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How many vegetables should I be eating in a day?

The amount of vegetables you need depends on your age, gender and physical activity. On average, an adult woman will need 2½ cups a day, an adult man will need 3 cups, and children will need between 1 to 2 cups a day.


How much protein do I need to balance out carbohydrate?

Protein should account for about 15 to 20% of the total calories you eat each day – roughly a fist-sized portion at each meal.


Is too much fruit bad for diabetics? And grapefruit?

Fruit (any kind, grapefruit included) can be included as part of your diet if you control portion size. Limit your portions to a fist-sized or tennis-ball sized portion at a time.


How do I manage food for my diabetic child?


My sugar is always high – am I eating wrong?

Provide structured, nutritious meals and snacks for your child and make healthy eating and lifestyle changes as a family (don’t single out one family member). Remember that they are a child first and a diabetic second. Work with your child’s diabetes health care team to help your little one grow up healthy and happy!

Ask the Dietician


Diabetes is managed with diet, exercise, tablets and/or injections. Check in with your doctor to make sure your food choices, exercise levels and medication are on track to keep your sugar within your target range: constantly high sugar can lead to complications.


How can a diabetic lose weight in a healthy way?

The best way to lose weight for good is to find an approach to eating that makes sense, doesn’t cut out whole food groups and has you eating regularly and feeling well. 09

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