and gross profit • receiving straightforward monthly performance reports that provide statistics and information regarding your website traffic and guest’s online behaviour • ensuring that guests find available accommodations on your website at rate parity

Enhance guest loyalty

Increase occupancy

Improve profitability

Manage reservation risk

You receive all these benefit for a completely performance-based fee!

> Search Engine Optimization

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns




• Your guests can reserve: - multiple room types - staggered dates • Simple step-by-step reservation process • Instant confirmation • Modify/cancel, 24/7



Hotelier interface allows you to set and manage accommodation rates, availability, cancellation and noshow policies Your guests can amend or cancel their reservation instantly and we can easily remit the cancellation & no-show fees to your hotel.



Revenue Manager

Performance Maximization Assistant

Web Design Specialist


Search Engine Marketer

A dedicated team takes every opportunity to maximize your website performance.

Website performance reports are given on a periodic basis.

We email and/or call you to discuss results and jointly enhance performance as needed.

Difference between online & offline marketing Online Marketing

Offline Marketing

Utilizes the internet to create awareness of services and to generate leads. There are two types: • •

On page – Website’s design & structure Off page - posting relevant information about your hotel on the Internet. -

Open Directory Submission Press Release Submission Submission to Social Bookmarking sites Submission to Wikitravel Blog posting Forum posting

Utilizes traditional media that includes mostly print materials like flyers, brochures, ads, billboards etc.

Costs and benefits of advertising online Offline advertising



Online PPC advertising

Paid online advertisement


•On the average, hotels can pay at least $42.00.for a column inch of black and white advertising space. Costs increase as the ad size gets bigger.

DirectWithHotels pays for an online advertisement of your hotel. Cost can range from USD 0.05 to USD 0.30 for 4 lines and 130 characters.


•Visibility of the ad is limited to those who read the newspaper in the area where it is circulated.

Visibility of the online advertisement is any English speaking person in the world.

Pure performance

We only make money when you do.

Set up costs Software licensing fees Marketing charges Additional charges

Our unique fee structure is purely performance-based.

We collaborate with you to Pure partnership attract, convert and manage more direct bookings. Portfolio Management Team

That’s pure motivation! The more successful your direct reservations performance, the more successful we are.

Our fee structure Our service fee is the guest deposit at the time of booking. No added charges for the many services that we offer.

Reservation guarantee deposit of 10% on accommodation charges

Deposit-guaranteed reservation Hotel

Remaining 90% of accommodation charges and all other charges paid directly by guests

We succeed only when you succeed!

Getting started is easy!

We collaborate with you to Pure partnership attract, convert and manage more direct bookings. Portfolio Management Team

That’s pure motivation! The more successful your direct reservations performance, the more successful we are.

Getting started is easy! Four easy steps:



Partner with us to simplify your life


Undergo hotelier interface training




Launch reservation service

Establish baseline performance


Simple process flow: Hotelier


Sales Partner




Step 1: Partner with us & simplify your life DirectWithHotels Service Commitments • ATTRACT : bringing in more visitors to the hotel website • CONVERT : turning visitors into bookers • MANAGE : adding value for start to finish Performance-based service fee : guarantees our incentive to improve your direct reservations performance

If you do not have an existing website, we will create one for you at no additional cost.

The Hotel’s Commitments • For any given month, all accommodation types are available at least 50% of the time (15 days) • Provide us up-to-date information so we can target your guests better in our ATTRACT/marketing efforts. • Provide better rates so you can be competitive and take advantage of your guest’s preference to book direct allocate accommodations so more guests can reserve with instant confirmation • Recognize these reservations up to check-in.

Step 2: Undergo hotelier interface training

Manage accommodation availability, rates, policies, and other reservation offerings to guests through our hotelier interface.

Step 3: Launch the reservation service on your website Pay-Per-Click

Step 4: Establish a baseline period



Partner with us and benefit from our approach

We make your life easier.

La Fleur Hotels - DWH Sales Presentation  

La Fleur Hotels - DirectwithHotels sales presentation

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