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The Difference Between UX & UI Design 6 UX Rules Tech Startups Need To Master Tushar Deshmukh


UXExpert Specializes In the Design of User Interaction and In the Use of Emerging Techniques and Practices for Developing Usable HumanComputer Interaction

2019 UI & UX Design Trends



n today’s fast-paced and ever-changing environment, your business priorities most likely sound similar to this: 1) generate new revenue streams, 2) enhance brand identity, and 3) increase customer engagement. These goals are increasingly being accomplished through a digital web or mobile app designed to make it easy for your customer to engage with you. When it comes to crunching the numbers on the effectiveness of a digital product, however, there is arguably nothing more important than making sure your users have an excellent user experience.

How Important is UI/UX in the Modern Digital World?

Some things don’t change. A picture can speak a thousand words. The right tune can move the soul. And, a well-developed user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) can make or break your product. Anything less than an awesome user experience leads to unhappy customers who won’t recommend your product to friends. That’s why it’s imperative to understand how to design a product that is efficient and easy to use. It needs to stand out from the crowd — “good enough” is no longer good enough! An excellent user experience means your digital product is easy and intuitive. It’s also fun, unique and inviting. When your customers use your product, you want them to have the best experience possible so they continue using it and recommend your

product to others. In addition, from a marketing perspective, good UX leads users to interact with you and provide feedback on how to improve your product. This is critical information that you may only be able to get from your users. We might not like to admit it, but people do judge a book by its cover. So, it’s a natural consequence that a well-executed design can sell a product before it’s built. Here’s what we mean: hallmarks of good UI are a consistent theme from screen to screen, which includes graphics and animations, uniform layout, and ease of use. Consistency on every screen builds credibility and keeps users from getting confused. You want them to be happy, keep using your product, and, telling others about it. With each passing year, the nation is realizing the importance of UX/UI in the business and what can be a better way than recognizing the industry stalwarts who are contributing distinctively in transforming the scenario of these countries? In this special issue, we introduce ‘10 Most Promising UXUI Designing Companies in India 2019’, in order to assist businesses to choose the right companies. We have featured UXExpert as the cover story. It specializes in the design of user interaction and in the use of emerging techniques and practices for developing usable human-computer interaction. We have introduced profiles of Bridge UX, Divami Design Labs, GoodWorkLabs, INKONIQ, Mobinius Technologies, NetBramha Studios, OMSOFTWARE, Pixlogix InfoTech and TechVed Consulting. Our in-house editors have come up with some adroitly written articles such as – ‘The Difference between UX and UI Design’; ‘2019 UI and UX Design Trends’ and ‘6 UX Rules Tech Startups Need To Master’. It’s time to flip the pages and have smooth design experience with a reading pleasure!

It needs to stand out from the crowd — “good enough” is no longer good enough!

Pallavi Sabe Editor-in-chief



UXExpert Tushar Deshmukh


Bridge UX

Mr. Ramesha Ponnuswamy


Divami Design Labs Naveen Puttagunta


GoodWorkLabs Vishwas Mudagal




INKONIQ Rajesh Kumar

Pixlogix InfoTech Samir Bhimbha



TechVed Consulting Mohar V

Mobinius Technologies Damodar Puthye


NetBramha Studios Aashish Solanki





The Difference Between UX And UI Design


2019 UI and UX Design Trends


6 UX Rules Tech Startups Need To Master


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Cover Story

Tushar Deshmukh Founder

UXExpert Specializes In the Design of User Interaction and In the Use of Emerging Techniques and Practices for Developing Usable Human-Computer Interaction

We follow basic principle “Put User First and We are not our Users”. So we spend substantial amount of time to understand correct requirements, user needs


Under UXExpert Brand / Umbrella we offer other services dedicated to UX only – like UXResearch, UXUITraning (Corporate Trainings and Individual Professional High end training), UXUIHiring, UXConsultancy. We have planned to launch few more such services dedicated to UX /UI next. Every interface we made must be Usable, workable and must be Safe for users. Human Factor Engineering – Human Computer Interaction, Usability and User Psychology are the key in every project we do and that’s our vision. An Ambitious Persona Founder of UXExpert, Tushar Deshmukh has 18+ Years of Industry Experience. He holds a Master Degree in a Life Science. And has done some Research work in the Nuclear Chemistry. From Life Science Research background Tushar mold his career in Design and Development Field. Starting his career as a Trainer in Computer Institute, he then worked as a Multi Media Author, Cell Animation Compositor, Web * Year of Founding: 2013 * Founding Members: Tushar Ashok Deshmukh and Mugdha Tushar Deshmukh. * Funding Information:  So far UXExpert is self funded no Investors, Yes but we are looking for correct, right minded Investor who understands real UX. * Office Locations: Pune * Company Strength: 10+  * Website: www.uxexpert.in

Design, UI, UX, and Usability and as a HCI Professional. Worked in different departments and performed various roles in Small, Mid-Size and Big Corporate like MicroWorld (eScan Antivirus), Epoch Technologies (Rediff.com). Worked on positions like Jr. Designers to Design Head and then CTO. Tushar is also an Industry Expert – Jury Member and Visiting Faculty at Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID), Pune. He is a certified professional in the

We explore our UX/UI skills with technologies like- Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Digital Twinning


XExpert enters in its 6th year in 2019. When UXExpert was formed or started we had a clear vision and road map. We are dedicated to offer best quality services in UX / UI.

“Web UX” online course by the Open University, Australia. Tushar writes a Technology related Blogs, Articles on Platforms like LinkedIn – Pulse , He has over all 4K+ Followers on various Social Network, Groups and Forum dedicated to UI,UX. He is mentoring hundreds of young enthusiastic minds who are interested in this UX UI field. Tushar is also a part of various Workshops/ Meetups related to UX UI across India. The Market & Its Challenges Today we see major challenge in Industry is about basic

understandings and common sense among IT professionals, Decision makers from IT Industry themselves are really not well versed with the basic understanding about UX and UI. They are so confused and start implementing very bad practices. Unfortunately no one is ready to LEARN. Eventually they mess up their projects, teams and revenues. Such people expect their team should do everything, i.e. UX and UI. Result of this, they develop teams whose members are “Jack of all trades, master of none” Also UX UI is underestimated by many people and they think it is only IT (Software- web and mobile) subject. But we need to understand UX is based on Human Factor engineering and it is all about User Research so whenever we talk about human we have to consider UX. What’s so Distinctive? Our UX UI approach is totally different; we are not “typical” IT Design Company. We believe in UX is NOT UI. And UX is not just IT Subject. That’s why We explore our UX/UI skills with technologies like- Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Digital Twinning. As mentioned earlier we follow UX in every project. And we take effort to educate our clients if required. Every project/task we work we try to go through UX Process which is based on Human Computer Interactions, Usability and User Psychology. This helps us to work in various domains. So far we have given UX UI

Exquisite Services We practically implemented Design Thinking and User Centric Design (UCD) as our project execution process. We follow basic principle – “Put User First and We are not our Users”. So we spend substantial amount of time to understand correct requirements, user needs, user’s pain-points, and client’s revenue model. After that our effort goes in how we can make our clients revenue model successful, along with focusing on how our clients user will also get usable, workable solutions. We do not go behind “WOW” factor. We are more focused on keeping users happy. So there is no rocket science - for any product, solutions or services. If your end users happy then client will get revenue … so client is also happy. Being at the Forefront Frankly we do not think about “Competition” or “Competitors”. As we believe UX is field for “Human betterment” so whoever is contributing to society and community “UX-way” we should learn from them. We appreciate every effort taken by anyone in the field of UX. And we are happy to help and guide every individual who is willing to try to follow

genuine UX. Aiming to Achieve More By following correct UX Process which is based on Design Thinking and User Centric Design (UCD). Also we take active effort in spreading knowledge that’s why we also started service for UXUITraning. Here we take corporate, individual training programmes, Practical Workshops, Meet-ups and Events base on UX UI.

We take active effort in spreading knowledge that’s why we started service for UXUITraning

services in special domains like Health Care, Agriculture, Logistics, Sports, Political, Psychology, BioPharmacy, Vet and Pet, Hospitality apart from regular domains like Social Network, eLearning, Ecommerce B2B, B2C.

The Exciting Future We have planned to launch more services related to UX and UI. Some are very specific to domains and technology like Artificial Intelligence, AR, VR, MR and Digital Twinning. Also we are expecting some more strategic partnerships. Picture of today’s industry We are

Tushar Deshmukh Founder

optimistic and hoping we can offer many things. And we are happy to see changes in trends with respect to UX. Many companies started taking UX seriously, there are good start-ups now focused on UX UI and doing well. Still people need to change mindset when it comes to implementing UX. But we hope soon or later we see change in this. The Inside Edge Last 6 year UXExpert journey has been very interesting and exciting. Initially it was started as a UX Consultancy. 11 Years back Tushar shifted to Pune. In early days he worked

as a Design Head/ CTO, tried to implement UX Process but unfortunately he did not get support from respecting company’s decision makers. Then Tushar left the Job and started journey of self employment. He initially worked as a UX Consultant. During this time Tushar has visited many companies, met decision makers to understand what is the status of UX / UI in respective companies, what they follow? What Process they Use in Project management? And why they are ignoring UX Process? And this study helped Tushar to start company which will be dedicated to only UX / UI.

After a year Mrs. Mugdha Tushar Deshmukh also left her job and joined UXExpert as a Partner. Mugdha comes from Development background and this brings special services in UXExpert and UXExpert Started Development. So now UXExpert provides UX, UI and Development for Web and Mobile technologies. UXExpert now provides full stack solutions for their clients. Our first UX independent project was from Jaipur in Health sector. Now so far our clients are from India, USA, Canada, Germany, Mauritius, Australia, Maldives, and Israel.

UX/UI Designing Compa Company Logo

Company Name Bridge UX

Management Mr. Ramesha Ponnuswamy Founder & CEO

Founding Year 2016

Divami Design Labs

Naveen Puttagunta



Vishwas Mudagal



Rajesh Kumar


Mobinius Technologies

Damodar Puthye


NetBramha Studios

Aashish Solanki



Mr. Raj Kamal


Pixlogix InfoTech

Samir Bhimbha


TechVed Consulting

Mohar V


Tushar Deshmukh




Co-founder & CEO




Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO

Business Evangelist


anies 2019 Office Location Bangalore

Hyderabad, Telangana Bengaluru, Karnataka

Company Strength -






Bridge UX is one of the most promising UX/UI Designing studios in India. We are a Bengaluru-based agency that creates rich digital experiences. It aligns strategy, design, and engineering expertise to deliver great Omni channel solutions.


Holding a clear vision of the rapidly evolving ideas and needs of today’s digital generation which is recognized User Experience and Design as one of the key ingredient for any product’s success, Divami set off to make a benchmark in the industry.


GoodWorkLabs Services Private Limited is a new-age boutique software lab with a core focus on Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning technologies.

Bangalore, Karnataka



INKONIQ is an award-winning User Experience Design (UX/ UI) company. The firm employs design thinking, latest technology, and years of expertise to deliver awesome experiences for brands and start-ups.

Bangalore, Karnataka



Mobinius Technologies is a renowned global techno – solutions provider, aiming at providing hi– tech solutions with an cohesive approach and disruptive technologies

Bangalore, Karnataka



NetBramha is an award-winning full-service experience (UI/ UX) Strategy and Design studio with a passion for creating delightful products & platforms.

Bhopal, MP



OM Software is a web development firm specializing in eBusiness optimization solutions for companies across the globe.


Pixlogix is a web design and development company based in Ahmedabad, India which helps clients to grow their businesses through online platform by providing cost-effective web and mobile solutions in India.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Mumbai, Maharashtra



TECHVED Consulting is a professionally managed ‘User Experience Design and Development’consultancy based in India. We embrace research and design bringing innovative ideas for ideation and creation of Usable Interactions.




UXExpert enters in its 6th year in 2019. When UXExpert was formed or started we had a clear vision and road map. We are dedicated to offer best quality services in UX / UI.



ridge UX is one of the most promising UX/UI Designing studios in India. We are a Bengaluru-based agency that creates rich digital experiences. It aligns strategy, design, and engineering expertise to deliver great Omni channel solutions. It aims to simplify the complex, enrich the experience a user has with web applications and mobile applications. The company aims at offering design services to the industry through understanding of the users’ mental model. Our vision is to combine thorough research with years of knowledge to design and deliver meaningful experiences and help you implement them along the way.

Team Bridge UX

About The Founder

Our vision is to combine thorough research with years of knowledge to design and deliver meaningful experiences and help you implement them along the way

We Are a Bengaluru-Based Agency That Creates Rich Digital Experiences

Work experience in diversified background gives him an eye to experiment and innovate new age designs.

Todays’ Industry is going through rough patch. We are moving from one phase to another phase. The Future era is UX. Till now companies used to think only about aesthetic appeal of User Interfaces, but now everything is getting more user centric. Too much competition in market also adds fuel to UI vs UX. Hence now everyone is talking about UX, but it’s sad to see that still not much progress in UX front, hence business are failing to pickup user base. This is the biggest challenge where everyone needs to understand the need to better UX and which will result in better product and better Business.

Transition of Industry

Leaving the Crowd Behind

Bridge UX Founder/CEO Mr. Ramesha Ponnuswamy has about 16+ years of experience in Usability, UX Designing, Interaction designing, User Centred designs, Multimedia and Web designs. He has vast experience in multiple Domains including Banking, Healthcare, E-Commerce etc. His goal is to set industry standards with cutting edge designs.

October 2019 18

Bridge UX in the Upcoming Years We are looking more shift towards, AI, VR and AR. In upcoming years we will focus more on bringing these technologies in our designs. Also, we our working towards making our students work on these niche technologies so that, together we can create a better and secure world with better products and application. Today’s Industry Scenario Industry need to understand the need of UX and put more and more emphasis on designing products which helps user to achieve their goals in faster and easy way. Industry need to understand that investing in UX now is future to better profits. We need to grow as the best not compromising with users need. We at Bridge UX define the problem from user’s perspective, which is a win-win situation for both customer and user. We make sure to do complete the research part before designing any product. Until you sure what your users wants, you can’t win users. We help our clients to understand the situation and product from actual user point of view. This is our strongest point which helps us to stand out from crowd.

The strategy which we follow is concentrate on requirements and impact on users.

Winning the Clients

There are two points to describe, first is the products we are designing and second is the training which Bridge UX providing to students to make them industry ready. We helping our client as well as market both, by setting example in UX industry. Our in depth training gives passionate students, a platform to perform their best in industry.

As Stated earlier, we help clients win their users by giving their product best user experience. They get benefited from our insights about the product. Moreover we at bridge UX have best talent to analyse the issues, client is facing and resolving them in best possible ways. 4 Steps for Best UX Experience 19 October 2019

There are 4 main steps which we follow to provide best UX experience : Analyse->Design>Evaluate->Test. By following these stages, usually we get best outcome. Which help us to be ahead in the game. Making Industry Better By Following Two Points

The Journey and the Struggles Leaving the job to open your dream company is never easy, but achieving the dreams was my biggest motivation factor. When we started the company, we faced many hurdles, including hard time from competitors. But we were stick to one Moto “give our best”. Which help us sailed through the angry ocean, and now we are here, among the best, and will keep up the pace, continue giving our best.

* Year of Founding: 2016 * Founding Members: Ramesha & Geetha Ramesha * Funding Information: 10 Lakhs * Office Locations: Bangalore * Company Strength: 11-50 * Website: www.bridgeux. com

Divami Design Labs:

Creating a Digital Footprint for 100s of Businesses Globally, For 10+ Years Has Made Us One of the Best UX UI Design Agencies


s most businesses go online to widen their customer base and pull in more revenue, competition to remain a step forward is at its peak. To help overcome the barriers, a large number of opportunists are cashing on this opportunity by developing impactful User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designs that not just offer an online platform but also reflect the face of a business. It was during this time when the founding team of Divami discovered their calling in the niche market space of UX & UI design. The team was quick enough to realize that there was a gap in the market which they could fill making the best use of their existing product team. Holding a

Divami offers a comprehensive set of UX and Design services for both consumer centric and enterprise application providers

clear vision of the rapidly evolving ideas and needs of today’s digital generation which is recognized User Experience and Design as one of the key ingredient for any product’s success, Divami set off to make a benchmark in the industry. And, this is what led to the inception of Divami. With the advent of digital revolution, staying upto the mark with an online presence has become mandatory to stay ahead in business as well as to maintain a healthy connection with the consumers. Understanding this, Divami offers a comprehensive set of UX and Design services for both consumer centric and enterprise application providers. Headquartered in Hyderabad, the

firm has come a long way since its inception. It’s fully fledged to a User Experience Company with the success stories of more than 100 projects. What started off initially as a product startup, today it has transitioned into a successful service organization providing the best in class UX and UI Designs. Growing as a key player in the market to fulfill the rising demands of new age UX/UI designers, the success saga of Divami is truly a stirring tale that any startup can look upto.   The Profound Leader Naveen Puttagunta currently runs Divami, a boutique UX (User Experience) services company that he co-founded in 2008. The October 2019 20

Initial Challenges The past few years have raised the stakes too high for the UX/UI designers. What is it that can help the developers deliver a tailored experience? How can developers fulfill the user demand for applications that are fast and which at the same time deliver instant results that have been customized to provide a rich experience? A lot of challenges creep in before the successful execution on any plan. Similarly, in 2008, during the initial days of inception, Divami Design Studios went through a major upheaval when it expanded beyond its original US market into the Indian market. However, believing that – ‘If there is 21 October 2019

abundance of anything in life, it is the challenges’, the founding team of Divami marched ahead to take care of the rocky path in the earlier days of its establishment. Today, a renowned name in this field, the company has delivered dozens of successful projects across US and India. The skilled team of Divami has mastered the skills to meet the customers’ objectives. Divami has addressed each and every challenge of their clients by not only providing them the required workarounds to bridge

Divami Design Studios went through a major upheaval when it expanded beyond its original US market into the Indian market

company, based in Hyderabad, India, specializes in UX strategy, UX Design and UI Development services for Web, Desktop and Mobile platforms. Apart from UX, he has several years of experience in the database and data movement areas, particularly focused on product planning, strategy, and technology direction. Prior to his move to Hyderabad, he was in a product management role at GoldenGate Software (now acquired by Oracle) head quartered in the Bay Area. Before that, he spent over 10 years at Sybase in various roles in product management and engineering, culminating in a leadership role with product management responsibilities for the enterprise database, replication and data access product lines. Naveen has a business degree from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, a masters degree in Computer Science from University of Houston, Houston, and a bachelors degree in Computer Science from BITS, Pilani, India.

the gap in UX but also by offering a completely optimal solution that can enhance the overall UI/UX Design in just the right way. Divami’s Services Divami offers almost all kinds of UX/UI services like: • UX/UI Strategy Consulting • UX and UI Design • UI Development • Logo and Branding Differentiating Factors Some of the unique factors which give Divami an edge over other its

other competitors are: Their emphasis on user research and analysis ensures that they truly understand the challenges that need to be solved and are able to empathize with the user during the design process. Secondly, Divami approaches each project as a team project driving up reliability and accountability. They bring the strength and diversity to the team through their individuals, ensuring leveraging of ideas from different backgrounds and industry segments. Finally, it is their time-tested process and attention to details that truly sets them apart from several others competitors in the field So principally, Divami’s strong belief in – ‘We are only as successful as our work is’, ensures that the customers come back repeatedly because their designs have made the clients and their products successful. It is such drive for perfection and quality that has become the hallmark of Divami Design Labs’ work. Core Competency of Divami Divami plays myriad roles with the foremost being a trusted advisor to the client; sometimes as the voice of the user, and at times, as the devil’s advocate, to ensure that the

* Year of Founding: 2008 * Founding Members: Naveen Puttagunta; Prathima Inolu * Funding Information: --* Office Locations: Hyderabad, Telangana * Company Strength: 51-200 * Website: www.divami.com

Clientele of Divami and Major Verticals Catered To Some of the major verticals served by Divami include Healthcare, FinTech, eCommerce, Enterprise Software and Analytics. The expertise of the firm in these sectors is very well reflected through its clientele which includes names like • E-Pragati, Govt of AP • EIS Technologies • Informatica • Hospice Source

Divami plays myriad roles with the foremost being a trusted advisor to the client; sometimes as the voice of the user, and at times, as the devil’s advocate, to ensure that the changes are not made hastily to the product

changes are not made hastily to the product. Occasionally, they are also a reviewer who continuously monitors the progress of the project throughout its development cycle and even after it is delivered to ensure the user experience is at its best. The company ensures that the user behavior is also examined through usability testing or instrumented analytics to help identify problem areas and continuously advise the client on future plans.

• Marketshare/MewStar • Airtel/ MyRobi • HCL • CYIENT • Edgeverve/Infosys and many more Road to the Future and Developments Expected The world of design is an always

evolving and highly volatile space. Recent years have seen a lot of new concepts take the spotlight, thereby, increasing awareness about UX & Design in every field. Divami believes that AR/VR, IoT and AI are the going buzzwords, especially from a design perspective, as they will create a paradigm shift in the way the industry approaches interaction with technology. However, it is these shifts that provide significant opportunities for small-sized companies like Divami to go up against industry giants, be ahead of them and establish themselves as recognized leaders early in the cycle. Divami, for instance, is actively pursuing a few of these technologies, investing their R&D resources to create opportunities in new spaces. With its strong commitment and work ethics towards its workforce; attention to detailing with a goal of 100 percent customer satisfaction and their willingness to do whatever it takes to do what is right for the project, today Divami is an acknowledged name in this space and in the years to come the firm wishes to spread its reach across the industry.

The Difference Between UX & UI Design



e’ve all overheard conversations, walking down hip streets of the world’s tech capitals, discussions about the great ‘UX’ of a product, or the poor ‘UI’ of a website. Is it a secret language you will never be privy to? Are these people just using slang to look cool? Well, ok probably yes to the latter, but a determinate NO to the rest. The people you have eavesdropped on are actually discussing two professions that despite having been around for decades, and in theory for centuries, have been defined by the tech industry as UX and UI Design.

What Do “UX” And “UI” Actually Mean? UX Design refers to the term User Experience Design, while UI Design stands for User Interface Design. Both elements are crucial to a product and work closely together. But despite their professional relationship, the roles themselves are quite different, referring to very different parts of the process and the design discipline. Where UX Design is a more analytical and technical field, UI Design is closer to what we refer to as graphic design, though the responsibilities are somewhat more complex. There is an analogy I like to use in describing the different parts of a (digital) product: If you imagine a product as the human body, the bones represent the code which gives it structure. The organs represent the UX design: measuring and optimizing against input for supporting life functions. And UI design represents the cosmetics of the body–its presentation, its senses and reactions. User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are some of the most confused and misused terms in our field. A UI without UX is like a painter slapping paint onto canvas without thought; while UX without UI is like the frame of a sculpture with no paper mache on it. A great product experience starts with UX followed by UI. Both are essential for the product’s success.

What Is User Experience Design? User experience design is a human-first way of designing products. As is found on Wikipedia: User experience design (UXD or UED) is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product. This implies that regardless of its medium, UX Design encompasses any and all interactions between a potential or active customer and a company. As a scientific process it could be applied to anything; street lamps, cars, Ikea shelving and so on. However, despite being a scientific term, its use since inception has been almost entirely within digital fields; one arguable reason for this being that the industry started blowing up around the time of the term’s invention. Here is a cliffnotes example of a UX

Designer’s responsibilities: Strategy and Content: a. Competitor Analysis; b. Customer Analysis; c. Product Structure/Strategy; d. Content Development Wireframing and Prototyping: • Wireframing • Prototyping • Testing/Iteration • Development Planning Execution and Analytics • Coordination with UI Designer(s) • Coordination with Developer(s) Tracking Goals and Integration • Analysis and Iteration So part-marketer, part-designer, part-project manager; the UX role is complex, challenging and multi-faceted. You see that iteration of the product, as connected to analysis or testing is indeed mentioned twice, but in reality you would put it in between every other item on the list. Ultimately, the aim is to connect business goals to user’s needs through a process of testing and refinement toward that which satisfies both sides of the relationship. •

What Is User Interface Design? Despite it being an older and more practiced field, the question of “What is user interface design?” is difficult to answer because of its broad variety of misinterpretations. While User Experience is a conglomeration of tasks focused on the optimization of a product for effective and enjoyable use, User Interface Design is its complement; the look and feel, the presentation and interactivity of a product. But like UX, it is easily and often confused by the industries that employ UI designers – to the extent that different job posts will often refer to the profession as completely different things. Let’s have a quick look at the UI designer’s responsibilities: Look and Feel: • Customer Analysis • Design Research • Branding and Graphic Development • User Guides/Storyline Responsiveness and Interactivity: • UI Prototyping • Interactivity and Animation • Adaptation to All Device Screen Sizes • Implementation with Developer As a visual and interactive designer, the UI role is crucial to any digital interface and for customers a key element to trusting a brand. While the brand itself is never solely the responsibility of the UI designer, its translation to the product is. You’ll also note the final point which states a responsibility for “implementation” of the design with a developer. While this is generally how UI jobs have worked in the past, you should be aware that the lines are blurring, as the term “Web Designer” (essentially a UI designer who can code) is being replaced by expertise of User Interface Designers. While UX has no need for coding, UI is a role that, as time progresses, will rely on it as part of building interactive interfaces.

GoodWorkLabs: A New-Age Boutique Software Lab with a Core Focus on Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning Technologies


With an award-winning UX Design studio, we craft applications that are designed with beauty and utmost precision. We are a pure AGILE company. We live, breathe and dream Scrum and Extreme Programming

oodWorkLabs Services Private Limited is a newage boutique software lab with a core focus on Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning technologies. We deliver cuttingedge products and solutions for customers globally. With an awardwinning UX Design studio, we craft applications that are designed with beauty and utmost precision. We are a pure AGILE company. We live, breathe and dream Scrum and Extreme Programming. The Visionary Leader Vishwas Mudagal, is the CEO & Co-Founder of GoodWorkLabs. He was first an investor and mentor at GoodWorkLabs, and now the CEO to spearhead the company to the next level! He is an Entrepreneur and a CEO with hands-on technology and management experience, a proven record of building brands and

products and a history of creating sustainable companies. He comes with over a decade of diverse experience across entrepreneurial & corporate spheres – in Internet, Mobile, Telecom, Education & Legal domains. He helps global companies build strategies and enter new markets, build innovative products, and set up and scale software centers / R&D centers / offshore development centers globally. In his previously stints, he was the CEO of Castle Rock Research Corp in India, a Canadian education technology MNC, and CEO & Cofounder of JobeeHive.com, India’s leading employer review website. Vishwas received the ‘Star Entrepreneur Award’ from Indira India Innovation Summit 2011 in recognition of his contribution to entrepreneurship and innovation. He is one of the top corporate and motivational speakers in

Vishwas Mudagal Co-founder & CEO

India, having spoken at numerous colleges, corporate events, tech fests, conventions, including the popular TEDx talks. Deccan Chronicle named him in the Top 11 personalities of 2014 in Bangalore, the silicon valley of India. We Have Expertise In 1. Software Development 2. Mobile Apps Development (Android apps, iPhone apps, iPad apps, Windows apps) 3. Big Data Technologies 4. Artificial Intelligence 5. Game Development October 2019 26

6. UX and UI Design 7. Enterprise Solutions 8. Setting up offshore development centers/global teams Most of our customers are Startups and Fortune 500 companies who want to build innovative software and mobile products. We help them in every step of the process from ideation, architecture, design, coding, testing, user experience (UX), UI, go-to-market strategy, launch plans, post-launch analysis, customer feedback and continuous improvement of the product to win in their respective business segments. We are a powerhouse of hands-on end-to-end software product experience and are very different from software services companies. Our Team and Track Record We are a group of proven industry leaders who have come together

27 October 2019

to solve challenging software problems in the business world. We are a Google certified developer agency and also a reputed member of NASSCOM We have also won the title of the 5th fastest growing technology company in India by Deloitte and have bagged numerous other awards such as the Red Herring Global and the Red Herring Asia awards. We have also been ranked as the 3rd fastest growing technology company in India by Financial Times and the 5th fastest growing Technology company in Asia-Pacific by FT. DNA of GoodWorkLabs #1 Beauty - Everything we do has to be beautiful, easy to use and efficient. Aesthetic and practical design is the core of our work #2 Scalability - Every piece of code we write has to be tough, bug free, optimised and scalable #3 Agility - Everything we craft

* Year of Founding: 2013 * Founding Members: Vishwas Mudagal * Funding Information: --* Office Locations: Bengaluru, Karnataka * Company Strength: 51-200 * Website: www. goodworklabs.com

is done iteratively with passion and honesty, using Agile Software Development Methodologies such as SCRUM and Extreme Programming. #4 Innovation - We believe in questioning the status quo. We believe in pushing the limits. We believe in changing the world through technology and design.

INKONIQ: Our Services Combine Design Thinking, Technical Mastery and Innovation to Deliver Awesome Experience for Mobile, Web and Iot


INKONIQ firmly believes in its outof-the-box thinking and applying principles of human-centred design, but it’s also equally important to embrace a holistic approach that takes into consideration the technological advancements and changes in the user lifestyle

NKONIQ is an award-winning User Experience Design (UX/ UI) company. The firm employs design thinking, latest technology, and years of expertise to deliver awesome experiences for brands and start-ups. Established in 2011, INKONIQ is the brainchild of Rajesh Kumar, Founder and Chief Experience Officer of INKONIQ, who holds 16 years of strong experience in the design and product space, having working with Fortune 500 brands and top design agencies. Based out of Bangalore, INKONIQ services combine design thinking, technical mastery and innovation to deliver awesome experience for Mobile, Web and IoT. The Astute Leadership Rajesh Kumar, Founder of

Rajesh Kumar Founder

INKONIQ, has over 20+ years of cross-functional expertise in Technology, UX Design, Analytics, Product strategy, Operations and Business development working with brands including Amazon, Flipkart, Sandisk, Societe Generale, UX Design practise, Interactive Doha Bank, Government of Qatar, web engineering and Mobile HDFC, AOL, Netscape, and Wipro. app development teams for AOL GIC in India. Was instrumental Rajesh’s passion for solving in growing the business unit to problems of big brands and fast cater to multiple geographies growing startups using design including the US, Europe, India thinking and latest technology and Australia. led to the creation of INKONIQ, He is currently passionate about India’s leading User Experience helping startups/entrepreneurs, Company. Prior to starting INKONIQ, he had transforming organisations, simplifying lives, and making been associated with a lot of higha positive impact to the society profile global launches including AOL Music Top 11 Show that was through a design-led culture. nominated for technical “Emmy Current Market landscape Awards”, He was instrumental The organizations today focus in setting up and running the October 2019 28

INKONIQ firmly believes in its out-of-the-box thinking and applying principles of humancentred design, but it’s also equally important to embrace a holistic approach that takes into consideration the technological advancements and changes in the user lifestyle. Understanding the human behaviour has become critical to unlock the business values. There’s a strong awareness of applying user insights and design principles to develop products that solve real human problems. Services INKONIQ has been building successful digital experiences across industries and domains spanning from Banking, Insurance, Fintech, Healthcare, Media, Retail, e-Commerce, Education, E-learning, Entertainment, and Travel. The firm holds fully integrated design practice that includes various steps like User Research, Usability Study, Interaction Design, Motion Design, Prototyping, UI Engineering and they take care of all the client needs – ● Ideas to Product- Helps to validate the idea, craft the experience, and build world-class apps and websites 29 October 2019

● Experience OptimizationHelps companies to improve their customer experiences and grow the business ● Design Practise Set-up- Helps the forward-thinking organizations in transitioning to design-led culture The company services also cater to Strategy Consulting, Mobile App Development, Product Engineering, Websites, and Digital Marketing. Differentiating Factors

INKONIQ follows a holistic research driven experience design process that will help find a better product market fit to achieve success

on driving innovation, and companies are looking to innovate, automate, and deliver superior user experience. To stay relevant, it’s more about how you are able to use latest trends in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality to design for the innovative interfaces such as conversational interfaces, voice user interfaces (VUI) and natural user interface (NUI).

INKONIQ follows a holistic research driven experience design process that will help find a better product market fit to achieve success. At INKONIQ, the company process emphasizes on driving clarity with the client on what success looks like, what should be their future roadmap. Through iterative design approach, the team works on understanding users and their behaviours through deep empathy which is backed by user research techniques. Empathy helps the INKONIQ team in forming a user point of view to address the design requirements and explore a wide variety of possible solutions- to go beyond

the obvious and explore a range of innovative ideas. A combination of following five factors makes INKONIQ more efficient and different from its competitors: 1. Client as a Partner – Clients are asked to participate directly with the company team in a collaborative process based on specific measures of success, rapid prototyping, testing, and improvement. 2. Expert Team + Holistic Process INKONIQ comes with 16 years of design, technology, and marketing expertise, and they have refined a results-driven design methodology to iteratively improve the digital experience. 3. Rapid Prototyping, not presentations - The breakthrough ideas usually come through iterative design and rapid prototyping. Static presentations are things of the past. 4. Be Local, but think Global - The leadership at INKONIQ has a rich experience of working with top agencies in NY, bringing about the innovation, process, fit and finish, and attention to detail that you’ll find only amongst the top global design agencies. 5. It’s about small details - What

* Year of Founding: 2011 * Founding Members: Rajesh Kumar * Funding Information: Selffunded * Office Locations: Bangalore, Karnataka * Company Strength: 51-200 * Website: www.inkoniq.com

differentiates the company’s experience is the small details that firm does better than others, this comes from the rich understanding of user needs, their motivators, and opportunities. Clients About six years ago, INKONIQ was set up as a Mobile App Development firm, however, today the firm is a recognized name renowned for its offerings like User Experience Design, Creative Services, Wordpress Development, Product Engineering and much more. INKONIQ’s portfolio comprises of Fortune 500 brands and hottest global startups including reputed brands like Infosys, Lowe’s, Flipkart, Townsquare Media, Zoomcar, NDTV, Sesame Street, Star Sports and many others.

Organizational Culture

Go-to-Market Plans

A day at INKONIQ starts with a refreshing cup of freshly brewed coffee and a wish of providing solutions that are going to change people’s lives. Because, the team INKONIQ strongly believes that everyone deserves to use software apps/websites that are usable, simple, and beautiful, whether they use it in their personal lives or for work.

INKONIQ was set up with a vision to be an iconic brand in the space of UX driven mobile app development in 2011. Led by Rajesh Kumar, the INKONIQ team is on the mission to democratize ‘Design for everyone’. Started as an agency, today, INKONIQ is looking forward to expand their business and conquer more heights. Their future roadmap is to build a world-class academy that will create designers who are industry ready with the objective of helping Indian start-ups and brands to build better products for the global market.

INKONIQ is providing an open working environment with a lot of transparency and employee freedom. The company focuses on culture, employees live by it, and it glues them together. INKONIQ is a hub of fantastically skilled and intelligent people, brewing brilliant UX strategies and processes that shape unique ideas to amazing products.

Mobinius Technologies: A Renowned Global Techno – Solutions Provider, Aiming At Providing Hi– Tech Solutions with an Cohesive Approach and Disruptive Technologies

Damodar Puthye CEO


e are a renowned global techno – solutions provider, aiming at providing hi– tech solutions with an cohesive approach and disruptive technologies across various spectrums ranging from automation, construction, education, information technology, logistics, travel, healthcare & pharma etc. Our Mission: Walk with the customer & technology making us a company of choice Our Vision: To be a reputable company, known for providing technology experience The Skilful Leader

Making a mark and moving ahead in the tech – trends and foraying into newer technologies is what sets apart a tech organisation or an enterprise

Damodar Puthye is the CEO of Mobinius. He is a passionate entrepreneur, filled with enthusiasm and vigor, possessing over 12+ years of experience in the domain of IT services, delivery management & organizational leadership, Damodar has successfully achieved his dream of being a successful businessperson. Having a rich experience of working in several sectors right from mobile technologies, web solutions to software development & system architecture etc, he rightly understands the nuances of the customer, thereby helping deliver business enabled, customer centric solutions. With a broad experience & exposure to international markets across the globe, Damodar surely provides value added solutions, making more happy clients & smiling

faces! Damodar co-founded Mobinius in 2010, an organization specializing in providing the best mobile and web solutions using the cutting edge technologies across several platforms. He has been running the business successfully by setting strategies to improve processes, solutions and driving customer satisfaction through highest quality services. He strongly believes that power of technology can deeply enhance one’s life to the core! He has done his BE in Computer Science and Engineering from VTU University. He spends his free time in traveling, reading books and enjoys farming! He loves meeting people and shares his ideas and work towards betterment of society at large. Mobinius Technologies’ Imprints October 2019 32

• UI/UX Development • Microservices Architecture • Cloud Enabled Products • DevOps Making a mark and moving ahead in the tech – trends and foraying into newer technologies is what sets apart a tech organisation or an enterprise. For an organisation, it becomes very important to be abreast with all the technologies it has to offer. Mentioned below are our core offerings: • Digital – Transformation • WEB Development • Application Development • .Net Core Development • JavaScript Development • AI, ML & Bots

• QA Labs  • IoT Integration • Legacy Modernization • Mobinius Molecules Our Recent Triumphs Concept to production release of Medical IOT based Health Exchange product scaling to 87 million AV consultations - A mobile & web based health care product for one of the top business conglomerate in India. Concept to Production release of a mobile & web based communication and collaboration platform for construction and shipping Industries from Europe. A high-

end product with 2.2 million live tickets as of today Currently #1 in the construction Industry in Netherlands! Saved 30% of development time and cost of a web and mobile based retail solution by using our Mobinius Solution Accelerator! Beating the Competition • Fast & Agile & SME Approach • Always prepared for tomorrow’s technology • Super energetic team with strong niche` skills • Experience of long term successful clientile • Save time & cost with our customizable platforms • Delivering maximum value, thoughtfully

* Year of Founding: 2011 * Founding Members: Damodar Puthye * Funding Information: --* Office Locations: Bangalore, Karnataka * Company Strength: 51-200 * Website: www.mobinius. com 33 October 2019


Design Trends


t feels like we’re getting somewhere with all the tools, advancements in technology, and growth of our understanding of how user-facing products really have to work. Sooner than later, we’ll develop the mindset for universal design that encompasses everything we produce, and not just sell. The way we do things for ourselves needs better design choices. The way we even sound as nations can be designed in a better way. Still, a far cry from where we could be in the future, let’s get into the interface and experience design trends of 2019. Traditionally, we’ll put a fly in the ointment of every trend as a reminder to keep tabs on things to avoid abuse.

A. Mighty browsers

A browser is not only the internet’s vehicle, but it is also a means to deliver impact. Browsers are getting faster, more powerful, and attractive. Web and mobile browser capabilities are bridging the gap between conceptual design and reality.

B. Purposeful animation

We see this field of knowledge being explored even deeper in 2019. Complexity replaces fad as the main characteristic feature of animation in design. Motion and transitions convey a lot of information that otherwise would be lost. The estate between screens used to be a no-man’s land. Now it’s your backyard.

C. 3D in interfaces and deep flat

3D rendering and CG augmentation of real footage and imagery have been around for some time. For the sake of speed and performance, and also accessibility, designers have a history of avoiding complex 3D models in UIs. Better browsers turned this luxury into an affordable feature. Highly Complex VFX or Visual Effects take movie-like scenes into the realm of websites. 3D graphics in interfaces blend the edge of reality and digital animation.

D. Surreal design

All the 3D and motion design opportunities brought by better technologies don’t mean a thing if they fail to make an emotional impact. Ironically, you don’t need complexity to make the most impact.

The reason why renegade attitude has always been a satellite of mainstream trends is its natural appeal. We need something to balance out the common sense, we need a devil on our shoulder, and sometimes we are playful.

E. Gradient 2.0, blazing colors, and darkness

New screens have a fantastic rendition of colors. They even have to show this through default wallpapers. Designers explore the boundaries of accessibility and impressive gradients in UIs. Gradients are no longer for attention, they are now bringing depth and dimension to the interface.

F. Variable fonts

Traditionally, typefaces are perceived as static entities with a limited set of adjustable parameters. Designers and writers have to consider legibility in the context of x-height, stroke and letter width. Variable fonts can cover any portion of the design space left for the text.

G. Figma

Today we ask the age-old question: “do designers need to code?” And then, “do developers need UX knowledge?” The point of these is simple — avoid pain and discrepancy implementing the design. So if it’s about the purpose, it should also be about ways to get there. Learning to code is a logical option. If you are the one who executes your own design, you avoid a bunch of issues. However, the amount of knowledge you need to maintain to be a relevant designer and a potent developer is exceptional. Can you do it? Good for you. For those who can’t, there should be other options. The purpose is not breeding a universal designer. It is about building better products, with delight.

H. Voice UIs

Design does not have to be visual or visible to work. Through bumps and bruises, we realized that tools don’t really matter if we are building experiences that are not tactile. Designing logic means operating psychology. Building voice controls means dealing with natural language processing. Voice UI is as sensual as it is sophisticated.

I. UX Writing & UX Editing

Last year, designers started paying attention to the meaning of the words that bear typefaces. Fiction and tech writers, epistolary hobbyists, and journalists got an adjacent industry for their skills. One thing led to the other and we defined the role of writing in design: You have to be in control of the way your business talks to your customers. Product designer as a job title UX design is a very broad term. It is a part of service design which is cross-industrial. As the result, designers and design firms gather extensive portfolios of projects ranging from simple utility apps to complex FinTech platforms.

NetBramha Studios: UI/UX Studio Crafting User Experience through Strategy, Research & Design


etBramha is an awardwinning full-service experience (UI/UX) Strategy and Design studio with a passion for creating delightful products & platforms. Being India’s oldest UX studio the challenge and joy of making an impact with design over the 10 years have been phenomenal. We have done this over & over again for several Fortune 500 companies as well as startups (some of them are unicorns today!) & we thoroughly enjoy the process. Never shy of experimenting with our strategy + design practice has impacted 50+ million users across 200+ clients in 20+ countries. We believe we are on a cusp of design revolution & the need for design thinking is more than ever. The Creative Mind behind

Aashish Solanki Principal Desidner & Founder

NetBramha Studios Aashish Solanki is the Principal Designer & Founder @ NetBramha Studios. Aashish is a serial entrepreneur with over 12+ years of design experience he is a firm believer of disruption with design. He is the founder & designer director at NetBramha Studios, a pioneer in design thinking & strategic user experience design services. Their work has impacted 250+ million users across 200+ clients across consumer & enterprise. He is also the founder of DesignDay.co – a monthly designers meetup community.  He is absolutely passionate about building design & design ecosystem in India. Aashish has consulted several fortune 500 companies like

Being India’s oldest UX studio the challenge and joy of making an impact with design over the 10 years have been phenomenal. We have done this over & over again for several Fortune 500 companies as well as startups

Google, EMAAR, Microsoft, Cisco, Alcatel Lucent, Shell & is always excited working with startups like Smartron, Botmetric, InMobi, TaxiForSure etc. You could find him passionately speak & jury often at design conferences & events across the geographies. He has been an YCE & IDEO fellow shortlist. He has spoken recently at, TEDx, MetaRefresh, UXIndia, 500 startups, IIM, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, DesignUp etc to name a few. He teaches design thinking at IIM Bangalore & other design schools in his spare time. He is excited with how design can impact & elevate lives. Mangoes & ideas are a sure way to bribe him :) Some key highlights - Championing the cause of designOctober 2019 36

led transformation of products & companies - Worked with all the Billion Dollar startups in India (InMobi, Eka, Sprinklr, etc) - Experience & expertise across 30 odd domains (from Fintech to Life Sciences) - Design capability across IOT, Service Design, Mobile, Web etc. - Founded not-for-profit design community called DesignDay

Team NetBramha Studios

37 October 2019

We have immense respect for people who love design, food & adventure. Yes in that exact order! ;) Our dream & vision is to create impact & design at scale. Tools of our trade a. Strategy Design thinking, New direction, Challenge status quo b. Design Crafting functional & Beautiful pixels & non-pixels

* Year of Founding: 2008 * Founding Members: Aashish Solanki * Funding Information: --* Office Locations: Bengaluru, Karnataka * Company Strength: 11-50 * Website: netbramha. com

OMSOFTWARE: A Web Development Company Specializes in E-business Management Strategies for Companies Across the Globe OM Software Internet Solutions (OMS) is a complete web and IT services provider, with its operations in Central and North India. OMS has proved its strong presence with operations in UK, USA, Europe, Canada, and Indian sub-continent


Mr. Raj Kamal Founder & CEO

stablished in 2004, OM Software is a web development company specializing in eBusiness automation software for businesses around the globe. OM Software offers a wide range of web-based software services, including technical consultancy, project creation, site layout preparation, innovative graphic design and photo imaging, eCommerce technologies, content management systems, domain transformation services, lead generation technology, advanced programming skills, multimedia output, SEO and platform localization services. At Om Software Inc. (known as OMS), we believe outside

the square and use ingenuity, technology and experience to provide our consumers with a superior service. That company is unique and our customers come from various backgrounds, so that each plan needs a new solution. We are proud to know our clients and their companies and make it a priority for our entire process. The OMS has gained a reputation among industry partners and consumers through its integrity and dedication to service standards. With activities in Central and Northern India, OM Software Internet Solutions (OMS) is an all-inclusive internet and IT services provider. In the Eu, USA, Australia, Canada and the Indian

Subcontinent, OMS has shown its strong presence. Pace and consistency are the fundamental principles in the implementation of innovations in today’s financial system and competitive business environment. The timeliness of technology and deployment and the budgets are getting shorter. This is why an excellent service provider is desperately required. At OMS, they understand the wishes and are prepared for growth, minimum development costs and optimum efficiency, with the emphasis on full quality control, under the most difficult time period. OM Software’s Vision October 2019 38

We support our worldwide customers to be the most effective and dedicated partner to help them fulfil their website’s needs and goals at each level. At OM Software, they are committed to delivering the best and affordable web-based services that benefit consumers entirely and fulfil them completely through the expenditure. Mr. Raj Kamal - Founder & CEO A clever person who is a student of computer applications and started his career as a Web designer and programmer. “Online creativity of digital technologies” At this time Raj had a small idea that he would start three successful software companies (Technology, Internet marketing and Internet Hosting) with his fascination and profound knowledge in software and technology. An accomplished specialist in online and offline technology, and web marketing technologies, he has delivered online services to a range of outstanding international customers. He also has client reviews on the Middle East, the United Kingdom, the U.S., Australia, and Asia, where he works on core web application creation with the Indian government. OMS has been able to build a reputation both domestically and internationally with his outstanding management and help from his colleagues and coworkers. His deep input into the business has strengthened the 39 October 2019

organization. “We’ve built a diverse technical team of real value for the nonprofit sector, Startups and SMEs,” says the post-graduate University of RGPV. “Our mission is to solve their needs through the development of the most innovative solutions adopting best UI/UX experience.” OM Software’s Cohesive Values » Allegiance and truthfulness

We have assembled a dynamic team of technology experts that see real value in helping the non-profit sector

Our mission is to enjoy and inspire any potential customer to take use of our products and become the world’s exclusive pioneer in IT.

» Ardor to assist customers and partners in their entirety » Make an environment of friendliness that encourages creative thinking with dedication of ironclad » Make difficulties and exceed standards » Consumer, collaborator and team leader responsibility for commitments and outcomes We are a complete one-stop shop for all forms of IT products and solutions. We have a team of innovative innovations, excellent technical know-how and

exceptional project management expertise. In order to allow our customers to enjoy it, we always have the priority to complete every project within a fixed budget and turnaround. In all initiatives we conduct and deliver results that are par excellence we incorporate ground-breaking innovations and resources. Our three highranking performance pillars: Commitment for high-quality results They understand well that the requirements and goals of a company operating in a business differ collectively and therefore each plan naturally poses various challenges and tailored solutions. OM Software is committed to providing value-for-money solutions. We are inspired to achieve high value and happiness by our energetic interaction and logical thinking. Competency of procedures Turning back and forth, we learn to achieve the greatest benchmarks, we master and provide a tough solution. We use cutting-edge and top-notch techniques to provide our services with incomparable expertise and quality.

* Year of Founding: 2008 * Founding Members: Mr. Raj Kamal * Funding Information: --* Office Locations: Bhopal, MP * Company Strength: 51200 * Website: www. omsoftware.net

Technology: Innovation

and previous ventures show that we can develop solutions for They strive best to be at the top of several product channels such the industry by being conscious of as FINTECH , EDUTECH , the technology of the future now. Healthcasre, accounting, business They have surpassed our rivals by management, procurement, developing innovative concepts and e-commerce and the creation of providing advanced technological web-based software. solutions. In addition, the group has With years of experience, we extensive knowledge of quickly understand the needs of our information processing and data clients and conduct the activities in warehousing engineering, process line with our criteria. design, network management, troubleshooting, software OMS Offers Product application creation, internet OMS is the synonym for onestop technology, web development and service provider. Our clients product development.

OMS Services at a glance • Mobile App Development •  Web App Development •  UX/UI Development •  Ecommerce Development •  QA & AUDIT Service •  Content and Publishing •  IT Consulting

October 2019 40

6 UX Rules Tech Startups Need To Master


nyone who’s familiar with best practices in design fields knows how important it is to commit time and resources to UX development. How people feel when they use your UI has a significant effect on the actions they take and the opinions they form, which of course affects conversions, profits, and overall business success. But tech startups tend to spring up almost from nowhere, fueled by programmers who may not have a great understanding of the importance of front-end polish. That’s how you end up with UX designs that confuse, infuriate, and ultimately raise more questions than they answer. While there are countless UX rules you could reasonably identify, we’re going to pick out the 6 we think are the most important for tech startups to recognize as early as possible in the development process (or even preceding it). Let’s get started.

Rule 1: Drop the Vanity Designs Your back-end tech ideas may be wholly revolutionary, but it doesn’t mean that any design you come up with is automatically fit for purpose. The only opinions that really matter when it comes to UX are those of the users, and they don’t usually leave much room for vanity design. We consider this the very first rule for a startup to accept because it’s a tough thing to confront. We all like to think we know best, even on topics slightly removed from our fields of expertise— after all, UX is still basically part of software development, isn’t it? Surely users just need to get used to the new design paradigm you’re offering them?

Rule 2: User Psychology is King Marketers like to say that content is king, but that isn’t really true. User psychology is king. Content is just one way of affecting it, and UX is another. In fact, top UX designers are masters of psychology, carefully studying how and why users take particular actions. Startups can easily get stuck in a rut when it comes to psychology, imagining one type of end user and getting trapped by their perspective. People are more complex than that. Users will vary in countless ways. You can’t account for them all, but you can do a good deal of research and come up with general personas that cover most of your target audience.

Rule 3: Keep It Simple The best user experiences are streamlined, trimmed down for speed and efficiency. You might think this simply calls for compressing images, using clear language, and avoiding unnecessary data entry, but there’s almost always more to be done. Even if you think you’ve stripped your design to its bare bones, chances are you can remove more. When prototyping a UX, you should cast an eye over every single element — every image, CTA, paragraph, button, or piece of styling — and ask “Is this really necessary?”. If you get rid of it, does the end user lose anything of significance? Will they find it harder to achieve

their goal, or like the site any less? If an element doesn’t justify its presence, scrap it. Smooth out the friction. A simple design is easier to demonstrate, understand, run, and maintain. And you can always add something back in if it becomes clear that there’s a demand for it.

Rule 4: Maintain Consistency Some layouts can be extremely confusing, with variable design elements and unclear contextual clues— and confusion leads to anger and irritation that pushes users away. That’s why making your UX design consistent across every aspect of the project is essential. This ties back to rule 1 in that playing with basic structures for no good reason is illadvised. Think about basic visual elements like icons. We don’t really pay that much attention to them when they’re used correctly, but they glaringly stand out when they’re used poorly.

Rule 5: Never Stop Iterating You don’t create a final UX design in one fell swoop. It takes time to go through all the stages — coming up with ideas, prototyping them, testing the prototypes — but even then you’re not done. You’ll certainly have missed things, and you’ll need to keep repeating the process if you want to make your work as good as it can be. If anyone ever asks the question “Didn’t we already figure out the UX stuff?”, they haven’t been paying attention to this. The most valuable information and feedback often don’t become available until late in the day, and good enough isn’t really good enough in the long run.

Rule 6: Use Real Copy At some point in UX design history, someone decided that creating layouts and populating them with fake text (usually Lorem Ipsum) was a good idea. It really isn’t, and the sooner you get out of the habit of using empty copy, the better off you’ll be. At the very least, this is because text is a core component of UX. It steers people away from certain areas and towards others, and has a knock-on effect on how the rest of the interface is perceived. If you leave it until the last minute, you’ll not only miss that effect— you’ll also miss numerous opportunities to subject your real copy to real testing. UX can seem like a distant concern for a tech startup focusing on functionality and scaling, but where there’s software of any kind, there’s a demand for great UX that cannot be overlooked. Get these 6 rules drilled into your mind as early as possible, and you’ll have an easier time producing designs that communicate value and keep customers happy.

Pixlogix InfoTech: A Web Design and Development Company Based In Ahmedabad, India Which Helps Clients to Grow Their Businesses through Online Platform

Samir Bhimbha Founder & CEO


ixlogix is a web design and development company based in Ahmedabad, India which helps clients to grow their businesses through online platform by providing cost-effective web and mobile solutions in India. We started out 8 years ago as a small team and today known as reputed website design and development agency with our unique strategy, planning, user interface design, front-end & back-end web development and custom apps. Our custom and readymade designing and development

We move for simple chain of work, it’s Engage to client – Wireframe – UI design & Development – Web Development – Testing & Improvement – Delivery – Support & Maintenance

solutions meet many start-ups and mid-range businesses, while our creative thinking and best efforts put their business site shining in a crowded online world. The Visionary Founder Samir Bhimbha, the Founder & CEO, began his career as freelance website designer and developer. He has hands of expertise in UI / UX Design, Front-end Services, Responsive HTML5, CSS3, jQuery. Also Best in Wordpress, Magento, Joomla and PHP. With fourteen (14) years of Unique Designing Skills, project management experience, Samir secured several long enduring customer relationships that were the catalyst for the founding of

PIXLOGIX. Since its founding, Samir has lead the PIXLOGIX team while serving a wide variety of clients that includes many small businesses, IT professionals, web design studios, web consultancies, and large corporations as well. As Managing Director, Samir has placed special emphasis on individual client business objectives, security, privacy and costs by focusing on continuous improvements in technologies and technical skills. Our Process for Website Design & Development Our core business is web design and development and for it we follow very simple yet result driven process which sounds completely hassle-free for our clients and October 2019 44

eCommerce needs • We deliver unmatched quality by putting people first with our design passion. We are loved & admired by our work quality. our resources. We are small, in fact faster growing Digital Web Services Provider Company in India with quality resources and quicker turnarounds. No more struggle to reach to us, simply engage and faster reply unlike others. We move for simple chain of work, it’s Engage to client – Wireframe – UI design & Development – Web Development – Testing & Improvement – Delivery – Support & Maintenance. With dynamic client and inter team communication, we make the whole work process much Faster, Simpler & Transparent what exactly modern clients want without quality compromise. Key Take Away From Pixlogix • Look no further for your Design, Development or Team Pixlogix

• We are always available for Quick support to your business anytime, anywhere via different communication channels. • We are hard-core professional and believe in win to win. We grow with client’s growth and our services are Affordable enough to hire. • In a white label partnership, Save your time and cost by being our white label partner which will ensure a long time growth for your company. • After sales service! Get amount in a bank account, that’s over, not with us. We continue to support our projects after delivered. • Multi-talented staff offers

a broad range of expertise with end-to-end solutions to justify them as a team on digital global platform. • We are ready to sign and honor Non-Disclosure Agreements to earn your trust and work confidential on given projects. • 100% Satisfaction • Top-notch work quality, open communication & our result-driven work approach & method give 99% satisfaction to our valued clients. We Specialize In • PSD UI / UX Design • Responsive HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Less, Frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, Boilerplate) • Wordpress (Woocommerce, Theme, Custom Plugin, Buddypress) • Magento (Ecommerce Development, Theme, Custom Extension) • PHP / MySQL • Logo Design • Vector Creation • Graphic Design

45 October 2019

* Year of Founding: 2007 * Founding Members: Samir Bhimbha * Funding Information: --* Office Locations: Ahmedabad, Gujarat * Company Strength: 1150 * Website: www.pixlogix. com

TechVed Consulting: A Professionally Managed ‘User Experience Design and Development’Consultancy Based In India


We have geographically widespread clientele and have offered our services to websites, web applications, mobile phones, product interface etc. in various countries including India, Singapore, Thailand, China, Australia, Kuwait, UK, USA

ECHVED Consulting is a professionally managed ‘User Experience Design and Development’​consultancy based in India. We embrace research and design bringing innovative ideas for ideation and creation of Usable Interactions. We deliver world quality solutions for a broad spectrum of interface like websites, communication devices, intranets, products etc. We have geographically widespread clientele and have offered our services to websites, web applications, mobile phones, product interface etc. in various countries including India, Singapore, Thailand, China, Australia, Kuwait, UK, USA. In today’s world, digital technology and strategy are disrupting businesses, wreaking havoc on well-established business models and shifting entire industries.

Mohar V Business Evangelist

Digital innovation relentlessly commoditizes and rewrites the rulebook for business. In many organizations, digital is a cacophony of disconnected, inconsistent and sometimes incompatible activities. Organizations looking to generate revenue from digital technologies need a strategy that is more powerful than digital substitution. They need to create a digital edge, where digital information and physical resources combine in new ways to create value and revenue. Enterprises are seeking digital edge transform processes, business models, and the customer experience by exploiting the pervasive digital connections between systems, people, places, and things. Any company large or small, old or new can use this digital technology to create a winning edge for its business and

perhaps, its industry. Cognizant of this fact, Mohar V is leading TECHVED Consulting, a global Usability and Design hub, towards becoming the most trusted brand to provide UX solutions to digital products. At TECHVED they are equipped with exquisite research facilities, large databases and state-of-the-art usability labs to carry out User Research and provide UX solutions for their global clients. Mohar V, a Business Evangelist, has 20+ years of experience spread across various business verticals as a UX/UI design thinker. At TECHVED Consulting, a thought leader, and UX design powerhouse, he brings this vast experience on the table as a Business Evangelist to multi-manage various disciplinary assignments on Digital October 2019 46

Strategy & Business Innovation. His focus is to revolutionize Digital Product Experience by providing exceptional User Experience Design services. He has an extensive experience in various aspects of enterprise in Digital Strategy, UX/UI Design and Technology Innovation. With an excellent Business & Digital Innovation Experience in Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain domain, he also led the digital transformations within the organizations. As the Business Evangelist & Digital Strategist at TECHVED Consulting, Mohar multi manages various disciplinary assignments on Digital Strategy & Business Innovation. Under his expert guidance, TECHVED Consulting is globally been acclaimed as the Digital Strategy & Design Powerhouse with various International Design & Innovation Awards. He loves building exciting professional acquaintances and transform Digital Product Experiences. He ensures that at TECHVED they bring about innovative digital solutions for the clients and help them grow their business across geographies. Inspiring Values “Helping our customers achieve success through our path-breaking services drives me to do better,” says Mohar. Breathing life into delightful and inventive designs with passion is TECHVED’s USP. And ensuring that this fire burns bright at our agency, as it has been for the past decade, keeps Mohar motivated to give his very best. 47 October 2019

Innovative Services Driving TECHVED Forward TECHVED Consulting has already established itself as a thoughtleader in the UX domain across all of South-east Asia. They have been in this game longer than any other firm has and they are just getting started. Moreover, TECHVED is not only helping drive businesses but also believes in bringing the UX Community closer. TECHVED delivers innovative solutions to its clients from various domains. Their User Experience Design platform offers a pleasant and happy experience for customers while they use Websites, Apps, Wearable tech, products or any services. The User Research and Evaluation platform help bring in clarity and help in planning the improvements that the clients need to ensure on the web interface. Optimizing websites and creating an experience, Conversion Rate Optimization platform helps their clients convert visitors to conversions. TECHVED Consulting helps their clients to shape their business’ digital future with cutting-edge technology. The passion to bring phenomenal digital experiences to life at the company pushes Mohar to navigate the simplest of day-today challenges and helps him put his best foot forward every day to make sure the company achieves all its goals. Expert Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs “Today’s Generation Z is looking for ways to find the shortest possible route to success. My

* Year of Founding: 2007 * Founding Members: Mohar V * Funding Information: --* Office Locations: Mumbai, Maharashtra * Company Strength: 51200 * Website: www.techved. com

advice would be to stay focused and put in honest work because there’s no substitute to hard work Lead from the front, always. Be passionate about your work and value those you work with,” says Mohar. He also suggests a customercentric approach. “Just like a UX Design needs to adopt a usercentric approach to be successful, a business needs to center its clients at its heart to achieve success. Listening to the clients’ requirements and then providing them innovative solutions will never fail to establish your brand as an exception in the market,” advice Mohar. Future Roadmap TECHVED plans to continue leading innovation in the field of UX for the years to come. They are integrating and equipping themselves with the latest in technology like AR, VR and Artificial Intelligence to constantly provide the clients with the best of digital experiences. Additionally, they are expanding themselves and making a global impact as they gear up to impart education for budding UXers across the globe.

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