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Greens reparation Law reports

scottisH private cLient Law review

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Offers excellent frequency of coverage, meaning you have complete satisfaction that the information you find within them is entirely current and reliable.

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1362-167X Was £332

COVERAGE INCLUDES: - asset protection - executry administration and related matters - wills and succession - trusts - charities general taxation - personal financial planning - pensions - family law aspects of estate planning - rights of cohabitants - looking after the elderly/older client.

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Greens HousinG Law reports

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Housing law has always been a major area of work for many of Scotland’s legal practitioners, but many decisions on the subject have been difficult to discover and obtain. Greens Housing Law Reports Was developed in response to this need. 1364-274X Was £332

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ONLINE EMAIL (UK) (International) PHONE 0845 600 9355 (UK) +44 (0)1264 388560 (International)

now £166

FAX +44 (0)20 7393 8051 POST Orders, Sweet & Maxwell, FREEPOST, PO Box 1000 Andover SP10 9AH, UK

now £166

Greens Human riGHts JournaL Guarantees the profession current and detailed analysis and commentary on all the latest human rights issues. Focusing on all areas of legal practice, this journal combines practical articles with case law digests, law reports and commentary 1470-8302 Was £267

1479-0343 Was £195

now £97

scottisH criminaL Law Monthly publication frequency plus the expert editorial work of Sheriff T. Welsh makes this the obvious choice when deciding where to access information in this field. 1754-2286 Was £267

now £133

JuridicaL review Scotland’s leading refereed law journal. An invaluable reference for academics and practitioners alike. 0022-6785 Was £262

now £131

now £133

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scots Law times The only law reporter containing coverage from every Scottish court, civil and criminal, from the sheriff court to the Supreme Court, in a single service. 0036-908X Was £1064

now £532

Greens weekLy diGest Greens Weekly Digest provides digests of all judicial decisions received by W. Green, providing you with early information on the latest developments in case law. 0955-4491 Was £349

now £174

saVe 50% ON all lOOseleaf saVe 30% maiNwOrks ON all jOurNals

ensure your subscriptions are in order witH Green’s summer saLe w. green are offering a substantial discount on all of our looseleafs and journals for orders placed before the end of August 2012. Take advantage of this special offer and ensure you have a library of information which enables you to work more efficiently.

Place your order before 31st August 2012 to claim your discount. Take advantage of this offer and ensure you have all the information you need to stay ahead.

Key titles include: • Scots Law Times • Scottish Planning Encyclopaedia • Employment Tribunal Practice

Quote 0991102A when ordering to claim your discount.

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ON LOOSELEAF MAINWORKS DURING AUGUST 2012 Currency is vitally important in the legal world. Fill the gaps in your legal library and have all the information you need at a discounted rate. armour on vaLuation for ratinG

scottisH sociaL work LeGisLation

This valued work enjoys a unique position as the sole pioneering Scottish text encompassing the subject of valuation.

Sets out the various primary and secondary legislation by subject area and provides social workers and their legal advisors with a comprehensive working statement of the law.

9780414007505 Was £595

now £416

empLoyment tribunaL practice With sweeping changes expected in employment law throughout 2012 and onwards, this is the required title to keep up-to-date. 9780414011141 Was £398

now £278

scottisH trusts and succession service Brings together the primary and secondary legislation affecting this expansive area of Scots law. 9780414013070 Was £457

now £319

scottisH famiLy Law LeGisLation Ensures that family law professionals can be confident that every commencement, amendment, insertion, deletion and repeal has been taken into account. 9780414012165 Was £596

9780414012097 Was £659

scottisH Lawyers factbook

now £461

scottisH trusts and succession service Contains learned narrative annotation of primary legislation and practical guidance on the interpretation of the law, together with notes showing amendments, substitutions and repeals. 9780414013070 Was £457

now £319

Essential looseleaf with a fully searchable CD covering: Court of Session; Sheriff Court; Criminal Procedure; Personal Injury; Employment Law; Family Law; Executry Practice; General Conveyancing; Residential Tenancies; Licensing Law. 9780414013438 Was £314 + 31.40 VAT = £345 now £219 + 21.90 Vat = £240.90

scottisH LandLord and tenant LeGisLation A comprehensive encyclopaedia providing consolidated legislation affecting this complex area of the law, along with expert annotations giving guidance on the interpretation of the primary legislation.

parLiament House book

9780414012653 Was £588

Six looseleaf volumes which are indispensible to the Scottish legal profession, comprehensively updated five times per year.

Greens scottisH pLanninG factbook

9780414006881 Was £1050

now £735

now £411

scottisH pLanninG encycLopaedia

Greens practice styLes

Contains all the important legislation and quasi-legislation governing this important and complex area of the law. 9780414011502 Was £1021

now £714

mcewan and paton on damaGes for personaL inJuries in scotLand Provides practical information on the assessment of damages for personal injury and death. 9780414008823 Was £545

now £381

sentencinG practice An edited collection of case digests along with sentencing details, providing a systematic means of identifying the appropriate range of sentence for any particular case. 9780414013391 Was £558

now £390

reparation: LiabiLity for deLict

Provides quick and easy access to authoritative, practical information on every major aspect of planning.

Offers indispensible guidance to detailed and complex areas from negligence to abuse of process; verbal injury to road accidents.

9780414013810 Was £310 + 31 VAT = 341 now £217 + 21.70 Vat = £238.70

9780414014770 Was £434

now £303

Covering wide areas of practice, this title provides a huge selection of useful styles for your immediate application and adaption. 9780414010390 Was £696 + 69.60 VAT = £765.60 now £487 + 48.70 Vat = £535.70

Greens LitiGation styLes

renton & brown’s criminaL procedure LeGisLation Draws together all primary and subordinate legislation in the field of Scots criminal procedure. 9780414011526 Was £647

now £452

Greens business Law buLLetin “The Bulletin provides busy practitioners with a highly readable account of topical development across a range of subjects which fall within the increasingly protean term ‘business law’.” Journal of the Law Society 0967-2540 Was £309

now £154

Greens empLoyment Law buLLetin

Greens famiLy Law reports

Greens Employment Law Bulletin highlights recent developments in this specialist area of the law, including comment, case commentary, legislation updates and news.

Greens Family Law Reports is a specialist publication dedicated to the speedy reporting of family law cases from the sheriff court, Court of Session and where appropriate, the Supreme Court and Europe.

1352-2159 Was £279

1367-6644 Was £332

now £139

now £166

renton & brown’s criminaL procedure 6tH edition

Greens civiL practice buLLetin

Greens famiLy Law buLLetin

Greens property Law buLLetin

Scotland’s cardinal criminal law text. Provides an authoritative, comprehensive account of the law of criminal procedure.

The Civil Practice Bulletin gives Scottish practitioners guidance on both Sheriff Court and Court of Session rules and procedures.

“Any solicitor engaged in property law should not be without this publication.” Journal of the Law Society

9780414010383 Was £720 + 72 VAT = £792 now £504 + 50.40 Vat = £554.40

9780414011519 Was £683

1357-2768 Was £279

“The bulletin goes much further than correlating information contained in other legal periodicals. The articles that have appeared to date have been topical, highly informed and informative, but short and quickly read.” Margaret Ross, Journal of the Law Society

scottisH surveyors factbook

renton & brown’s statutory offences

0967-2524 Was £279

Greens reparation buLLetin

This looseleaf and CD allows the busy practitioner to assemble styles for litigation in the Court of Session and the sheriff court, at speed.

Provides quick and easy access to authoritative, practical information on every major aspect of surveying in Scotland. 9780414013124 Was £328 + 32.80 VAT = 360.80 now £229 + 22.90 Vat = £251.90

scottisH conveyancinG LeGisLation Brings together all statutes and statutory instruments which deal or impinge upon Scottish conveyancing practice. 9780414012646 Was £650

now £455

now £478

Expanded to three volumes this looseleaf brings together the legislation which creates statutory offences, with authoritative annotations. 9780414013131 Was £543

now £139

Greens criminaL Law buLLetin Greens Criminal Law Bulletin keeps you up to date with what’s happening in the criminal courts. Topical issues across the field of substantive law and procedure are highlighted. 0967-2532 Was £279

now £139

now £139

0967-2516 Was £279

now £139

Greens Reparation Bulletin is a practical product covering current issues and aimed at assisting practitioners’ arguments in both correspondence and court. 1357-2776 Was £279

now £139

now £380

scottisH Human riGHts service An essential work of reference on this rapidly developing and important subject, providing expert and practical insight into the impact of the Convention across all areas of Scots legal practice. 9780414013896 Was £451

now £315

Quote 0991102A when ordering to claim your discount.

now £417

Place your order before 31st August 2012 to claim your discount. Take advantage of this offer and ensure you have all the information you need to stay ahead.

Green's summer sale 2012  
Green's summer sale 2012  

Green's summer sale 2012