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2014 1.1


What are the benefits of Hiring a Party Bus? (2014-02-27 12:10) Partying out and celebrating with your friends or family is always a fun and entertaining. [1]Party becomes more ravenous and sophisticated, if the vehicle you are riding in is equally [2]luxurious and incredibly classy. Go wild and make whoopee with your buddies by hiring an elite [3]Limo party bus. This majestic transportation of 21st century offers several additional features to sensationalize your party and to enliven your party mood, including: • Your partying time increases and you can have more fun and amusement while being cruised to your desired place. • The [4]Limo Party buses can accommodate any number of friends of yours as they come in different sizes ranging from 25 to 60. You can choose the one according to the needs and size of your group. • [5]Party buses ensure safe travelling. You and your friends can enjoy a few drinks without worrying about driving back home. Your courteous and responsible [6]chauffeur will drop you back home safely after the party is over. • [7]Party buses are usually well-stocked with the various on-board amenities like; DVD, surround sound music system, dazzling disco lights, speakers, woofers, rest room and many more. So you can party all the way through your destination. • Party buses spare you from the worry of locating late night [8]transportation, as they offer pick and drop facility. • Party buses let you enjoy your party without worrying about the traffic and parking spaces. • Limo party buses give a break from the boredom of parties that may arise because of same venue. They can take you and your friends to different hot spots around the town. • Party buses offer you the opportunity to enjoy the treat at the bars and restaurants of your choice. • [9]Limousine companies can decorate and accord the party buses according to your special needs and requirements. • Along with comfort, party buses also offer you style and luxury. These happening vehicles can make your entry to any pub or restaurant eye- catching and envious. 5

• Limo party buses are spacious and thus give you ample space to dance and move freely. • Limo party bus is a cost-effective option for group travelling. These extend you fair bargain by offering luxury at reasonable prices. [10]Contact Swift Limos to complement luxury and grandeur to your party. Our well-accorded party buses will definitely make your party eventful and unique in the way you dreamt of. Enthral yourself and your friends with our well- adorned party buses. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.



Prom Limo (2014-03-19 12:22) Hiring Limos for Proms Upcoming Prom season is undoubtedly sending shivers to the spines of the teenagers. It is a lifetime event and a limo for the prom has always been an easiest win-win ever. [1]Hiring limo for the proms is not only a style icon but it also ensures safety for the teenagers and peace of mind to their parents. So[2] limos are where fun and safety can go together. [3]Swift Limos hereby is familiarizing you with the different aspects of [4]limo hiring services for proms. Why should you hire limo services for prom? By [5]hiring limo services for prom you can avail various benefits including:

• Safety is the most haunting issue for the parents when their children are partying out. Limo ensures safety for yourself and your friends. Your professional, courteous and reliable [6]chauffeur do the travelling while you enjoy with your friends. • [7]Hiring limos services save your time as well because they generally offer pick and drop facilities and most importantly you do not have to worry and idle away you time in traffic and finding parking spaces. • It gives you the opportunity to stick out of the crowd and as well to make a royal and elite appearance at the party and make your prom the night to remember. • Limos like [8]party buses, [9]SUVs’, [10]Cadillac extend you the chance to enjoy the evening with your closest friends together and ensure that you spend good time together before and after the prom night. 6

What are the factors you should consider while hiring a limo for the proms? Following are the points that you should always keep in mind while hiring the limo services:

• Do not make the price the only factor while looking for the[11] limo rental services. Different price levels may suggest different services. • Research thoroughly a network of service providers to find the best pricing and vehicles’ availability. • Getting a suitable limo largely depends upon the details you provide to the [12]limo companies; viz. your hours of operation, number of people travelling and distance to be traveled. The more detailed information you provide; the better service you will get. • Make sure that company you are hiring is providing you with the features you are looking for viz. amenities, space, look and comfort. • Check the prices provided apples to apples. Make sure that company you are hiring is providing you with the accurate price for every service i.e. without any hidden fees or charges. • Always reserve well before time to avoid any in-time hurdles and as well to grab a better bargain and the vehicle of your choice. • Ensure that company you have hired and [13]chauffeur it has designated, both are registered, insured and certified. Never go for the company that is not legally licensed and insured. [14]Contact Swift Limos to make your prom evenings incredible. Paint the town red with your closest friends while being cradled in comfort and luxury of are well adorned limos. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.



Chauffeured Limo Transportation Services (2014-04-21 10:46) Why to hire Chauffeured Transportation Services for Road Shows? 7

With so many minute and finest details to handle, organizing a road show is one of the most tedious and complex task. Apart from well-managed business logistics, conferences and presentations; meticulously arranged itinerary and punctilious ground transportation services together can make the road show a big success. And only a detail-oriented [1]chauffeured transportation company can provide you with such pertinent details and help you to select the most efficient routes. Along with these, [2]chauffeured transportation companies provide you with below mentioned benefits also:

• You can utilize the time spent in the [3]vehicle more productively without worrying about the driving. You can continue with your important work and documents, review reports, send emails before reaching your destination. • Even if you are travelling within an unfamiliar setting, they can make you reach your destination in time as they are well-acknowledged about city’s road patterns and traffic system. They help you to concentrate on your [4]business without worrying about traffic snarls and confusing road signs. • They provide you with the confidentiality and privacy you need to discuss your important business matters. The [5]chauffeurs are trained to uphold these standards and as well not to discuss about the mergers, acquisition and negotiations outside the cars. • All the road show vehicles are usually well- accorded various on-board amenities like; client’s favorite publication, desired bottled water, reading lamps and side tables and many more. In other words, they provide all the comforts and cradle you in luxury • [6]Vehicles are provided according to your group needs and requirements; i.e. you have a large and extensive fleet to choose from and you can choose according to the size of your group and equipment to be carried for your road show. • They also help you to execute most complex road show plans and also make arrangements for multi-city tours with changing locations. • Punctuality and professionalism are the pre-requisites of any road show and [7]chauffeured companies offer you these at their best. Chauffeurs are not only punctual but also help you to load and unload your luggage at each spot and as well are capable to handle any itinerary adjustments. • After you wind up your road show; you can also use your vehicle for sight-seeing. Your chauffeurs are best with the information regarding city’s best restaurant, wine bar or tourist spot. In other words, they can suggest you the places to relax. • [8]Vehicles offered have fully integrated IT infrastructure like; GPS trackers, two-way radios, LCD screens that not only helps you to tack and monitor your itinerary but also enables you to make presentations. Moreover these vehicles can also be modified according to the marketing needs of the clients. • The 24/7/365 road show help desk helps you to re-schedule your existing tour and re-route an itinerary. [9]Contact Swift Limos for the dedication, professionalism and punctuality that are the essences of any successful road show. We provide an extensive [10]fleet of vehicles from elite sedans to full-size buses to choose from. Travel comfortably and confidently with [11]Swift Limos and go ahead on the path of your success. 1. 2. 3.


4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Finding a Reliable Limo Company | Swift Limos (2014-05-26 10:21:44) [&] • Previous [&]



Finding a Reliable Limo Company (2014-05-26 10:21) In the last few years, various [1]limousine companies have mushroomed up in the market. With so many companies holding and providing parallel offers, identical vehicles, policies and benefits, it becomes really cumbersome to find out an authentic and dependable [2]limousine rental company. So if you are planning to [3]hire a limousine for an upcoming event; always probe into the company with a fine teeth comb and make it a point that the vehicles provided by the company are immaculate and adequately licensed. Apart from these: " Your [4]limo rental company must have a PSC carrier number. Only those companies can obtain these numbers which go through two annual vehicle inspections, [5]chauffeurs’ background checks, insurance verification and assigned rates. " Vehicles assigned should carry a license number on the back and front bumper. " Sedan based limos, such as [6]Lincoln Town Cars must carry a livery plate. " If the limo rental company provides [7]airport transportation services; it should have special airport permits. " The limousines should have lower mileage because most of the stretched vehicles started creating problems if they have travelled more than 200,000 miles " Always inspect the body of the vehicles for dents and scrapes. Minor scratches or dents are normal but do not go for a vehicle that is rusty and mostly damaged because there is every possibility that they are old models repaired " Both of the interior lights i.e. bar lights and optic lights inside the limousine should be working. " The interiors of the [8]limousines should be clean and spotless. Carpet should be vacuumed and glasses in the bar should be free from any dirt, finger prints and spills " There should be no interior leakages and ice bins should be clean and clear. " The [9]limo rental company must have the license to operate legally " Every vehicle must have the commercial vehicle insurance and liability coverage [10]Contact Swift Limos for meticulously and best maintained vehicles and avant-garde services. Our courteous and acknowledged team of chauffeurs and dispatchers is always at your beck and call and try to provide you a life time experience. 1. 2. 3. 4.


5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.


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