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Civil Appeals sets out everything a practitioner needs to know about civil appeals, providing assistance when appealing from lower courts and tribunals to higher courts.

Examines all aspects of the law of privilege including what constitutes privilege, situations where privilege occurs, the boundaries of privilege and practical examples of what is and is not covered by privilege.

The fifth edition of Civil Costs is the most authoritative treatise on the reforms recommended by Sir Rupert Jackson in his review. It provides a thorough and authoritative survey of the of the new costs regime and is an invaluable addition to the library of all those involved in civil litigation.

General Editor: The Honourable Mr Justice Burton With a team of expert contributors

• Completely renewed and updated for the 2nd edition • Looks at appeals from and to all levels, from decisions of District Judges and Tribunals, High Court and County Court, up to the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, the Privy Council or the European Courts • Includes wholly new chapters on Housing, Environmental Control and Tribunals • Includes a new preface by Lord Woolf • The first chapter presents an in-depth view of the Appeals process under the CPR, creating a strong foundation of information, crossreferenced throughout the book • Offers a comprehensive review by specialist practitioners of the law and practice of appeals in individual subject areas, including Employment, Immigration, Family Law, Elections, Tax, Social Security, Planning and Rating and Intellectual Property • Provides detailed coverage of applications to the European Court of Justice, for Preliminary Rulings • Includes an exposition of how to submit complaints to the European Court of Human Rights • Comprehensively explains and clarifies specialist appellate process and procedure September 2013 ISBN: 9781908013217

Colin Passmore

Senior Costs Judge Peter Hurst

• Takes a practical approach, guiding through the core principles and areas of complexity • Sets out how to claim to privilege • Looks at the many and complex circumstances in which loss of privilege can occur • Takes into account the without prejudice privilege and how it differs from legal professional privilege • Looks at advice privilege in relation to client-lawyer relationship, confidential communications and third party communications • Discusses litigation privilege in relation to legal proceedings, expert witnesses, witness statements, and criminal proceedings • Deals with the consequences where the subject matter of a privileged communication is one in which two or more persons can establish a joint or common interest • Analyses the many key judgments which have established the principles of privilege • Provides a comparative law analyses • Offers full coverage of extensive new case law • Includes enhanced coverage of international cases July 2013  ISBN: 9781908013118

Hardback £250 / €318

Hardback £185 / €235

• Deals with all areas of civil costs, from the basic principles of entitlement to the practical details of how costs – both non-contentious and contentious – are assessed • Explains the new costs legislation and rules following on from the implementation of the Jackson reforms • Explains costs management, costs budgeting and costs capping in detail • Deals with the new provisions relating to Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs), Damages Based Agreements (DBAs) and the implications of these changes • Covers the introduction of Qualified One Way Costs Shifting, the 10% increase in damages and the changes to Part 36 (an additional amount up to £75,000 where a defendant fails to beat a claimant’s Part 36 offer) • Sets out the transitional provisions and in particular the exceptions relating to Mesothelioma, insolvency and publication and privacy proceedings • Details the provisions relating to ATE in clinical negligence cases • Provides a wealth of detail and information including the latest cases about all aspects of civil costs September 2013 ISBN: 9780414024489

Hardback £195 / €248

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ES FOR 2013










• Provides a straightforward and easy-to-use guide to civil litigation and the Civil Procedure Rules • Organised A-Z by subject making it easy to researching the Rules • Each entry includes a resume of the applicable Rule, explaining the relevant procedure or particular requirements of the court • Includes cross-references to related topics, helping to pinpoint the exact information you need • Fully updated to cover all changes to the Civil Procedure Rules since the last edition

This second supplement to the 6th edition of Limitation Periods brings you up-to-date with developments and case law since the publication of the first supplement in July 2012. Visit to see the full contents of the supplement.

April 2013 ISBN: 9780414047822

Supplement only May 2013 ISBN: 9780414028647

• Provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the administration of civil justice • Serves as a topical and practical forum for information about new developments and reforms worldwide in civil procedural law • Presents articles, features and reviews so you are fully informed of the latest developments in civil litigation practice in England and Wales • Includes articles and commentary on the procedure of the European Court of Justice and its impact on national procedural systems • Offers regular comparative analysis of other civil justice systems worldwide • Special issue in 2013 on the civil justice and costs reforms following Lord Justice Jackson’s Review. Articles have been contributed by Lord Justice Jackson, Mr Justice Ramsey, the Senior Costs Judge Peter Hurst and His Honour Michael Cook

James Pyke

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Professor Andrew McGee

Paperback £69 / €88

General Editor: Professor Adrian Zuckerman

• Offers full, in-depth coverage of this important and growing area of law • Gives guidance and analysis on time limitations in all areas of law and from preliminary issues to proceedings • Provides over 150 statutory time limits appropriate to specific causes of action

Available on

Paperback £60 / €77

Four Issues per year Issues only Service: Issues and Bound volumes service:

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A-Z of Civil Litigation, 2nd edition, paperback, April 2013


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Limitation Periods, 2nd supplement to the 6th edition, paperback, May 2013


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