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September 2012 | Volume 1 Issue 5 Editor-in-Chief Jessica Justice Fashion Correspondent Jasmine Perry Creative Director Magnus M. Turner Public Relations | Media Coordinator Britni Shahid Editoral Interns Nicole Roland | Danielle Hughes Marketing | Advertising Intern Sophia Morgan

2 | New York Edition

Volume 1 Issue 5

September 2012


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Contributors Sharde Gilliam was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit Michigan. Sharde developed a love for television broadcasting during her early school years, and aspired to be a news anchor at an early age. She attended Michigan State University where she studied communications and advertising and also participated in many student organizations including her school’s dance team, fashion shows and communications programs. During her college years, she had the opportunity to work with Radio One, Paragon Marketing,, BET and MTV networks. It was through these internships that she developed a passion for entertainment media and aspired to begin her career as a television host. Immediately following her college graduation in May 2010, Sharde packed up everything and moved to New York City to embark on a new journey and begin her career. Since being in the Big Apple, she has had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the entertainment business including Russell Simmons’ Global Grind and Armand de Brignac (Ace of Spades). She has also had the opportunity to cover major entertainment events including the Steve Harvey Foundation Gala, The Ween Awards, movie premiers, album releases, and the 2011 NBA All Star Weekend in Los Angeles, CA. She has interviewed celebrities such as Steve Harvey, Common, Miguel, Big Sean, Lloyd, Tyler Perry, Sherri Shepherd, Romeo, LeToya Luckett, Lala Vasquez, Carmelo Anthony, Travis Porter, and Trina to name a few and continues to make a name for herself as a television host in the making. Now at 24 years old, Sharde is an entertainment journalist for in New York City, an assistant radio personality on The Diva Lounge Radio Show, a writer and correspondent for Parlour Magazine and the co-creator of a new series all while simultaneously working at gaining her spot as a television host of her own show. It hasn’t been an easy journey for Sharde thus far, but it’s definitely far from over!

Tamara Diahann

Sharde Gilliam

Tamara Diahann earned both a B.A. and a M.S. degree from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. She is also a certified Fitness Professional through the Aerobic & Fitness Association of America, who specializes in inventive strength and aerobic training. In addition, Tamara received nutrition training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Here, she was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Tamara began her fit and wellness profession in the glamorous world of pageantry where she has approximately 12 years experience. As a Fitness Trainer, Tamara’s mission is to help her clients incorporate enjoyable exercise into their daily lives. As a Nutritionist, Tamara strives to expand each client’s diet, make them conscious eaters, and improve their overall balance, health, and happiness. In order to fulfill her missions, Fit Fusion was born, a holistic wellness company based in Atlanta, GA Striving to make everyday better than the last, Tamara lives by the motto “Whatever you put your mind to do, do it so well that who ever lived, is alive, or will be born could never do it better.

4 | New York Edition

Natasha E. Feghali is an award winning free-lance journalist with experience in arts, lifestyle and fashion journalism. In 2000, Feghali began to seriously pursue her passion for the written language and has since received the Editor’s Choice award for her poetry. Feghali was born in Canada, has lived in Bordeaux France and is a devout world traveler with a taste for glamour and the savoir faire of cosmopolitan living. Feghali’s passion for language, music and literature (she is fluent in French, Lebanese and Croatian) has encouraged her pursuit towards life’s fiesta. She is a passionate teacher, curious scholar and beautiful dancer all while respecting the exotic essence of her femininity. “Il n’y a qu’un Bonheur; c’est aimer et être aimé” is the tattoo of her soul.

Natasha E. Feghali

Self-described “fashion junkie,” Erika has given her friends fashion advice and helped them create head-turning ensembles. In 2010 after encouragement of friends she started her own fashion blog, “Love of Style by Erika,” which provides fashion tips and of all things stylish to her fun-loving fans. She’s the co-founder of FASH-DET-Fashion Bloggers of Detroit, which was featured in the February issue of Sweet Tooth Magazine. When she started covering local events on FASH’s blog, she decided to take her writing to the next level. Erika is a native Detroiter. She is an alumna of Eastern Michigan University with a degree in English. She worked in retail for over a decade, during that time her love for fashion grew. Every year, Erika develops a deeper passion for fashion and is preparing for the next level. She is currently the wardrobe stylist for The Keisha Danielle Collection and Xstatic Communications. Erika feels that networking through twitter has been the secret to her success. In her spare time she enjoys shopping, reading, and writing poetry. For more information, check out her blog www.loveofstylebyerika. com and contact her for a style and writing loveofstylebyerika@gmail. com. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @LoveAlwaysErika

Erika L. Thomas

New York Edition |


Editor’s Note


ew Beginnings are the start to everything memorable, it’s a milestone in your life when things change, people change, situations happen, and it causes something NEW to surface in your life. While we can plan life out, hopefully cross all our T’s and dotting all our I’s, there are always situations that occur that allows for new plans, new faces, new things, and most importantly New beginnings. November 26 ( my life will change, no longer will I have myself to look after but I will have a baby girl that will enter the world, pure, innocent, and eager to learn. I will become a mommy, and while that title doesn’t serve much in the universe these days, it means a lot to me. No longer can I let the reflected harsh realities that life has to offer cloud my brain or shatter my dreams. What will I tell my child, How will I be an example? Daily thoughts run through my head, and while God has given me a great gift, he has brought life to me! Not only through my growing child, but creating me into a person that needs patience, peace, and balance to guide my daughter through life. He is slowly but surely teaching me what life is all about. Life is about memories, celebrating the good times and learning from the bad. Following you heart to lead you to your destiny, and letting your fears go to release the inner you. This little person has no idea about the world she is about to enter, but she is counting on me to teach her, to understand her and guide her, and in a sense God is guiding me along the way. He is preparing me every step and every minute. As you take your journey through life, don’t fly through the good times, and learn as much as you can. Strive to be your best, and find your destiny, you’re unique, and no one can duplicate you. Don’t be a copy be an original, and continue to let positive thoughts flow through your mind, and let negative ones escape. Become a leader, a motivator, and cherish exactly who God made you to be. As you change the things around you change, and the moment you discover who you are, and what you can bring to the world, is the moment you discover exactly what’s been missing all alone. With time, patience, and prayer things will all finally make sense. Things will change, people will change, situations will change but a New beginning is the start to something fresh, something pure. New beginnings start now, for me and for you, there’s no time to waste. Love Jessica Justice Editor-in-Chief

Jessica Justice

Glam Squad:

M. DeAnn, Wardrobe Stylist has had the pleasure of styling on various platforms including feature films, stage plays, publications, photo and video shoots. Her services include image consulting, personal shopping, and personal styling. M. DeAnn’s ability to take her clients’ style to the next level by incorporating timeless staples with some trends, giving more dimension to a look by mixing colors, textures and fabrics; as well as showcasing clients best attributes while minimizing areas of concerns makes wardrobe management her area of expertise. Some of her styling credits include feature film “Blessed and Cursed” starring Deitrick Haddon and Sheryl Lee Ralph, stage play “Church Girl” starring Robin Givens, Angela Winbush, and Karen Clark Sheard. To learn more about M. DeAnn please visit or call 1-888-821-8444

DeAnn Brown

Glam Squad :

LaTina Lyle

Andre’ La Bron

LaTina Lyle, started her profession as a make-up artist as a freshman at MSU. Working as a Mary Kay beauty consultant allowed her to gain knowledge in learning the business of beauty. Utilizing her talent as the go-to makeup guru on Michigan State’s Spartan Soul Dance team, fellow teammates counted on LaTina for her makeup expertise before performances. From there, she begin doing makeup for local weddings, fashion shoots, photo shoots, and more. In 2011, LaTina expanded on her craft and business by introducing LaSerle, her very own independent business as a makeup artist. She credits Sweet Tooth Magazine for allowing her to display her work on a larger scale, to a larger audience, for this is one of many shoots LaTina has worked as our honorary make-up artist. Her passion comes a live working with models for each issue and creating looks for specific magazine themes. Her inspiration comes from magazines or her personal preference for the individual. When LaTina is not busy spicing up a face, she enjoys working out, healthy eating, personal training friends and family, and creating healthy meal plans for individuals. To Contact LaTina for booking please email: Educated at one of Michigan’s Top Academy’s, Licensed professional for 15 years and certified for Training across the country with other noted Hair icons, Andre is an educator himself. As a platform Artist with Edge Beauty Team in New York, he has quite the accomplishments. From being featured in Black Passion cover stylist 2009 (the 1st in Michigan to achieve this), to gracing styling credits in various magazines. Runway shows, hair shows and Magazines just gives a glimpse to the creativity of this hair innovator. Noted as one of Michigan’s premier Hair stylist, he has styled and worked with many local and national celebrities from Gospel recording artist J Moss to the likes of actress Tichina Arnold. While maintaining a very successful salon career, Andre noted "clients are still my heart.” Andre has a hunger and a zeal for being set apart from the norm. He is passionately working on taking his career to the next level, and building his brand, welcoming movie stars super models, entertainers, moguls, whomever! He accredits his faith in God for all that he has been blessed with thus far, and believes the sky is the limit! Contact Andre at: Hedi Bashar Salon 248-649-5900 or 734-634-4271

Glitz And Glam

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Owner of Mod Boutique

Exclusive: Glitz-N-Glam Introducing Word Play Tees Relaunch Written by: Nicole Roland

10 | New York Edition

As the direction of fashion continues to travel in its’ own lane, there are a variety of designers swerving out of order to touch the lives and closets of fashionistas everywhere. Most stylists rely on the graphic arts to attract consumers’ attention, but there are a select few who have gone the extra mile, finding a way to not only appeal to a buyers’ fashionable vision but also flirt with their intelligence. Created in 2007 by Wayne State graduate, Jasmin De Forrest, Wordplay Tees has successfully straddled the fence of both graphic design and verbal euphemisms by joining fashion and written speech into a phenomenal combination that has kept tee-shirt lovers guessing and interpreting. Although Word Play Tees was officially launched over five years ago, Sweet Tooth had the privilege of attending its’ relaunch party this past June to introduce the company’s new design and website. Held at Goodnite Gracie’s Jazz and Martini bar in Royal Oak, the Word Play Relaunch party provided a soothing, contemporary atmosphere where complex fashionistas and simple tee shirt lovers alike could come together to network, eat and of course, buy Wordplay tees. Family, friends, long-time supporters and new Word Play connoisseurs came out to purchase discounted tee-shirts while snacking on hors d’oeurves, listening to the soulful sounds of the resident deejay, and admiring the diverse tee shirt styles of the Wordplay models. However, the highlight of the evening came in the form of Wordplay owner and creative director, Jasmin DeForrest who worked the crowd beaming, from ear to ear. Half a decade ago, Wordplay was merely DeForrest’s budding brain child, sparked by a message given by a guest pastor at her church. Over the years, DeForrest nurtured and grew her company, determined to create her own images and graphic designs in an effort to give Word Play its’ artistically optimistic identity. “We’re all about basically creative wordplay,” lamented DeForrest in a promotional video debuted during the relaunch. “Wordplay is essentially the creative use of words in a witty, unique manner, and all of our designs reflect some sort of sense of positive identity and confidence with a little bit of edge.” Continuing on, DeForrest commented in the video that while she is aware it may sound “cheesy,” she hopes that everyone who rocks a Wordplay tee feels good and as if they can take on the world, and with the cleverly positive innuendos printed on each of her tees, why wouldn’t they? Some of Wordplay’s most popular designs are its’ flagship “Chosen” tee, the “LML (Love My Live)” tee, the “Eye Chart” tee, and the aptly named “Word Play” tee. Each of these designs offers uniquely illustrative graphics while simultaneously tapping into the company’s tagline: “What does it mean to you?” Regardless of which Word Play tee customers choose to rock, they will undoubtedly have the luxury of giving a more authentically complex meaning to the abstract subtlety of the logo. It is clear that the confidence-invoking ambiguity of these messages is what has propelled Wordplay Tees to its’ current level of success. Currently, Word Play Tees can be purchased online at Interested customers can also follow the company on Twitter @wordplaytees. Word Play Tees offer styles for both men and women, and they can be purchased in a variety of sizes. Purchase your Word Play tee today and voice your fashionably positive perspective by answering the question: “What does it mean to you?” New York Edition |





Photography By: Bjoern Kommerell

hat better way to describe a man with great sense of humor, charismatic, laid-back, but edgy at the same time, fitted cap, team Jackpott wear, and cuts in his body that obviously shows he’s no stranger to the gym. None other than, Harold House Moore, an actor, model, and comedian at heart – the complete Renaissance man. This year, Harold graces the CBS sitcom NYC 22, where he plays the self-proclaim reject in his society as an ex egotistic basketball player who tries to make a comeback but loses respects from his fans, and in the midst of it all decides to give back to his community by joining the police force in Harlem. As an ex pro-ball player, Harold who plays Jason Jackpott Toney, develops a self-destructive behavior with his street mentality still stuck in his back pocket. In a complete opposite role, Harold plays the street savvy, hot guy Terrence who comes from a lot of money, and has a love affair with the beautiful Lauren London, in the sizzling season of Single Ladies on VH1. And in a more comedian show, Moore makes a reoccurring appearance in Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. His easygoing demeanor, and way with the ladies has led him many video gigs as the street dude, sex-appeal guy, or no good boyfriend. Sounds familiar ladies? In fact his career started by music videos, and modeling. Seen in Jay Z’s Brush Your Solider Off, solo guy for Destiny’s Child, Whitney Houston’s and TLC’s videos – just to name a few. Said by Moore, Hollywood found him. From being discovered in the mall, then signed to a model agency, who then booked Moore modeling and music video gigs, Moore would say acting wasn’t something of the norm from where he came from. “I grew up in the hood, so acting wasn’t one of those things that was your initial mindset, my form of survival was basketball, I wanted to play overseas.” However, things changed when Moore moved to Atlanta and was further discovered by Next Action Star. Moore being one of the finalists was privileged to receive top acting coaches, which became a big confidence booster for him. Hollywood was his next stop! Moving to LA, Harold also branched off to photography between his slow peeks. Born and raised in Detroit, his hustler mentality never stopped, and always came in handy. “Coming from Detroit and having so much hustle I was never depressed. The boys took me under their wing and I looked out for them, I always received a lot of love from home, they looked up to me, they saw a young dude that had potential, they believed in me, I had to believe in myself.” Explains Moore. But don’t get it misconstrued, Moore is educated bound, holding a college degree from Alabama State University. And he makes it known that despite what many believe, education is very essential in the development of who you are. “College educates you socially, it teaches you diversity - it adds character to you as a person. I had a chip before I went to school Downsouth, so it helped me. I also did theater in College. If you want to go to school get the skills and learn the craft. Everything has a system, and you have to get appealing enough to attract a certain type of audience. You learn the business side first.”

12 | New York Edition

Learning more about Moore as an actor, he doesn’t hold his sense of humor back when asked how he mentally prepares for his roles. “I go to the strip club (Harold jokes) I am so focused, and I concentrate. CBS is the number television in the world, and it’s only about two other African American people on the show. I grew up watching these people, its crazy. When you’re embraced by that parameter of success that’s huge. I want people to know how hard I am working to be successful, so I can give back to my city.” Moore says, emphasizing for the development of his hometown Detroit. Despite the stereotypes many black actors receive, Moore steers away from the negativity, by being anything but typical. “I am selective about the roles I put myself in. We all fall in some sort of stereotype. I had to embrace my edginess because starting off I always booked the boyfriend who’s no good, or the street guy. But I started there to build my layers, and I am venturing off. You just focus on what your strengths are first and set your self aside, and leave the stereotypes to be just that- a mere perception.” Well said, because we see nothing stereotypical about this guy. And now the million-dollar question. Where’s the better half for Mr.Moore? We’ll let him explain it. “I was dating, you have to be able to have someone to understand your business, you get approach so much and you become an attraction. You have to have someone who understand and knows you, and know how to make the right decision. I am so focused, right now. For me I’m single, but I am focused. I am so focused. I am not thirsty.” As he sneaks in his sense of humor, “I’m not the new booty man, you know the guy who fetches after every woman he sees.” Now you see why we added comedian under his belt. Fortunately, this is not the end for Moore. He’s setting meetings for bigger and better projects, planning to maybe make a pit-stop on 106 & Park, and writing movies and TV shows of his own. It’s Lights..Camera… Action for this gentlemen (or ladies man, depending on what role you catch him in.) Harold House Moore’s

My greatest Sweet Tooth right now is success, I can’t live without it. Also Better Made chips, every time I come home I have to have Better Made, and Chili Cheese fries. I can’t forget beautiful women.

Relationship Turmoil:

It WILL be OKay. By Kevin Stuckey

It happened again. It was quite blissful in the beginning. It always is. You felt so different. You certainly were like no one I had ever met. Well at least not in a conscious state. You said all the right things. It was as if every bad experience in your past had somehow carved away at you and sculpted you into this perfect being. Each morning I expected to wake up to your message and you were consistent. So much so that what was most difficult was trying to find new ways to say the same thing. How many ways do you say, “I hope that your day is as wonderful as you are” or “May you be enriched by every passing moment today?” It sort of felt like we were living out the plot of a fiction novel. Well in a way we were writing our own story. From the words we shared to the moments we experienced, being together was poetic. Finally, everything I had been holding out for all seemed worth it. It had finally come together. I boasted about you as if we were much further along than we actually were. Mostly because I knew that in my mind eventually we would be there. When you sailed away my heart was with you. I wished that I were exploring the seas by your side. I anxiously counted the days until you returned. When you made it safely back to shore, I was the first person you contacted. I felt as if I represented home to you. I wanted you right back where you belonged. Then I saw you. You looked different. The sun had tanned your skin perfectly and it was if you had somehow become translucent because the sun’s rays were shining through you. You smiled so bright and I wanted it to be because you had missed me. That would be the last time I saw you. Well, the last time I would feel so much hope for us. As I counted the days without your morning greeting I suddenly felt like you were still sailing away. I felt distant and when I told you, you confirmed it. You said you weren’t ready to put yourself back out there and that you were still healing from your ex. Suddenly, you felt like a different person. There was so much truth in what you said that I was forced to believe you, but something in me could not make peace with it. I loved you and hated you for your honesty. You said you thought we were just having fun. I think on that we could both agree, but our sources differed greatly. For your own conscious you wanted me to have moved on. Merely a week had passed and you were wishing my feelings on to someone else. When you asked me if we were friends, I was guilty that although we should have been it didn’t seem to be a fit for me. How could I have fallen for someone I didn’t even consider a friend? Then I began to sit with the term or the status of our existence together more. No, we were not friends. Friends check in on each other often, they spend time together, there is no restrain on the pleasure friends enjoy. There is no guarding of the feelings. There is just being there for each other. I understood then we were certainly not friends. I sometimes feel like there’s an older version of myself looking down on me. Someone older and wiser watching over this person full of so much potential but has to live more to catch up to that older self. Sometimes I want to rush the process and I understand now that I thought you were some kind of shortcut. It probably makes no sense to you but it does to me because I see now. And I know it will be okay.

New York Edition |


Media Savvy: Christa M

edia is a term that can mean a vast majority of things. With the increase of technology and digital media the definition of media is continually left up to debate. In the past, consumers constantly depended solely on television for current worldly updates and changes in society. Today television is just merely another outlet for consumers to retrieve news. Christa Williams-Collet is one of the privilege individuals that experiences media on all spectrums. Currently residing in NY and working at NBC, Christa chats with Sweet Tooth about new–age media, her goals in media as a journalist, and living in NY. Seeking a career in media, how has living and working in NY influenced your view on how media affects our society? Particular our generation?

It’s really opened my eyes. We influence one another and our opinions really do matter. It’s often easy to say that media is controlled by a select few talking heads at the very time, but that’s not at all true. We as people, especially our generation, have a lot more influence than we think we do. We know more about social media and the digital world than any other generation before us, that makes all the difference in how we use it. Look at the Occupy Wall Street Movement, look at big time bloggers like The Man Repeller and Saucy Glossie, we can use and influence media on our own terms. What goals do you have in seeking a career in media? This is difficult because they can change as the landscape does. Who knows what’s even next after twitter? Within the next five years I’d like to launch a news based startup, I’ve given that a try a few times before. While I’m definitely an employee of NBC, I can’t get entrepreneurship out of my blood. I can’t rest until I make it happen. I’d also love to report on air one day, who wouldn’t?

16 | New York Edition

With the affects of media today, it has increasingly changed since media in the past. Women are seen more on TV in today’s day of age. As a female journalist, writer or a reporter, what are some stereotypes women faces in media? Hmm, plenty, although with a newer breed of on-air personalities like Alex Wagner, Tamron Hall and Erica Hill, I think it’s changing. Women are often typecast as being emotional, too focused solely on women and family issues and not incredibly smart. That’s changing. Just look at Arianna Huffington and Tina Brown, they’re incredibly intelligent. Shira Lazaar launched “What’s Trending” not even two years ago and the site is taking off. Its opening up a new place in the media landscape and while she may still be unfamiliar to some, I think that girl’s a genius. Name some of the misconceptions people tend to have about media? Some people don’t understand all of the nuts and bolts, which is ok because people work really hard to make it not look hard. There isn’t just some reporter and a camera guy, there are producers, assistants, managers, writers, social media geeks and much more. There are so many things and people that go into making a show or a website great, it’s a lot of work. For people who want to go into news, you have a ton of options but also don’t assume that it’s a walk in the park, it never is. With the increase of online media, do you believe that print media is totally obsolete? No, I don’t believe it is obsolete, I still love when a Wall Street Journal hits my doorstep on the weekend. I think it’s completely changed and to some extent has lost a bit of value, but there are still a great deal of people who won’t ever stop buying magazines, or newspapers or real books. The feel of the pages against your fingers, the opportunity to be locked into just that book or magazine at that moment - you can’t switch back and forth to the internet or something else - the old school enjoyment of that won’t go away anytime soon. In fact, I think people crave it more than ever Christa’s

What would you say is the biggest difference in your opinion between newage media and old-age media? Pace and accessibility. New media moves so fast, and it’s funny because it used to be “television” that moved at such a fast pace. There was this meeting in the morning and then you would spend all day prepping for the evening news. Now when something breaks, the story can be on the net in five minutes and you don’t have to be in anybody’s newsroom to report it. An entire day seems like an eternity now. Tell us about your personal journey transitioning to NY? One day it’ll definitely make a great story. It was all a decision, there were never any other options for me. I saw my life in New York for the first time when I was five years old. I’d never even seen New York in person until the week before I actually moved here but I always knew living here and working in news was for me. When I graduated from college at Michigan State University I moved home to Detroit for exactly one month, I woke up at the end of that month and knew I wouldn’t stay there. Two weeks later I moved to Atlanta. About six months later, I woke up one morning and had the same epiphany about Atlanta, soon after I booked my one way flight to New York. That was three years ago. In such a big city, how do you stay focused and determined and balanced on your dreams and your goals? It can be hard, I definitely gotten slightly derailed a time or two, everyone does, but I think it’s seeing everything up close. I see that it can be done. It’s not impossible. Dreams come true here every day. New Yorkers may on occasion be an aggressive bunch but they make it happen! For me, I thrive on speed, motivation and the energy you get from other people who are incredibly determined. I saw a sign on my run this morning that said “If you can make it here, you should.” I agree with that. It’s do or die.

Love is number 1 without a doubt. I love to indulge in it, it’s just so sweet and the last bite is just as good as the first. Next to that, macaroons and just about any cake. I can’t imagine life without them.

NYC: Life Defined

By: Sharde Gilliam


ew York City: the place where dreams are made of and if you’ve ever had the privilege to live in New York City for any amount of time, I’m sure the experience changed your life forever. It’s the place where the dreamers go to dream and then turn that dream into a reality. I’ve had the opportunity to live in New York for two years now, and the experience has changed my life forever. Sure, New York can be extremely intimidating but can simultaneously be the best place on the planet. I’m going to share with you the good, the bad and the ugly about living in New York City, how to find your dream career and how to conquer the Big Apple.


ew York City can be extremely overwhelming, especially for someone like myself who came from a small, suburban town where everyone knew everyone and help was only a phone call away. If you’re not careful, you can get lost in the bright lights and the fast paced lifestyle. It’s so important that you have a support system, be it your family or friends; otherwise you will go INSANE trying to keep up in the “city that never sleeps”.


uckily for me, I have such a supportive family and friends base, that it’s almost impossible for me to fail, or even THINK about giving up. And with the job market and economy the way it is now, the odds that a recent college graduate will secure their dream job right after graduation is slim to.. well.. none.


o, after trying things and failing, trying and failing and then trying and failing again, I’ve figured out that in New York City (and any major city for that matter) that it’s not about what you know and not even about who you know but more importantly it’s all about who knows you. The best way to making it and starting your niche career is to NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK. Do internships, attend seminars, networking events, even go to parties, anything to get your name and face out there.


nce you’ve established yourself and who you want to be in your career, New York City is a dream come true. Anything and everything that you can think of, New York has it. From the amazing nightlife

to the diversity to the culture. It’s the city that’s full of energy, full of opportunity and full of adventure and for the young, 20 something female trying to find her place in the world, New York City is definitely a great place to start. There are a few things I think everyone should experience while they are young, and living New York is definitely one of them. Aside from the amazing people you will meet there and the endless opportunities, New York City is a place where you learn about yourself, gain selfconfidence, grow as a person and become independent.


he best way to describe New York City is the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Sure it can be an intimidating jungle, but once you’ve conquered New York City, you can conquer anything! It takes a lot more than you think to develop a true “empire state of mind” but spend one week in the Big Apple and you’re be sure to have some of that New Yorker energy rub off on you.

How to get...

New York Red Carpet

Beautified! By Natasha E. Feghali


t’s that time of year again in New York City where celebrities and invited guests attend glamorous events such as the Met ball crowned in jewels, draped in luxurious gowns and sipping the best champagne, get camera ready with expertly applied make-up and beauty advised routine. The New York Red Carpet this year will be a little more minimalist than in the past but not unpretentious. It’s going to be about the nuances – really celebrating the inner beauty of the individual and highlighting their best features whether beauty, figure or fashion. This season’s trend is polished, but done effortlessly. It’s sort of a ‘make down’ year as beauty trends are always changing. These gala’s are nothing short of spectacular as the charm of old and new Hollywood combined with alluring fashion make even us the mere mortal want to be camera ready on any given day! We may not have photographers following our every move, but starlets and it girls are real people who have to deal with the same things we all do – dark circles, full faces, wimpy eyelashes and more. Have a look at these tips for creating camera-ready makeup and learn how proper makeup application can make us look red-carpet ready and – learn how to perfect your technique when it comes to concealing imperfections and highlighting your best features. SAY CHEESE!

New York Edition |


Red Carpet make-up tips:


* * * * * *

Conceal like a pro: When it comes to under eye circles, remember that you don’t have to apply a full face of foundation if you’re pressed for time. Coverage of dark circles is maybe all you need. How to get it right: Apply over your eye cream targeted for dark circles by placing four dots spaced apart starting at the inner eye. Gently pat with your ring finger to blend. Blush hour: A cream blush with a sheer formula creates a dewy finish that looks more natural than using a powder blush. A stronger cheek looks best, so let your blush set for a few minutes before building colour. Avoid layering a cream blush on top of a powder (no one likes a cakey finish), and sweep colour from the apple of your cheeks up to your hairline to create a natural flush. For an added pop of colour, layer a bright pink or coral on the centre of your cheeks. Insider secret: If you have a fuller face, avoid the apples of the cheeks when you apply blush— it will only make the face look fuller. Foundation fix: When you have an exact shade match to your skin, it’s not necessary to use foundation everywhere; this allows makeup to look more natural. How to get it right: Starting in the center of the face paying attention to the chin, the area between the brows and around the nose and then stepping back from the mirror and check if you really need it anywhere else. Contouring class: Many of us could benefit from a little contour. If done well, it blends seamlessly creating dimension. How to get it right: Use a bronzer that is tan in colour than orange. Take a tapered blush brush (it makes blending into the cheek hollows easy) Insider secret: If you’re not sure where your cheek hollows are, suck in your cheeks and make a fish face—contour that sunken part. Then blend with a sheer blush over top to soften the sculpted look. Shadow play: Wearing bright colors can make a look exciting and fresh. To get comfortable wearing bright shadows without looking clownish, try using a vivid liner over top of neutral shadows to create a pop of colour. Mascara musts: Experiment with wearing more than one type of mascara at once. You can start with lengthening mascara and follow with volume mascara – the results are lushes and long lashes. How to get it right: To create depth, layer brown and black mascaras. Eye enhancement: To draw attention to your eyes, use black liner on the inner rim of the eye, which immediately intensifies the lash line and adds drama to the face. Following that up with soft smoky shadow around the top and bottom lash line, curling lashes and adding several coats of black mascara to really make the eyes shine. Go with one tone: Want to try one-colour look? When wearing monochrome colour it’s important to choose flattering shades in the same family for eyes, lips and cheeks. Universally flattering shades include bronzes, browns and neutral roses and beiges. For your lipstick, start with a mid-tone rose (look for something that enhances your natural lip colour but maybe a shade or two deeper, without any blue or brown tones in it).

20 | New York Edition

FOUR Skin Stunning

Essentials for a

Red-Carpet Look: 1.

Get ready for your close up by prepping skin before applying makeup to create a smooth, even canvas. Remove unwanted fine to medium hair and prevent immediate irritation and bumps with smooth finish facial removal duo.


Forget being camera shy! Show off your wrinkle-free skin in an instant with a lotion that combines intense hydrators and light manipulation technology; this will smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Help your eyes sparkle with a hydrating and brightening eye treatment.


How do you get a glow from head to toe? By keeping your face and body skin hydrated. Try a lotion which includes Shea butter, vitamin E and vitamin B3 for an immediate burst of moisture that continues for 24 hours.

New York Edition |


Sass In The


PHOTOGRAPHY: Davide Anderson STYLING: DeAnn Brown MAKE-UP: LaTina Lyle HAIR: Andre La Bron

NYC Affordable



By Natasha E. Feghali

f you are considering living in New York City or are already a resident than this article is perfect for your wallet! When choosing a suitable home in NYC, the first obstacle to clear will be the astronomical cost. These skyscraper numbers can send innocent newcomers into instant shock. No matter what path you take or your income level, you throw away a lot of money living in New York City; as even the modern New Yorker is a master at burning through cash when it comes to living expenses! Paying brokers to hunt down exorbitantly priced apartments, living in neighborhoods that are very expensive or dreaming of owning a home! So when searching for your first apartment or a new apartment, be prepared to do whatever it takes, short of committing a felony, to land an apartment with affordable rent. Chances are roommates may be part of the deal, but for splitting living expenses, the more the merrier. When you’re making bigger bucks later on and considering your own place, the best of course will be a rent stabilized apartment with rent far below market rates.

28 | New York Edition

Area’s in NYC: Long Island:

Renting or buying in Long Island? A lot of neighborhoods get the billing “the next big thing,” but unlike most, Long Island City may just deserve that label. Given how close LIC, in Queens, is to Manhattan, only one subway stop from Grand Central on the 7, the rent is not cheap, but not expensive either (all things NYC real estate being relative.) Studios will run between $900 and $1,200. One bedroom apartments will range from $1,100 to $2,000. And two bedroom apartments will run from $1,600 to $4,000. If you want a luxury, new construction, apartment for rent in Long Island City, you’re looking at the high end and beyond of those ranges. Back to the “next big thing”, there are frequent ribbon-cutting ceremonies for fancy new buildings. Dining and drinking options are also ever expanding


Want to rent a Downtown Brooklyn Apartment, so that you can live in the epicenter of NYC’s most populous borough? For those craving busy downtown living for lower prices, Downtown Brooklyn is the way to go. And if you do your homework, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Downtown Brooklyn apartments for rent are in the $1750 range for a studio, $2100 for a one bedroom apartment, and $2500 and up for a two bedroom apt. The neighborhood itself is full of the distinct culture, activities and beauty that are synonymous with Kings County. The area has a mix of historic brownstones, new and converted highrise apartments, restaurants, boutiques, theaters and more, usually at lower prices than their Manhattan counterparts. Downtown Brooklyn, with its mix of old and new, high end and inexpensive finds alike, is a great place to explore. While the area tends to quiet down at night, in the daytime it’s filled with people.


Once you find the right Harlem Apartment, you may find yourself never leaving, especially when you consider the prices relative to the rest of Manhattan. You can find an $850 studio – albeit a small, not well maintained one – or a $2,000 studio. One bedroom Harlem apartments run from $1,100 to $2,500 depending on amenities. New construction, elevators, doormen will make a unit more expensive. Two bedrooms will start around $1,500 and run up to $6,000+ for luxury units. The building types can be unique brownstones, limestone buildings, mid rises or tenement style buildings.

Meatpacking District:

In terms of rental rates for Meatpacking apartments for rent, the neighborhood is similar to the West Village, with studios at $2500 per month, 1 bedroom at $3000 a month, and 2 bedrooms at $4500 a month. The neighborhood is still true to its neighborhood name, as there are a few remaining meatpacking warehouses along the Hudson River and near the High Line Park. Many of the streets are cobblestone and much of the Meatpacking displays a cafe culture reminiscent of Europe. The buildings of the Meatpacking District are either traditional warehouses that have been converted into residential/retail spaces or newly built high rises with sleek modern looks, big windows and (in some cases) great views of the Hudson river. Here and there, you can still find a traditional NYC brownstone. If you have a neighborhood that you really want to live in but just can’t afford, one easy way to find cheap living in NYC is to look in nearby neighborhoods that are somewhat less desirable but offer apartments at a significant discount. This may bring on a little gloom, but fortunately, it isn’t that difficult to have the same life you had prior to the change in location, only with fewer ATM withdrawals. Consider these helpful, grandparents like tips. Who knows, if you’re comfortable with budgeted living—given to a bit of spending guilt now and then—you might even find you enjoy the new austerity. New York Edition |


Change of address in NYC: Expensive: Greenwich Village apartments Alternative/cheap: East Village apartments Comments: If you want to live in the Greenwich Village area, the East Village is the cheapest neighborhood. It is a bit grungy, further from trains and louder in the evening. Alternatively, this means it has more cool bars and restaurants and a younger vibe.

Expensive: Tribeca apartments Alternative/cheap: Battery Park City apartments Comments: Battery Park lacks the charm of Tribeca but offers great views of the Hudson River, more park space and full service buildings. Plus, Tribeca is only a short walk away. This is a great alternative for cheap apartments in NYC.

Expensive: Park Slope apartments Alternative/cheap: Park Slope South apartments, Prospect Heights apartments Comments: Park Slope South has great access to the stores and restaurants of 5th and 7th Avenues, but at a lower price than Park Slope. You should think about living just outside of it where you get the benefits of the neighborhood with a little bit less cost.

Expensive: Upper East Side apartments, Midtown apartments, Midtown East apartments Alternative/cheap: Roosevelt Island apartments Comments: Roosevelt Island is the landmass between Manhattan and Queens in the middle of the East River. Renters can access Manhattan via the subway (F Train), Tram, or car, although it is a long ride from Queens into Manhattan). While a bit removed from Manhattan, Roosevelt Island is a great to find for those adamant about searching cheap apartments in NYC. For those that haven’t been to Roosevelt Island, it has the newly built feel of Battery Park City.

30 | New York Edition

Fashion In the


Welcome to BQ- BklynQueens, where fashion isn’t a trend, it’s made!!! This vintage online shop, is made for those who love unique pieces, and not afraid to shy away from their inner fashion rage. Although online, BklynQueens vintage boutique uses Brooklyn, and Queens as an inspiration to offer style, and couture vintage clothing and accessories to the ideal fashion driven individuals. Keira Chapman, owner and buyer of BklynQueens, utilizes the ideal of city life to bring a different kind of swag to your everyday wardrobe. Getting started from being laid-off from her wholsesale job, Keira took matters in her own hand, by first launching on ebay, that led to her own website in 2011. Intrigued enough, Sweet Tooth chatted with the owner of BQ to discuss vintage, fashion, and style.

New York Edition |


How did BklynQueens vintage boutique start? I always loved vintage clothing, Before I was laid-off, I was in the wholesale business. Finally I thought it was time to start my own boutique. I already had a lot of clothing in stock to start my boutique, I started off on ebay and received a following that way. August in 2011 I started my website. What made you focus on the Brooklyn area? I live in the Brooklyn area and saw the name Brooklyn Queens on the expressway and thought it would be such a cool name for a boutique. It says so much about who I am. It was my inspiration for the name, I decided to do it online because online is so big, and it reaches so many people than a small boutique would. How do you vintage shop for your boutique? I travel around in different cities, and I usually go home in Ohio because people don’t wear vintage there. I shop everywhere, sometimes people even donate. You mentioned your concept is focused on city life. Explain how your vintage boutique represents the different facets of living in Brooklyn, and NY? Sometimes people wear vintage wrong, some people make it look old. In Queens I try to make it look more modern, so if there is a long maxi dress, I may cut it to make it more modern, it’s kind of more about styling verses the actual product being sold. The style is very Brooklyn. I revamp the clothing to make it more youthful and the way people are living in the city in their 20s. The target market is 18-35. I have a lot of guys that love the site as well, although I don’t have a lot of guys clothing.

32 | New York Edition

How does your vintage pieces influence fashion? A lot of people tell me that our styling is unique. I am inspired by the people I see everyday in Brooklyn. I never really been a trendy person, I wear what I want to wear. I get inspiration from anybody that looks like they are just doing them, I pull a lot of inspiration from anybody that looks like they are doing their own thing, and not afraid to express their own individuality.

Describe the pieces that can be found in your store, how are they unique and one of a kind? I pick a lot of styles that I personally would wear, a lot of my clothing represents the 70s, 80s, and 90s era. I like statement pieces, I don’t want people to be bored when shopping, I try not to have basic things on my website. How do you believe fashion is an expression of who you are and what defines you? Whatever your feeling on the inside always come out in your clothing, its natural, it reflects how your feeling that day. If you are a versatile person you might not have a particular style. Even the most casual person, if they are extremely happy they put on color. Do you plan on opening up a store?

w O Keira Chapman’s

r e n

I might open up a store in maybe two years or so. I have personal goals I want to achieve first before I open a boutique. I want it to be a fun store, vibrant shop, not your normal shopping experience. Do you want to venture out in different areas of fashion besides vintage? I want to bring in higher-end vintage fashion, and jewelry. I also want to bring in local designers, so people can check out what local designers are offering. I want it to be vintage and new clothing showcasing locally based designers in New York City.

Laughter- I love being entertained by my friends and my family, the more I laugh It gets me through the day, it keeps me happy.

Visit to shop online

New York Edition |


New York Street Walker By: Jasmine Perry

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world” -Marilyn Monroe This saying has got to be true in the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”, The “Big Apple”, or more formally, the city of New York. When we think of fashion, New York has got to be one of the things we drum up in our thoughts. New York is one of the Fashion Capitals of the world, so its only right that the biggest Fashion Week in America is here. It is the abode to the headquarters of the fashion bible, Vogue, and it is the platform for some of the largest department stores in America. These tools help to create that New York street style we love so much. The streets of this place are powerful because most New Yorkers are on the move, and they are sure to dress the part. NY is usually hip to the latest and greatest for seasonal fashions first, because the latest designer goods are literally displayed on their sidewalks. New Yorkers are known for their savvy “Sex and the City” lifestyle, so of course shopping is huge here. Shopping is a favorite past time in NY, and what better places to shop than the Creme de la Creme of high-end fashion, none other than Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, Barney’s, Henri Bendel, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus. These stores are key in developing that NY street swagger. So what are some of the tricks and trades of pulling off THE New York look? Its simple, Designer Labels, Fearlessness, Edge, and Confident Sophistication seem to be the top four themes for THE NY look. Designers are essential but not a requirement; many New Yorkers pick and choose from an array of designers to create their signature look. Designers such as Alexis Bittar and Christian Louboutin are huge here. Since there are so many designers to choose from, capturing one specific style or theme is hard to do. Many New Yorkers do not have just one style they stick to, they are more likely to explore many. Getting THE NY look can be easy simply because they have fearless fashion. What that means is they have total freedom to dress as they wish, in the trendiest fashions of the season. Here, people are only into following a few rules of fashion such as no white pants after Labor day, but that’s about it. If it looks nice and in season that’s the only rule they care about. Styles that exude this NY freedom would be that of Marc Jacobs. His designs always have something funky and creative to them, simply fearless. What can be more edgy than living in NYC? So, its only fitting that it’s residents dress the part. Fashion is not just about designers, its about taking what’s trendy and making it your own, everything does not always have to be designer to do this. Its beneficial to take what’s hot on the runway and create your own look out of it. That’s what NY edge is all about. So many people are afraid to step outside the box in terms of styling themselves. Of course, trying something new is hard, but the people here do it everyday. A lot of the trendy fashions you see walking down the streets of NYC are nothing but edgy boldness. Its almost as if every person woke up saying “I’m going to do something daring today.” That daring thing could just be mixing brown with black or mixing prints, but as long as it looks good that’s all that matters. NYC is all about the hustle and bustle, and since it is a working city the people here must dress for success. But corporate attire doesn’t have to be boring. New Yorkers are great at creating a signature style for themselves, and in NY corporate life that style can be known as confident sophistication. Confident sophistication is simply throwing the idea of grandma sweaters and slacks out the window, and swapping them for a nice pencil skirt and ruby red pumps. They are known for kicking their business attire up a notch. 9 to 5’s aren’t happy hour at the club but they don’t have to be ugly betty either. Classy sex-y is definitely in this city, especially when it comes to corporate swagger.

Favorite 1

NYStreet Walkers 2

1.Rihanna’s look oozes fearlessness. Only a fearless fierce woman would walk down the streets of NYC wearing nothing but a bra and high waist pants. This look is amazing on her. 2.Beyonce is clearly a fashion icon in today’s society. She is oh so edgy in this look with her neon pink top and bold printed maxi skirt. Her vintage shades and Amish hat make her look come alive. 3.La La Anthony is spotted walking in the city in her very chic designer look. Her look is simple and of course eye catching with her fierce Christian Louboutin pumps. This look screams NYC fashion.




4.Miss Keri Hilson is spotted rocking an ultra fab handbag and extremely trendy yet edgy printed pants. Much like Beyonce, her look comes together with her circle vintage sunglasses. 5.Adrianne Bailon’s look oozes “Confident Sophistication”. This is a great business look for the office. A classic dress and pumps are super easy for any fashionista to pull off. Adrianne’s look is complete with her to-diefor patent leather Louis Vuitton bag.

New York Edition |


Inspiring Others Through Sports

By: Nicole Roland


hen joining a high school sport, many young athletes tend to be more interested in how many points they can score per game or how much popularity they can attain from playing on a winning team, and while these factors are quite understandable at such a young age, it is clear that high school athletes should be focused on much more than the superficial qualities of their sportsmanship if they intend to make it past the secondary level. According to statistics compiled by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, less than 15% of student athletes will go on to compete at the collegiate level. Taking these staggering statistics into consideration, what students in today’s high school athletic arena must learn is that “good” does not always equal “pro.” There are several supplemental attributes needed to set you apart from the norm. Native Detroiter and Michigan State University graduate, Camilla Nelson is all too familiar with the NCAA statistics and the pressures they place on high school athletes. During her own high school career, Nelson ran track for Renaissance High School where she first developed her interest in exercise science. In Nelson’s words, playing high school sports gives student-athletes a “unique experience,” and she just wants to make sure students get the most out of that experience. Last year, Nelson started Uplift Athletics, a non-profit organization within the state of Michigan that aims to nurture student-athletes. Chatting with Nelson at Uplift Athletics’ Launch Party in July, Sweet Tooth was able to grasp the determination, passion, and drive behind her endeavor firsthand. Originally assisting her younger brother in preparing for his collegiate career by helping him write admissions essays, studying, and creating ACT schedules, Nelson began to brainstorm on how she could help other student-athletes tap into their resources on a much wider scale. “Student-athletes need to be more proactive and well-rounded,” said Nelson who is currently pursuing a Master of Education with a major in Kinesiology from Wayne State University. “That’s what sets them apart. College coaches are looking for an athlete with character, good sportsmanship, and good grades…the full package.”

From left: Treasurer Jennifer Ward (second from left), Founder Camilla Nelson (third from left), and Secretary Lisa Eberhardt (fourth from left)

36 | New York Edition

Through Uplift Athletics, Nelson has sought to holistically incorporate all the aspects of a good student and a good athlete. She not only hopes to “enhance athletic skills through personal fitness, health education, and training camps” but also “provide resources to support high school matriculation and opportunities that promote college admission.” Outside of the athletic arena, UA also focuses on life skills through the use of influential programs, presentations, events and activities. In addition to their athletic and academic objectives, Uplift Athletics depends largely on community involvement. Nelson constantly reaches out to parents and coaches for their input as well as like-minded acquaintances and sponsorships she has met throughout her career. Jennifer Ward is the acting treasurer of Uplift Athletics and also holds a Masters’ degree in Health Sciences. “We want to teach student-athletes interpersonal skills,” commented Ward. “Many times, Detroit is seen in such a negative light. We want are participants to be able to gain from the programs we offer whether its ACT/SAT prep, tutoring, etc. We want to give student-athletes the skills they need to go the extra mile.” UA secretary, Lisa Eberhardt continues Ward’s sentiment, adding that she hopes Uplift Athletics can provide student-athletes with a Plan B. Eberhardt, a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Advertising, lamented that she was looking for an organization to give her time to as well as a place where she could be a blessing to others and volunteer. In Uplift Athletics, Eberhardt feels that she found a worthy cause. “This organization just wants to nurture and grow athletes,” said Eberhardt. “That’s something I am happy to be a part of.” Currently, Uplift Athletics is working on a number of projects to increase their student athlete membership and also become more resourceful and active within their community. “Right now, we are working on grant writing” said Nelson. “By this time next year, we hope to just be throwing more events with our kids. Right now, we are just Detroit-based, but we would like to be all over.” Behind each member of the Uplift Athletics staff is a drive to nurture, grow and educate, and when asked what her “sweet tooth” was, Camilla commented: “good food, God, friends, and family.” UA Treasurer, Jennifer Ward described her “sweet tooth” as “family, her dog, and her cell phone,” and UA Secretary commented that her “sweet tooth” was the love of her family and friends. To find out more on the Uplift Athletics program or to submit an application for student-athlete membership, please visit their website at

New York Edition |


Dear Diary,

I am often guilty before proven innocent. I know it’s supposed to be the other way around. I did not commit a crime, unless you consider being a woman a crime. I walk into a room and I am getting the elevator eyes. Women are looking me up and down with their noses turned up. They are rolling their eyes and the sad part is they don’t even know my name. I hate it! I truly do. It doesn’t hurt my selfesteem. It hurts me to know that these women are looking for something negative about my appearance. Women hate each other before we get to know each other. If you are wondering how I know it’s because I have been on the other side of the conversation. Even if I am not participating in the verbal slander, I hear it. What does she have on? Look at her shoes? Girl! Is that all her hair? We are looking for reasons not to like each other. This is something that happens with all age groups. If you are 5 or 85, we have a catty nature that we might be born with. Don’t laugh or get mad. It’s true! It happens on the play grounds. I’m sure it happens at the retirement home. With the ever growing popularity of social media, it’s to the point we are taking screenshots of pictures and sending them to each other. We are laughing at what we consider to be ugly. But our behavior is quite ugly as well. I admit I have seen them and feel guilty about participating. Then its television, I have a DVR full of my guilty pleasures. Sad thing is some of these shows are actually making me feel guilty. Reality television shows that I love have taken bullying to a whole new level. I convince myself that this is for entertainment. Where do we draw the line? What about the real world? Hair salons have become fashion shows because women feel underdressed if the arrive in sweats. We work with women and don’t even know their name. We pass each other in public and don’t say hello, we don’t even nod or smile. So from now on, I won’t participate in any form of hate against women. I will continue to introduce myself in social situations, chit chat at the hair salon, and introduce myself to all co-workers. It’s time out for the negative hateful catty nature that has been going on forever. I’m done with it. You should be too. Sincerely, Erika Thomas

Sweet Tooth Through Passion

By: Erika Thomas


very little boy and girl has a dream job as a child. Some of us look back at them and laugh, others are doing something similar. Most of us are wondering where they went wrong. Then there are the people who take a detour but finally reach their destiny. Fareesha T. is a true example of hard work paying off and how your dreams can come true. Her childhood dream was to become a chef. She was the little girl who always wanted to help her mom in the kitchen. After high school she attended Penn State University not sure what path she wanted to take with her career. In college, she struggled with a full load and two jobs but made it through and got her degree in Hospitality Industry Studies and Management. She started to utilize her degree working as a front house manager for several large corporations. She grew bored with the corporate world and knew her passion wasn’t being fulfilled. To earn extra money she started baking on the side. With that passion and determination to please her customers, Prima Donna Desserts started. Prima Donna Desserts where Fabulousity Meets Decadence, A baked goods company that is known for variety. Being able to cater to all your needs no matter how big or small. Treats that taste as good as it looks Prima Donna Desserts is aiming to please that market. They also have what it takes to give you exactly what you are looking for. For the Diva, King or the kid in all of us. Serving treats out of New York and online. Fareesha, now known as “The Baking Boss” is providing quality goods for every appetite. The baked goods include custom made cakes, cupcakes and pies for birthdays, bridal showers, and anniversaries. No matter the occasion, they can provide you with custom made treats. “I love creating beautiful and delicious treats that everyone can enjoy” She does such a great job of giving customers what they want. Fareesha is a true example of hard work. Representing herself through her company by making sure every customer is satisfied. Her sweet tooth is to satisfy your sweet tooth. New York Edition |



By: Tamara Diahann


earing into the Fall, we still have time to take advantage of workouts outdoors. There is a plethora of health benefits to exercising outdoors. It gives the body the opportunity to naturally absorb much needed vitamin D from the sun, which is important in the development, growth, and maintenance of a healthy body. Studies also show that people who exercise in a natural environment such as a park, beach, or field have increased levels of energy, and vitality as well as decreased depression, anger, and tension than those who didn’t. Working out outside has also proven to be more enjoyable and when you enjoy what you are doing you are more likely to remain consistent and continue with your workout regime. Now don’t worry you won’t have to lug a bag full of weights, bands, balls, or any other kind of equipment for that matter. Do 2 sets of these five quick and easy moves for an effective fat torching, muscle toning total body workout. Your swim suit won’t know what hit it!

Perfect 10 Body Squat: Start on a flat surface with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, bend your knees to 90 degrees keeping your heels on the ground, knees behind your toes, and your back as straight as possible. Stand up while squeezing your thighs and glutes, then return to the starting position for 1 rep. On the tenth rep pulse up and down about 1 inch for a 10 count, then hold down in 90 degrees completely still for a 10 count. That is 1 set.

40 | New York Edition

4 Corner Arm Pulses:

Stand with your feet shoulder width part, back straight and arms out in a T with your palms facing forward. Keeping your arms muscles tight, make small forward and back movements for 20 seconds like you’re trying to fly away, without stopping flip your palms to the back and make small back and forth movements for another 20 seconds, then flip palms up and make up and down movements for 20 seconds, finally flip palms down and make down and up movements for 20 seconds. That is 1 set.

High Skipper:

Start with your right foot in the air, knee height and all your weight on the ground on your left foot. Quickly shift bringing the right foot down and the left foot up knee height. Continue for 30 seconds.

New York Edition |


Knee Up Twist:

Start with feet shoulder width apart. Bring hands in front of chest, twist torso to the right while bringing the right knee up to the outside of left elbow. Return to start and switch legs for 1 rep. Do 12 reps

Lunge with Kick Out:

Start with right leg back in a lunge position. Bring right leg out to the side as you straighten and stand on your left leg. Return to start. Do 12 reps. Switch sides; repeat.

The Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry (2011, February 4). Benefits of outdoor exercise confirmed. ScienceDaily. Retrieved Photography by: Juantavis

The Detroit International Jazz Festival

August 31-September 2

What better way to enjoy a cool fall evening than live music, delicious food, and grand architecture? The Detroit International Jazz Fest is entering it’s 32nd year of bringing national and local acts to an audience of over 10,000. The two-day FREE festival will take place in Downtown Detroit. For more information please visit:

Scream Tour

September 7th

Diggy Simmons, The OMG Girlz, and a line up of other teen sensations in one building? This will surely be a night to remember for teens. (and adults as well!) Fox Theatre For ticket pricing please visit

The Liberation Tour

September 14th

The Liberation Tour is the tenth concert tour by Motown favorite, Mary J. Blige and features D’Angelo as a co-headliner. Visiting North America, the tour supports Bliges tenth studio album, My Life II... The Journey Continues (Act 1). DTE Energy Music Center For ticket pricing please visit

Michigan State/University of Michigan Football games


It’s that time again! The month of September marks the beginning of college football! Grab the family and head on up to East Lansing or Ann Arbor to catch the Michigan State Spartans or the University of Michigan Wolverines go to work! For game schedules and more information visit

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Tory Burch ‘Robinson Mini Bag’ $264


Fifty Shades of Grey by: E.L James $15.95


Ray Bans aviator frames $150.00


Gucci Guilty $55.00


Ruby Woo by Mac $14.50


O.P.I 2012 Summer Collection “Thanks a Windmillion” $8.50


Toms Cordones Woven $69

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