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De ll T 1G6 P Bat t e ry Inspiro n 9 4 0 0 Bat t e ry 30 day m o ne y back !

1 ye ar warrant y !

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HoPanaso m e » Denic ll »Po Dewe ll T r 1G6 To o P ls Bat Battteery ry De ll T 1G6 P Bat t e ry , De ll T 1G6 P Charge r

Dell T 1G6P Battery Capacit y: 220 0 mAh Vo lt age : 11.1V

Original Price: $ 60.89 Now Price: $


Co lo r: Black Ce ll Type : Li-io n We ight : 18 9 g

Same day shipping service ! 10 0 % new, 10 0 % co mpatible !

Dim e nsio ns: 273.20 x 6 0 .50 x 20 .41 mm New High Quality Dell T1G6 P Battery Super-Lo ng Standy Time Guaranteed!

De ll T 1G6 P Bat t e ry

Dell T 1G6P Charger,Dell T 1G6P Adapter Co lo r: Black Warrant y: 1 year

Original Price: $ 48.99 Now Price: $


De script io n: AC adapter and po wer co rd fo r no tebo o k co mputer This is a Hi-Capacity Brand AC Adapter fo r yo ur

Same day shipping service ! High perfo rmance, lightweight !

Dell T1G6 P! The Hi-Capacity AC Adapter meets o r exceeds o riginal manufacturer po wer specificatio ns fo r Dell T1G6 P AC Adapters.

De ll T 1G6 P Charge r

De ll T 1G6 P Bat t e ry Co m pat ible o riginal Bat t e ry Co de : Dell T1G6 P

De ll T 1G6 P Bat t e ry Fit wit h be lo w: DELL Vo stro V13 Series

DELL Vo stro V130 Series

De ll T 1G6 P Bat t e ry de script io n : High quality and lo w price replacement

De ll T 1G6 P bat t e ry that are manufactured to meet o r exceed the specificatio ns o f the o riginal brand manufacturer. All lapto p

batteries are brand new in bo x, never used, highest quality premium Japanese Li-io n cells are used in the Dell T1G6 P battery. 10 0 % o riginal manufacturer co mpatible and run lo nger time! This is a brand new Dell T1G6 P battery to replace yo ur current aging battery. Get yo ur full battery back up time back. We o ffer replacement batteries fo r yo u Dell T1G6 P lapto p at a bargain price. This will fit yo ur lapto p perfectly.There is no battery "memo ry effect" with this rechargeable battery. The Dell T1G6P battery is rigo ro usly tested fo r capacity, vo ltage, co mpatibility and safety to exceed o riginal equipment manufacturer specificatio ns. All o f o ur lapto p batteries have passed stringent quality assurance pro cedures to achieve internatio nal standards such as ROHS, CE, UL, ISO9 0 0 1, ISO9 0 0 2 certificatio n. • To p quality at affo rdable price, Lo ng warranty o f o ne-year, fast delivery! • 10 0 % brand new and never be used, 10 0 % functio n check befo re shipping!

• Guaranteed to meet o r exceed OEM specificatio ns and perfo rmance. • • • •

High capacity Dell T1G6 P battery li-io n cells made in Japan. Full One Year Manufacturer Warranty & 30 Days Mo ney Back Guarantee! 10 0 % co mpatible with yo ur lapto p's o riginal battery and pro vide extended runtime with no 'memo ry effect'. Order yo ur Dell T1G6 P battery befo re 2:30 PM we will usually ship the same day.

At t e nt io ns whe n using Re place m e nt De ll T 1G6 P bat t e ry : 1.Carefulness read narrate bo o k o f battery,using the battery in the right way. 2.Research the electric appliance and the Dell T1G6 P battery co ntact elements is whether clean, when necessity is clean with the wet clo th mo p, after dry lo ads acco rding to the co rrect po lar directio n. 3.When no n-adult custo dy, do n’t let children replace the lapto p battery, co mpact battery sho uld place the place which the child canno t attain. 4.Battery sho uld sto ck in co o l place,and dry.Do no t expo se yo ur lapto p battery to water o r o ther mo ist/wet substances. 5.Do no t incinerate o r expo se external lapto p battery to excessive heat, which may result in an expo sure. 6 .Electro -adapter sho uld cut switch after use. Sho uld take o ff Dell T1G6 P battery fro m adapter when battery lo ng time no use. 7.Avo id piercing, hitting, crushing o r any abuse use o f the lapto p battery. 8 .It is no rmal fo r a Replacement Battery to beco me warm to the to uch during charging and discharging.

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Co pyright Š 20 0 9 -20 12 All o ffers and prices are subject to change witho ut prio r no tice.

Dell T1G6P battery  
Dell T1G6P battery Dell T1G6P battery