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Forget the idea that you have to invite everyone in your kid’s class. You don’t. Most schools and daycares will let you do something in class to involve that group of friends. Help your kid to keep party talk to a minimum at school by keeping it low key at home. Plus, don’t start talking about it too early.


Check with parents about allergies in advance so you can plan your menu without fear of a really fun trip to Emerge.

Parties are intense for kids (not just parents). Talk over what’s going to happen at the party, what you expect of your child (greet guests, thank them as they’re leaving, etc) to lessen the stress of it.


Keep it short. No party for a kid under 8 needs to be longer than two hours. And, let’s be honest, people have other things to do on the weekend. Be clear about whether it’s a drop-off or a parents-stay party.

Do unto others when it comes to the loot bag. Easy on the candy, noise makers and teeny-tiny beads that will spill everywhere and then get lost.

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Have at least one activity planned – a musician playing a short set or a craft that all the kids will work on and then take home. The combined energy of five four year olds is not something you want running unfocused in your home.

Birthdays can bring out the “gimmes” in even normally generous kids. Why not add a charity component for balance? Companies like EchoAge allow kids to give to the charity of their choice while still receiving something special.

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Help your child with thank you notes. Pour yourself a big glass of wine. You made it through another year!

Sweet Potato Chronicles | Special Birthday Issue  
Sweet Potato Chronicles | Special Birthday Issue  

Welcome to The Sweet Potato Chronicles Special Birthday Issue! Sweet Potato Chronicles tells the never ending story of the well-fed family....