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Old dogs, new rescues

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Text by Dorie Herman | Photography by Erin O’Sullivan WHEN ERIN O’SULLIVAN and her fiancé, Brandon Stanton, adopted a 12-year-old dog named Susie, Erin had no idea she and Susie would soon be changing more than just their own worlds. People often questioned why they decided to adopt such an old dog—something they had never thought twice about. Thus, Susie’s Senior Dogs (SSD) was born—a social-media based organization that shines a spotlight on the neediest of homeless senior dogs and aims to get them adopted while also educating the public on the benefits of senior rescue. In the five years since starting Susie’s Senior Dogs, at least 500 dogs have been adopted. “What is equally, if not more important,” O’Sullivan says, “are the senior adoptions that are happening outside of the page because a reader has been inspired to adopt a senior dog at their local shelter.” When asked about the most surprising part of SSD, O’Sullivan exclaimed: “So many young humans are adopting old dogs! While it's true that older dogs are a good choice for aging humans, older dogs are also great companions for busy young people. I think the average senior dog adopter on SSD is under the age of 50, and many in their 30s. Senior dogs are a great fit for many different lifestyles.” What’s on the horizon for SSD? The Susie's Senior Dogs book is coming out this fall and will feature the stories of adopters who have discovered the joys of senior dog ownership. And while Susie recently passed away at the age of 17, her legacy will live on with every senior who has a home because of Erin.


Chevron dog beds, many available sizes, from $130


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