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MAY 2011

Executive Editor Haven Lin-Kirk editorial

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Simone Iris Wicks, Christine Chyon, Lisa Talar Kose, & Haven Lin-Kirk writers

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Editor’s Letter Fashion has always been a large part of my life. Even as a little girl I knew I was more fascinated by how something was conceived, designed & crafted, than by who it was made. I learned to draw & sew at a very young age & used fashion as my starting point for my creative growth. I used to wake up early on Saturdays & sneak into the living room to watch Style (before it became about interior decorating & makeovers). I fantasized about the evening gowns I saw coming down the runway. This world inspired me to design my own pieces & I developed my sketching skills. As I grew older & took up more classical drawing & painting, my love of fashion shifted to looking through more editorial & developing my own personal style. While the girls at my school bought up whole collections of Marc Jacobs, I was raiding my mother’s closet. My style was always stood out from my peers who looked like armies of Saks 5th. I wore maxi skirts in the 9th grade & heels in the 11th. As I worked my way through college my person look became more apparent; the hair, glasses, & boots. As I matured, so did my interest in the fashion industry. My dream of becoming a fashion designer is long gone but I hope that I will one day be able to be a part of such a powerful & influential field. Be it through design, editorial, advertising or branding, I hope to pull together all my skills into a successful career. XOXO


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Simone Iris Wicks


ashion is ever changing, shifting from season to season. There might be global trends

that spring up every season, but style is very different depending on where you are in the world. London, New York, Milano, & Paris are considered the Fashion Capitals of the world. But many will arguer that Los Angeles & Tokyo should be added to this list. Each city is known for being forward thinking producers of clothing trends.


Fabric of the World MAY 2011 |


M I recently studied in Milan, Italy for 7 months. Italians are known for luxury, but in a very understated manor. Milanese people exude effortless elegance & sex appeal. Italian tailoring makes timeless classics look that much sexier. Italians are all about the 3 Fs: Fit, Fabric & just the right amount of Flair. To spice things up you will always see people donning that 1 special accessory. Big gold sunglasses, a flashy leather purse, a patent leather belt, the perfect knee-high boots or a red lace bra. Shoes & lingerie; 2 things Italians can’t get enough of. Every other store on 1 block in Milano is either shoes or lingerie. And trust me, I spent plenty of money on both while there. During the winter all you see is Black, from head to toe. When the warm weather arrives you would think that the Milanese would shed their layers. Milano can get unbearably humid. For Italians, replacing black with Color is their way of acknowledging the change in seasons. And do they love Color. But one thing they don’t love to do is show skin. Even in 90 degree heat, people are still in long sleeve button ups & sweaters tied around their shoulders. Boots are replaced with Tod’s loafers. Some how, even in the Milan heat, the Milanese don’t seem to break a sweat.


MAY 2011 |

P Paris is home to couture, which is evident in Parisian’s love for Opulence. While the Milanese chose to limit their accessories to 1 item, Parisians think more is better. Bows, beads, lace, piles of jewelry & hats are among the most popular. Parisians embrace patterns & know how to mix & match. Femininity is the focal point of everyone’s style, even if it costs you comfort. Shoes are taller & bras are forbidden. During the summer, Parisians strip off all unnecessary layers & prefer to go as bare as possible. And don’t worry about shaving, its totally unnecessary.

L The punk movement was started in London & today this city’s style sensibility is still a little edgier than most. Londoners have a little harder, unisex style with sharp lines & heavy fabrics. Like Paris, Londoners are not afraid of mixing patterns, but gravitate more towards bvold graphic prints than feminine ones. Layering in key, especially during the colder weather that is present for most of the year. Long coats & scarves are the top accessories of choice. Chunky military boots are preferred to the sleek & tall ones you find in Milano.


MAY 2011 |


New York City is the prep capital of the USA. American chic thrives today just as well as it did back in the day. Staples like the Blue jean, Polos, white button ups, cable knit sweaters & camel wool coats are everywhere. Sticking to these classics helps create a surefire way of looking well put together. Believers in Minimalism means accessories & makeup & kept to a minimum & you see lots of black.

T In recent years, more attention has been paid to the emergind distincet style that is Harajuku is named after an area of Japan near Tokyo where it is a trend for young women to get dressed up & socialize. People dress in a variety of styles including gothic lolita, visual kei, & decora, as well as cosplayers. Lolita fashion is where girls dress up like various dolls; gothic, sweet, or punk. Visual Kei is a very androgynous movement centered around J-Rock. People dress like Glam, Punk or metal rock. Cosplayers are people who dress like anime characters. All these different style trends are about expressing ones self through very over the top make-up, elaborate hairstyles & flamboyant costumes. Layering tons of different pieces of clothing & accessories is how to achieve the perfect look. These fashions would not be acceptable in any other city, but in Toyko & the Harajuku District they are a normal part of culture. Girls want to show off their style to everyone & hopefully be photographed & shown in many of the style magazines that are published around this Fashion trend.


MAY 2011 |

LA Due to the geographical vastness of my hometown, Los Angeles, there are several distinct styles. Beach casual can be seen around the beach communities. Flip flops, bikinis & sun dresses are a year around uniform, due to the minimal shift in weather. Hollywood & Beverly Hills are all about the newest glam trends. Skinny jeans, huge sunglasses, Tory Burch flats & hobo bags can all be seen on almost every girl, young & (slightly) old. But the most interesting trend is Hipsters who congregate around Melrose & Silverlake. Hipster culture started as an alternative movement of kids who didn’t care what they looked like or what other people thought of them. But the true motivation behind this movement is exactly just the opposite. Hipster is a trend that is becoming popular globally, but was started in Los Angeles. American Apparel & Urban Outfitters provide the uniform for this style. Both men & women live in V-necks, black plastic frame glasses, skinny black jeans, & oversized sweaters. Though bright colors used to be in, these are now being replaced with darker colors & worn out vintage clothing. Tattered denim jeans, leather jackets, vintage sweatshirts advertising ironic things like Cabo 1994, & see-through blouses are now what is clothing the masses.



The Secrets to Paris Fashion REVEALED! WRITTEN BY


ver since the epic launch of the fashion industry four centuries ago, Paris fashion has taken the title of one of the world’s most recognized & iconic fashion capitals. After all, we can all find some of the most commonly recognized fashion icons right in the heart of France, from Coco Chanel to Yves Saint Laurent. But what is it that makes the way we view women’s fashion in Paris so unique? After all, there’s always that little something extra we recognize that makes the biggest difference to create a seamless & timeless ensemble. It’s not that their outfits are one of a kind. Rather, it seems as though they have the knowledge & skills to put an ensemble together & make it look like a million bucks. Of course at a quick glance we can assume that’s probably what they really spent, right? WRONG! Although it may seem as though French women do nothing but read fashion magazines & search for the next fashion trends for the upcoming season, the truth is that they really learn how to be self-expressive of their individual styles starting from a very young age. Unlike people in Los Angeles who prefer to spend hundreds of dollars buying countless pieces of cheap clothing from Forever 21, what matters to

Lisa Talar Kose


L. A.

women in Paris is quality, not quantity. They would rather choose to buy three valuable, well- tailored pieces of clothing to express their personal style while successfully making a fashion statement that will certainly turn heads & be remembered. Also, not only do they make a statement in the way they dress but also in the way they carry themselves in public by walking confidently with a fierce attitude. Even something as simple as a bold necklace worn over a black trench coat can make all the difference. It’s as simple as that! Here in Los Angeles, we typically tend to over- do our ensembles by layering up multiple colors & various articles of clothing; both of which are risky & uncomfortable. Adding bold colors to a simple outfit never seems to be an issue for women in Paris, whether it’s in the shoes or a splash of color peeking out of a trench coat. Here in Los Angeles, we commonly spot people walking around in sporty hoodies & basic flats on a daily basis. However, what women in Paris consider to be an outfit that should be work strictly for the gym is something that is completely normal to people in Los Angeles. Also, it isn’t just about looking good for the sake of showing off to your peers; it’s about dressing appropriately & respectfully for the people around you, regardless of any special occasion going on. Yes, of course wearing four-inch heels to the market sounds silly but walking around in Nike’s might not get you the prettiest stares & attitudes in Paris. Therefore, it would be best to put away the sneakers & start getting comfortable in something more stylish. You might just want to put away the Forever 21 shopping list & shop for something simple & elegant. Add a touch of confidence to this & you will find yourself one step closer to Paris Fashion Week!

What matters to women in Paris is quality, not quantity. They would rather choose to buy three valuable, well- tailored pieces of clothing.

MAY 2011 |


Fashion Trends of 2011 WRITTEN BY Christine Chyon


ashion is changing, elusive, & seductive. It has the ability to transform an image & make a social difference. Everybody knows fashion is constantly changing, one day it’s in & the next day it’s out. But that doesn’t mean you should throw away your old clothes. Keep them, because you never know when the trend will come back. Designers are constantly thinking of ways to design new fashion trends & how it can be recycled from previous trends. So look through your closet again, it might surprise you that your oldest clothes just might be the style that is totally in. Here are the best & the biggest trends of 2011.


hether it’s high fashion or not, you can dress to fit the biggest trends this season. From Diane von Furstenberg to Forever 21, there’s something out there for everyone. Hollywood stars are constantly going back & forth between old & new fashion. Fashion constantly changes; it isn’t something that can be predicted. So this season, take our your old trousers, your old pastel shirt, & maxi dress, & take them out. With summer just around the corner, it is the perfect opportunity to mix & match your clothes.

Print, Pattern, & Print! Leopard prints, patterned designs, & abstract repetition! You can’t get sick of these. This spring: think brighter, bolder, & bigger. Diane von Furstenberg never goes wrong.

Gotta’ Love Minimalism This year, it’s all about silk, pastel colors, neutral tones, clean cuts, & white from head to toe. With summer around the corner, warm colors blossom & cool color fade out. So put those gray, black, & brown trench coats away, because those are too last season.

The Longer, the More Stylish Maxi dresses, long skirts, & long trousers are one of the biggest trends in 2011. Forget about denim jeans; wear your maxi dresses & long shirts this spring

The 70’s is Back Remember the wide-leg trousers & the sexy shirts? Well they are totally back in now. Designers like Marc Jacob, Derek Lam, & Tory Burch are a just a few designers who are focusing on the past. These designers’ recent collections for spring 2011 are all about bring the old in & making it new.

Blocks of colors Can’t get enough of colors, this season is the season to wear bright & bold colors. The brighter, the better. Don’t be afraid to stand out.

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