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Rules for Rental at Swift Creek Mill… Granite Room The Mill Room Swift Creek Mill Theatre

These rules are a part of the contract. The Lessee is responsible for enforcing compliance by Lessee agents and guests.

1. The Dining Rooms may be rented for 120 people or less. The Theatre may be rented for 240 people or less. 2. The building must be closed promptly at the Leased End Time. Premises must be left clean. 3. If not contracting Swift Creek Mill Theatre (SCMT) Food and Beverage Service no alcoholic beverages may be served without Lessee having an ABC license. SCMT’s ABC license may not be used for events not contracting SCMT Food and Beverage Service. Custodian will not assume any responsibility regarding alcoholic beverages. This responsibility belongs to your caterer. It is preferable that beer be served in glasses. Mats for beverage stations must be used and will be provided by SCMT. 4. Under no circumstances are cooking stations allowed in the Dining Rooms. 5. Caterers must have a current certificate of insurance on file with SCMT. Caterer may use onsite kitchen equipment, if apart of rental agreement, which includes: coffee makers, stove, sink, refrigerator, freezer. The caterer may use the dishwasher with custodian’s supervision. Please note that stove-top frying or cooking which produces grease-laden vapors is strictly prohibited. (Section F-309 of the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code.) Caterer is responsible for returning the kitchen premises to its clean condition. Caterer is also responsible for removal of all trash from premises immediately following the function. (PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY BRING THEIR OWN PLASTIC BAGS FOR REMOVAL OF TRASH.) 6. All deliveries must be made at the service entrance on the side/ alley of the building with prior notification. 7. Permission may be granted for use of tables and chairs. Linens and silver may be furnished. An inventory will be taken before and after usage and reviewed. A separate deposit may be required for usage. 8. Bands may use only existing electrical outlets and may not tie into electrical panels. 9. A. Absolutely nothing may be attached to the walls, floors or woodwork.

B. No tables or other equipment may be dragged across the floors. C. No doorways may be blocked. D. No furnishings or equipment may be moved. E. No rice, glitter, bubbles or rose petals may be used inside the building. F. Only bird seed or fresh rose petals may be thrown outside the building. G. Sparklers are strictly prohibited on SCMT property.

10. The Custodian must be on duty when the building is rented. He/She is our official SCMT representative. Heating and Air Conditioning is regulated by SCMT Custodian. Payment for (8) hours of his/her services is included in the rental fee. Any hours over (8) must be paid for by the Lessee. 11. It is SCMT regulation that an off duty policeman be on the premises during the time guests are present for an event. Payment for this service (5) hours is included in your rental fee. Any hours over (5) must be paid for by the Lessee. 12. The building is available to the Lessee only during the hours specified in the rental agreement. No rooms are to be used other then those under contract. Please note that SCMT Custodian may not help renter with setup or tear down. This complies with insurance requirements. 13. Lessee is responsible for replacing or restoring to original condition any damaged or missing property. 14. There will be no smoking inside the building. 15. SCMT cannot be held responsible for Lessee’s property left following the event. 16. If you would like to meet your caterer, decorator, etc. at SCMT to discuss plans for your event, you must call the office first to schedule an appointment that does not interfere with SCMT functions. 17. Parking is included and no attendants will be furnished.

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Rules for rental  

Rules for rental