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EXPLORE INSOLVENCY LAW WITH SWEET & MAXWELL FEATURING: • Personal Insolvency: A Practical Guide – New 4th edition • Lightman and Moss 5th edition – eBook out now • Insolvency Litigation – Coming soon • Sealy and Milman 15th edition – eBook out now PLUS Find out how Westlaw UK can transform the way you access the information you need



OUT NOW NEW 4TH EDITION PERSONAL INSOLVENCY: A PRACTICAL GUIDE Richard Floyd, Frank Brumby and Simon Knight This new fourth edition presents a detailed explanation of the legal framework of personal insolvency offering expert commentary and practical guidance on current insolvency law. It deals with all major facets of insolvency law including bankruptcy, individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) and procedures such as debt management. • Fully updated to reflect amendments to the Insolvency (Amendment) Rules 2011 with references to the Statements of Insolvency Practice (SIP) precedents and practice directions • Provides detailed coverage of the Enterprise Act 2002 and the changes from the new Insolvency Rules as applicable to personal insolvency • Features the latest changes to the Enterprise Act 2002, the EC Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings, and the Cross-border Insolvency Regulations and the UNCITRAL Model Law • Includes new chapters on: Cross-border insolvency; New rules in relation to discharge from bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Restriction Orders and Undertakings; Regulatory aspects for insolvency lawyers and solicitors and New debt management procedures • Considers the roles of the Official Receiver and the trustee • Covers issues relating to insolvent partnerships • Examines realisation of assets, from business assets and the matrimonial home to exempt assets and pensions • Deals with creditors’ claims, bankruptcy costs and protection of creditors • Reviews the position of the bankrupt, including disabilities, offences and discharge • Takes into account death and the insolvent estate • Goes through closing procedure, releases from insolvency and costs • Includes coverage of Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Channel Islands • Sets out a selection of forms and precedents • Reproduces key parts of legislation September 2012 • Hardback ISBN: 9780414022690 • £180 / €229

NOW AVAILABLE AS AN eBOOK NEW SUPPLEMENT TO THE 5TH EDITION LIGHTMAN & MOSS: THE LAW OF ADMINISTRATORS AND RECEIVERS OF COMPANIES Sir Gavin Lightman, Gabriel Moss QC, Professor Ian Fletcher, Richard Snowden QC and Hamish Anderson Lightman & Moss provides a practical guide to this complex area of law, setting out the principles, legislation and case law currently shaping receivership and administration practice. The new supplement provides an update on the developments and cases since the 5th edition published. The 5th edition and new supplement are available as an eBook on Thomson Reuters ProView, allowing you to interact with the content you need, in a brand new way. Visit to find out more. The 5th edition: • Provides an authoritative and practical guide to the law relating to administrators and receivers of companies • Offers clarity and guidance on technical areas • Highlights the major developments in corporate insolvency • Discusses changes to the European Insolvency Regulation and the UNCITRAL Model Law • Sets out duties and liabilities of receivers and administrators • Goes through procedure for appointment of receivers and administrators • Deals with continuation of trading, disposals and reorganisation, liquidation and receivership • Considers issues relating to taxation, leases, set-off and liens, pensions and employees • Covers the position of bankers and creditors • Addresses the removal, resignation, termination and discharge of directors • Updated with new case law 1st Supplement to the 5th Edition • Paperback December 2012 • £95 / €121 1st Supplement to the 5th Edition • eBook • December 2012 £95 (+ £19 VAT) = £ 114 / €121 (+€24.20 VAT) = €145.25 5th Edition Hardback & eBook • December 2012 £500 (+£50 VAT) = £550 / €635 (+€63.50) = €698.50 5th Edition Hardback eBook • May 2012 £275 (+ £55 VAT) = £330 / €350 (+€70 VAT) = €420 Visit for all service options


COMING SOON NEW 2ND EDITION INSOLVENCY LITIGATION Louis Doyle • Goes systematically through the formalities and court practice • Looks at the entitlements of office holders to remuneration, costs and expenses, as well as consideration of costs orders in insolvency proceedings • Deals with misfeasance proceedings, including who may bring them and who may be liable • Covers fraudulent and wrongful trading, with coverage of the practical considerations and definitions • Considers three types of transactions which may be challenged on an application to court by a liquidator or administrator: transactionsat-undervalue, preferences and transactions defrauding creditors • Examines set-off, first by explaining the principles then by looking at it in the context of summary judgment, receivership, administration, bankruptcy and insolvency, and voluntary arrangements • Reviews the assertion of liens in formal insolvency proceedings • Assesses the legal basis upon which an applicant, including a shareholder, might seek a winding-up petition • Sets out the basis under which the court will exercise its powers to order officers of a company and other persons to provide information about its business, assets and affairs to an office-holder • Summaries the basic principles relevant to international or cross-border insolvency • Provides analysis of the relevant case law and statutes Hardback • November 2012 ISBN: 9780414047907 • Price: £190 / €242

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15TH EDITION OUT NOW SEALY & MILMAN: ANNOTATED GUIDE TO THE INSOLVENCY LEGISLATION Professor Len Sealy and Professor David Milman The new 15th edition of Sealy & Milman provides all the statutes, regulations and case law coverage for both personal and corporate insolvency law from leading expert authors. This established and essential title reproduces the insolvency legislation that you need on a daily basis, providing commentary on the provisions and their impact. • Discusses the developments from the Companies Act 2006 (Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions) Order 2011 amendment of the Insolvency Act 1986, the Insurers (Reorganisation and Winding Up) Regulations 2004 and the Credit Intuitions (Reorganisation and Winding Up) Regulations 2004 • Covers the changes by the Insolvency (Amendment) Regulations 2011 to the Insolvency Regulations 1994 to exclude the use of the Insolvency Services Account in voluntary winding up • Includes amendments made to the Insolvency Act 1986 by the Companies Act 2006 (Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions) Order 2011 and other statutory amendments • Takes into account changes introduced to statutory instruments by the Companies Act 2006 (Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions) Order 2011, together with other legislative amendments • Provides an update on the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency and the Cross-Border Insolvency Regulations 2006 • Reproduces the full text of new Practice Direction Insolvency Proceedings (February 2012) which is fully cross-referenced throughout the annotations • The text includes whole or in part 25 additional statutes and over 50 statutory instruments • Updated with important 2011 case developments Two volume paperback • May 2012 • £250 / €318 Two Volume eBook • May 2012 £250 (+£50 VAT) = £350 / £318 (+€63.60 VAT) = €381.60 Two Volume paperback & eBook • May 2012 £325 (+ £32.50 VAT) = £357.50 • €413 (+€41.30 VAT) = €454.30 Visit for all service options

EXPLORE OUR PORTFOLIO OF INSOLVENCY TITLES AT SWEETANDMAXWELL.CO.UK You can find a whole range of titles that cover the subject as a whole or niche areas of law within our insolvency portfolio, including those listed below. Visit and search on ‘insolvency’.

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John Briggs and Chris Brougham QC

Professor Ian F Fletcher

Muir Hunter on Personal Insolvency contains the full text of all relevant legislation and insolvency rules and reports on all relevant judgments offering comprehensive answers to questions on this area.

This title provides an in-depth examination of both personal and corporate insolvency covering UK law, international insolvency and the regulation of crossborder insolvency, offering solutions to complex problems in this area.

Two Volume Looseleaf • 3 releases per year • £1195 / €1575

Hardback • December 2011 • £415 / €528



Insolvency Intelligence provides immediate, succinct and authoritative coverage of insolvency law, practice and procedure. An expert team of accountants and lawyers offers practical advice on the application of the law in clear and concise articles.

Insolvency provides extensive coverage, including everything from basic introductory material to detailed advice on specific aspects of insolvency. 5 Volume Looseleaf • 3 releases a year • £1,243.00 / €1680

Journal • 8 Issues & 1 Index a year • £515 / €379

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AND INSOLVENCY LAW FOUNDED ON AUTHORITY, POWERED BY INNOVATION Westlaw UK gives you access to vast but easily searchable databases of case law, legislation, news, journals, commentary, current awareness alerts and EU legal materials. Combined with a user-friendly interface, it ensures that your searches are easy to perform and you can find the legal information you need to make the difference.



And our extensive archive means that old news remains good news.

Westlaw UK is built on a vast and ever-expanding collection of case law. With full-text case reports dating back to 1220 and Case Analysis documents available for all UK decisions going back to 1865 and EU decisions to 1954, we help you set a case in its wider context, providing you with citeable authority. Amongst many others, our case reports include: • • • • • •

Business Law Reports Commercial Law Cases English Reports Weekly Law Reports The ICLR Reports (all available in PDF) Over 5,000 official transcripts added each year


From the very foundations of UK law to the very latest legislative developments, our legislation service gives you a complete picture of the framework of the law. With fully consolidated full-text legislation covering Acts since 1267 and Statutory Instruments since 1948, all available to download as PDFs, you can be sure that you are consultinga resource that is both vast and at the same time easily searchable. With our unique versioning facility, you can see how the law stands today, how it stood at any point in time and how it will look in the future. Legislation Analysis documents present all information important to a provision, including commencement details, links to related litigation and an easy-to-read table of amendments. EXPERT ANALYSIS ON TAP

With a collection of over 100 journals from Sweet & Maxwell and other publishers, you’ll have expert analysis on tap, 24 hours a day. Search, read, print, share and digest the hundreds of new articles added every year as well as our extensive archive. Top journal titles available for Insolvency Law include: • Muir Hunter on Personal Insolvency • Totty, Moss & Segal: Insolvency


With over 1000 sources, reporting 1000s of stories, every day, you can be sure that you’ll the news you need to know about. Whether you’re looking for legal, business, political or economic news on a regional, national or international scale, our news coverage makes sure you stay up to date.

Sources include: • • • • • •

AFX International ProFeed BBC News CNN Datamonitor The Economist The Lawyer


To help you put the law in context Westlaw UK offers analytical commentary from the entire Common Law Library and over 100 market-leading commentary titles. Rather than just replicate the books online, we’ve added search and browse functionalities that enhance and complement the content, making it easy to the information you’re looking for. Titles available include: • Sealy & Milman: Annotated Guide to Insolvency Legislation • Director’s Disqualification and Insolvency Restrictions • Kerr & Hunter on Receivers and Administrators • Lightman & Moss: Law of Receivers and Administrators of Companies • McPherson’s Law of Company Liquidation • The Law of Insolvency

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Personal Insolvency, 4th edition, hardback, September 2012


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Lightman & Moss, 1st Supplement to the 5th Edition, paperback, December 2012


Lightman & Moss, 1st Supplement to the 5th edition, eBook



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Lightman & Moss, 5th edition, 9780414027268 & 1st Supplement, hardback & eBook

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Lightman & Moss, 5th edition, eBook

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Insolvency Litigation, hardback, June 2013


£190 / €242

Sealy & Milman, 15th edition, 2 Volume Paperback, May 2012


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Sealy & Milman, 15th edition, May 2012, 2volume eBook


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The Law of Insolvency, 4th edition, hardback, December 2011


£415 / €528

Muir Hunter on Personal Insolvency, 9780420475602 £1195 / €1575 2 Volume looseleaf Insolvency Intelligence, Journal, 8 Issues & 1 Index

ISSN: 0950-2645

£515 / €379

Totty, Moss & Segal: Insolvency, 5 Volume Looseleaf, 3 releases a year, price includes releases until December 2012


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