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Society of Women Engineers University of Florida 2014-2015

Sponsorship Packet UF Society of Women Engineers

Society of Women Engineers University of Florida 274 Weil Hall Gainesville, FL 32611

To whom this may concern, My name is Erin Winick and I am serving as the 2014-2015 President of the University of Florida Society of Women Engineers (SWE). Our chapter has a powerful history of widespread community outreach, exciting campus involvement and well-rounded members looking to venture into the engineering workforce. Some of the recognition we have received includes: 

2012 Outstanding Collegiate Section, National SW E

2013 Most Outstanding Large Society, UF Benton Engineering Council

2013, 2014 Best Society Outreach Event, UF Benton Engineering Council

2014 Best Society Outreach Event, UF Benton Engineering Council

I would like to invite you to be a part of this accomplished program by sponsoring our society this upcoming year. See the following pages for more information about our programs and all of the sponsorship opportunities available.

Thank you for your support,

Erin Winick Erin Winick Mechanical Engineering, 2016 UF SWE President 2014-2015

UF Society of Women Engineers


Program Descriptions This past year, our society spent over $15,000 on programs and events, including outreach to K-12 students in the community, a freshmen/transfer student-mentoring program, professional development events and social activities throughout the campus. This past year, over a hundred events were held, including many new events. Following are just a few of the major events SWE holds each year.

eSWAMP eSWAMP is our annual event held the first weekend after Fall semester begins to welcome incoming freshmen students. It is a day long event consisting of a variety of workshops to show them the opportunities offered in the college, meet other female engineers and participate in fun events in order to get to know other freshmen and upperclassman SWE members. We also hold an organization fair where over 20 engineering societies from all disciplines table to show what their society does and how to get involved. This particular event can be sponsored, allowing the sponsor the opportunity to attend and present to all of these freshmen. This past year about 100 freshmen girls participated.

Outreach SWE is very active in introducing younger children to engineering. We believe that the best way to spark someone’s interest in engineering is to start at an early age. Our annual event, Introduce a Girl to Engineering day welcomes local K-12 students to tour our campus and see what it’s like to be an engineer. SWE students take them around the various engineering labs on campus, as well as give them the opportunity to talk with SWE members. Also, we participate weekly in EngiNear You to reach out to local elementary schools with science demonstrations.

UF Society of Women Engineers


Evening with Industry Evening with Industry (EWI) is held each semester and is an opportunity for company representatives to talk to students on a more personal level. EWI takes place the evening after the University of Florida Career Showcase each semester, which is convenient for recruiters who already plan to attend Showcase. In past years, over a dozen recruiting companies and 200 students have been in attendance. This last year we partnered with RecPass for the first time to have all of the students upload their resumes ahead of time, allowing for recruiters to read over them before the event, access them during the event on provided iPads and refer to them afterwards as well.

Volunteering SWE strongly believes in the importance of giving back to the campus and the community. This past year we had a major increase in the number of organizations and causes we supported . This is the first year we participated in the UF Relay for Life program and raised over $1000 for cancer research. We had 3 members donate their hair as well. We also volunteered with Habitat for Humanity Woman’s Build, the Humane Society, Jungle Friends and Project Makeover.

UF Society of Women Engineers


Conferences Each year we participate in SWE National and Region D conferences. This is an opportunity for our members to develop their professional skills, network with company representatives and seek career opportunities. It also allows our society to learn best practices from other societies to improve our chapter. This year we are headed to Los Angeles, California for SWE National Conference.

General Body Meetings Each semester, general body meetings are held on Tuesdays biweekly for members to learn about events and opportunities in our society and throughout the UF campus. Most meetings are sponsored, giving members the chance to speak with company representatives and hear about what opportunities they are currently offering.

Big Gator/Little Gator Mentoring Our Big Gator/Little Gator mentoring program pairs underclassmen students with upperclassmen SWE members to allow them to acclimate into college life and excel in engineering. Each mentor is matched with one to three mentees and seeks to get to know each of them and show them the opportunities throughout then engineering department. Mentors are charged with helping mentees academically, introducing them to the many ways to get involved on campus and through their major and the opportunities the University offers. At the end of the year, a “Best Mentor” and “Best Mentee” are chosen based on involvement and feedback from their respective mentee/mentor. Over 50 SWE members participated in this program last year. This year we will also be starting the Alumni Mentoring program which will give the upperclassman the chance to ask questions of and form a bond with a former UF SWE member that is now in industry or grad school. UF Society of Women Engineers


Benefits of Sponsorship We continually strive to improve our society, and welcome you to be a part of this endeavor. Each of our sponsors is highly valued, and we like to thank them by offering the sponsorship benefits listed below. Each level of sponsorship also receives the same benefits as the levels preceding it.

Sponsorship Level





-Link to company career page added to all ListServ emails -Presented with Platinum sponsorship certificate



-Logo added to all social media (ie. Twitter, LinkedIn) -Link to company’s career page added to website



-Logo added to all flyers and Facebook cover photo



-Opportunity to speak at General Body Meeting and advertising for the meeting

Friends of SWE


-Advertising on website and monthly newsletter

How to Sponsor The diversity of events SWE holds allows for a variety of ways to consider sponsorship. You can make a general donation to the society or sponsor a specific event/program. The different sponsorship levels can be viewed above. Please see below a table of specific events that have been sponsored in the past. However, if you have an idea for an event or are interested in sponsoring an event not listed, please feel free to contact us. Event


Target Audience

Approximate Cost

eSwamp Day

August 31

Freshmen/Transfer Students


National Conference

October 23-26

All Members


Regional Conference


All Members


Big Gator/Little Gator


All Members


Spring Tea


All Members


Evening with Industry


All Engineering Students

$300/per semester

Engineering Fair Booth




Introduce a Girl to Engineering October/February



High School Outreach


High School


Girl Scout Outreach




Mr. Engineer


All Students


General Body Meetings


All Members


UF Society of Women Engineers


Payment Methods Please mail checks payable to “University of Florida” at the following address: Society of Women Engineers University of Florida 274 Weil Hall Gainesville, FL 32611

If you wish to sponsor a specific event, please specify that event on the ‘For’ section of your check. General donations do not need a specification.

Contact Us Feel free to follow all our social media outlets to stay up to date on the events and accomplishments of the society. Make sure to connect with us on LinkedIn and post any company opportunities on our group page. Website: Email:

Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: If you have any questions and/or are interested in sponsoring our society, please contact our general society email,, or contact our corresponding secretary, Emily Jacobus directly at Thank you for your time. We appreciate any and all support of our society!


Erin Winick Erin Winick President, Society of Women Engineers University of Florida, 2014-2015

UF Society of Women Engineers


2014-2015 SWE-UF Sponsorship Packet  

Interested in sponsoring the University of Florida Society of Women Engineers? Check out this sponsorship packet for more information.

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