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Intuition Spa Location 0ne State Street Chicago IL,60602 Store number 312-504-8000

Store Hours Monday thru Friday 10am—9pm Saturday 9am -10pm Sunday 12pm 7pm

History Jennie Domingo and Snow Adams are founders of Intuition Spa. Jennie graduated from International Academy of Design of Technology in 2014 with her Associates Degree, in Fashion merchandising management . She is also part of the Honors Society and student government. Later that year Jennie Domingo graduated with her bachelors Degree with Honors 2015 in Fashion Merchandising Management. Jennie is a mother of three wonderful children. Jennie and Snow decided to open a business since, Snow Adams is the co-founder, and graduated from Northeastern University with honors, in Business . We are a strong believers of using natural products and a place where people can socialize or relax.

Mission Statement Intuition is a store that provides a friendly and positive environment while you relax. Our company is very unique and we are very passionate about the environment, and a firm believer of animal free tested products and utilize natural sources from the earth. We Offer our customers memberships, beauty regimen education and we have a Stylists in our store to provide great customer experience for trendsetters, urban, adolescent teens and inner city population. We are looking forward into expanding our spas in New York and Los Angeles California.

Tag line A place of serenity and relaxation

Celebrity Spokes Persons Rachel McAdams She the Canadian actress known from Movies the Notebook, Wedding Crashers, Sherlock Holmes, Mean Girls and the Time Traveler’s Wife. Rachel is also eco-friendly along with two other friends they launched a website Green Is Sexy that encourages the fans to go green and she also prefers to spend her money on experiences and traveling. Cameron Diaz She is a quintessential California girl who is famous for Mary in Something About Mary, she also stared in blockbuster films including Gangs of New York and the Shrek animated series. In 2009 she starred in Cameron Diaz Saves the World short film, to encourage Americans to learn more about the environment. Cameron also co-authored a book The Green Book: The every day Guide to Saving the Planet One simple step at a time. By the way she drives a Prius and one of the first celebs to go green.

Leonardo DiCaprio He is an international mega-celebrity known from the movie Titanic, in 2009 competed against himself in the best actor category for his work in Blood Diamond and The Departed. In 2007 he wrote, produced and narrated the eco-documentary The 11th Hour, he also started the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, in support of environmental friendly initiatives. Leonardo drives a hybrid car and installed solar panels on his house.


Pricing $10.00-$75.50 products $35.50- $ 250.00 Spa $30.00-$50.00 memberships $10.00 -$50.00 Champaign bottles $5.00 $20.00 Wine bottles

Promotion Celebrity Spokes persons Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter

Placement Intuition Spa will be located in Chicago and may expand in Las Angeles California and New York

People Urban families Sophisticated Families Suburban Families College students

Physical Environment We welcome all of Intuition Spa customers by providing A great spa experience of relaxation and feel rejuvenated after trip from paradise .

Process The atmosphere is vacation like setting and urban The music we play is the waves of the ocean The sent of the store is Hawaiian

SWOT Analysis Strength Great customer service Memberships Sociable environment In-store events Certified stylist 2 floors Location

Weaknesses New store Publicity

Opportunities Marketing/advertising Samples

Threats We are the 2nd store that is environmental friendly We have in-store events for members Economy Competitors Store hours

Intuition Spa On State Street

Shopper Marketing Our strategy is to do sample giveaways to have our potential customers try out our products. First 20 people that shop at our store get a free membership for a year to take advantage of our loyal customer benefit discounts on spa and beauty products along with membership discounts on spa treatments. We will be handing out flyers and send out invitations out to our competitor to come to our grand opening to check out our products.

Our company will be utilizing social media via Facebook, to be a fan of our page Twitter, to know what we’re doing and getting them involve with our adventures with the communities, Instagram to see what’s new and post picture of new arrivals for each season and LinkedIn for job opportunities and build potential business partnerships with other companies and to a be apart of our team.

Intuition wants to draw our potential customers and entice them to see what we sell and to also try our spa services and our stylists by our spokes person to advertise our store. We want to provide our customers a relaxing experience when they are at Intuition Spa. We also have surveys on the sales receipt to take advantage of 20% of your next purchase.

Marketing Collateral Gift Cards


Rewards Card


Store business Cards

Spa packages

Free consultations

Free samples of our products

Free Champagne or wine with spa packages

Fact Sheet 

Intuition Spa founded by Jennie Domingo and Snow Adams

Owner operations by Jennie and Snow

Providing customer service

Intuition has one location in Chicago on State Street on August 9, 2014

Grand opening with promotional discounts first 20 people get free annual memberships from Intuition Spa we will launch August 26

We are in partnership with the Body Shop, Origins and in the near future with Clinique

We have consultations for beauty regimens

Our promotional giveaways are our spa bags with free samples of our products and raffling off $75.00 gift bag

We have certified stylist

Intuition marketing plan