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By Mandy Kellogg Rye @waitingonmartha Photography by Rustic White Photography @rusticwhite - When summer comes around I want nothing more than a margarita. However, I hate the margarita mix most restaurants and bars serve, so I’ve found, like most things, the best margarita is one you make on your own. Here are my two takes on the classic margarita: Fire in Your Belly and Respect Your Elders. The Fire in Your Belly provides just enough kick, or rather heat, but doesn’t overpower the drink. I love it so much it was actually the signature cocktail at our wedding! The Respect Your Elders combination of fresh limes, mint, and elderflower is a fresh and cool take on a summertime classic. You may have noticed that I have added club soda to both my margaritas. For me it’s the perfect way to add some no-calorie fizz...and who doesn’t like some pop and fizz?


Sweet Lemon Magazine [issue no.10]  
Sweet Lemon Magazine [issue no.10]  

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