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A AcombinAtion combinAtionfor for every everyoccAsion occAsion

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01/08/11 1:37:32

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This autumn’s jewellery fashion from Spinning Jewelry is both raw and refined After years of inspiration from the world around us, it is again time to be introspective, exploring the things close to us and at home while also seeking the universal. With the design themes Nordic Nature and Delicate Seduction, Spinning Jewelry pays tribute to the feminine romance that is the brand’s DNA, while also revealing a darker side full of raw details and new natural elements.

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Spinning ring Let your jewellery describe you and all the good experiences in your life. With Spinning Jewelry, you can combine exciting design and gorgeous materials with your own style to create jewellery, that expresses your history and personality. All jewellery from Spinning Jewelry are made of Sterling silver, gold, gemstones and pearls.

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spinning primo sTerling silVer

sweet romance

Pastel love

natural beauty

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01/08/11 1:38:02

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spinning maX sTerling silVer

Lavender garden

Autumn ower

amber dream

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01/08/11 1:38:12

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spinning eXTreme sTerling silVer

glamorous winter

i want you

secret of paradise

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spinning ring 8 / 9 / 10 k gold

starry night

crystal water

shiny pearl

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01/08/11 1:38:34

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january garnet

february amethyst

march aquamarine

april diamond

may emerald

june pearl

july ruby

augusT peridot

sepTember sapphire

ocTober Tourmaline

noVember citrine

december Turquoise

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Spinning birthstone Most people are familiar with zodiac mythology, but the fact that the months of the year also have their own gemstone is news to many. Spinning Jewelry rectifies this with its Spinning Birthstone collection, comprising twelve magnificent silver rings, each with its own colourful gemstone – one for each month. Birthstones are traditionally seen as good luck charms for those born in the relevant month and are reputed to have healing and protective properties. Learn more about birthstones on

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spinning birThsTone sTerling silVer

february combination

december combination

march combination

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Spinning earring Spinning Earring is a small, personal fashion statement in everyday life that is easy to collect and combine in endless variations. Combinations of ear studs, Creole earrings and pendants in various lengths create a variety of earrings ranging from the discrete to the very ornamental and striking. Set your inner designer free and create your own earrings with an individual touch in Sterling silver, gold, gems and pearls.

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spinning earring sTerling silVer

winter dream

elegant leaf

your eyes

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01/08/11 1:39:12

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spinning earring gold plaTed sTerling silVer

midnight beauty

golden winter

open arms

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Spinning link Spinning Link is an innovative bracelet concept connecting interchangeable links, and is an exciting addition to Spinning Jewelry’s universe of unique jewellery. The bracelet comprises links that can be combined, offering a completely new dimension to the concept of collectable jewellery. They are all made from sterling silver with enamel, pearls and gemstones.

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spinning link sTerling silVer

wise female

Nordic heaven Beautiful ower

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spinning link sTerling silVer

Champagne ower

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romantic autumn

01/08/11 1:39:55

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Spinning zodiac The twelve astrological signs of the Zodiac have probably been known since ancient times and tell of the twelve well-defined cosmic personality profiles and character traits. Knowing the characteristics of your sign will give you a better understanding of who you are. To learn more about your sign of the Zodiac visit

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spinning zodiac sTerling silVer

black zodiac

born this way

36 Inspiration_2.indd 38

my identity

01/08/11 1:40:41

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Spinning charm With Spinning charms you are able to create jewellery that expresses exactly what you want it to – and can change it according to your mood, temper, clothing or make-up. Use the jewellery as exciting accessories – and play around with colouring, patterns and surfaces, in order to match any conceivable occasion.

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spinning charm sTerling silVer cool candy

iceblue winter

new music

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01/08/11 1:41:11

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spinning charm 8 / 9 / 10 k gold

amazing dream

passing time coming home

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A AcombinAtion combinAtionfor for every everyoccAsion occAsion

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Spinning Jewelry Inspiration Catalogue  

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