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Know What Vancouver Eyelash Extension Is I understand you're wondering what these Vancouver Eyelash Extensions are. Do I mean false eyelashes? No, this can be something new and it doesn’t simply last a day, it will last up to 2 months depending on your daily life. These eyelash extensions are the ‘no make-up’ make-up, they're simply elegant and appear completely natural. With these great eyelash extensions you'll look nice during the day and you will own the night! These are the eye lashes every girls wants, the eyelashes that each women dreams of having, the eyelashes that each lady works so hard to attain the planning of with hours of hard work in front of a mirror. I know, you have got your doubts and you have your questions. Not to stress, yes they have been tested and are completely safe. In fact several celebrities wear these; from Paris Hilton to Lindsay Lohan, and even Modanna wear these. Vancouver Eyelash Extensions are incredibly light-weight; you won’t even notice they're there. The Vancouver Eyelash Extensions have re-defined what it means to own beautiful eyes and this is something you can’t really appreciate unless you experience the design and feel of the eyelash extensions for yourself. I’m sure you want to understand more, like “how long does this service take?” The solution isn't long at all; at the longest it will take an hour and a half. “Well what holds them in place?” That’s the most effective part; it’s actually a special bonding agent that is applied directly to your lashes and not your eye lid! This bonding agent or simply called ‘glue’ which is a long-lasting and doesn’t contain any fumes or irritants, so it’s safe and utterly comfortable. The special bonding agent that’s used to use your Vancouver Eyelash Extensions is also waterproof, which makes your eyelash extensions an anywhere do something eyelash - from swimming or showering to exercising and wanting nice at the spa. Vancouver Eyelash Extensions are amazing; I might recommend

them to anyone. They accomplish everything I’ve forever needed from an eyelash. This can be just something you have to test out for yourself.

Know What Vancouver Eyelash Extension Is