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World Childhood Foundation Zika Research Interview with Folke Rydén

Ambassaden i Ottawa önskar alla läsare

God Jul och Gott Nytt År

Skeppsbron at Christmas. Photo: Henrik Trygg/

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Cover image: Sweden 1986 Christmas stamps with illustration by Lars Sjööblom. Above: Iris Hantverk concrete shaving cup, and brush. Photo © Iris Hantverk Left: Lucia celebration at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, 2015. Photo © St Paul’s Cathedral


Swedish Press | Dec 2016/Jan 2017 3

Defending every child’s right to a safe and happy childhood By Tatty Maclay

lobally, 18% of women report being victims of childhood sexual abuse. Take a minute to think about that statistic. In every class of twenty girls graduating high school – be it your own child or grandchild’s class – statistically, around four of those girls will have been, or are being, subjected to abuse. It’s a horrific reality and one that is paired with uncomfortable silence and taboos. In 1999, H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden decided to set up a global charitable foundation to address issues of exploitation and abuse, giving support to the most vulnerable children and voice to those so often ignored. She has since spoken about two events that led to her decision – meeting a little boy living in a paper box in a favela on a trip to Brazil, and hearing a young survivor of sexual trafficking speak at the First World Congress Against Commercial Sexual

[ ]

Swedish Press | Dec 2016 /Jan 2017 10

H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden. Photo: Peter Knutson/The Royal Court, Sweden

Exploitation of Children in Stockholm in 1996. ‘Her story haunted me for years, especially because I knew that she was just one child among millions of children who are sexually abused.’ she said in a speech to the UN last year.

Together with a group of co-founders, who each donated 1 Million US Dollars, Queen Silvia created a fund, which has been used since then to provide support to over 1000 projects intended to combat child pornography, child trafficking, and other manifestations of the commercial sexual exploitation of children. The World Childhood Foundation, commonly referred to as Childhood, is headquartered in Stockholm, with other offices in São Paulo, Brazil (the city in which the Queen spent some of her childhood), New York City, USA and Munich/Berlin, Germany, they currently support around 100 projects in 16 countries, with a focus on prevention, intervention and education efforts. Current projects include an outreach service for street children in Cambodia, the provision of therapy for abused refugee children in Bremen, Germany and animal-assisted therapy for abused children in Cape Town, South Africa.

‘Innovation is very close to my heart,’ says Paula Guillet de Monthoux, Secretary General of Childhood. ‘At Childhood we embrace new ideas and innovative solutions that help strengthen children and prevent abuse. These can range from community-based initiatives, for example around positive parenting in a South African village, to technology -driven ideas, as with our new mobile application for how to keep children safe developed together with Ericsson for the US market.’

that our children are surrounded by child protectors. Child sexual abuse thrives in silence. The first step in combatting sexual abuse is removing the stigma from discussing the abuse, which requires learning the facts, talking about it with our children and investing in prevention.’ Paula Guillet de Monthoux agrees that while we are starting to speak more openly about these issues, the stigma and taboo around sexual abuse still poses a huge challenge to overcoming the problems. ‘The taboo around sexual abuse is a problem that can sometimes be perceived as paralysing. But only until we realise it is within our power to change things. Abuse and exploitation can be prevented! But we need to dare to see and address it. And children themselves carry so much power, ideas and resilience, if only given the chance to develop.’

Andrea Bocelli, H.R.H. Princess Madeleine and Forest Whitaker attend the World Childhood Foundation USA Thank You Gala 2016 on September 16 in New York City. © Getty Images

For a number of years, H.R.H. Princess Madeleine, herself a mother of two small children, has worked alongside her mother, working directly for the Foundation at both their New York and Stockholm offices. She has been instrumental in initiatives such as #EyesWideOpen – an awareness campaign intended to mobilize people to take action against child sexual abuse, accompanied by an app to help identify, prevent and protect against abuse. In a recent article for Time magazine, Princess Madeleine wrote: ‘We, as adults, have an obligation to ensure

Paula Guillet de Monthoux, Secretary General of World Childhood Foundation since October 2015. Photo: Sara Ringström/Childhood

Our modern technological society, in which children spend ever-increasing amounts of time online from an early age, presents new dangers and challenges. ‘Internet and communication technology is an area which demands more attention, because it puts children at risk in new and increased ways.’ says Guillet de Monthoux. ‘But it also offers great opportunities to be a force for good. We want to contribute to keeping children safe on the internet.’ One initiative using modern technology to tackle abuse is the Stewards of Children app (, a prevention toolkit developed by Ericsson together with Childhood and the Darkness to Light organisation. The app includes videos, checklists, quizzes, and links to relevant resources. It’s just one step towards realising the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #16.2 agreed on last year, when the world agreed to end sexual abuse, exploitation, and violence against children by 2030. It’s a monumental goal but one we can all play a part in achieving. ‘We welcome support in many forms,’ says Guillet de Monthoux. ‘Whether you want to engage as a donor, a corporate partner or collaborate around solutions that help prevent children from abuse. We know that child abuse is not a necessary evil, but something that we can prevent. The first, but important step, is to dare to look at the problem.’ Keep your eyes wide open and get involved to ensure that none of our children, our grandchildren, or any of the world’s children, have their childhood destroyed by violence or abuse of any kind.

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Swedish Press | Dec 2016/Jan 2017 11


Putting Sweden on the Map At Home


‘Their mentality is very different from the Swedes...


Folke Rydén, traveling journalist, freelancing producer and director based in Stockholm based in Washington, for Swedish national television, SVT, from 1989 to 1996. I also worked as a reporter in Hong Kong 1996-1997. I am currently working as a freelancing producer and director; based in Sweden. I travel a lot.

Blink and you might miss him. Internationally acclaimed reporter Folke Rydén reports, produces and documents current events from all over the world. After seven years in Washington DC and two in Hong Kong, Rydén is currently working as a travelling freelance journalist based in Stockholm, Sweden. In his latest documentary, From Clinton to Clinton, Rydén revisits the American people he interviewed in 1992 to learn whether or not their political views have changed since then. Please tell us a little bit about your background. I was born in Uppsala, Sweden and earned a MA in journalism from the University of Stockholm. I have worked as a foreign correspondent,

[ ]

Swedish Press | Dec 2016 /Jan 2017 16

Please also tell us a little bit about your role as a director and producer. Through my production company, FRP AB I have made documentaries focusing on current affairs, social issues, human rights, history, politics, science, culture and sports. The most current documentaries being Africa with a broken neck, about a paralyzed physician who decides to help others suffering from spinal cord injuries, and newly released documentary From Clinton to Clinton, focusing on the American people’s thoughts on the 2016 Presidential Election. I made a documentary by interviewing people in the US on their political views in 1992. The film was internationally awarded and received great reviews. In From Clinton to Clinton, I return to interview the same people to find out how their views have changed and how they feel about the then presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In which areas do you feel Sweden contributes most globally? Sweden plays a major role on a diplomatic level internationally.

We value and play an important role in the United Nations and our seat in the UN Security Council is vital for Swedish foreign policy and diplomacy. Sweden also plays an important role commercially through major corporations, such as Ericsson, IKEA and Volvo. Skype and adventure/building game Minecraft are Swedish inventions and these areas will most likely expand. There are also many “Hollywood-hyped” Swedes within entertainment and sports around the world. Most people have, for example, heard of Zlatan. You worked as a U.S. Correspondent in Washington for seven years for SVT. Please give us a few thoughts. I arrived in the US in September of 1989. I was set to report on power politics and disarmament negotiations affecting the whole world. However, the Berlin Wall fell on November 9 that year and all of a sudden everyone rushed to Berlin. I was left in the US and did not have many issues to cover. Then the Gulf War with the invasion of Iraq by George Bush Sr. and a United Statesled coalition began and very quickly I had plenty to cover. I traveled to different states (all but Indiana) to capture the American people’s opinions and attitudes. I reflected decisions made in Washington,


focused on the average American. Their mentality is very different from the Swedes. Swedes think that they resemble Americans, but they don’t. We misjudge the Americans’ mindsets. I followed the news and went where they took place to report. I also made documentaries, in which I described ordinary Americans. I wanted to get a better understanding for how they reason and identify. It was interesting and my films were acclaimed. How are Swedish mindsets different from those in the US? Swedes are generally more liberal and secular compared to Americans. Swedes also expect the government to play a greater role in everyday life. Americans, in general, want as little involvement from the federal government as possible. Americans are generally more optimistic and easy going as compared with Swedes. Do you think the image of Sweden is changing and developing internationally and particularly in North America? While working in the US in the 90s, I noticed an opinions survey asking people; “who they believed to be the most famous Swede.” Most answered “the Swedish Chef in the Muppet Show.” This was, of course, very out of the box, as he is not even

‘...we misjudge the Americans’ mindsets.’ a real person. I also interviewed the American Vice President, who when I was about to leave said, “by the way, I love your watches.” One has to be humble. I think Americans today have a somewhat better understanding of where/what Sweden is. How do you think Sweden has achieved the success it has, despite being such a small country population-wise? Due to the same reason as any other country, which is successful: skills, competence and spirit. I do not think that Sweden has succeeded better commercially than any other small western European country. What aspects of Swedish culture and life are you personally most passionate about promoting? Swedish documentaries are very successful. Searching for Sugarman is a good example. The film recently won an Oscar. I enjoy documentaries that depict complex processes. I also feel that Swedish pop music and the Swedish gaming industry have received well-honored international recognition. Are there any other current or upcoming projects or events that you would like to mention? From Clinton to Clinton premiered on October 23, 2016 and is available to watch on I have also made a series of documentaries on the Baltic Sea (Östersjön). The Baltic Sea is surrounded by some of the world’s most environ-

mentally conscious societies. And scientists all agree on the most important steps to take. Still, in many respects, the state of this sensitive and almost landlocked sea is deteriorating. The efforts to save the sea are spoiled by national disagreements and short-term interest. The future and life quality of 90 million people are affected by the Baltic Sea environment. Filmmaker Mattias Klum and I have spent almost ten years documenting efforts to save the Baltic Sea. Our work has resulted in the documentaries; For Cod’s Sake released in 2009, Dirty Waters released in 2011, The Second Wave released in 2013 and Shipping Pollution released in 2015. Our fifth film, an international feature documentary on the topic, will be released in 2019. We are also putting together a range of interactive educational material for use in the whole Baltic region. Our Baltic Sea Media Project is supported by a grant from the BalticSea2020 foundation. For further information see; You have won numerous prestigious awards for your work as a reporter. Which are you most proud of? I am proud of being awarded the Bonnier Grand Prize in journalism, the most prestigious journalism award in Sweden.

Interviewed by Sofie Kinnefors

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Swedish Press | Dec 2016/Jan 2017 17

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