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2014: A NEW YEAR OF LEGAL BOOKS FROM W. GREEN 2014 looks to be an excellent year for W. Green with both new editions of major texts and exciting new books in their own right publishing over the next twelve months. Our 2014 list covers a wide range of legal areas and is designed specifically to provide the practical solutions you need allowing you to work effectively and with confidence that you have the information you need at your disposal. Upcoming titles include: • Dundas & Bartos on the Arbitration (Scotland) Act 2010 2nd Edition • The Law of Agricultural Tenancies in Scotland 4th Edition • The Scottish Law of Debt 3rd Edition • Mental Health & Scots Law in Practice 2nd Edition • Public Authority Liability



DUNDAS AND BARTOS ON THE ARBITRATION (SCOTLAND) ACT 2010 2ND EDITION Hew Dundas and David Bartos were involved in the drafting of the 2010 Act which completely revolutionised arbitration in Scotland and were the first to provide real insight into its workings with their annotated version of the Act which published on the very day the Act went into force. The Act is truly radical, reflecting what is best and boldest in modern arbitration practice, transforming Scotland into one of the most user-friendly arbitral fora in the world. Here, in this second edition they have expanded their work considerably in scope to offer the definitive analysis of the Act. Publishing April 2014, 9780414019270, £80.00

CHILDREN’S HEARINGS (SCOTLAND) ACT 2011 Greens Annotated Acts The Children’s Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011 has substantially changed the law and procedure relating to the Children’s Hearings System. Children’s Hearings are the largest quasi-judicial tribunals in Scotland and constitute the main mechanism by which Scots Law deals with children who are in need of care and protection and children who have committed a criminal offence. This annotated version provides an explanatory guide to the individual provisions of the Act. Publishing June 2014, 9780414035355,£55.00

MENTAL HEALTH & SCOTS LAW IN PRACTICE 2ND EDITION Dr Lindsay Thomson & Joanna Cherry Q.C. The 2nd edition of this detailed practitioner text remains a straightforward account of the legal issues relevant to Scottish psychiatric practice. It explains how the Scottish legal system deals with mental health issues, and outlines psychiatric care systems; now fully updated to include developments since implementation of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003. Essential new areas covered include multi-disciplinary input, inclusion of the Code of Practice and important new research findings. The expert authors also provide increased detail on the effectiveness of Tribunals. Publishing August 2014, 9780414017634, £85.00

WOOLMAN ON CONTRACT 5TH EDITION Gillian Black Now well established as the standard introduction to contract law this 5th edition is fully revised and updated to take account of all legal changes. Contract, 5th edition, provides a clear and readable account of the core principles of contract law, explaining the subject whilst referring to the differences between Scots and English law of contract where appropriate. Contents include: Formation of a contract – concluding an agreement, Formation of contract – enforceable agreements, Promise, Capacity and formalities, Grounds of invalidity, Terms of contract, Construction of the contract, Statutory control of contract terms, Breach of contract, Title to sue, The requirements of legality, The extinction of obligations. Publishing September 2014, 9780414019102, £36.00


CONSTITUTIONAL LAW Alan Page Publishing in the Scottish Universities Law Institute series this is the most in-depth Scottish treatment of Constitutional law. A very different book from its predecessor in this series, J D B Mitchell’s Constitutional Law, which was first published almost fifty years ago. Its aim is to provide an authoritative account of both the new Scottish constitution and the contemporary governance of Scotland. It also charts the long march towards ‘accountable’ government in Scotland. After exploring the new Scottish constitution as set out in the Scotland and the Human Rights Act, it examines the separate Scottish, United Kingdom and European dimensions of the contemporary governance of Scotland. Publishing September 2014, 9780414014565, £145.00

CRIMINAL PROCEDURE (SCOTLAND) ACT 1995 13TH EDITION Greens Annotated Acts For many criminal lawyers in Scotland the daily problems are not matters of first principles of criminal law but often practical problems associated with criminal procedure. That is what makes the new updated 13th edition of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 such an essential title. Publishing August 2014, 9780414031418, £97.00 + 1.94 VAT = £98.94

SOLICITOR’S LAW PRACTICE AND CONDUCT 2ND EDITION Professor Alan Paterson & Bruce Ritchie This book is the definitive source for those seeking guidance on the rules concerning solicitors practice, conduct and discipline. It offers an examination of the rationale behind the rules and their practical application. The authors explore the central features of ethical procedure and practice, placing this diverse yet distinctive subject into context and providing a narrative explanation of the process involved. This 2nd Edition covers all major updates in this area, many due to the Legal Profession and Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 2007 and the Legal Services (Scotland) Act 2010. Publishing September 2014, 9780414018297, £76.00

EDUCATION LAW IN SCOTLAND 2ND EDITION Janys M. Scott Q.C. Publishing in the Greens Practice Library series, this book provides a comprehensive account of this complex area of the law, whilst remaining highly practical in focus. Essentially covering the rights of children and the rights and duties of schools and parents, this authoritative work examines the subjects which fall within these areas, e.g. the criminal aspect of the prosecution of parents to the welfare of children with disabilities and special educational needs. Education Law covers the historical foundations of education through to the present environment and looks forward to the future of education in Scotland. Publishing October 2014, 9780414017320, £125.00

THE LAW OF AGRICULTURAL TENANCIES IN SCOTLAND 4TH EDITION Vols I & II Greens Practice Library The Rt Hon Lord Gill This 4th edition of this highly respected text has grown massively in size, now being published in two volumes, one for legislation and the other Lord Gill’s insightful commentary. A significant increase in chapters illustrates the overhaul and development this highly respected and relied upon title has taken. Contents include: Pt I Introduction and Historical Review Pt II 1991 Act Tenancies Pt III Short Lived Duration Tenancies and Limited Duration Tenancies Pt IV Leases for Grazing and Mowing Pt V Jurisdiction, Procedure and Evidence Publishing October 2014, 9780414017320, c.£147.00

PUBLIC AUTHORITY LIABILITY Prof Douglas Brodie & Ranald Macpherson A new practical guide to the law of delict and reparation as it applies to Public Authorities. This essential text includes coverage of specific services such as the Police and Emergency services and details the remedies which are applicable where a public authority is found to have failed in its duty of care. Publishing June 2014, 9780414018785, £75.00

LEGAL RESEARCH SKILLS FOR SCOTS LAWYERS 3RD EDITION Fiona Grant The third edition of Legal Research Skills for Scots Lawyers is a fully revised guide to legal research skills and sources of information specifically designed for practitioners and students of Scots law. It provides advice on effective and efficient research techniques for both paper and electronic information sources. The book is in three parts: Part I deals with the different types of legal information and retrieval strategies; Part II concentrates on electronic sources; Part III covers research skills. Publishing August 2014 9780414018259, 28.00

BARTOS & MESTON ON THE SUCCESSION (SCOTLAND) ACT 1964 David Bartos This is a standalone practitioner text, expanded upon from Michael Meston’s 5th edition of the annotated Act. David Bartos provides an exposition of and commentary on the Succession (Scotland) Act 1964. The Act governs most of the law of intestate succession in Scotland and holds a very significant role in the transfer of title to property by the executor. Contents include: • • • • •

Intestate Succession in Scotland before September 10 1964 Intestate Succession after the 1964 Act Executors and the Administration of Estates Private International Law Succession (Scotland) Act 1964 – Annotated

Publishing October 2014 , 9780414019386, £65.00

THE SCOTTISH LAW OF DEBT Greens Practice Library W. A. Wilson 3rd Edition by Nicholas Grier The Scottish Law of Debt has been substantially updated since the 2nd edition of Wilson on Debt in 1991. It now takes account of the many changes in the law relating to personal and corporate insolvency over the last few years. These have resulted in many new procedures for sequestration and new opportunities for corporate rescue. Diligence has also seen many changes, with many old diligences, such as poinding, being swept away and new ones, such as money attachment, with complex new procedures, replacing them. Publishing November 2014, 9780414013025, £135.00

PARLIAMENT HOUSE BOOK Annual Offprints Printed annually, these titles reproduce significant sections of the highly respected Parliament House Book. They offer all the weight of this valued work in handy portable formats, allowing you access to the facts whether in the office, court, library, or at home.

GREENS ANNOTATED RULES OF THE COURT OF SESSION 2014/2015 Publishing August 2014, Paperback 9780414031425, c.£150.00

SOLICITORS PROFESSIONAL HANDBOOK 2014/15 Publishing August 2014, Paperback, 9780414031432, c.£45.00

GREENS SHERIFF COURT RULES 2014/15 Publishing August 2014, Paperback , 9780414031449, c.£56.00




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