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Proyecto Emprendedores 2013

calle oriente, municipio de Santa Tecla, Departamento de la Libertad El Salvador. 1ª

Plaza mundo


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Unicentro Altavista Tel:2292-1420

Sweet Heart S.A de C.V is a company that emerges (arises) with the only purpose of satisfying people tastes who love trying new things, making exotic, innovative and creative desserte dishes with a variety of ingredients and reasonable prices that have not been offered by the National Market yet.

To get inserted into the National and International Market being recognized and accepted by our customers as the best dessert making company and capable to satisfy different tastes and preferences of our customers.

Fruity Juices

Hot ‘n Cold

Luscious desserts

Fruit Skewers

Brochure - Sweet Heart  

Sweet Heart is: “Flavor in your mouth, memories to your heart”