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Gluten Free Baking & Living

Issue 1 July 2013

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t e k a B o t how st gluten very bee foods fre

Heal the Gut

with Dr Tom O Bryan

“A Force of Nature”

Learn How to Live Life to the Full! by Nina Morton-Brook

THE BEST OF GLUTEN FREE Great Food, Great People, Great health

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Humous Scotch Eggs Mini Quiche Elderflower Cordial

Gluten Free Baking recipes including; nutritional values and information, flour options and substitutions for egg, lactose (dairy), nut intolerances.

11 Breakfast pancakes

Gluten Free Baking & Living The Magazine, why, what, who 4-5

10 Heal The Gut

How to eat yourself back to health.

11 10 Delicious Gluten

Free Baking Recipes

25. Research Ut et omnimus dolupti idene eic to estisitio eos...

Gluten Free on the Go

26. Heck Sausages

Recipes to help you get out and about this summer and remain Gluten Free.

29. Gluten Free Baking


Debbie & Andrew Bounce back

28. Problem page The Nutritionist replies.

Courses and Downloads

31. Myth Buster &

What’s in Next Month

12 Breakfast muffins 14 Fruit bread 15 Fruit tarts with chocolate pastry 17 Coconut cup cakes 18 Hokey Pokey biscuits. 19 Shortbread 20 Soda bread 22 Summer pudding 23 Hazelnut Meringues



Make Tastily Tempting Mini Quiches for Summer

A Gluten Free Version of Traditional Soda Bread

Make your gluten eating friends jealous with this great recipe for perfectly divine mini quiches, perfect for those summer picnics.

Quick, easy, tasty and nutritious too, learn how to bake your own delicious traditional soda bread, but this time without the gluten!

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Who Why What. Welcome to Gluten Free Baking & Living magazine. This is a magazine with no hidden agenda or vested interests, other then promoting buying or growing and cooking the best gluten free food you can find and afford. It was conceived and now published by the pair of us; Deborah Thackeray my nutritionist baker wife and me a recently diagnosed coeliac. We are not professional chefs with a book to push or experienced writers and journalists. Just an ordinary couple working hard with a busy family. Whatever our days bring us we always always make the time to create good food for each other. The message is: If we can you can to. Back to agenda’s and vested interests for a moment. we have no corporate owner using this as disguise to promote something hideous and vile, we pay our taxes where we earn them and you will never hear “my responsibility is to my share holders” from us. The advertisers in this issue get the space for free although that may change in the future. What won’t change is ; they are in because we like what they do or make and share a similar philosophy. What you will never see advertised here are mass produced, sugar rich, hydrogenated fat filled products masquerading as food hiding behind misleading and disingenuous labels suggesting they are fresh wholesome and good for you. Rant over, having said all that we do have a sponsor, Doves Farm . We enjoy a substantial trade discount from Innovative Solutions UK Ltd suppliers of the wonderful teff flour. We use their various flours to create the blends for our recipes we bake and cook with. Food and eating is so much more than just fuel, it can bring joy, delight, comfort, warmth, health. The wrong food, we are now realising to our cost personally and as nation , can bring serious ill health. Above all, food and sharing it is about fun, love and caring for each other, your family and friends. When we started to eat gluten free, we were very disappointed by what we found in the free-from aisles in the supermarkets. It seemed that GF products from the big manufacturers copied the worst of what was available mainstream. Things were often too sweet, nutritionally poor with little to differentiate between brands. It was only when we started going to the coeliac food fairs we discovered the legion of small scale bakers, butchers, brewers and food stockists offering

“We will bring you news of the latest treatments and research from around the World. We are not bound by guidelines or straight jacketed by protocols and budget considerations about what we can tell you. Our only constraint; is it safe, genuine and true.” top quality, tasty produce.You will find many of them here in future issues. In many ways, having to live gluten free has echoes of a time when it was entirely natural to make everything from scratch yourself. This was something we largely did anyway. It wasn’t a big jump for us to stick to the fruit, veg, meat and fish from the biggest free from aisles in every shop and supermarket and make cakes and bread ourselves. My diagnosis of coeliac disease has ended up being very positive for me. Now I am virtually back to full fitness I am feeling better than at any time in my adult life. Don’t worry I am not going to babble on about missions and journeys just say that the magazine will share what has been best about what have found out so far about baking and living gluten free. This and future issues of the magazine will be honest and open. it will be properly researched and accurate. Where necessary it will be referenced. The original authors of any work we quote and use is recognised and acknowledged. We will bring you news of the latest treatments and research from around the World. We are not bound by guidelines or straight jacketed by protocols and budget considerations about what we can tell you. Our only constraint; is it safe, genuine and true.

Our first article in this series kicks off having a look at what is being said in the USA about ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’ and ‘Heal The Gut’. Internationally recognised speaker and researcher in coeliac disease and gluten intolerance Dr O’ Bryan is the main contributor. Have a look at his web site to find out more about his recent work. The core of the magazine will be its recipes. These are tried and tested on our family and friends. The recipes are evolved using our knowledge and experience gained from running our gluten free baking courses. These will be much much more than just recipes, there are 1000’s of those available in books, and blogs all over the internet. Our recipes will teach why a particular flour is used, what it’s made from and its characteristics. The nutritional analysis will be more than a list of weights and calories of each item. We include the nutritional reasoning behind the contents of a recipe so you can make better more informed decisions about what you eat. There is a feature on GF food on the go.You can read questions posed to our Nutritionist by our baking course delegates and her answers. plus a light hearted look at some of the myths around food and diets. ‘So low fat diets are good for you then. Er no not really’ Finally. I was fortunate to hear a presentation by Nina Morton-Brook. Her approach to surviving a recent diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer and being told its incurable is an object lesson and inspiration to anyone with a chronic condition. Actually her refusal to lie down and do as she was told and can do attitude is an inspiration to everyone. Thank you for buying this magazine do enjoy the rest of it. We have had huge fun creating and writing it.

Gluten Free Baking & Living Magazine  
Gluten Free Baking & Living Magazine  

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