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Seminar 14.00 – 17.00 | Gala Dinner 19.30 – 23.30

NOVEMBER 18, 2021 Hotel van Oranje, Noordwijk Swedish Chamber of Commerce's 60 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OFFICIAL SPONSORS

Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands — The ultimate platform for Swedish-Dutch business, nurturing Innovation, Sustainability and Gender Equality Vision: To create business opportunities between Swedish and Dutch cultures. Mission: To inspire, promote and extend the commercial and industrial relations between Swedish-Dutch individuals and companies. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands is the ultimate platform for entrepreneurs and businesses within the Swedish-Dutch business community. Founded in 1960 – by members for members – we have represented, inspired and promoted our members, extended commercial relations between our countries, and delivered first-class services and events for over 60 years. We are a nonprofit organisation with more than 60 years of networking experience, helping entrepreneurs and corporations of all sizes to establish, grow and develop their business. In addition to arranging more than 40 events per year, we offer valuable training programs for personal and professional development, and provide relevant forums, meetings and summits featuring renowned speakers and top officials. The Chamber is the ultimate platform to nurture innovation in order to develop your business and teams. We provide you with valuable connections to support any phase of your business cycle, and with the collective knowledge of our members and extended network, we make it easy to set up and run a business in the Netherlands.

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A Year to Remember Dear Members, This past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has been testing our society, and business has been challenged at a speed never experienced before. It has shaken up our every-day lives, ways of working and even changed entire business models. When moving ahead, out of the pandemic, it will be evident to look back and evaluate the lessons learned, but also to look ahead to what will come and how to move forward. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands is built upon a strong business community and a unique Swedish-Dutch business relationship. With more than 60 years of experience, the Chamber is forming an extraordinary platform for Swedish-Dutch businesses coming together to share ideas, experiences and learning from each other.

Ehsan Turabaz Chairman

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1960 by business for business. For more than 60 years we have served as a business platform for Swedish-Dutch business relations, connecting people and businesses, and helping companies to grow through a trusted and solid network. For the Swedish Chamber, 2020 has been a lesson in transformation and adaptation. We organised more than 50 business programs this year, most of them online, and we were able to welcome more participants both locally and internationally. In fact, the number of participants at our events grew by nearly 100% because of the online accessibility. Being part of an active business network organisation has during the past year proven to be more important than ever. We have connected and promoted more members than ever before and led the way to many new collaborations and business opportunities.

6 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2020

Kerstin Gerlagh General Manager

The past year has taught us about being agile, the power of collaboration, partnership and a strong business community. By introducing a new concept of webinars called By Members for Members, we were able to present a series of interactive webinars and Q&As, using the intellectual knowledge and expertise within our network for the support of others. These webinars were designed as an opportunity for you to share insights and knowhow, and to support the community in a time of disruption. The webinars were organised together with you, some in partnership with our European Swedish Chamber of Commerce colleagues, and some with the Nordic Chambers in the Netherlands, and were all experienced as very valuable. Themes spanned from HR challenges, law issues and government subsidies to leading remote teams and business resilience, to mention a few, and were experienced as very useful by you. We also offered sparring partners and/or professional juridical or financial advice to you, through the vast range of professionals and companies within our network who could and can offer help and business support within the community. Our focus has been to provide the best possible value for you and to serve the different needs you have, from startups to large corporations. With our broad range of events, webinars, a renewed mentorship program and a strong social media strategy to present your companies and your people behind them, we are proud to have engaged a growing network throughout

the year. We have served you in the best way we can, offering support and information during challenging times with the result of an increased member engagement. We would like to thank you dear members, for your confidence, collaboration and contributions to the community in 2020. We are looking forward to continuing and to grow the collaborations with you, the Swedish Chambers International, the Swedish Embassy and Team Sweden, The Nordic Chambers and Embassies in the Netherlands, and to build on many more business relations with impact and value for you and us to grow stronger together. Finally, Sweden’s unique focus on innovation, sustainability, and equality forms the backbone of the Swedish industry, and hence also of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. On November 18, 2021 we therefore proudly invite you to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce 60th Anniversary (61) — a Summit celebrating Innovation and Sustainability, followed by a Gala Dinner. We are looking forward to welcoming you! Thank you all for your loyal support and contribution to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in 2020. We wish you all a prosperous 2021 and look forward to continuing to feature and grow a powerful Swedish-Dutch Business Network together!

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THE BOARD THE SWEDISH CHAMBER of Commerce is governed by the Board of

Directors, representing both Swedish and Dutch member companies in the Netherlands. The Swedish Ambassador to the Netherlands, H.E. Annika Markovic, is appointed Honorary Chairwoman of the Board. The terms of reference for the Board are included in the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Articles of Association.

Board Members

Ehsan Turabaz Chairman Inter IKEA Systems

H.E. Annika Markovic Honorary Chairwoman, Ambassador of Sweden

Johan Uhlin Vice Chairman Scania Production Nederland

Bert Heikens Treasurer AKD

Everth Flores Ericsson

Ruth de Jager Storytel

Wilko Klaassen Klarna

Roland van Pooij Handelsbanken

Jan Sundelin Tie Kinetix

Rik Zuidmeer Mercuri Urval

New Board Member Candidates

Erik Thulin Trade Director Stena Line

Carola Hoekstra CEO Stromma

8 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2020

Martijn Hagens CEO Vattenfall

Herrik van der Gaag Volvo Car Nederland

Leaving Board Members

General Manager

Kathy Dolk Amsterdam Business Support

Kerstin Gerlagh

Annika Hult Stena Line

THE COMMITTEES THE SWEDISH CHAMBER of Commerce has four committees driven by the

Board Members. The committees are acting as advisors and supporting the Board and the Management team in the executive, financial and membership areas. In addition, The Swedish Chamber of Commerce has a Young Professional Committee driven by Young Professional members. The Young Professional Committee is subordinate to the Swedish Chamber and reports to the Board on a regular basis.

The Executive Committee

The Finance Committee

The Patron and Member Committee

The Nomination Committee

The Executive Committee outlines the work and decisions for the Board and supports the General Manager of the Chamber. The Chairman of the Chamber heads the committee.

The Finance Committee oversees the financial administration of the Chamber, including the budget setting on behalf of the Board. The Committee recommends the financial accounts to the Executive Committee and the board.

The Patron and Member Committee develops member strategies, including the acquisition of new members and patron companies. The committee also develops the membership offer for attracting and retaining member companies.

The Nomination Committee is responsible for the nomination of board members, committee members and functions within the board.

The YP Committee outlines the work and activities, as well as member acquisition and communication for the Young Professionals of the Chamber. It is a sub organisation to the Chamber, that gathers Young Professionals with an interest for the SwedishDutch business community. The Chairman reports to the Chamber’s Board of Directors at the regular board meetings.

Ehsan Turabaz Johan Uhlin Bert Heikens Kerstin Gerlagh

Ehsan Turabaz Bert Heikens Kerstin Gerlagh

Bert Heikens Ehsan Turabaz Wilko Klassen Kerstin Gerlagh

Ehsan Turabaz Johan Uhlin Kerstin Gerlagh

Oliver Karlsson Marta Radionovic Lukic Charlotta Björk Sanne Creusen Steffi Öhman Melina Bendelin

The YP Young Professionals Committee

Honorary Members The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very proud

H.E. Ambassador of Sweden

to count five Honorary Members appointed by

Mrs. Annika Markovic, Honorary Chairwoman

the General Assemblies during the years on the nomination of the Executive Board. The Honorary

Nils van Dijkman

Members have all been of particular service to the

Bert Gort

Swedish Chamber of Commerce during the years and

Ben Hummel

the Swedish Chamber is very appreciative for their

Henk Lokin

loyalty and contributions.

Gerard Perik

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2020 | 9

BOARD OF RECOMMENDATION THE FOLLOWING PERSONS from trade, industry and diplomacy acknowledge the great

importance of a Swedish-Dutch business network, and they therefore support and endorse the activities of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. Jan Peter Balkenende Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, External Senior Advisor to EY, Professor at Erasmus University, SB Member ING VU University Amsterdam

Andreas Hatzigeorgiou CEO at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

Per Holmström Head of Department, International Development Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sweden, former Ambassador to the Netherlands

Hans de Jong CEO of Philips Benelux

Tord Magnuson Owner/CEO Devisa AB. Consul General of Mauritius, Chairman Interpeace Sweden, Founder of YPO Sweden Chapter

Michael Treschow Former Chairman of the Board/Director, Unilever NV, Director, ABB Ltd

Jeroen van der Veer Chairman of the Advisory Board ING, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V., until end of June 2009 Chief Executive Officer of Royal Dutch Shell plc.

Mikael Ohlsson Non-Executive Director of the Royal Schiphol Group, Tesco Plc, Ikano S.A. and Lindengruppen AB. Former CEO and President of the IKEA Group and former NonExecutive Director and Vice Chairman of Volvo Cars Corporation

Thank you and goodbye! THIS IS NOT A GOODBYE. 2007 was an exciting year for me. As a 30-something I started my own business and started what was then called the Junior Chamber JCC under close guidance of Kerstin Gerlagh. By 2013, I was no longer considered a Young Professional (or indeed young), and I was happy to join the ‘seniors’ as a Treasurer/Board member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Now my board membership ends as well, but this is not a goodbye. With my companies DolkHesper, Stockholm Business Support and Amsterdam Business Support, I will keep working for Swedish businesses that expand into the Netherlands and Europe and

10 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2020

vice versa. Also, as a director of T Ljungberg BV, a Patron member of the Swedish Chamber since 2020, I will keep being an active member and look forward to many more events and occasions to meet up. Thank you, Kerstin, student trainees, Ehsan and all board members for keeping the Swedish Chamber so alive and kicking! See you soon, live and on-line! Kathy Dolk


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A Mountain Higher

Accountor Nederland B.V. AstraZeneca

AIMS International

EQT Partners AB Dutch Brand Fagerhult BV Flokk

Mrs. Christina Jonker


Mr. Hans Duijn


Mr. Kees van den Ende

SoundTribe B.V.

Ms. Lotta Gunnarsson

Stena Line B.V.

Mr. Jules Hellendoorn

Studio Stark Sweden


GHA Development - Growth for People & Business

Amsterdam Business Support B.V.

Handelsbanken Nederland

Mr. B. S. Hummel

Stromma Nederland

Amsterdam Inbusiness

Handicare Bathroom Safety BV

Mr. Anders Jallén


Anticimex B.V.

Mr. Lukas Joel



Applied Technology NL B.V.

Mrs. Jeanine Lemstra

Swedish Finance


Apsis International

Mr. Jan Lindhout

HEX Travel B.V.

Söderberg & Partners Netherlands BV

Arentec B.V.

Mrs. Camilla Mattsson

Hotels van Oranje

Atlas Copco Nederland

Mr. Jan Moberg

Hyannis Performance Consultance

Mr. Peter Gunnar Ollongren

ATLAS Tax Lawyers

Hästens Beds Netherlands B.V.

Mrs. Birgitta Slot

Telia Sonera International Carrier Netherlands B.V.

Atterstam Consulting BV

IF P&C Insurance Ltd

Mr. Richard Stoop

Tetra Pak B.V.

Bavak Beveiligingsgroep B.V.

IKEA B.V. Nederland

Mr. Ben Vree

TIE Kinetix

Infeldt Translation Services

Beran BV

IKEA Services B.V.

Nordholm Design & Photography

Toyota Material Handling Nederland

Bex Legal

Interfisc Group

Nordlok Management B.V.

Tuff Ledarskapsträning

Northern Delight

Undutchables Recruitment Agency B.V.

Atlas Copco Tools Nederlands


Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

Business Sweden



Jironet In Transition

Church of Sweden

Key2Compliance AB

Cicerone CCC

Kinnarps Office Furniture

Cool Company

Klarna B.V.

denhertog legal

Ducatus Management B.V. Earth Integrated Archaeology

Helena van Heel Eikenzande BV

Electrolux Home Products BV Embassy of Sweden Enact Sustainable Strategies Epicenter Amsterdam

Ericsson Telecommunicatie B.V.

KPMG Meijburg & Co Tax Lawyers

Mr. Gerard Perik

Noviflora Holland BV Nmbrs BV Oatly

Oriflame Holdings BV Outsystems

Peerformance Poet Farmer

Leadership Development processes and enablers B.V.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers BV


Qeld Bedrijfsleningen

Lindmark Legal



Ramboll Netherlands BV

Margareta Svensson Fotografie

Rock PR & Digital Marketing

Marit Kramer Scandinavische vertalingen Market Explorer Marketing House

Public Matters

Ruda Consulting REIYD real estate IT consulting Saab Technnologies B.V. Samskip Van Dieren Multimodal B.V.

Eurocommercial Properties NV

Mazars Paardekooper Hoffman NV

Euroflorist Europe B.V.

Mercuri Urval B.V.

Eva Consulting AB

MH Leadership

Scania Production Zwolle B.V.

Montae & Partners


12 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2020

Scania Nederland B.V.

T. Ljungberg B.V.

TeekensKarstens Advocaten notarissen

Up There, Everywhere Vattenfall Valyoux

Visit Sweden Vodor Farsta

Voerman International Volvo Group The Netherlands B.V. Volvo Cars Nederland Wevando Consulting AB Your Special Delivery Service YP Members




In 2020, the year of the pandemic, the number of


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organisation and a unique platform

members and guests participating in the Swedish

for small, medium and large companies within

Chamber of Commerce events increased with nearly

the Swedish–Dutch business community.

100% to a total result of 2400 guests. Transferring

Founded in 1960 by Members for Members,

the Chamber events from live to digital meant that

the Swedish Chamber for the Netherlands

more participants were able to join, despite their

has served its members with a professional

geographical location, enabling us to reach out far

business platform and extended the trade

outside the Dutch borders. It also enabled us to

relations between Sweden and the Netherlands,

create partnerships with SCI and the Dutch Chamber

delivering first class services and events for

of Commerce, offering our members to participate in

more than 60 years.

inspiring digital events of global interest. In 2020, the Swedish


In addition to our own events, a large number of members also participated in webinars organised by SCI, member companies, by the Swedish Embassy, the Finnish Dutch

Chamber of Commerce, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Sweden and other European Chambers in the Netherlands. We would like to thank all partners and organisations for the opportunity to share invitations with our members to interesting international events with renowned speakers.

Chamber of Commerce was planning to celebrate its


60th Anniversary with an Innovation & Sustainability Summit and Gala Dinner. Due to the pandemic, the plans had to be cancelled. It is therefore with great pleasure that the Swedish Chamber of Commerce is inviting all members and relations to celebrate

In 2020, the Swedish Chamber offered a wide range of events, with most of them being online. We introduced the By Member for Member series and a renewed Mentorship Program with a record high number of participants. The


Swedish Chamber also presented the NordicTalks Circular Economy and Nordic Sustainable Fashion webinars together with the Nordic Chambers and Embassies in the Netherlands, which engaged participants far outside our own borders. Partnerships with SCI and collaboration with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce enabled us to present inspiring events with global topics and high level speakers, for the benefit of our members. The collaboration with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Sweden also led to inspiring discussions

our Anniversary on November 18, 2021! We will celebrate 21st century innovation, bringing together business leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians and academics from both Sweden and the Netherlands to address the greater trends facing us, from tech to climate change, from future workforce to global trade. The Summit will be followed by a Gala Dinner with Honorary Guests, Business Awards and lots of entertainment.

and enlarging the network opportunities for our members.

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2020 | 13


of significant importance for the Chamber acti­ vities. Founded in 2004, the group of Patrons consists of companies all committed to the long term support of the Swedish-Dutch business community and the vision of the Chamber. Today the patronship consists of 29 member businesses representing a wide range of indu­ stries from the financial sector and mobility, to retail and tech. In 2020 we were very proud to welcome Volvo Group. Patrons of the Chamber receive additional visi­ bility through our various marketing channels, such as the website, the Annual Review,

Patron Dinner The Patron Dinner is one of the Chamber’s most exclusive events, dating back to 2004. The purpose of the Patron Dinner is to gather Swedish and Dutch senior business leaders and politicians and the patronship members to create new bonds and synergies. Over the last few years, it has attracted some of the most prestigious keynote speakers in the Swedish-Dutch community.

14 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2020

the Swedish Chamber Patron Banner and social media platforms. Furthermore, Patrons receive invites to exclusive events. These in­ clude, amongst others, our Exclusive Annual Patron Dinner. The patrons reflect the strength of the Chamber’s business platform and represent some of the largest brands in Swedish-Dutch business. The Swedish Chamber is very grate­ ful for the confidence and additional support from the Patron companies which enables further development and promotion of Swedish-Dutch trade.

New Patron Member 2021

In 2020 we welcomed Volvo Group

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2020 | 15

THE TEAM Management & Operation

Kerstin Gerlagh General Manager

Benjamin Selvani International Trade Scholar

Josefina Lundh Marketing Management Trainee

Linn Hodell Communication Management Trainee

Lina Stackegård Event Management Trainee

Platform for young talents to grow We are proud to offer talented and creative young professionals the opportunity to join the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and to gain international business experience. Generous scholarship donors from The Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad make these opportunities possible.

Follow us on social media! @ The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands Facebook “f ” Logo

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CMYK / .eps

@ swedishchambernl @ Swedishchambernl

16 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2020


digitally with our strategy in promoting Sweden and

testing year for all of us.

Swedish innovative solutions in fields of digitalisation,

The pandemic affected

green energy transition and gender equality. We also

everything around us

had as an ambition to reach a younger audience and

and for some of us

the digital transition helped us doing this. Only through

also our own health

our social media channels we reached almost 500 000

and the well-being of

people last year.

our loved ones. We needed to reinvent

During 2020, the Embassy was very active in promoting

work, reorganise our living and habits, and rethink

Swedish businesses and policies in the field of

our organisational practices. During these challenging

circularity and green transition. Together with the

times, also politics and international cooperation have

Nordic Embassies, Chambers of Commerce, and the

been tested and challenged, not at least by closed

EU-Commission, we showed how Nordic innovation can

borders and lately a vaccine race that put focus on

speed up the green transition with innovative waste

the importance of solving disagreement through

management, sustainable fashion, and food.

compromises and negotiations. Sweden has a close dialogue with the Netherlands on For businesses in Sweden and in the Netherlands, 2020

the tech agenda, with focus on 5G, AI, “women in tech”,

was for many companies a tough year with lockdowns

as well as promoting policies for a more gender equal

and restrictions. We saw the sensitivity of having too

and smart economy. We hope and believe that this

vulnerable supply chains — and at the same time a

long-term bilateral commitment in the tech sector will

rapidly growing digitalisation of the consumption and

continue with the new Dutch government.

new consumer trends. Looking ahead towards the coming year, we are Covid-19 affected the work at the Embassy in many

convinced that we will be able to celebrate the 60-year

ways. In the beginning, we were part of a unique

anniversary of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in

consular effort to help Swedes return home when many

the Netherlands, with an ambitious jubilee program by

were stranded around the globe. Today, the Embassy

the end of the year. The Embassy will of course support

receive many questions related to travel restrictions,

this and see this as an opportunity to emphasise the

testing policies and border checks. We have had a

great importance we put in the collaboration with

minimum of staff physically at the office to provide

the Chamber.

Swedes with passports and consular service. During 2020, the “Team Sweden” in the Netherlands For obvious reasons, last year was not a year when the

showed that we came through this testing year stronger

strong bilateral cooperation between our likeminded

than before. We showed a great sense of creativity

countries could be manifested through high level

and adaptation, just like Swedes do. Let’s take this

visits and delegations. Like everyone else we needed

experience with us as we enter the new year to make

to change our model of work and make a transition

the best we can of 2021 together!

toward digital solutions. I’m proud to say that we quickly adjusted to a digital environment and continued working

H.E. Annika Markovic, Ambassador of Sweden

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2020 | 17

FINANCE Treasurer Report 2020

Balance Sheet / Profit and Loss BALANCE SHEET

2020-12-31 Actual EUR

2019-12-31 Actual EUR

Assets Intangible fixed assets Tangible fixed assets Bank Debtors VAT receivable Prepaid cost / accrued income Total Assets

2.731 2.153 54.391 2.540 1.288 5.052 68.155

6.008 857 29.441 8.142 3.247 47.695

Liabilities and Equity Creditors VAT payable Prepaid income Other liabilities / accrued expense Equity opening balance Result Total Liabilities and Equity

2.015 27.752 4.865 24.848 8.675 68.155

534 1.708 15.563 5.042 19.362 5.486 47.695


2020 Actual EUR

2020 Budget EUR

2019 Actual EUR

Income Membership Fee Patronships Advertisements Other income Activities Total income

43.532 77.849 6.400 2.195 1.655 131.631

51.180 72.440 5.000 11.245 42.100 181.965

43.742 71.113 7.095 2.436 35.973 160.359

Expenses Office costs & salaries Depreciation Activities Marketing Web Page & IT Total expenses

109.475 3.882 2.525 5.305 1.769 122.956

121.248 3.792 47.850 6.200 1.309 180.399

110.786 3.553 32.589 6.255 1.690 154.873





During 2020, the Swedish Chamber was only able to host a limited number of live events due to Covid-19. The Swedish Chamber was capable of adapting very quickly and nearly all costs (a.o. office costs, rent, and events) were brought in line with the new situation. The total income from membership fees was about the same as 2019. There was very little income from events and sponsorships. Some income was received as a prepayment for activities related to the celebration of the 60th anniversary. This celebration however had to be cancelled. Even though the total income was lower than our budget, due to lower overall expenses, the result for the year ended with a positive of EUR 8.675. The profit for the year will be added to the retained earnings and will partially be used in 2021 for the 60th anniversary events.

Amsterdam, May 2021 Ehsan Turabaz Vice Chairman

Albert Heikens Treasurer

Overall our cash position and equity is adequate, so we can state that our financial position is sound. The budget for 2021 was approved by the Board. Bert Heikens Treasurer

18 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2020


In the capacity of Cash Committee of The Swedish Chamber of Commerce, we hereby render the following audit certificate for the year 2020.

We have examined the accounts of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, checked other documents giving information about the Chamber's financial position and administration and performed such other auditing procedures as we considered necessary under the circumstances.

Our examination has revealed no reason for criticism of the accounts, the accounting procedures or the administration of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

We recommend, that the Profit and Loss account for 2020 and the balance sheet as per December 31, 2020 should be approved and that the Board of Directors should be discharged from further responsibility as regards the management for 2020.

Amsterdam, May 12, 2021

Mr. Rense Boks

Mr. Ronald Rosenboom

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2020 | 19


20 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2020

China, Risks and Opportunities

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2020 | 21

Tailormade solutions TAX & LEGAL Our Nordics Desk combines seamless cross-border tax & legal solutions with a strong network and presence across Scandinavia as well as the Netherlands. Please contact SCC-liaison Jan Hollemans. +31 (0)88 909 2711 Weena 654, Rotterdam


THE #NORDICTALKS HAS been organised annually

since 2013 in collaboration with the Nordic Chambers in the Netherlands and the Nordic Embassies. The aim is to highlight a topic of common interest for the Nordic countries and to offer a platform for the Nordic Chamber Members to meet on an annual basis in order to increase their business network. Nordic Circular Economy Summit 2020 From Waste to Resource On the first day of the Dutch Circular Economy Week, Sara Nelen, Deputy Head of Cabinet of Executive Vice President Frans Timmermans, who is responsible for the EU Green Deal, together with a large number of experts from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands, talked about the latest developments within the circular economy. NordicCE2020 from Waste to Resource was followed up by a webinar series NordicCE2020 What’s Next, discussing how the covid pandemic has changed the world and what will be the role of the Circular Economy in the future. NordicTalks2020 Sustainable Fashion Days In September 2020, we organised the digital #NordicTalks Sustainable Fashion Days. The event series consisted of three webinars with representatives from the Nordics and the Netherlands including experts, business representatives, associations and sustainable fashion influencers. The first webinar was on the topic of ’Sustainable fashion, sustainable future — where are we today?’. The second

focused on customer behaviours, the role of the customers and to what extent they are a driving factor for sustainable development. At the third webinar, the political initiatives and regulations that push to develop a more sustainable fashion industry, as well as raising awareness for the general public, were discussed. Through the digital format, we were able to welcome participants not only in the Netherlands, but from the Nordic countries and other parts of the world. Each seminar had around 200 participants, and we were happy to discover that the online function made it possible for us to reach a broad audience. Of the total 600 participants, many new contacts were established, proving that online networking can be very successful. We would like to thank the Nordic Embassies in the Netherlands, the Nordic Chambers, the Nordic Council and the European Commission for the excellent collaboration and support. A special thanks to Moderator Andrea Orsag, Mission C, for sharing her experience and commitment for a sustainable future. Speakers: Spinnova, Fair&Square, By Signe, H&M, Let’s Talk Slow, Volga, RE:Source, Organic Basics, Oleana, Klarna, Norwegian Fashion Textile Agenda, The Swedish Fashion Council, Fashion Revolution, Helsinki Fashion Week, Pierre Hupperts, CSR Ambassador for the Netherlands and the Nordic Ambassadors in the Netherlands.

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2020 | 23


24 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2020

EXCLUSIVE BUSINESS AWARDS 2021 THE SWEDISH CHAMBER of Commerce for the Netherlands, the

Embassy of Sweden and Business Sweden are proud to present three Swedish Chamber Business Awards 2021. Exclusively for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce 60th Anniversary, we are presenting three prizes in three categories. The grand Award ceremony will take place at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce 60th Anniversary Gala Dinner on November 18, 2021. >> Swedish Chamber Achievement Award 2021 >> Swedish Chamber Entrepreneurship Award 2021 >> Swedish Chamber Tech for Good Award 2021 The Annual Swedish Business Awards were launched in 2012 in collaboration with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands, The Swedish Embassy and Business Sweden, under the name of The Swedish Chamber Export Prize. Swedish companies successfully established on the Dutch market are able to apply for the Business Awards. Companies who have received the Awards during the years are among others Handelsbanken, Budbee, Scania, Vattenfall, Oatly, SWECO and SKF. The Grand Award Ceremony is part of a full day’s celebration of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s 60th Anniversary, with a Swedish-Dutch Innovation and Sustainability Summit, followed by a gala dinner in the evening. The exclusive program offers excellent opportunities for the Award-winning companies to present themselves and to meet the Swedish-Dutch extensive business network in the Netherlands. Information about criteria and how to apply is available at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce website.

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2020 | 25

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About YP – Young Professionals THE SWEDISH CHAMBER of Commerce Young Professionals is a meeting platform for professionals aged 23-36, in the beginning and midpoint of their career. Young Professionals gives you the opportunity to develop your career skills by meeting people in top positions or by participating in business and social events, such as leadership trainings, mentorship programs and company visits. YP also organises a wide range of social and cultural events such as crayfish party, lucia celebration, the Swedish National Day, midsummer celebration.

Young Professionals member benefits include: • • • •

By becoming a member of YP, you will also get access to all Swedish Chamber events, often at discounted price. This is a great opportunity to achieve valuable business relations, exchange experiences and get in contact with inspiring companies in the Netherlands.

Invitations to all Young Professionals business and social events Access to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce many events, often at reduced prices Access to the Swedish Chamber Young Professionals mentorship program Opportunity to meet leading business men/women through the Chamber’s 141 member companies Swe-News, the Swedish Chamber’s digital newsletter

Words of the Chairman YET ANOTHER EXCITING year has passed. For the Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber, the last year — to say the least — has been a tricky one. With the pandemic revolutionising the way we interact globally, networks such as ours have had to rethink how we connect with our members and stay true to the mission of our charter. With our new virtual world, new means of communication, concepts, events and more, the Young Professionals have continued its hard work and created a unique experience and platform for young professionals to connect.

the opportunity to connect with a senior business executive outside of his or her direct environment, giving participants access to guidance in issues concerning their future career. In hindsight, I think he definitely managed to do so with great success.

The Swedish Chamber and the Young Professionals Mentorship Program was perhaps more important than ever. With everyone adapting to the new normal, more mentors and mentees than ever seemed to join the seminars, meaning that transitioning to digital meetings was not all bad. In fact, mentors and mentees who had not been able to join in the past, now could join thanks to the flexibility of digital meetings.

The reason as to why I joined the Swedish Chambers Young Professionals back in 2017 was for that exact goal — building a unique experience and platform to connect with likeminded individuals here in Amsterdam.

2020 was also the year to welcome the new Program Coach Hendrik Jan Guitink, Managing Partner of AIMS International Netherlands B.V. His ambition was to give young professionals

I am both proud and happy to be part of this network and I look forward to many more exciting events with all of our members in the coming months. Oliver Filip Arne Karlsson Chairman, Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber

The Committee

Charlotta Björk Committee Member

Sanne Creusen Committee Member

Steffi Öhman Committee Member

Melina Bendelin Committee Member

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2020 | 27

The Mentorship Program THE SWEDISH CHAMBER of Commerce and Young Professionals Mentorship Program is a 8-month program, providing participants with the opportunity to grow in their careers and enrich their personal developments by exchanging experiences, views and knowledge. With this program the Swedish Chamber of Commerce is supporting the next generation’s leaders by connecting Mentees from the Young Professionals with mentors from the Chamber’s network of international business leaders.

Mentors 2019 – 2021

Hendrik Jan Guitink Coach of the Swedish Chamber Mentorship Program Björn Bylund Country Manager Nmbrs BV

Ben Vree Owner Director Aquavite AB

Hans Gunnarsson Senior Project Manager EMAKINA

Johan van ‘t Hag ExCo Member Strategy and M&M Drümmen Orange

Hendrik Jan Guitink is Managing Partner of AIMS International Netherlands B.V., member of AIMS International, a global leader in Executive Search and Leadership Consulting.

“The ambition for the Wilma Buis Executive Consultant and Coach Mercuri Urval

Everth Flores CEO Netherlands Ericsson

Gabriele Hamm Adler GHA Development Growth for People & Business

Rudiger Muller Head of Finance Handelsbanken

Mentorship Program is to give young professionals the opportunity to connect with a senior business executive outside of his or her direct environment, giving the participants access to guidance

Hendrik Jan Guitink Program Coach & Managing Partner AIMS International Netherlands

Sandra van der Zijpp HR Management Consultant Mercuri Urval

Ed Reichman Business & IT Consultant REIYD

Ruth de Jager Country Manager Storytel Netherlands

in issues concerning their future career. As a group we will work on specific topics such as culture and building trusted relationships and we invite subject matter experts to come and talk to us. The Men-

Maja Markovic Finance & Business Transformation Leader Tetra Pak

Sam Mirson General Manager Benelux Quinyx

28 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2020

Jeanine Lemstra Transformation Lead Royal Haskoning DHV/ Thrive on Purpose

Nils E.W. van Dijkman Partner Heussen Advocaten & Notarissen

tees and Mentors also spend time together on subjects of their own choice.” - Hendrik Jan Guitink

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