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IDEA brief Showtime Networks Dexter Series

project scope: SwervePoint is the merchandise vendor of record for Showtime Networks and is charged with developing new merchandising for upcoming seasonal series releases that can be used in retail sales and for B2B promotion for partners like Direct TV, Comcast, and such. idea design & development: Prior to each show’s season launch our designers and merchandisers are able to preview the upcoming shows in order to develop new product ideas. This is always a highlight of the year for us. It’s very confidential and only the merchandising and design departments are allowed to know about and view the episodes. We develop as many relevant products as we can and submit them to Showtime for consideration. produce & deliver: SwervePoint Studio creates all print-ready art files and coordinates production planning and works with SwervePoint Programs to develop the inventory purchasing plan. These products end up on-line at our Showtime e-commerce sites for B2B sale and promotion.

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SP-Showtime Dex Case Study  

Showtime Dexter Series Case Study.

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