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December 2012 | Volume 1 Issue 6 Editor-in-Chief Jessica Justice Fashion Editor Jasmine Perry Reporter/ Lifestyle Editor Nicole Roland Public Relations | Media Coordinator Britni Shahid Fashion/Lifestyle Contributor Erika Thomas Assignment Contributor Danielle Hughes Creative Director Magnus Turner Marketing | Advertising Intern Sophia Morgan

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Volume 1 Issue 6

December 2012

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Contributors Lauren McKinney Born and raised in metro-Detroit, Lauren McKinney eagerly awaits the “come-back” of the city. As a product of the Detroit Public School system, Lauren is a firm believer that—with guidance—all children have what it takes to succeed. She takes this notion and applies it at her son’s school where she is an active volunteer. Knowing that balance is key, in her spare time, Lauren is a dedicated basketball mom.

Walter Ward Erika L. Thomas

Walter is 33 years old, single and from Detroit, MI where he attended Detroit Country Day School and Michigan State University. Currently he resides in Atlanta, GA where he works in finance for a large bank and pursuing his Executive MBA at Emory University. Walter is passionate about social enterprise; business, politics, ministry and seeing other young urban professionals reach their full potential. Walter loves live music, history, art and collecting rare sneakers. He hopes to one day soon be an excellent husband and father as well as to invest in social enterprises via his own private equity fund.

Danielle D. Hughes Danielle D. Hughes is a native Detroiter currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. She is an undergraduate student in the process of obtaining her Bachelor of Arts degree from Georgia State University. Upon graduation, Miss Hughes plans on pursuing a career in broadcasting. She is a current member of the National Association of Black Journalists as well as the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists. Miss Hughes hosts “The Scoop”, an entertainment program airing on Georgia State Television. A mainstream media enthusiast, her passion for entertainment and the art of reporting is easily exhibited through her energetic yet poignant disposition. In her free time, Miss Hughes enjoys spending quiet time with God, attending church, and participating in missions work. In addition, she enjoys being involved in numerous organizations on campus at Georgia State.

You can reach Walter on Twitter and Instagram @waltward3 or Follow her on Twitter: @_DaniOnDemand And Instagram: daniondemand his blog at

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Self-described “fashion junkie,” Erika has given her friends fashion advice and helped them create head-turning ensembles. In 2010 after encouragement of friends she started her own fashion blog, “Love of Style by Erika,” which provides fashion tips and of all things stylish to her fun-loving fans. She’s the co-founder of FASH-DET-Fashion Bloggers of Detroit, which was featured in the February issue of Sweet Tooth Magazine. When she started covering local events on FASH’s blog, she decided to take her writing to the next level. Erika is a native Detroiter. She is an alumna of Eastern Michigan University with a degree in English. She worked in retail for over a decade, during that time her love for fashion grew. Every year, Erika develops a deeper passion for fashion and is preparing for the next level. She is currently the wardrobe stylist for The Keisha Danielle Collection and Xstatic Communications. Erika feels that networking through twitter has been the secret to her success. In her spare time she enjoys shopping, reading, and writing poetry. For more information, check out her blog www.loveofstylebyerika. com and contact her for a style and writing Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @ LoveAlwaysErika

Editor’s Note


ow is the perfect time of the year. Everyone is filled with joy. Families are gathering together to celebrate Christmas, and Hanukah, but most importantly families are sharing memories, laughs, and using this time of the year to slow down the pace of life, and share the memories that matters the most. Everyone, all over the world, no matter what race, or what background, is celebrating yet another year. Another year for some means, a new set of New Year goals, planning, and reprioritizing. A new year for me means a new year of new beginnings, new set of fears, new set of goals, but more Happily a year anniversary for Sweet Tooth Magazine!!!!!! I am so happy a year ago I started what is my passion, my goal, and my fear all bundled up in one. Although fear hunts me daily, I get tears looking back from where we started to where we are today. A year ago it was just a dream, not I see clearly the vision, although it takes hard work, dedication and the effort to keep pushing, it’s all so worth it!! Dreams do come true! The presidential campaign is the greatest living proof of this! Years ago, we couldn’t even phantom the thought of an African American President, in our history books were stories of great African Americans inventions but never a president. Through defeat, dream chasers, and innovators, what was once impossible is now right in front our eyes. It is more than race, the bigger picture is about change, change in your mindset, change in your fears, change in your determination, and change in your outlook in life. I’m so excited for our new journey as success will continue to knock on your door, as long as you keep striving and staying committed to your goals. This is a daily reminder to myself and should be to you!! Until next time Happy Holidays!!!!! With Love

Jessica Justice Editor-in-Chief

From the Editor’s Desk:

BABY ON I Parents to be

t was a fabulous day on October 6th 2012. All my the Dossin Great Lakes Museum. Promptly startin to walk in and see all the gifts from everyone; we’ décor of lettering to congrats our new baby girl, L keeping everyone engaged in the fun baby games. To from my fiancé as everyone came and congratulated

The Cake

Host for the evening

Second Host for the evening

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Guys drink the bott



y family and friends celebrated my baby shower held in the heart of Downtown Detroit at Belle Isle, at ng at 3pm, guest arrived and we were surely showered with so many gifts!!! It was such a blessing ’re well equipped to become new parents. The cake was a sweet surprise and elegant touch to the Lailah Cenise Byrd. The host (my sister-in-law, and best friend) did a awesome job being attentive and Towards the gift opening, the biggest surprise of it all happened! The evening ended with a proposal d us both! Can’t wait to meet our bundle of joy. Thanks to all who made this day very special!!!!!!

The Cake The proposal

tle game

hank You ALL!!!

We Really Appreciate Everything!! Holiday Issue |


Glitz And Glam

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Recipients for Rising Star Awards

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Young Ambitious and Beautiful By: Erika Thomas

Y.A.B., Young Ambitious and Beautiful is a network to showcase young women of color. Started in January 2012 by college friends Courtney Griffin, Brittany (Daisy) Sutton and Lauren Bealore, these women knew they wanted to work together in some capacity after college. Hence the development of Y.A.B., an organization of women following their dreams, using their career strengths, and climbing the latter of growth, determination, and success. Sweet Tooth sat with Lauren and discussed the development of Y.A.B. and their goals as a business. ST: How did you all get together? Lauren: Brittany and I always knew we wanted to work together in some capacity after college. We thought of a bakery and other businesses. We were talking and noticed that most of our friends were part of the hustle and bustle of life. Some in grad school and law school, we wanted to network with them but we wanted it to be cohesive. We wanted something unique to spotlight our peers. When we thought of that we decided to have Courtney join and Y.A.B. was born. ST: What is the mission for Y.A.B.? Lauren: A lot of people use this but we think of the Martin Luther King Motto: Lifting as we climb. As African American women we have been known to not help each other like crabs in a barrel. We wanted a complete network of mini moguls using social media as our forefront. There is more than one Oprah and we want to help find them and build careers. The three of us are building our careers, Courtney’s speciality is writing and rhetoric, currently she’s in grad school while operating her own graphic and design company. Brittany has the Style Dolls, she’s styled photo shoots while in fashion school, and currently works in retail. I’m in the legal sector. There are so many African American women doing something, we had to highlight them. ST: What is your ultimate goal as a company? Lauren: Eventually we want a Television Network. Media and Entertainment is the focal point of what people categorized by and/or relate to. We see women and think, I like her hair or her clothes, and I want to be her friend. It’s about appearances. Trendsetters captivate minds. ST: Your mission statement says you have strong focus on entrepreneurial skills. What do you look for when it comes to members? Lauren: We want Lady Innovators. We have venture partnership, we seek members. You can reach out to us via email but we’ll research your business before acceptance. Then we have a phone conference to decide. Members have a clear direction of their business. We help with marketing and promotion, we also partner with other members in a similar field that can help you improve your business. ST: How did you come up with the name Young Ambitious and Beautiful? Lauren: A phone conversation. We decided that those were the 3 Qualities that we wanted in potential business women. We decided to mentor women in our peer group. We target women between 18-30 but we don’t exclude women over 30. A three year old girl can be young ambitious and beautiful and so can a 75 year old woman. We will be working on a mentorship soon; we will do a high school pull out and collegiate internship. We want to give young girls insight on working with us.

10 | Holiday Issue

Founders: (left to right) Lauren Bealore, Daisy, & Courtney Griffin

ST: 20 years ago we barely had cell phones and social media i.e. Facebook & Twitter did not exist. How do you feel about social media in businesses? Lauren: Social media made Y.A.B. without it we would be sitting down talking about doing something. I also feel you must represent your brand. If you are on social media as your business you must become your business. You can have opinions, but you should have maturity. Don’t post what a 13 year old would post. We have to be role models to young girls. ST: Speaking of role models television portrays that women don’t or can’t get along. How do you all work together? Lauren: We definitely have different personalities but honestly we don’t have time to argue. On television when I see women arguing I feel they don’t know how to communicate. Each of us has our specialties and we have to check up on emails and follow ups. So our ultimate goal is bigger than any issue at hand. I also feel that it’s important to support each other in their successes in their personal life. If we don’t support each other, where is the sisterhood in that? That’s why I choose to work with them. I saw their work ethic and I work with the perfect people. I’m blessed. ST: We are all about living your passion and dream. What is important to the women of Y.A.B.? Lauren: There is a true difference between passion and ambition. I know a ton of people who are passionate but are they ambitious? NO! You have to have a combination of the two. We seek women who are passionate about the business but they also need to support us. They must use our banner and support us because we are going to help and support you. We must network and promote. ST: In several years, when Sweet Tooth Readers tune into the Y.A.B. Television Network? What will we see? Lauren: I can see us bringing old shows back. But I love for it to have a mix between Lifetime, We, and Oxygen with women of color. I love how Lifetime has Lifetime Movie Network and Lifetime Real Women and their shows have every aspect of white women from Wife Swap to Project Runway. I would love to tap into the daytime and nighttime talk show sector with people like Tracey Ellis Ross, Jackee Harry or Regina King. I love what these women stand for in their careers and social media of what they do with their life. They also have a presence for crossover ages. Our ultimate goal is to keep African American women employed and keep them in the spotlight for positive reasons. To learn more about YAB please visit:

Eric, Founder of Red Man Entertain

Classic cars at the premier of Sparkle

By: Nicole Roland


The lights dim low as the sounds of the city quiet, and a mysterious figure looms proudly in the darkness. In the silhouette, you make out the semblance of a towering form anchored on each side by an equally prominent yet smaller being. Waves of sweet Motown sound crash against your eardrums, and your heart revs like a perfectly oiled Ford. The crowd begins to cheer wildly, and you join in, unable to control your own anticipation. The lights ascend slowly. The curtains part and the identity of this magical trio has come into full view. As illumination hits its’ highest peak, you recognize those soft curves and perfectly straight lines as something so familiar and welcoming against the blackness of night. Before you stands the Detroit Renaissance Center in all its glory; a symbol of hometown faith and sacrifice. The birthplace of Motor City and the origin of America’s most popular record label, Motown. The place where the Jackson 5 cut its first music deal and where the Marvelettes first implored us all not to mess with Bill. A pillar in the music industry and a staple in the history of Detroit. Motown where all your dreams come true. While the heyday of Motown has long since passed, music lovers around the world have yet to forget the impact it made on the music of our current day. Therefore, it was no surprise when award-winning production duo, Salim and Mara Brock Akil, chose to remake the classic 1976 film, Sparkle, they returned to where the magic began, Detroit, Michigan. The first Sparkle boasted great talents of the time, even employing Detroit’s own Lonette McKee in the role of “Sister”, and the remake certainly does not fall short on star power either. To tell the story of three young sisters struggling to overcome adversity and take hold of success in the musical Motown era, Akil casted the likes of American Idol winner, Jordin Sparks as “Sparkle”, actor Derek Luke as “Stix”, comedian, Mike Epps as “Satin Struthers”, and the late great Whitney Houston who also executively produced the film as “Emma Anderson”, Sparkle’s mother. The film also showcases an amazing display of Detroit talent including cameos by actor/singer, Elijah Connor and songstress, Beth Griffin. On the night of Sparkle’s release to the viewing public, Sweet Tooth stood amongst many of those great talents at the Detroit premiere of the movie, held at the Emagine Theater in Royal Oak and hosted by Rain Man Entertainment. The event featured cameos by recording artists, Kem and K-Jon, producer, Michael Powell and television personality, Rhonda Walker and was complete with performances by the Sparklettes and also a musical tribute to the legacy of Whitney Houston. As the evening progressed, attendees of the premiere marveled not only at the influence of the movie on the film and music industry, but also on the impact Sparkle would have on the city of Detroit. Most agreed that being able to shoot such a high profile film in Detroit would bring back a lot of outside business to the city and prove just how much talent Detroit truly has. In 2011, Michigan governor, Rick Snyder signed a film incentive program allowing for tax credits to movies produced in state. Currently, the state’s movie and film credit program is capped at $25 million; however, the 2013 fiscal year has an available $58 million to be used for film incentives. Many hope that Sparkle will encourage filmmakers to come to Detroit to take advantage of these tax incentives. Once released, Sparkle endured a $12 million opening weekend and received rave reviews from The Washington Post and NBC News. Many praised the film for presenting black women in such a positive, creative and ambitious light. Representative of its’ setting in the city of Detroit, Sparkle seemed to beat the odds of naysayers who may have believed it could not embody the power and essence that the original Sparkle and the Motown era once had. However, just like Sparkle, the city of Detroit is poised to rise higher than the peaks of the Renaissance Center and higher than the expectations that the rest of the world has set for it. Sweet Tooth is proud to have been a part of the Sparkle premiere as it signified a changing day in the city of Detroit. We look forward to the positive future Detroit has in store and hope that the city will only continue to grow in success and achievement. **Enjoy more pictures from the event in our Glits-N-Glam section Holiday Issue |


Sweet Politics:

4 More Years for By midnight on November 6, 2012, the votes had been tallied and the results were in. Since 7:00 am that morning when the polls opened, voters throughout the United States had been abuzz in anticipation of who would lead their country for the next four years. On one end of the spectrum stood Barack Obama, the current President of the United States. An AfricanAmerican Chicago native who represented better healthcare for all U.S. citizens, the end of job outsourcing to other countries, and the strengthening of the middle class through tax cuts. On the other end of the spectrum stood former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, an advocate of increased military spending, hardline immigration measures, “traditional” man-woman marriages, and limited healthcare for women. Each candidate fought hard this election season with countless sleepless nights and over $2 billion spent in campaign efforts, but when the mud stopped slinging and the dust settled, it was Obama who emerged as the victor. Voters came out in record-breaking droves this election to support Obama, and despite efforts to eradicate early voting in some states and also provide misinformation about the election, minority votes largely impacted Obama’s success. The New York Times reported that Obama won 71% of the Hispanic vote and roughly 90% of the African American vote. He also championed women voters by 55% and the youth vote by 60%. Although Obama lost the white vote by 20 points since his 2008 election, the fact that he was re-elected on the basis of minority and youth support speaks directly to the changing dynamic of the nation. In the face of a weak economy, Obama won a second term by calling on the demographics of his 2008 coalition: Hispanics, AfricanAmericans, younger voters and single women. The end result was a 303 electoral vote count over Romney’s 206 electoral votes.

14 | Holiday Issue

While the nation’s majority cheered with the re-election of Obama, each individual state battled separate initiatives and proposals on the home front. In Michigan’s largest city, Detroit, citizens were given 18 ballot initiatives to vote on; however, there were six statewide proposals that seemed to stump Michigan citizens in both the Upper and Lower Peninsulas. Proposal 1 sought to repeal Governor Snyder’s emergency manager law, which called for a Lansingappointed emergency manager to take over the city of Detroit. Proposal 2 looked to amend the state constitution in hopes of strengthening collective bargaining rights for union workers in the public and private sectors. Proposal 3 would have amended the Michigan constitution to mandate a new renewable energy standard for the state’s energy utilities. Proposal 4 hoped to create union bargaining rights for home health care workers. Proposal 5 strived to amend the Michigan Constitution to require a two-thirds legislative supermajority to raise taxes, and Proposal 6 challenged Detroit’s second bridge to Canada by asking citizens to vote on whether it should be built or not. Lansing politicians, city officials, labor organizations, and civil rights leaders campaigned relentlessly for the passing of their respective proposals. However, when the votes were counted, none of the proposals had passed. Specifically, for the state of Michigan, this election year may have been bittersweet, but it is important to remember the hope and change that the re-election of a president like Obama signifies in relation to each state’s struggle for balance and equality. While Republicans may want to blame him for any misfortune the United States faces, the majority relates to Obama because of his humble upbringings, ambitious spirit and determination to make a better way for all Americans. United States citizens trust Obama to improve living conditions from state to state. Sweet Tooth Magazine congratulates you, Mr. President! Four more years!

By: Nicole Roland

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The Reality of

By Erika Thomas


his is a true story, of seven strangers picked to live in a house, work together and have their lives taped. Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real…The Real World. These people were collegeaged and from every walk of life. Mix in alcohol, sex and fights and you have reality television.


his show is credited for starting the reality television craze that has taken over television. There are also other aspects of this show that carried on to other shows like Bad Girls Club, Basketball Wives, and The Real Housewives franchise. The confession room, post show interviews and the reunion shows. You have the resident “bad guy/ girl” that always blames editing on how they were portrayed after the show. Just how real is reality television? There are several scenarios that have many people thinking that it’s not real at all. Has reality television become loosely scripted television without actors? ake for example, The Osborn’s and Kardashians invited cameras into their home. Both families have admitted that they have recreated events that weren’t caught on camera. There’re also rumors that the Kardashian’s have created stories or events to make a better story line. Kris Humphries (Kim’s husband for 72 days) says that Kim and her mom Kris taped a conversation in a limo where Kim discussed how unhappy she was with her marriage. This famous conversation allegedly took place AFTER she filed for divorce.


16 | Holiday Issue


any reality television stars have blamed producers for putting them in situations to create a story. One example of that is Love and Hip Hop. Chrissy Lampkin (Girlfriend now fiancé of rapper Jim Jones) claims that producer Mona Scott Young put other cast members against her to cause drama. She even says that Mona neglected to tell her that Yandi Smith (Jim Jones former manager) would be places to make her attend the events. Now this same producer is denying that the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta show is not scripted. n the show Bad Girls Club, Season after season, this show finds women who are emotional unstable. They put them in a house and provide them with unlimited alcohol. They spend most of their days sleeping in and arguing about the events of the drunken night before. So it leads to arguments and fights. The women invite random men who are complete strangers into the house and sometimes these women do things that they probably wouldn’t want to do all for fame on TV. This show does not help these women develop relationships with each other or even better yet themselves. Its train wreak TV in the biggest form. It can be safe to assume the fights are real, but are the producers putting these young women in situations for good television? he Real House Wives & Basketball Wives are situations that appeal to be very similar. These women don’t like each other for multiple reasons and spend a lot of time going out to eat talking about each other. Both shows never blame producers nor editing for their behavior but some characters like RHOA Nene Leakes and BBW Evelyn Lozada, have personas that get both shows ratings and become the highest paid individuals on each show. o when people stop being polite and stop being real, how real are they? Should we stop watching these shows because they aren’t 100% real? Should we take it as entertainment? Do we hold the people of the shows accountable for their actions on TV? Is it really that big of a deal? In the words of many reality TV stars, if you don’t like what you see on TV. Change the channel.




Sweet Alert: Ellis Island Tea From the kitchen to the cupboard of Whole Foods; Naliah Ellis, 24, credits her success to hard work and a “spiritual connection with God”. She confesses always wanting to be an entrepreneur, but simply had no idea of what product, talent or service to offer. After several years of witnessing popular reviews from friends and family, Ellis was certain that the key to entrepreneurship lied within the family’s legacy— delectable tea. With confidence, Ellis asked her father for the recipe. After which, he was delighted to give her a little family history—revealing that her great-grandfather, Cyril Byron, was the creator of the tea. Prior to his death, Byron revealed the tea’s ingredients and instructed Ellis’ father that the “recipe is to be sold, not told.” After taking this vow, Ellis was well on her way to perfecting her soon-to-be craft. Following years of practice and several taste-testing sessions, Ellis found the force to step out on faith. With the family’s top-secret tea recipe and an entrepreneurial spirit, Ellis became the founder of Ellis Island Tropical Tea.

By: Lauren McKinney

Owner of Ellis Island Ice Tea The Detroit-brewed tea isn’t your typical aromatic beverage. It is made with 100% natural extracts and does not contain high fructose syrup, preservatives or caffeine. What’s more impressive is the tea has been known to assist with lowering high blood pressure, weight loss, digestive problems and more. And with the New Year upon us, many of us will resolute to losing weight and/or becoming healthier; if doing so is amongst your New Year goals, you may want to consider stocking your cupboard with the delicious tasting Ellis Island Tea. Currently, the tea is sold in several restaurants and grocery stores—including some Whole Foods locations. For more information, visit:

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MAKE-UP GURU By: Danielle Hughes

With 12 years in the industry, Detroit’s very own George McKenney, has become one of the most in demand makeup artists to date. He has worked with some of the most celebrated people in the entertainment industry and his work has graced the pages of numerous publications worldwide. His impeccable eye, unfailing devotion to the artistry of makeup and extremely outgoing personality has captured the attention and the hearts of those across the globe. Mr. McKenney is truly one of a kind and granted us the opportunity to get a glimpse of the everyday life of a star. Enjoy Sweet Toothers, as he shares with us: the good, the bad, and a bit of everything in between. Sweet Tooth: How did you get your start?

George: I started when I was 6 years old. I’ve loved makeup all my life. I used to want to do my mom’s makeup and everything (chuckles). It all started when I was a dancer, as a professional dancer we used to do performances and several make-up artist would do our make-up and I became very intrigued. At the time, I was in high school and I got a gig with Walt Disney in Europe. I danced with Disney many many moons ago and there was a makeup artist there that was creating looks for some of the characters and while he was there he walked me through it and taught me how to do makeup. That was my initial start… through dance. Also, I got my start through a very dear friend and mentor Talya Ashford. I worked with her at MAC and she REALLY took me under her wing and molded me. She taught me the artistry of makeup, Talya took me to photo shoots and everything. She opened my eyes to many different situations and changed my life. Kelley Leigh is another person who I worked with that helped me out tremendously. He is an awesome makeup and sketch artist. Those two individuals in the early part of my career really set me off they were the driving force that helped me to get to where I am today. After Talya and Kelley worked with me I also gained some very influential mentors who helped me grow. Joseph Hampton, Sam Fine, Derrick Rutledge, A.J Crimson and Christian Balenciaga all helped to mold my career and me. They still inspire me to this day. Sweet Tooth: What do you love the most about being a makeup artist? George: Changing and bettering lives, meeting new friends, bridging gaps and getting a little history about people. As a makeup artist, you’re bettering someone’s life because they can be going through something. I’ve had customers who were suicidal and (also customers) that have had great losses and just by the stroke of a brush you can change their entire life! A makeover is a therapeutic thing to go through. Sweet Tooth: You’ve blessed the faces of many celebrities…who have you not worked on that you would love to have in your chair in the future? George: My top five would have to be Michelle Obama, Carrie Underwood, Beyonce’, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj.

18 | Holiday Issue


My makeup kit! My ponds in spirit) brush cleanser a without my sponges becaus sponge that I use that I ca able to function! (laughs). M basically can’t live without a function without them!

s makeup wipes, my (pure and eyelashes. I can’t live se there’s a specific kind of an’t live without. I won’t be My blushes and my glosses. I anything in my kit. I could not

Sweet Tooth: In your opinion, how do you feel the artistry of makeup has evolved over the years? George: The artistry of makeup has evolved tremendously. We’ve had so many amazing makeup artists living and dead who really changed the evolution of makeup. You don’t even have to go to a plastic surgeon because they have so many different products that you don’t even have to go to a doctor! You can even knock off years with certain types of concealers! Makeup has truly evolved. There’s not as much perfume in it as it used to be and it’s a lot healthier for the skin. A lot of people are into wearing more of the brighter and bolder colors on their lips and eyes and trying on different blushes as well…it’s kinda cool. Sweet Tooth: We all love our makeup…but taking care of your skin is the most important! Do you have any natural skin tips? Or products that you would suggest? George: Absolutely! I always suggest in the winter time (and even the summer) that people keep a fresh aloe vera plant in their kitchen. Aloe hydrates your skin in a natural form and it also repairs the skin. It keeps your skin nice and smooth. If you can heal yourself from a burn with aloe vera then you can definitely put it on your face! My other favorite skin care product that I use is Shiseido. It is a company based out of Japan. It’s a REALLY great skin care product…it’s my favorite. Sweet Tooth: What has been the biggest challenge of your career? George: Pleasing people and constantly keeping up with the trends. Sweet Tooth: What advice do you have for any aspiring makeup artists? George: Take your time and learn the business. Before the makeup, you NEED to learn the business. Don’t take anything too big that you can’t handle because it’s a really tough industry. Also, keep your name good! Don’t run your name in the ground. Sweet Tooth: Where can we expect to see you in the coming months? Any upcoming projects? George: YES, I do! I’m so excited! A name hasn’t been released for the reality show yet but it’s involving one of my good clients, Kierra Sheard. The reality show will be focused on her life and I will be apart of it! We’re in the middle of filming now. I’m very excited because this is definitely going to catapult my career to another level! It will be airing Spring 2013 on BET.

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If the Shoe fits ………Wear it! T

By: Jessica Justice

he days of shopping at your everyday shoe stores are gone. Shoes have become the new outfit maker, and ladies want shoes that declares a statement, set them apart, and make people whisper, “I wonder where she got them from.” A plain simple outfit could never go wrong with the proper shoe. While some squander on the thought of just how important shoes are, two ladies got the right idea. Started as a family business, sisters’ India and Tajie, brings the standards of shoes to the forefront to many women quenching for the right teaser to their outfit for any occasion. Catchy, simple, and versatile describes Peep Toe, a shoe and accessories boutique located in Bloomfield, MI. The name gives off a hint of class, sexiness, and leaves one wondering exactly what shoe she might come across. Owners India, and Tajie aren’t a big fan of trends. “ We stay ahead of trends, we always try to bring in something the season prior, so people can remember it, our focus is bringing in something people haven’t seen before,” comments India. Clever, and very apparent when you walk into their shoe boutique, catching a glisp of inspiration from many starts such as, Jennifer Lopez, June Ambrose, Rhianna, and Victoria Beckham.

Various brands can be found in Peep Toe, and the owners are nothing short of fly themselves. Two sisters who both have the love for shoes and fashion, expressing their own individually by combining two different styles in a lavish boutique. India, who’s more of a flats girl, and Tajie who indulges in heels come together to give their customers a taste of both. As described by India, “our shoes are for women who can be versatile, different, and fashionable.” Peep Toe is looking to expand their shopping online soon. Their ultimate goal is to build their store brand to establish a family business as a legacy for their kids. Marking their one-year anniversary, we see nothing but great things for shoe lovers. Indulge! The ladies behind this posh boutique leave followers with advice on following your dreams and passion. “Don’t ever be fearful, put your fears behind you, we finally sucked it up and did it, you will never know until you step out on faith, we just wanted to keep positive energy flowing, it’s going to be people bringing you down stay around positive people.”

Owners India & Tajie Peep Toe Love, fashion, individuality, Summer, and Nail Polish

Located at 6692 Orchard Lake Rd, West Bloomfield, MI 48322

“Santa put


a in your Knee-High


By: Jasmine Perry & Erika Thomas


is the season to deck your closet with jolly fabulous finds, but we all know the best way to do this is on a budget. Your holiday shopping list is a mile long, and you may be wondering how you can squeeze a few things in for yourself, it’s simple. You will add a little bit of “Hot Coco” to your closet at prices that even Santa won’t believe. The best way to get more bang for your buck is simply by shopping your own closet first. Take a look at the things you already have, things you love, things you’ll never wear again, and things you almost never wear. Take the things that appeal to you the most, and try and look for a few things that will compliment them when you’re shopping. This will help you, so you won’t feel compelled to purchase complete outfits, but rather build on the ones you already have. You can also look at the items in your closet that fit into the holiday theme. Pull out colors that remind you of the holiday, this is anything with red, green, orange, black, and let’s not forget about our metallic colors. These colors will also help you get into the holiday spirit, making you feel vibrant and festive. When you are not in the mood for color but you have a holiday party to go to, feel free to whip out your favorite “Little Black Dress” or as we like to call it your LBD. Every girl should own a LBD, and if you don’t have one this would be a good time to invest in one. Most LBDs are season-less making them easy to add tights and a fun blazer to make them more festive.

22 | Holiday Issue


f you are full of holiday cheer the must haves for the season are sequin, velvet, leather, and fur. Most of these items will be easy to find at any resale and vintage shop around Metro Detroit. Thrifting is a really good way to save money and still be able to buy the things your closet desires. Great places to do shopping on a budget are places that are known for their sales; don’t be afraid to clip the coupons that are advertised in the Sunday paper. You will be surprised at how much you will save on designer labels we all know and love. This season full priced shopping just doesn’t make any sense, and since you won’t be purchasing complete outfits you will be getting the maximum out of your wardrobe without breaking the bank. A great way to prevent yourself from breaking the bank and overspending is to simply make a list of what you intend to buy before you go shopping. This keeps you focused and on task, so you don’t feel the urge to buy frivolously and spend money on things you don’t need. Planning ahead will give you the opportunity to look your best at all the holiday events you’re attending, help you to maximize your time during such a busy season, and allow you to spend the bulk of your shopping budget on the people who matter the most.



Fashion Tips: 1. For a family gathering, which are mostly

casual, a nice pair of denim, a fashion forward sweater and a colored scarf will do. When visiting family you want to be as comfortable as possible, as you never know what kind of fun things you’ll get into with them.


Since your office throws the best parties this is the perfect event to bust out your little black dress, you can add a festive blazer and a funky pair of tights to bring the dress into party mode. You can also play this look up with accessories.


New Year’s Eve someone is always throwing a party and you might be tempted to party hop, you must look your best. Bring in the New Year with a new look that’s customized just for you. Wear something that makes you feel absolutely stunning. Sequin is always a great go to item for this holiday, whether it be a dress, skirt, jacket or sassy top, it will do the occasion justice. Remember no outfit is complete without a fierce pair of pumps. Step into 2013 with a ferocious strut, because it will help set the tone for an amazing year!



Cross Back Sweater $59


Velvet Dress $48

3 Chiffon Blouse Dress $69




4 Sequin Dress $27.80

5 Leather Jacket $34.80


Leather Skirt $22.80 Holiday Issue |


Dear Journal


Reasons Black People Aren’t Getting Married

Disclaimer: I am in fact a single, straight, educated black man who has JUST within the last few years matured enough to seriously consider marriage. Now for me its about timing and the right woman. There is an epidemic in The United States; a country wide problem that threatens to destroy the very fabric of our union if we don’t get it figured out. The problem is this; people are not getting married as often as they have in the past. In fact, many of the people who do get married don’t stay married. The numbers say close to fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. My question is why? Intuitively we know marriage is a good thing. Couples that marry have children and create families, which make strong communities, cities, states and ultimately a strong vibrant country. Statistically speaking married people live longer, healthier, happier and wealthier lives. Marriage is surprisingly beneficial for men. Married men have sex more often and make up to 40% more than their single peers. Yet our generation seems to be waiting longer to get married and in many cases not at all. The situation is substantially worse in the black community; black women are two times less likely to marry than any other ethnic group of women. The numbers for black men are down right scary, almost twenty five percent of us will end up spending time in a jail cell. In all honesty when you look at the statistics, many of the problems within the black community can be traced to the lack of couples that marry and stay together. But again the real issue is why. Based on my observation and the input of friends here are six reasons.

Finances: Getting married is expensive.

In fact dating is expensive, particularly if you are a man. The average couple spends over 26k on their wedding and that cost doesn’t include an engagement ring or honeymoon. The average cost of dinner and a movie is north of 145 dollars when you include hair cut, dinner, tip, drinks, movie tickets and popcorn…and I didn’t include taxi(for Chicagoans and New Yorkers) or gas. It takes cold hard cash to date and get married. And if you look at the fact that less than 20 percent of black men advance to college and only a third of those graduate you start to see how this plays out. The average salary for a black man with no college degree is $18,396 a year. Its hard to pay 145 dollars for a date on that salary let alone pay 1.5 times it for a wedding. As a side note: Ladies, men are usually happiest when we are satisfied with our career direction and financial state…dating a man with issues in those areas is usually problematic.

Too Many Choices: For the fellas that are in a practical position to date and marry choosing who to date can be tough. There are many choices and it can be hard to figure out who is for you. I call it the “candy store effect”. Even the most God fearing and well intentioned man can find himself entertaining too many “friends” if he isn’t careful. This causes a completely different set of problems. 1) Men may not pursue women like they should…because in many cases they are used to a woman pursuing them. 2) Men can act selfishly; seeing women they date as a commodity that can be replaced when the situation requires. 3) Women become objects and trophies to be collected. The only cure for this is maturity, Jesus and a renewed mind towards relationships. The unfortunate thing is that it takes time for that to happen, consequently many black men aren’t ready for marriage until there late 20’s and most in there 30’s.

Lack of Maturity: It’s a sad fact but most black boys grow up without a father in the home. According to the US census, 75 percent of black children will spend some portion of their childhood without a father in the house. It’s hard to mature into something you’ve never seen or experienced. Additionally the media (music, videos, radio) in our community define a man as a testosterone driven, misogynist who’s main goal in life is the pursuit of pleasure the consumption of more alcohol, more toys and more women. Look at the most popular rappers and athletes to see my point. any boys grow up trying to emulate that type of man; the rappers they see on television without even knowing it. The sad part is they are often successful in doing it. It’s just too bad that type of a man doesn’t value marriage.

Too Much Baggage: The lack of a healthy marriage in the home doesn’t just affect young men. In fact, it may be difficult for women to identify the traits of a good future father and husband as a result. This means that many women make poor choices in who they date and are hurt because of the experience. Often times the damage is carried into the next relationship with similar consequences. Unfortunately many of these women never understand that the issue is not that good men aren’t available. The problem is actually that they don’t have the internal discernment to identify a good future mate. That kind of intuition can only be passed from father to daughter. Many times they prefer the immature man without even knowing it…passing over many “good” men in the process.

Fear: Personally I define fear as faith based on bad experiences or information. Unfortunately because so many of our families had bad experiences with relationships and marriage we fear it. We internalize the pain and frustration we saw so many loved ones go through and shy away from marriage as a result. For men oftentimes we see it as restriction and loss of freedom. Many women see it as pain; submitting to a man who ultimately may hurt them emotionally. It’s a tragedy in the classic sense when you think about it. Dating Poorly: My pastor used to tell us that dating was to collect data on a future mate.

He also would say if you weren’t ready to be married, then why date? In today’s day and age, dating is less about finding a life long mate and more about selfish pursuits in the now. Let me explain. Some women are going out to dinner because they are bored, hungry or just want to get out the house. They aren’t looking to focus their attention on learning about the guy. As a consequence they aren’t asking the right questions to identify traits of a good husband and father. We already know what most men want and even if it isn’t sex, they want the attention from the woman and could care less about her being a good wife or mother.

Conclusion: What if we decided to change? What if we changed our focus? What if we made it popular to be married? Making it a point that Sean Carter and Beyonce aren’t just “together” but they are married and then had a child. What if we saw Barack and Michelle as more than just the first couple, but as blue prints to design our life after? What if women were open and decided that they would learn how to identify a good man instead of screaming that they don’t exist. What if we did a better job educating our young men instead of labeling so many “emotionally disabled” at a young age? Then they would have a fighting chance in life and be able to afford marriage. Fellas what if we decided that central to manhood was the ability to love and cherish one woman…as a wife? What if we stopped honoring the rappers and singers who blatantly objectify women? If we did this, things would change. We would see marriage levels rebound within our community and our social ills decline. The United States itself would be strengthened if we got married more often. What do you think? Sincerely,


Holiday Issue |


Fashion in The Motor City By: Nicole Roland

Each year, fashionistas and trendsetters from around the world mark their calendars and ready their wardrobes for the premiere of Fashion Week. These tastemakers are looking for the newest pops of color, the edgiest of designs, and the most stunning of models. This September, stylists and their muses were abuzz with the latest creations from New York, London, Paris, and Milan, but who would have guessed that the Great Lake State would also be throwing their chic chapeau into the ring of fashion fire by debuting the first ever Michigan Fashion Week? Held at the Southfield Civic Center in Southfield, Mich., Michigan Fashion Week welcomed 14 designers, all eager to show the fruits of their labor to a room full of excited onlookers. The list of designers included: Siana Treece, Taylor Tankson, Terry-Ann Phillips, Fanciee Clothing, Andrea Howell, Crystal White, Jaiden Shephard, Addiction Designs by Jamalia, Monica Lynn, Christine Mapondera, Johnny Bomber, KAJ Elliott, Marvela Boutique, and Erika Hicks. Before the first model catwalked onto the runway, MFW guests were given the chance to mingle and meet. Vendors of jewelry, clothing, and even baked goods were set up around the borders of the room, and a live band vibrantly set the tone for an evening of fun and fashion. At 7:00 pm, when Michigan Fashion Week creator, Loren Jordan took the stage wearing a stunning black rhinestoned evening gown, the crowd erupted in applause. Jordan lamented over her influences and intentions for the show. “As a designer myself, the biggest struggle between designers and getting their stuff out there is a platform to get their name out, get their brand out, and get their looks out to the buyers and the public,” commented Jordan. “One of the great things about Michigan Fashion Week is that it was free to enter and free to showcase.” Jordan’s introduction was followed by a performance from Detroit’s own multi-talented girl group, Lois Layne and then a brief greeting by the evening’s host, former America’s Next Top Model contestant, Bianca Golden. Golden reminded the anxious crowd of the importance of finding fashion in small and maybe even underestimated places like Detroit and the state of Michigan. Golden’s belief in her statement was evident as she wore a sleek dress from the Ever Collection designed by one of the show’s participants, Erika Hicks.

26 | Holiday Issue

Loren Jordan, founder of Michigan Fashion Week

Before each line premiered, the designers were able to share their inspiration and background by video played at the head of the stage. Every stylist worked hard to stand out, from the colorful, flirty, and wonderfully overexaggerated pieces of TerryAnn Philips to the chic urban casual wear fits sported by Johnny Bomber models. There were designers who drew inspiration from African safaris or garden settings, and there were designers Bianca Golden, who based their creations on America’s Next Top hardships or life experiences. Model contestant Regardless of their age or longevity in the world of fashion, each artist seemed to succeed at not only bringing the logistics of their creations to the stage but also their passion.

Crew of Michigan Fashion Week “We’ve have been working on this for long,” said Mark Allen, part owner of Johnny Bomber, Inc. “We are so glad to have a venue like Michigan Fashion Week to showcase how far we’ve come.” Although the designers were the true stars of the night, Michigan Fashion Week would not have existed without the help of its’ sponsors, LoJo, Impeccable PR, My Style Genie, Access 4 Artists, Paul Mitchell Schools, and Hour Detroit. Each of these organizations put forth the maximum effort

to ensure the first Michigan Fashion Week became the success that it was, and designer and MFW creator, Loren Jordan is certain that this showcase will be a frequent occurrence for years to come. “I feel excited. I am gonna do it again. Seeing everything come together is way more than

I expected.” commented Jordan. “Michigan Fashion Week has put Michigan and the city of Detroit back on the map, and we are ready to take the industry by storm. We just need to know what the people want.” After spending the past several months working hard to make the designer dreams of others come true, Sweet Tooth asked Loren, better know as LoJo ,what her “sweet tooths” are or in other words, what are the most important things in her life. LoJo responded with “God, family, and friends.” Sweet Tooth would like to congratulate Loren Jordan, her gracious sponsors, and especially all of the hardworking designers and vendors that participated in Michigan Fashion Week this year. We expect great things.

Holiday Issue |


28 | Holiday Issue

Winter Wonderland Here are a few items to keep you warm and cozy during the winter months.



Faux Fur Vest –This item keeps you warm, cozy and stylish



Keep your feet stylish and cozy with cute winter boots and keep your fingers warm and be text savy with these gloves.



1. JcPenney Bisou Bisou Faux Fur Vest $50 2. Coffeeshop Faux Fur Vest with Belt $50 3. Laundry by Shelli Segal Faux Fur Trim Parka $150 4. UGG® Australia ‘Foxley’ Boot $495 5. UGG® Australia ‘Classic Tall’ Boot $195 6. Nordstrom Gathered Tech Gloves $24

Holiday Issue |


New Years Eve

You want to look great counting down to midnight.




6. 4. 5. 1. JS Boutique Sleeveless Sequin Mesh Sheath Dress $98 2. Vince Camuto Strapless Metallic Sheath Dress $148 3. Eliza J One Shoulder Beaded Patch Metallic Sheath Dress $138 4. Ivanka Trump ‘Halley’ Sandal $138.95 5. Jessica McClintock Mesh Framed Clutch $48 Available in Black and Gold 6. Chinese Laundry ‘Imagine’ Sandal $58.95

30 | Holiday Issue

Romantic Holiday Dinner These items are perfect for dinner with your significant other.

1. 2. 1. Eliza J Dot Mesh Bodice Fit & Flare Dress $158 2. Glint Glam’ Bootie $109.95 3. R&J ‘Corrine’ Clutch $58 4. Nina ‘Camellia’ Crystal Teardrop Earrings $85 5. Alex Evenings Ruched Textured Sheath Dress $125 6. Ivanka Trump ‘Brynn’ Pump $139.95 7. Givenchy ‘Rock Crystal’ Cocktail Ring $65 8. Suzi Chin Ruched Matte Jersey Dress $118

3. 4.

5. 6.

7. 8.

Holiday Issue |


Office Party

Not sure what to wear for the after work party with co-workers. Just loose the blazer or cardigan and add some accessories and higher heels.

1. Vince Camuto Bib Necklace $138 2. Natasha Couture Multi Strand Statement Necklace $58 3. Caslon® Stretch Knit Turtleneck $44 4. Vince Camuto Peplum Sheath Dress $150 5. Adrianna Papell V-Neck Sheath Dress $118 6. T Tahari ‘Melvina’ Tweed Skirt $98 7. Sole Society ‘Chandra’ Pump $49.95 8. Boutique 9 ‘Justine’ Pump $119.95 9. MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘York’ Platform $124.95



32 | Holiday Issue








“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts; therefore guard accordingly.� -Marcus Aurelius

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” -Henry David Thoreauv

Art for the Holiday!

December 1-23

Annual sale of art by various artists.

Favor’s Voice Ministries presents A Night of Thanksgiving Charity Event

December 7th

The International Institute of Detroit 7pm-10pm 111 E. Kirby St. Detroit, MI 48202 Contact information: or via phone at 313-757-2902

Walk Fashion Show hosted by Naima Mora. Show times 5:00p.m & 8:00p.m.

Tracy Morgan Comedy show

December 8th

December 27th

Motor City Sound board 2901 Grand River, Detroit, Michigan 48201. (313) 237-7711

Liberation Film Series presents “Hip-Hop Beyond Beats & Rhymes” Film Screening & Discussion

January 12th

Charles Wright Museum, General Motors Theatre 2- 6pm 315 East Warren Avenue , Detroit, MI 48201 (313) 494-5800

Eisenhower Dance Ensemble (Ballot and Dance) Show time starts at 7:30pm Detroit Opera House 526 Broadway, Detroit, MI 48226

January 19th

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Michael Kors watch 187.99

Detroit Girls Hustle Harder 23.00 (


Beats by Dre headphones 170.00


Marilyn Monroe MAC Collection prices vary

For Her: 5

2k13 39.99


F by Ferragamo 34.10

For Him:


Jordan 11 Bred’s 150.00



Iphone 5 200.00 (New contract)

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