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Every pregnant mum wants to look like a glowing yummy mummy, right? Who wouldn’t want to look like Kate Hudson did during her ‘yummy mummy’ months with glowing skin and hair and beautiful design of Maternity Work Clothes to show off your oh-sosmall but perfected rounded bump? We’ve asked our pregnant girlfriends for the best pregnancy advice to give others:

Be prepared to invest in a smart ‘yummy mummy’ wardrobe to include basic and stand out pieces full of colour that scream, ‘look at my bump’. Take a cue from the celebrity moms and bear all, showing off and accentuating your new body shape and that cute little bump forming in your belly. Of course, we’re not suggesting that you go out and buy maternity slogan tees that say, ‘baby under construction’ or something similar …. Instead, try to style your new body shape to accentuate your shapely new curves with layering techniques, colour and a various mix of textured fabrics to create interest and sex appeal.

If money is an obstacle, use girlfriends ‘hand me downs’ to layer and accessorise, mixing new and the not-so-new together to create your own individual look. You might be lucky enough to bag some bargains through eBay or the clearance section on other online stores. Consider investing in nursing clothes that can be worn during your pregnancy too, this way getting the most out of your investment. Accessorise yourself! Invest in lots of bangles, bracelets and earrings to create colour and interest to compliment your new look. Bags can also enhance the look of your outfit and don’t be afraid to opt for bright colours too!

Choose your own level of comfort in shoes. These days there is so much choice available to provide you with many flat shoe options so you’ll always be comfortable. We all know that killer heels look very sexy, but unfortunately, in the real world, pregnant feet tend to swell, especially in the hotter months and keeping cool and comfortable is a pregnancy essential! Pamper yourself! Regular trips to the hair salon are a must, as well as pedicure and manicure treats to help make you look and feel like a Pregnancy Princess!

Manage stress more effectively through better time management, delegation or smaller workload. Stress is something that is not very healthy for mum or baby and this can have a huge impact on the health of the individuals, resulting in poor energy levels and mood swings. Light but regular exercise is also a great way to help alleviate stress levels either through lunch break walks, or after work yoga or swimming classes and is also fantastic for getting those endorphins flowing through the bloodstream. Healthy eating is something that is always talked about via health care professionals and of course, it is something that we all need to take seriously. Super foods and supplements are encouraged as is the reduction of sugars and complex carbohydrates, preferring fresh healthy options instead.

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Top 7 Essential Maternity Tips to Become a Yummy Mummy  

Every pregnant mum wants to look like a glowing yummy mummy, right? Who wouldn’t want to look like Kate Hudson did during her ‘yummy mummy’...

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