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Because we act on a emotional level as soon as we desire something. There needs to be structure to every plan. And you yourself have to evaluate WHY YOU REALLY WANT YOUR EX BACK?? When we act in an emotional way you ex can spell it a mile off! We come off as desperate and clingy, and thats not the way to win anyone back! The no contact and space is a healer also helps but its knowing how to use this correctly! There needs to be a change! What ever the reason was that you split up, this needs to be corrected! I have found some information that will get your ex back for sure!! Have you lost the love of your life? Do you see them and know deep down inside it was a mistake to let them go? Do you want the love of your life back? Dont worry, this happens to over 70% of people that have spilt from a love, and is very normal. Sometime the love has slipped away, sometimes you pushed them, maybe even cheated and they found out? The feeling of thislost is terrible right? The pain is so big that you want to do anything to get them back, even if its to know that you didnt make a HUGE mistake! I was there, and it almost killed me, but it does get better dont worry! Check it out!

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