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Feed Your Inner Viking in Emerald City Seattle

04 2017

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The Swedish School in Seattle. Photo: Swedish Club

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The entrance looking down Fjord Hall. Photo © Design by Mithun, Image by Mir.

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A Swede in

Seattle By Sofie Kinnefors

Kristine Leander grew up thinking that all American people carried a last name like Carlson, Nelson or Anderson. The granddaughter of Swedish pioneers in the Skagit Valley, Washington, Leander always felt strongly connected to Sweden. Today, the Executive Director at Swedish Club in Seattle works hard to promote Scandinavian culture.

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W hen Kristine Leander was serving on the Board of the Swedish Club, she and her colleagues accepted the challenge of saving the Swedish Club from being closed down. Luckily, they managed to turn the non-profit organization into a flourishing meetingspot for Scandinavians. From there, Kristine went on to work as Cultural Director at the Club and in 2011 became Executive Director. “As Executive Director of the Club, I oversee the Club’s membership and the building. I also plan events offered by Swedish Club and oversee the rentals, food service and bar.”

Founded in 1892, Swedish Club has become the center of Scandinavian activities in Seattle. The club offers numerous activities, including Swedish language classes, folk-dancing, Scandinavian films, genealogy research, seasonal events, luncheons and kafferep. One of the many things Kristine enjoys about her job and about living in Seattle is that there is so much that reminds her of Scandinavia. “People have an understanding of Scandinavia here that I appreciate. I also enjoy the fact that our climate is similar to Scandinavia’s.” According to Kristine, the Swedish Community in Seattle is made up of two distinct groups. “We have Swedish Americans (1st, 2nd and 3rd generation.) The


1st generation having arrived in the 50s after the war. Then there are “new software Swedes,” who either work here for a couple of years or end up staying. “Software Swedes” tend to work at Microsoft or Amazon – they support our Swedish schools by sending their children there and they often join organizations, such as SWEA. The “new software Swedes” usually reside on the east side of Seattle. The Swedish-Americans live all over.” Kristine didn’t know all of her grandparents. Three had passed away before she was born, yet she always felt that her Swedish heritage was a big part of her. “I remember thinking that Sweden was probably the most wonderful land in the world.” Kristine’s father’s parents were farmers from Småland and her mother’s parents came from Dalarna. A trip to Sweden in the 70s had a lasting impression on Kristine’s parents.

“While growing up, my mother decorated our house with all things Swedish, she cooked Swedish food and we attended a Swedish Church.” Even though Kristine’s father spoke Swedish as a child, the language was never spoken during Kristine’s childhood. She does, however speak a little Norwegian. The quirk of speaking Norwegian changed her


D I R E C T O R – S W E D I S H


life. “As I left my 30s, I meet a couple from Norway while I was in Seattle. I got to know them and eventually they became friends and suggested I apply for the University of Trondheim – and so I did.”

Kristine soon moved to Norway with her three teenage daughters. While in Trondheim she earned a degree in Social Anthropology and was able to visit Sweden often. “I would go quite regularly. I visited Småland and Dalarna, where my parents came from, and found the farm where my farfar (fathers-father) grew up. We managed to get there and walk through it before it was torn down. I bought lots of antiques while in Sweden, so I have lots of Swedish things in my home. I love Dalarna and the Swedish painter Carl Larsson.” After two years in Norway, Kristine felt closer to Scandinavia than ever. Back home she helped form the Leif Erikson International Foundation, a non-profit organization created to donate a replica of Seattle’s Leif Erikson statue to Trondheim. Kristine is President of the foundation. “Leif Erikson International Foundation’s mission is to: 1) promote Leif Erikson as the first recorded European to come to America; 2) promote Scandinavian culture; and 3) build bridges between Scandinavians and Americans.

Photo credit: Martin Ng

The organization has since also funded and donated replicas of the Leif Erikson statue to Greenland and Canada. “We were able to fund the statue through generous donations by the families and descendants of Nordic immigrants. The names of the original immigrants were put on plaques at the base of the statues.”

Kristine has also written two books on Scandinavia and its immigrants to North America; “Family Sagas” was the first. It is based on all the stories that the Leif Erikson International Foundation received from Scandinavian immigrants. Kristine shared their stories, as well as conducted interviews with a few historians. Her second book “Norwegian Seattle” tells the story of the Norwegians, who immigrated to Seattle. “The editor for Arcadia books approached me


and asked if I would be interested in writing a book on the subject and I said I would be happy to.” During the process of putting together the book, a lot of interesting people opened their family albums to Kristine and she would scan their pictures. The book also features photos from the Nordic Heritage Museum, Museum of History and Industry and the University of Washington. “I appreciate the historical importance of this. There are different eras of Norwegian immigration. I tried to follow the sequence of this. The Norwegian immigrants came to Seattle after the Great Fire in 1889 to help rebuild the city. In the 70’s people started becoming interested in their heritage again by reaching back into history. Then there was the software pull.” Kristine has done some research on her Swedish ancestors. “The most interesting thing I found was how many of my family members had been given names that were very similar to names my ancestors carried. I found Swedish ancestors named Ann, Kristine, Caroline, Johannes and Lars, just like the Ann, Kristine, Carolyn, John, Jana and Larry in my family.”

Nowadays Kristine travels to Sweden about once every third year. She is still eager to learn more about the old country. “I feel a trip coming on soon.”

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Embassy of Sweden

The Consular Department at the Embassy of Sweden in DC By Solveig Anderberg Clacey, First Secretary/Consul Embassy of Sweden, Washington, D.C.


part from the Embassy in Washington, D.C., Sweden has a Consulate General in New York and 28 Honorary Consulates in different states in the US. There are eight people working in the consular section in Washington DC. Some of the many things we do include: helping Swedish tourists in need of advice and help, Swedes in need of a new passport, tourist that want to visit Sweden and need to apply for a visa and people who want to move to Sweden. We also help newborn Swedes who need a coordination number, answer questions regarding citizenship, and name registration, and so on. As an American you don’t need a visa to visit Sweden. You are allowed to stay in Sweden for up to 90 days but if you would like to move to Sweden you have to apply for a residence permit through the Migrations Agency in Sweden. Please read more about the procedure at: They have information in Swedish and in English. At the Embassy we handle around 3,000 residence permit applications per year. Right now it takes around 1 1/2 - 2 years to get a decision from the Migration Agency. Students who want to study in Sweden also need to apply for a permit; it takes about 6-10 months for that decision. Up until May 1, 2017 we have also handled applications for Swedish driving licenses. However after May 1 you cannot, as a Swede living in the US, renew your Swedish license from abroad. But not to worry, if you move back to Sweden you can apply for a new driver’s license without having to retake the driving test. We often get questions about Swedish passports and where you can apply for one. In the US you can apply at the Embassy here in Washington, D.C. and at the Consulate General in New York. The Embassy also has a mobile passport station

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and this year we are doing 14 trips to some of our larger consulates around the country such as San Diego, San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Houston and Seattle. We wish we could travel more frequently but right now we have no possibility to extend the number of locations. If you are a Swedish citizen living in the US or if you are a Swedish tourist and have lost your passport and need to get to Sweden in a rush, you can apply for an emergency passport, which is valid for one trip. Please remember to check if your passport is valid before you book a trip!

The Embassy in Washington, D.C. offers a special consular service by using a mobile photo station that enables Swedish citizens to apply for regular passports at a number of Swedish consulates in the U.S. Here at the Swedish consulate in Seattle, WA.

Remember that you can always apply for a Swedish passport in Sweden or at any Swedish Embassy around the world. A passport is valid for 5 years except for children under 12 years. Their passports are only valid for 3 years. You are welcome to visit our website and read more about the Embassy and our activities. There you will also find many answers to other questions you may have For more information please follow us at: @SwedeninUSA @Bjornly, Ambassador Björn Lyrvall



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Swedish Women’s Educational Association international

SWEA Seattle – ett nätverk där vi bryr oss om varandra

WEA Seattle har ca 130 medlemmar och är del av det stora nätverket SWEA International. SWEA Seattle ingår i regionen Västra Amerika som har 11 avdelningar i USA och Kanada. Tack vare dagens teknik byter vi lätt erfarenheter även utanför den egna

Att gå med i SWEA Seattle betyder att som nyinflyttad få nyckeln till både svensk och amerikansk gemenskap i Seattle med omnejd. När SWEA Seattle startade för drygt 25 år sedan var det till en början den enda möjligheten för många svenska kvinnor att dela sin svenskhet med andra. Arbetsmarknaden såg annorlunda ut och de flesta var medföljande till svenska män som flyttat hit eller gifta med amerikanska män. Idag ser vi en helt annan situation och de flesta av våra medlemmar är, som sagt, yrkesarbetande.

Mount Rainier syns bortom Lake Washington. Foto: Visit Seattle

Festligt utekalas med goda SWEA vänner. Foto: Caroline Weymarn

regionen, vilket leder till att SWEA Seattle värnar om medlemmarna lokalt men också är nyckeln till det globala nätverket. Tack vare SWEAs gemenskap kan våra medlemmar räkna med stöd och råd i de flesta situationer, både i roliga och jobbiga lägen. Alltid finns det någon som har gått igenom något liknande och kan tipsa och hjälpa till. Syftet med vår organisation är ju att främja svensk kultur, det svenska språket och svenska traditioner, vilket vi gör lokalt genom att dela ut stipendier och donationer till Sverigefrämjande projekt och genom att sprida våra traditioner och vårt språk medan vi firar våra svenska helgdagar osv. Våra medlemmar är allt från 20-åriga studenter till mogna damer i 80-årsåldern i olika livssituationer. Vi har både småbarnsföräldrar, forskare, lärare, professorer och andra yrkesarbetande kvinnor bland våra medlemmar.

Sociala medier har förenklat spridandet av information både inom och om SWEA Seattle. Nu finns vi på Facebook, LinkedIn osv, vilket underlättar vår kommunikation. Vi har flera återkommande evenemang: lunch i en Sweas trädgård på Sveriges Nationaldag, bryggmingel på en medlems brygga efter sommarsemestern, kräftskiva med våra samarbetspartners och en fantastiskt uppskattad julfest. Utöver detta träffas vi också i mindre grupper efter medlemmarnas intressen. I år har vi, t.ex. ett par filmkvällar planerade och naturligtvis flera bokcirklar. Vi har grupper som fokuserar på hästar och en annan på skidåkning. Dessutom har vi en grupp kvinnor med IT-erfarenhet som träffas för att diskutera vad som händer i den branschen. Med andra ord har vi aktiviteter för alla smaker! Vill du veta mera om vår verksamhet eller bli medlem? Kontakta

By SWEA Seattle/SWEA International


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Swedish Press | May 2017 25

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Swedish Press Sample May 2017 Vol 88:04  

Swedish Press is the world’s leading magazine on all good things Swedish. An authority on design, business, culture and travel since 1929, S...

Swedish Press Sample May 2017 Vol 88:04  

Swedish Press is the world’s leading magazine on all good things Swedish. An authority on design, business, culture and travel since 1929, S...