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Welcome to the Swift world! This magazine is the only one who is created for huge Swift fans who wants to learn more about the lovely country music singer Taylor Swift! You will the opportunity to copy her style and communicate with other girl who are obsessed with Taylor. Millions of competitions and giveaways will be organised. We hope to enjoy our mag! If you want to contact us, send e-mail to We are waiting you to tell us your opinion! Stay Fearless, The Swift Mag Team! (Marleen, Kayla & Teresa)

the girl in the pictures Taylor Swift is a US-based singer and songwriter focused on two genres: pop music and country music. She was given the name Taylor Alison Swift and was born in the 13th of December 1989. In 2006, Swift launched her very first single entitled "Tim McGraw" which held the 6th spot on Billboard's Country Charts. In just a few months after her single's release, Taylor introduced her self-titled debut album which consisted of a total of five hit singles as those were included in Billboard's Country Chart. Swift's most popular single to date is "Love Story" which is considered as the very first country track to become a chart topper in the Mainstream Top 40 chart. Swift was born in Pennsylvania, born to parents Scott Swift and Andrea Swift. She has a younger sibling named Austin. As early as the age of 10, Taylor started creating songs as well as performing at singing contests. She also became part of Kirk Cremer's TheatreKids Live! Cremer's mother, one time, saw Taylor perform and suggested that she focus on country music as opposed to theater acting. At age fifteen, RCA Records offered her work, but Swift rejected because the label did not say yes to Taylor recording her own compositions. Eventually, Swift landed a deal with Big Machine Records after Scott Borchetta, (from the said label), became interested in Taylor's talent after watching her perform at The Bluebird CafĂŠ. Taylor's first single "Tim McGraw" was released in 2006, inspired by her favorite country artist of the same name. Taylor's debut album was released next, with most of the songs written by Taylor herself. The album topped Billboard's list of Top Country Albums and also hit the 5th spot on the Billboard 200 chart. The following year (2007), Taylor Swift received the "Songwriter/Artist of the Year" award from the Nashville Songwriters Association International, which made her the youngest performer in history to win the said award. Swift also received a nomination for "Best New Artist" in the 2008 Grammy Awards. In the first quarter of 2008, Taylor's "Picture to Burn", one of her debut album's singles reached number 3 on Billboard's Country Chart. Another single: "Should'va Said No" was released next, which became a chart topper on the same chart. In November of the same year (2008), Taylor launched "Fearless", her studio album, which topped the Billboard 200 Album chart, and also contained the lead single entitled "Love Story" which was a smash hit not only in the Country chart, but also in the Pop chart. In January of the current year (2009), Taylor appeared on Saturday Night Live, with her show getting the highest ratings. The following month, she performed at the 51st Grammy Awards with Miley Cyrus wherein they sang Taylor's track: "Fifteen".

“Cha nge” by T aylor Sw ift 6 fa cts you shoul d know a bout i t!

Swi ft tol d CM T Countr y Countdown tha t she wr ote thi s song "a bout bei ng on a sma l l r ecor d l a bel a nd bei ng a 16 yea r -ol d gi r l a nd ha vi ng a l ot of odds a ga i nst a l l of us." She a dded tha t she fi ni shed i t a fter wi nni ng the H or i zon Awa r d a t the CM A a wa r ds i n N ovember 2007 a s she knew "she coul dn't fi ni sh i t unti l somethi ng l i ke tha t ha ppened." Swi ft concl uded tha t i t i s "i nter esti ng how you ca n a ppl y the l yr i cs to the Ol ympi cs a nd to someone who got bea t a few ti mes a nd i s r ea l l y hopi ng thi ngs wi l l cha nge."

T hi s wa s or i gi na l l y r ecor ded by T a yl or Swi ft for the AT & T T ea m U SA Soundtr a ck, a n a l bum fea tur i ng excl usi ve r ecor di ngs by A-l i st a r ti sts cr ea ted to suppor t the Amer i ca n tea m i n the 2008 Summer Ol ympi cs. T he vi deo wa s fi l med a t the ba l l r oom i n the Scotti sh Ri te Ca thedr a l i n I ndi a na pol i s, I ndi a na

T he musi c vi deo wa s di r ected by Sha wn Robbi ns T hi s song beca me Swi ft's fi r st si ngl e to r ea ch the T op 10 of the H ot 100. T hi s song wa s fea tur ed a s the ba ckgr ound musi c to the da i l y T V monta ge of the Ol ympi c hi ghl i ghts, shown a t the end of the show.

Well, let’s just sing hallelulliah

M usicVideoCharts!

“Change” M usic video was just incredible and Americans loved it! Y ou don’t believe us?Check it out: US Billboard H ot 100


US H ot Country Songs


US Pop 100


This page is dedicated to all of you (Swit fans)! Here weTonight will we standed And it's* a sad picture, the post your emails where you can write how much you love final blow hits you ourMknees Taylor! You can also take pictures of your wall which areon full H ello Sw ift mag! y Somebody else gets what you So we've been outnumbered,  To fight of Taylor posters! Send us your emails here: name is H elena andfor I what we . Enjoy! again raided and now cornered for all these am 10 year sworked old! I ’m ith the You know it's all the same,  It's hard to fight whenobsessed the fight w years incr edible singer another time and place ain't fair And the battle was aylorfrom Sw ift! She isthe thefight of Repeating history and We're getting strongerTnow long, it's BEST ! I am fr om you?re getting sick of it things they never found our lives M adr id and I have been They might be bigger 2but we'reat her Willconcer we stand times ts! up But I believe in whatever faster and never scared champions tonight? I r eally cr ied w hen she you do sang “Our song” I t’s my favor And I'll do anything to see it You can walk away and sayite! we It was the night Stay F ear less, through don't need this things changed, can But there's somethingHinelena,10 your year you ssee it now? old Because these things will eyes says we can beat this These walls that they change, can you feel it now? put up to hold us These walls that they put up 'Cause these things will change,  back fell down to hold us back will fall down can you feel it now? It's a revolution,  It's a revolution, the time These walls that they put up to throw your hands up,  will come for us to finally hold us back will fall down 'cause we never gave win It's a revolution, the time will in come for us to finally win We'll sing hallelujah! We'll sing hallelujah! We'll sing hallelujah! Oh We'll sing hallelujah! We sang hallelujah! We'll sing hallelujah! Oh Hallelujah!

Change L yrics!

This page is dedicated to you Swift fans! Here you can send us emails or letters to show how much you love Taylor! You can also send us pictures showing rooms full of Taylor’s posters! Be sure that we’re going to public everything only with your permission. For more informations send us e-mail at . We are waiting your e-mails!

H i Sw ift mag. F ir st of all I r eally love the idea of cr eating this magazine! M y name is Angelina , 14 year s old fr om Boston. T aylor Sw ift is absolutely my favor ite singer in the w or ld! She lear ned me to be F ear less and I thank her for that. I have seen her live once and she w as br illiant. M y favor ite music video is “Change” and I hope that you w ill have a page dedicated to this song someday! I w ish one to to be invited at her T -par ty! Alw ays in love w ith T aylor ! Bi g Swi fty! 14, Boston

Sw ift giveaw ays!



Do you want to have a Taylor sketch? Do you imagine to wear Taylor’s dresses? This is your chance to win a Taylor Swift’s Sketch from our lovely and adorable Christina! The only you have to do is to send us an email at where you will request us which Taylor’s appearances you would like to see a sketch! The winners will be announced in our next issue! We really can’t wait! Good luck!

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular singers of country music. She has only released 3 albums and she has over 1000000 fans or “Swifties” (that’s how they call themselves). So it’s normal that every day Taylor does something new. This month’s Swift news!


Taylor released her first fragrance on October with the name “Wonderstruck” from her song “Enchanted” In addition to promote it she was invited at the television programme “Good Morning America” and lots of others with her stunning, as always, style. She also had organized something like a celebration at Macy’s square so lots of Swifties had the chance to meet her and too a picture with her. But Taylor is not only talented at music and beauty. A few days ago “The Lorax” ,where she has one of the main roles ,released.


Taylor & Swifties  

This is our first issue with Tyalor news for Swift lovers! Let's just Speak Now swifties!

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