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• Our food, health and lifestyle choices affect our productivity. • There is a 66% increase in risk of lower productivity for employees with an unhealthy diet (when compared to those with a healthy diet). • An unhealthy diet, not enough exercise, carrying excess body weight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and depression have all been shown to increase the risk of lost productivity.

Step 2: Choose portions with caution 1. Be sure to start the day with a balanced breakfast and keep healthy snacks or a packed lunch on hand to avoid arriving at a meeting hungry. 2. Use smaller plates and serving spoons to manage how much you dish up. 3. Sit far away from the food to avoid “picking” at it. 4. Use the size of your hand to determine sensible and healthy portion sizes: • A fistful is equal to one cup and can be used to estimate the portion size for carbohydrates (starches and fruits). • The size of the palm of your hand can be used to estimate the portion size for protein. For a stew, curry or casserole this is about ½ cup. • The tip of the thumb is equivalent to one teaspoon and can be used to guess the portion size for all oils, butter or mayonnaise. • The thumb itself can be used to guess the portion size for peanut butter or hard cheese.

Step 3: Carefully consider your choice of drink: Some good choices are: • Still or sparkling water • Tea or coffee • Vegetable juice • Low-fat milk

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2015/10/08 10:14 AM

Sweet Life Magazine issue 16  

Our National Diabetes Month (Summer) issue focuses on diabetes in the workplace, with all you need to know about how to cope with diabetes a...

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