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Carb limits for women

Carb limits for men


30g - 60g

45g - 75g


15g - 30g

15 - 30g

What does this mean


A food that has 15g carbohydrate is called “one carb serving” eg: One slice of bread or a small piece of fruit each have around 15g carbohydrate, so they are equal to one carb serving.

One carb portions of Proudly South African foods:


carb serving

- 50g mandumbi - 1 small roti (35g) - ¹⁄³ cup pap (60g) - ¹⁄³ cup samp (75g) - ½ cup sweet potato (100g) - 1 medium mielie (140g ) - ½ cup rice (50g) - 15cm tortilla or wrap (35g) - ½ cup pasta (100g) - 1 slice bread (30g) - 1 small apple (115g) As much as possible, try to stick to this portion size, with a serving of protein (meat, fish, chicken, eggs or beans) and half a plate of vegetables or salad.

How to cook amadumbe:

Amadumbe in numbers:

• Scrub them clean and steam or boil until soft. • Drain and cool slightly before removing the skins. • Serve dusted with black pepper, a dash of salt and a drizzle of olive oil. • Yum!

• 100g portion amadumbe (boiled) has: *

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Ask the Dietician

Not sure how many carbs you should be eating? Ask your doctor or dietician for help.

- 600 kJ - 0.5g plant protein - 0.1g fat - 29.5g of carbohydrate - 5.1g fibre

* According to The SA Food Tables


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