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Valentine’s Day menu Cupcakes

$25 per dozen

Flaming Pink Velvet

A pink peppercorn white chocolate cupcake frosted with white chocolate buttercream and candied pink peppercorns.

Caramel Marshmallow

A caramel toffee cupcake filled with dark chocolate ganache and frosted with marshmallow buttercream and chocolate toffee sprinkles.

Bad Romance

A dark chocolate cupcake spiked with vodka filled with raspberry mousse and frosted with whipped dark chocolate ganache.


A chocolate hazelnut cupcake filled with hazelnut praline and frosted with chocolate buttercream and crushed praline.


8” Heart $35

Red Heart

A simple two-layer heart-shaped crimson red velvet cake filled and frosted with cream cheese buttercream and covered in red velvet crumbs.

Pink Champagne

Pink champagne cake filled with strawberry mousse and frosted with pink champagne buttercream and covered in pink sanding sugar.


Moist chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries and frosted with chocolate buttercream and covered in Valentine’s Day sprinkles.

candy & such,,, Strawberries

Chocolate-covered strawberries! Dipped and swirled in white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. $20 per dozen!

Heart S’mores

Heart-shaped cookies filled with marshmallow buttercream and dipped in milk chocolate. $15 per dozen!

White Chocolate Cherry

A moist drop cookie filled with chopped dried cherries and white chocolate chunks. $10 per dozen!

sweet revenge



Valentine's Day Menu  

A selection of cupcakes, cakes and treats to gift to loved ones or to yourself!