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Animal Alphabet Animal Alphabet Animal Alphabet Animal Alphabet

Animal A imal Alphabet From From From From A petoto A pe Ape AtoZpeebrato Z ebra Z Zebra ebra


Elmo is ready to learn the Animal Alphabet, from ape to zebra! Can you guess what animal begins with A? That’s right, ape begins with A!

Ant also begins with A!


Bear begins with B.

Bee also begins with B!


Camel begins with C. Canary and cat also begin with C.


Dog begins with D. Duck begins with D, too.

Ee Ff

Elephant begins with E.

Fox begins with F. And Ernie begins with E, and fun begins with F!

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Animal Alphabet  

Elmo and Ernie take a trip through the alphabet by introducing a menagerie of animals, one for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet.