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or the very first time, the Recording Industry Association (Singapore) presents Off the Record; an exhibition solely dedicated to the vinyls and its reemergence in recent years. This exhibition features 3 artistes of different mediums, passionate about vinyls; Sweehuang Teo, Leonard Soosay, and Guy Laramée, who was tasked to tackle the idea of ‘Off the Record’ with their own personal spin.

Off the Record is an 3 month long exhibition, taking place at the iconic Substation. On the first Saturday of every month, a couple of local musicians take on the stage to put on a show, interpreting the idea of ‘Off the Record’ themselves. Expect the unexpected and come on down today!




Exhibition Opening Address

Performance By DJ Stepehen Day



Vinyl Swap Session

Performance By Charlie Lim



Panel Interview with Local Record Stores

Panel Interview with Artists

INTERVIEW My interest in music came later when I bought my first record in the early ’80s—Saturday Night Fever by Bee Gees. It was played on repeat while I studied for my exams. I was always curious about how the music was created, how they brought all the sounds together. At the time, I was trying to find out how to make music better. I don’t see myself as a music producer or a sound engineer. I see my role as more of someone who makes another person’s dreams a reality, which is why I tour with a lot of the bands I have recorded with. Every year, I say it’s my last year doing music. But I think about all the young talented musicians and I know I’ll want to stay on for a few more years to help them grow.

Leonard Soosay, the brains behind Snakeweed Studios as well as the success of Baybeats Festival year after year, would be remastering his favourite production tracks onto a limited edition 7” record. Expect the unheard of and let it blow your mind.

BIOGRAPHY Age : 53 Hobby : Cat Lover Favourite : Saturday Night Fever Record By Bee Gees

Off the Record features Swee Huang Teo, an up and coming Singapore photographer who takes the idea of vinyls on a spin. By showcasing passionate vinyl collectors through objects. Don’t read a book by its cover, this exhibition explores that concept but in relation to music.

BIOGRAPHY Age : 19 Hobby : Photography Favourite : Day Breaker by Record Architects

INTERVIEW How did your interest in photography begin? My dad used to be a photographer and from young the camera that he used was fascinating. I guess that’s how my interest started. I got serious when I became keen on shooting concerts for a living but that has changed a little since then When did you start collecting vinyls? A year ago my dad dug up his old gramophone and showed me his old chinese vinyls and explained how vinyls are different and better. Eventually I got influenced and started a small collection myself. Do you think Singaporeans need a renewed mindset towards local arts? Definitely. Especially since the local arts scene is small and its lack of appreciation doesn’t do it any justice. We have good artists but no enough appreciators to fund the community. Don’t dismiss it before you experience it.

INTERVIEW How long does it take you to complete these topographical literary etchings? From 3 days to 3 months. It all depends. Again, maybe the virtuosity impresses, but it certainly hits a mark because the works are inspired. Not all of them, but I try to keep away of commercial art as much as possible. Each piece is the result of my penetrating our basic existential dilemma. Your experience seems like a testament to creativity being a way of life as opposed to defined by any specific medium. How do you see it? You see, I had no choice. The gamut of medium was never a choice. Each project dictates its medium. Sometimes I resist, because it’s just some play of the mind trying to escape the difficulties. Knowing when to keep on is called wisdom, they say, and I am far from it…

Guy Laramée, the man behind the beautiful carved topographical literary etchings, takes on a whole new medium. Vinyl Record Sleeves. From classics like AC/DC to modern artists like The XX. He dissects the culture and emotion that goes into vinyls to create a series of art pieces.

BIOGRAPHY Age : 50 Hobby : Writing Favourite : Abbey Road by Record The Beatles


Off the Record  

This is a booklet about the exhibition's Information — what the project is about, who are involved, etc.

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