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Swedes in NYC Exclusive Interview with Leif Pagrotsky Midsummer Fun

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Company File

Printing Spare Parts for the Human Body By Peter Berlin


n October 2017, the New York chapter of the SwedishAmerican Chamber of Commerce announced the winner of the Anders Wall Award for Exceptional Entrepreneurship. The winner was CELLINK, a Swedish-American company with headquarters in Gothenburg and divisions in Cambridge, MA, Blacksburg, VA and Kyoto, Japan. CELLINK was founded in January 2016. In November of the same year it was listed on Nasdaq after a 1070 percent oversubscribed Initial Public Offering – another success story from the Swedish tech scene. The company develops, produces and markets equipment for so-called “additive manufacturing”, also known as 3D printing. Conventional 3D printing is similar to inkjet printing, except that it works in three dimensions rather than just two. So instead of printing a 2D picture of, say, a gun or parts of a rocket engine on a piece of paper, 3D printing produces a fully usable gun or rocket engine elements. The printer does this by spraying a type of ink in thin additive layers to form the desired 3D geometry as instructed by a computer loaded with computeraided design (CAD) software. The technique is called additive because material is added, as opposed to traditional machining where material is removed and hence wasted (subtractive manufacturing).

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Happily, there is nothing as threatening as guns or rockets in the CELLINK production line. Instead, the company is devoted to serving humanity by manufacturing (“bioprinting”) human replacement body parts. Specifically, the company focuses on the development and commercialization of bioprinting technologies that allow researchers to 3D-print human organs and tissues for clinical applications. CELLINK’s innovative and patentpending bio-ink is a biomaterial that enables human cells to grow and thrive as they would in the natural human body environment. Today, the company’s technology platform is being utilized to print tissues such as liver, cartilage, skin, and even fully functional cancer tumors that can then be used to develop new cancer treatments. The company has, within 12 months, commercialized products in more than 40 countries and has sold them to hundreds of prestigious labs around the world, such as Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This is quite a feat which will change the world of medicine; hence the award of the Anders Wall prize. The CELLINK business case is irrefutable. There is a global shortage of organs available for lifesaving transplants. In Sweden, for example, you can now expect to wait anywhere from several months to many years for a kidney transplant, depending on the availability of a willing donor with the same blood group as the patient. There is a similar shortage of liver, lungs

and other organs. The lack of transplant tissues is estimated to be the leading cause of death in America. Around one-third of all deaths in the US could be prevented or delayed by organ or engineered tissue transplants. The demand is endless. Erik Gatenholm, co-founder and CEO of CELLINK, started his first biomedical device company in 2008 at age 18 in Blacksburg, Virginia. The company was known as BC Genesis with the aim of commercializing a technology under license. BC Genesis focused on developing cellulose-based medical implants for applications such as meniscus/ cartilage repair as well as surgical meshes. In 2014, Gatenholm moved to Sweden to complete his MBA at Gothenburg University, focusing on the commercialization of biotechnology startups. Later that year he met Hector Martinez, a Ph.D. student at Chalmers University. They began to work on commercializing the biomaterial innovation behind CELLINK. Gatenholm and Martinez realized the potential for the new biomaterial as a printable material and founded the company CELLINK to provide bio-inks to the 3D printing field.


“Sweden Day's Couple of the Year 2018 is..." Celebrate Midsummer in the Big Apple By Sofie Kinnefors


idsummer is approaching, and Swedes all over the world look forward to the festive celebration which involves big groups of friends, fun, games and Swedish specialty foods like herring, new potatoes, sour cream, dill and fresh strawberries. About 4000 miles west of Sweden, for example, New Yorkers with Swedish heritage are getting ready to celebrate Midsummer at an event called “Sweden Day.” The annual Midsummer event takes place on Saturday June 16 at beach club “The Manhem Club” in the Bronx. Midsummer, which falls on June 22 this year, was originally a celebration of Summer Solstice and an opportunity to welcome summer, brighter days and fertility. In Christian traditions people also celebrated the birth of Saint John the Baptist. As midsummer is best enjoyed out in nature, Sweden Day is hosting its Midsummer event on a site by the beach. Find a sunny spot and bury your feet in the sand. Children (and brave adults) can take a swim in the water.

Sweden Day, founded in New York 78 years ago, offers visitors a fun-filled day with plenty of Scandinavian traditions. Have a cocktail, enjoy Allsång (sing-along), take part in the dancing around the midsummer pole and enjoy lively Scandinavian Music by Long Island accordion band “SmörgåsBandet.” Children (and adults alike) may also engage in crafts – have your face painted with a summer flower or a Swedish flag or have your hair made into a nice braid. Children may also take part in the children’s Folk Dancing Exhibition. Also popular at the Sweden Day event is the “Miss Sweden Day Contest.” Each year a woman is selected for the prestigious title, a tradition that has been around since 1963. The Sweden Day Committee looks for a woman who represents her ties to Sweden well. “We are looking for a SwedishAmerican woman who has been positively influenced by her connection to her heritage. This woman should be able to present herself well and speak about her experiences and background with poise and confidence,” it says on Sweden Day’s website.

The Sweden Day Committee also honors scholarship winners and Sweden Day’s “Couple of the Year” during the Midsummer event. On Sweden Day’s website it says: “Every year the Sweden Day Committee nominates and honors one or more individuals or an organization for their continued promotion and dedication to their Swedish Heritage within the Scandinavian Community. This year, the Sweden Day Committee takes great pleasure in honoring Robert and Beatrice Rasmussen, Sweden Day’s Couple of the Year 2018.” Sweden Day also features vendors who in their stalls, for example, sell traditional Swedish sweet pastries as well as Swedish bread “limpa.” Lottery tickets and fun prizes are also available for those feeling lucky. Sweden Day has been made possible thanks to its dedicated committee and volunteers. The Manhem Club is located on 658 Clarence Avenue, Bronx, NY 10465. The festivities start at 2pm. Celebrating midsummer. Photo: Carolina Romare/

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wedish award-winning chef, international restaurateur and cookbook author Marcus Samuelsson started early. Aged six he was already helping his grandmother Helga in the kitchen. “I have so many memories being in the kitchen with her. One thing is for sure – whether it was helping making meatballs, picking wild berries or cleaning fish, she used to really put me and my sisters to work.” From there on, Samuelsson was off to a grand culinary journey which led him to become co-owner and chef of Red Rooster Harlem in New York City. Marcus Samuelsson was born in Ethiopia and raised in Partille on the Swedish West Coast. Marcus, his two sisters Anna and Linda and their parents would spend the summers at the holiday resort Smögen, located in Västra Götaland County. “Every morning I went fishing with my dad, Lennart, and my uncles. We caught crayfish, lobsters, and mackerel, and often smoked and preserved the catch,” Marcus said. His upbringing in Western Sweden and time spent in the kitchen with his parents and grandma Helga, along with the food they prepared, still play a major role in Marcus’ cooking. On the various menus at Marcus’ restaurants you can, for example, find mackerel, herring, Arctic char and Swedish meatballs on the menus.

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Swedish Press | June 2018 14

Swedish Roots of Dynamic and Diverse Chef Marcus Samuelsson k

Chef Marcus Samuelsson has enjoyed world-wide success. He is dynamic and certainly diverse. He is famous with dozens of restaurants as part of his portfolio. But where did this master chef acquire his passion for his amazing culinary career? In Sweden, that’s where.


Interviewed by Sofie Kinnefors

After finishing studies at the Culinary Institute in Gothenburg and gaining experience at fine restaurants in Switzerland and France, Marcus arrived and got his start in New York by training at world-class Nordic restaurant Aquavit in 1994. He showed major talent, worked hard and eventually became Executive Chef. “It was very exciting for me. I always knew I wanted to come to New York, and I learned so much at Aquavit aside from cooking,” Marcus said. Marcus was praised for his work as chef at Aquavit and in 1995 become the youngest chef ever to receive a three-star rating from The New York Times. Marcus left Aquavit in 2010. Aside from working in the kitchen, he lectured, hosted and appeared on various lifestyle and cooking shows, worked on establishing new restaurants, wrote cookbooks and had the honor of cooking for President Barack Obama during his first state dinner. In 2010 Marcus and fellow creator Andrew Chapman opened and successfully developed the now vibrant comfort food restaurant Red Rooster Harlem on Lenox Avenue. “It fulfills my dream to showcase American comfort food with hints of my Swedish and African roots. I want this to be a place where people from all walks of life break bread together,” Marcus added.

Once again Marcus’ love for Scandinavian food shines through. At Red Rooster in Harlem you can order Scandinavian specialties like Helga’s meatballs, made like his grandmother used to make them, plus Uptown Lax Toast featuring smoked salmon, hardboiled egg, avocado, radishes, lime aioli; and also luxury Americanized cinnamon rolls made from brioche bread rolled with cinnamon sugar and raisins. So what can a person expect who is visiting the colorful restaurant for the first time? And what should one order? “You can expect so much more than great food. Red Rooster is always buzzing with live music, art, and fashion. It’s a great place to see the who’swho in the city and just to really have a great time. For a first order, I would say the cornbread and yardbird are staples, but you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.” On a typical day at Red Rooster Harlem, Marcus makes time for family, his Swedish coworkers and his team. “In the morning, I try to eat breakfast with Maya and Zion and maybe go for an early walk with them in the park. Then I get on the phone with my Europe team. Because of the time difference, it’s a great time to connect with them,” he said. “Then, my main job at Red Rooster is to inspire the team and make sure we have the right culture in place.

The Red Rooster Cookbook: The Story of Food and Hustle in Harlem is one of several books written by Marcus Samuelsson. All photos © Marcus Samuelsson

From teaching the team about the history of Harlem to preparing new dishes and updating them on the menus to getting ready for a new art installation, I am primarily there to teach and help the team grow.” Currently based in New York, Marcus runs two Red Rooster restaurants, along with Marcus B&P in Newark, NJ and (through his partnership with Clarion Hotels in 2012) the restaurant chain “Kitchen and Table” – now in Clarion hotels throughout Sweden, Norway and Finland. The talented chef and restaurateur’s style of cooking varies depending on which of his restaurants he is in. “My cooking style is pretty much based around the community where I’m cooking. At Red Rooster we do

comfort food with an international twist, while at Marcus B&P in Newark the cuisine is rooted in the food of the migration communities with a Mediterranean influence, since that says more about the local community.” Apart from grandma Helga, Marcus finds inspiration in the late Chicagobased American chef and restaurateur Charlie Trotter. “Chef Charlie Trotter really had a big impact on me and how I think. He was so ahead of his time in terms of how diverse his kitchens were – it was amazing for me to see that at a pretty young age.” Marcus also find inspiration in his family. And he doesn’t mind cooking in his spare time. On days off he likes to relax at home with his wife, Ethiopian model Maya and their son Zion. “I cook at home with Maya and Zion. We’ll usually do simple, healthy dishes together. I actually love when Maya cooks Ethiopian food, because she’s great at making those traditional dishes – I learn so much.” So what’s next for the worldrenowned chef ? “I have a show coming out on PBS in partnership with Eater this summer. I had the opportunity to travel around the US and meet amazing people from various immigrant communities, from the Vietnamese community in New Orleans to the Haitian community in Miami. I learned so much and I can’t wait to share that. It airs on July 10th.” We’ll be watching.

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Dra ditt strå till Sveriges framtid! By Peter Berlin Det drar ihop sig till riksdagsval i Sverige, närmare bestämt söndagen den 9 september 2018. Alla svenska medborgare som någon gång har varit folkbokförda i Sverige och är över 18 år får vara med och välja riksdagens ledamöter. Om du som utlandssvensk tappat kontakten med det politiska livet i Sverige eller inte hängt med i de många namnbytena hos riksdagspartierna, kanske du finner översikten nedan upplyftande. Således, i alfabetisk turordning:

Centerpartiet (C), vanligtvis kallat Centern, är ett socialliberalt och grönt politiskt parti. Partiledare är sedan 2011 Annie Lööf. Centerpartiet antog sitt nuvarande namn 1957 som ersatte det tidigare Bondeförbundet. På 1970-talet var Centerpartiet det ledande borgerliga partiet. Partiet ingick på 1950-talet i några socialdemokratiska koalitionsregeringar och stödde även 1995-1998 en socialdemokratisk regering. Sedan 2004 ingår Centerpartiet tillsammans med Moderaterna, Kristdemokraterna och Liberalerna i den borgerliga Alliansen, som efter valet 2006 styrde Sverige 2006-2014.

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Sedan 2004 ingår Liberalerna tillsammans med Moderaterna, Kristdemokraterna och Centerpartiet i den borgerliga Alliansen.

Kristdemokraterna (KD) är ett kristdemokratiskt och socialkonservativt politiskt parti. Partiledare är sedan 25 april 2015 Ebba Busch Thor. Kristdemokraterna antog sitt nuvarande namn 1996 som ersatte Kristdemokratiska Samhällspartiet. Partiet fick in sin första representant i riksdagen 1985 i en valsamverkan med Centerpartiet och kom in under eget namn 1991. Sedan 2004 ingår Kristdemokraterna tillsammans med Moderaterna, Centerpartiet och Liberalerna i den borgerliga Alliansen.

Liberalerna (L), tidigare Folkpartiet liberalerna och dessförinnan Folkpartiet, är ett socialliberalt politiskt parti. Partiledare är sedan 2007 Jan Björklund. Partiet bildades 1934 under namnet Folkpartiet genom en sammanslagning av riksdagspartierna Sveriges liberala parti och Frisinnade folkpartiet. Från 1940- till 1960-talet var partiet störst bland de borgerliga.

Miljöpartiet de gröna (MP), vanligen kallat Miljöpartiet, bildades 1981. Partiet har sitt ursprung i den gröna ideologin och förespråkar ett ekologiskt hållbart samhälle. Miljöpartiet har ingen partiledare, utan istället två språkrör, Isabella Lövin och Gustav Fridolin. Miljöpartiet bildades 1981, bland annat som en protest mot det dåvarande svenska fempartisystemets hantering av kärnkraften, och särskilt folkomröstningen om dess avskaffande 1980.

Moderata samlingspartiet (M), vanligen kallat Moderaterna, är ett liberalkonservativt politiskt parti. Partiledare är sedan 1 oktober 2017 Ulf Kristersson. Moderaterna samlingspartiet antog sitt nuvarande namn 1969 som ersatte det tidigare Högerpartiet.

[Politics] det tidigare Vänsterpartiet Kommunisterna.

Sveriges socialdemokratiska arbetareparti (SAP), vanligen kallat Socialdemokraterna (S), är ett socialdemokratiskt politiskt parti. Partiledare sedan 27 januari 2012 är Stefan Löfven. Socialdemokraterna har sitt ursprung i den socialistiska arbetarrörelsen och är dess främsta politiska gren. Partiet innehade regeringsmakten oavbrutet från 1936 till 1976. Partiet sitter efter valet 2014 i en koalitions-regering med Miljöpartiet, efter att ha varit i opposition sedan valet 2006.

Sverigedemokraterna (SD) är ett nationalistiskt och socialkonservativt politiskt parti. Partiledare är sedan 2005 Jimmie Åkesson. Sverigedemokraterna bildades 6 februari 1988 i Stockholm. Bland partiets grundare och tidiga medlemmar fanns flera personer tidigare verksamma i högerextrema och rasistiska partier och organisationer såsom Framstegspartiet, Sverigepartiet och Bevara Sverige Svenskt (BSS).

Vänsterpartiet (V), vanligen kallat Vänstern, är ett svenskt socialistiskt och feministiskt parti på ekologisk grund. Partiledare är sedan 2012 Jonas Sjöstedt. Vänsterpartiet antog sitt nuvarande namn 1990 som ersatte

Feministiskt initiativ (FI) är ett politiskt parti bildat i april 2005. Partiet har ställt upp i val sedan riksdagsvalet 2006, och senare även till flera landsting och kommuner samt till Europaparlamentet. Partiet har en feministisk ideologi. Partiledare är sedan 2018 Gudryn Schyman och Gita Nabavi. Men ovanstående översikt kommer knappast att underlätta ditt partival, med tanke på att deras partipolitiska plattformar är svåröversiktliga och ibland vacklande. Tursamt nog har TT Nyhetsbyrån utarbetat en ”valkompass” tillgänglig på nätet där du svarar på 25 frågor gällande den mest aktuella problematiken i samhället just nu, och som avslöjar vilket parti du bör rösta på. Istället för att svara ja eller nej på varje fråga, har du möjlighet som intelligent väljare att uttrycka dig nyanserat. Exempel: Inga fler religiösa friskolor ska tillåtas I Sverige har runt 1 procent av skolorna en huvudman med religiös anknytning. Det finns förslag om att skärpa reglerna för dessa 70 religiösa grund- och gymnasieskolor samt att inga fler religiösa friskolor ska få starta.

Argument för En huvudtanke med svensk skola är integrering - elever från olika miljöer ska mötas. Skolan ska inte sära på barn och föräldrar och organisationer ska inte kunna isolera barn från samhället. Därför ska inga fler religiösa skolor få starta. Argument mot De få religiösa friskolorna uppfyller kraven i skollagen. De bedriver en bra verksamhet utifrån goda värderingar. Inte sällan fungerar dessa skolor som andningshål för troende elever och föräldrar. Vid varje dylikt spörsmål inbjuds du att svara antingen ”Instämmer helt”, ”Instämmer delvis”. ”Delvis emot”, ”Helt emot” eller ”Ingen åsikt”. När du uttryckt din åsikt kring alla 25 spörsmålen, presenteras du med ett histogram – se nedan. Ovanstående simulerade användare av valkompassen bör allstå rösta på KD (Kristdemokraterna), eller eventuellt på L (Liberalerna). Han eller hon bör definitivt ta avstånd från V (Vänstern), FI (Feministiskt initiativ) och MP (Miljöpartiet)! Valkompassen är framtagen av TT Nyhetsbyrån tillsammans med journalisten Christer Isaksson och professor Tommy Möller. De har lång erfarenhet av att arbeta med valkompasser. Sök efter ”valkompassen” på svenska Google eller kolla www.svd. se/mer/om/valkompassen/.

Valkompassen, exempel på partisympatier i procent utifrån svar givna

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Swedish Press Sample June 2018 Vol 89:05  

Swedish Press is the world’s leading magazine on all good things Swedish. An authority on design, business, culture and travel since 1929, S...

Swedish Press Sample June 2018 Vol 89:05  

Swedish Press is the world’s leading magazine on all good things Swedish. An authority on design, business, culture and travel since 1929, S...