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Electrical Solutions for the Australian Industry

Rexel invests in the solar market

In this issue: Letter From Executive General Manager Have You Got a Rexel Frequent Buyer Card? What’s Making News: Top Gear Event Chemsal and Rexel’s Vision Contact Specials Osram’s Lamp Technologies Rexel Online Update Sales Representative Training Profile - Dave Roberts Eaton Launches Power Infrastructure Audit Service Rexel Flash Specials

Letter from Executive General Manager Welcome to our third edition of “Contact” Magazine, within this edition you will find up to date innovative products and relevant industry news. Within Rexel we have continued to invest in new technology to make sure you, our customer will receive ultimately a superior service offer from Rexel. With this investment it is our intention to be at the forefront of innovation to service our customers today whilst adapting our business model in line for future customer expectations. To ensure we can support our technology investments we are focused on continuous training for our people. An example of this which has been launched in 2010 is our “Sales Representative Traineeship program” (as outlined on page 10). At Rexel we recognise that our Sales Representatives are the link between our business and you our customer; to be an effective Sales Representative in today’s competitive environment we must deliver solutions to add value. Within our product portfolio we have employed a dedicated resource to develop and deliver a competitive product offer in the very fast growing “Solar” renewable energy sector (page 3) With our research and with the experience gained from our global Rexel Network we are very excited about this category with the ambition of delivering a top quality solution at a Market competitive price. As we move into the second half of 2010 I am very confident that we will continue to see growth categories within the Electrical Sector, at Rexel we understand that you, our customer have a choice of supply partners. Through innovation and continuous training it is our ambition to earn your business. On behalf of the Rexel “Team” I would like to thank you for your continued support. All the best

Roger Edgar Executive General Manager

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Rexel invests in the solar market Rexel continues to build its capability in the Grid Connect Solar market. With dedicated resources assigned to the development of this key renewable energy initiative. Rexel is developing an industry leading portfolio of solar energy products and services to support the industrial and domestic solar energy markets. Ranging from the domestic 1.5kw system to large scale commercial projects. Rexel is positioned to offer installers a quality kit that is inclusive of all required components to fulfil a domestic installation. These kits have been matched by the manufacturer for reliability and efficiency to ensure the homeowner gets the maximum return on their investment and the installer can maximise the number of installations per day. This market is developing rapidly due to the various government incentives offered at both a state and national level, currently demand outstrips supply with the availability of the inverter coming under pressure. However Rexel is well positioned to supply your requirements in the coming months. The market is continuing to grow due to further state government initiatives, such as the recently announced West Australian government feed in tariff that will come into effect on the 1st of August. Rexel encourages accredited installers to register with your local branch to keep up to date on new offers, market trends and training & information sessions. It is advisable for installers to closely monitor the time it takes to install a solar kit as all kits are not equal, read on to see some key aspects of the installation that should be noted and taken into consideration when quoting a solar installation.

When quoting for solar panels installation: Q How many Photo Voltaic panels are required? A As many as 15 panels and as little as 7 panels for a 1.5kw kit. More panels = more mounting hardware = more time to install. Is there is enough space on the roof for the kit? Q How heavy are the Photo Voltaic panels? A Panels range from 13-25kg. Larger panels will require two people to lift, position and install the panel. Q What connectors are used for the panels? A Are the connectors readily available? How much do they cost? Are they an industry standard? Q How much cable is needed to run to the inverter? A The bigger the house the longer the run. How many strings does your inverter require? Q Do you have the right inverter? A Is your inverter suitable for the environment you are installing it in? Does it need extra protection? Q Do you have a suitable mounting kit? A Is it for tin or tile, etc‌? Does your kit enable fast and efficient installation? Does your kit include rails, brackets and cable management? Q What is the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) price this week? A Will you be trading in them?

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What’s Making News

Rexel Mitcham plays host to a “Top Gear” Trade Function On Friday, 25th June Rexel’s Mitcham Warehouse pulled out all stops and hosted what was a very successful trade function. The idea for this event came after much discussion on what was the point of difference to the competitor. It was then the idea of the TOP GEAR themed trade function evolved. The creative juices started flowing and before long the foundations of our unique supplier/ customer evening at the Mitcham warehouse were built. Finding a point of difference in anything these days is difficult, with no exception to the electrical wholesaling game. What was our point of difference and how can we show this to not only our loyal customers but the suppliers too? We needed to create an event that showcased all the warehouse qualities and make sure it was fun and enjoyable also. The night arrived, a wet and windy one at that but the team at Mitcham, with the help of Dick Custerson’s “A Positive Move Event Management” crew pulled together and set up a great night. Our 20 key suppliers armed with their specific product competition, arrived ready to time trial and interact with approximately 200 customers and the Mitcham team. There were supplier product competitions, Daytona computer games, scalelectrics and plenty of food and drinks to enjoy whilst watching the Friday night football in our marquee.

Chemsal and Rexel’s Vision

Zero Lamps to Landfill

Rexel are excited to announce that they will be stocking the latest in technology for the recycling of fluorescent tubes and HIP lamps. Rexel have been working with Chemsal to get this program up and running. Chemsal accept a wide range of lamps for treatment and safe disposal. Fluorescent & HID lamps contain hazardous containment, infact both fluorescent tubes and mercury vapour lamps contain levels of mercury. Sodium lamps contain elemental sodium metal and require neutralization. The latest in technology for the recycling of fluorescent tubes and HID lamps is now in Australia. Fluorescent tubes and HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps contain hazardous contaminants. Chemsal accepts a wide range of lamps for treatment and safe disposal. Both fluorescent tubes and mercury vapor lamps contain levels of mercury. Sodium lamps contain elemental sodium metal and require neutralization. The varying types can be collected in special bins on a changeover basis under a rental or deposit scheme. A Rexel representative will advise the best solution for your specific requirements. Chemsal “fluorobox 4-50” which holds approx 50 tubes, is suitable for smaller generators. Original cardboard supply packaging is also acceptable. Lamps are processed to recover the glass, aluminium components and phosphor containing mercury. The mercury is recovered by distillation for reuse.

Waste Fluorescent Lamps

Lamp Crushing Device

Throughout the night we had celebrity chats and interactive competitions with Dougie Hawkins and Jason Bargwanna. We also had a heap of prize’s and giveaways such as plasma TV’s and major weekends away to win. The function was strictly “No Sales” on the night, it was purely aimed at meeting some new faces, engaging with the existing customers, having a laugh and enjoying yourself. It goes without saying that the team at Mitcham certainly achieved what they set out too, as there were certainly a lot of happy suppliers and customers at the end of the night that genuinely felt that we had just put on the best trade function they had attended.


Component Separator







Thermal Retort


Hg (99.999%) Calcium Phosphate

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Leading the Green Revolution The green revolution has arrived in Australia. There is certainly a push from government and consumer demand for households and businesses to adopt energy efficient systems. Peak industry body, the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA), has been leading discussions with governments and representing the interests of Australian electricians during a period that has seen an explosion in the number of green schemes that have a massive impact on the electrical industry. The Home Insulation Program is an example of a green program where NECA was required to stand tall and represent the industry every step of the way. NECA was the first organisation to provide advice and clear warnings to the Federal Government regarding safety issues related to the installation of insulation, even as early as 16 February 2009. Other warnings by NECA were not acted on by the Government and unfortunately there were tragedies as a result of insulation not being correctly installed. However, it is reassuring that the Government did seek NECA’s advice on how the many installations of foil insulation could be rendered safe for consumers. NECA has written a comprehensive set of guidelines that will enable contractors to undertake inspections and removal of foil insulation safely. These guidelines have been adopted by the Government and will be used by UGL Services when they manage the inspections of thousands of homes under the Foil Insulation Safety Program. The federal government has created a boom in the solar panel installation industry. To avoid installation nightmares similar to those of the insulation program, NECA has called on state electrical regulators to classify the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels as electrical work.

“There are risks of electrical faults and shocks to the installer and consumers if the appropriate procedures are not followed. There are also potential risks to tradesmen and emergency service workers if they ever had to isolate the electricity at a location in the future that had solar panels incorrectly installed,” Mr Tinslay said. “If the installation of solar panels was recognised as electrical work by the state regulators, only licensed electricians would be allowed to install the systems.” A step in the right direction was the recent announcement by Senator the Hon Penny Wong, Minister for Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and Water, that Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) under their program would only be available if the installer was both Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited and a licensed electrician. “It is pleasing that the federal government has now strengthened the regulations on its program to the point where renewable energy certificates will only be available if a licensed electrician who is also CEC accredited does the installation,” Mr Tinslay said. Another Government project that will impact on the electrical industry is FluroCycle. The scheme announced on 22 May 2009 by the Hon Peter Garrett is intended to reduce the amount of mercury entering the environment from the disposal of used lamps mercury-containing. NECA has been consulted by the Government since the inception of FluroCycle and expects this program will create opportunities for the electrical industry. “This program will see a reduction in fluorescent tubes ending up at the rubbish dump and this is good news for the environment. It estimated 95% of used tubes end up in landfill,” Mr Tinslay said. “I expect many electricians will be able to develop new business opportunities as a result of NECA’s representation to government on Flurocycle.” For more information, visit

Chief executive officer of NECA, Mr James Tinslay, said that some state electrical regulators still do not recognise solar panel installations as electrical work and this allows people other than licensed electricians to install the systems.

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contact specials UOM: each

UOM: each

UOM: each

UOM: each

MS2DLED $64.35 + gst

MS2ALED $32.20 + gst

MSHD3AA $125 + gst






UOM: each


LED Luxpoint Mini Downlight 3000k 30 Deg Beam + gst



LED Luxpoint Mini Downlight 3000k 60 Deg Beam + gst

UOM: each


UOM: each

UOM: each




$12.95 + gst

$13.95 + gst






LED Luxpoint Mini Downlight 4000k 30 Deg Beam + gst



LED Luxpoint Mini Downlight 4000k 60 Deg Beam + gst


LEDDRIVERSTD LED Luxpoint Mini Driver Standard

$25 + gst

UOM: pack

UOM: pack

L58W/840XXT 25X1 LF $11.99+ gst NAVT100SUPER $53 + gst L18W/840XXT 25X1 LF $11.99+ gst NAV-T 100W SUPER 4Y E40 12X1 L36W/840XXT 25X1 LF $10.95+ gst NAVT150SUPER $53 + gst NAV-T 150W SUPER 4Y E40 12X1

Three easy ways to order: Online By Phone 1300 my rexel In Person 6

UOM: each



+ gst IP65 Floodlight 250W c/w MH Lamp

NAVT250SUPER $63 + gst

NAV-T 250W SUPER 4Y E40 12X1

NAVT400SUPER $63 + gst NAV-T 400W SUPER 4Y E40 12X1

Promotional pricing available to trade and account customers only. Promotional period is valid from August 1st to September 30th 2010 OR while stocks last. All pictures are for illustration purposes only.

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684850 + gst LED Satellite D40/D40 Classification

UOM: each

QCE36SDR $449 + gst

Panelboard Quicklag IP44 Echinda 36 Pole

UOM: each


Q316 $75 + gst


Q320 $75 + gst

Q125 + gst QUICKLAG MCB 25A 1 POLE


Q332 + gst QUICKLAG MCB 32A 3 POLE


Q350 + gst QUICKLAG MCB 50A 3 POLE


Q363 $107 + gst

Q132 + gst QUICKLAG MCB 32A 1 POLE Q150 + gst QUICKLAG MCB 50A 1 POLE

UOM: each


QCE48SDRMT + gst Panelboard Quicklag IP44 Echinda 48 Pole + 250A Main

UOM: each

Q116 + gst QUICKLAG MCB 16A 1 POLE Q120 + gst QUICKLAG MCB 20A 1 POLE

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UOM: each




UOM: each


UOM: each



+ gst Light Dimmers - 2000 Series




+ gst Light Dimmers - C2000 Series


contact specials


Q163 $33.95 + gst


Hurry, valid till end of September – while stocks last!

UOM: each

Ezaudit $215 + gst

Ezaudit Power Usage Meter 250V 10A

UOM: each

359920001 $32.90 + gst

Dust Collector, Drill Clean Kit

UOM: each


WIREMATE + gst Wiremate Wizard, Incl Bucket & 900m Lubricated Pull Cord

UOM: each

YF-370A $34.50 + gst

Analogue Multimeter

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Working Smarter with Super Efficient Lamp Technologies will Improve Customer Satisfaction and Long Term Profitability. The biggest focus for top management across industries is bringing costs down and improving profitability. With the Global Financial crisis having made a negative impact globally, working smarter is the only option available to bring costs down and improve profitability. Lighting always has a pre-defined purpose depending on the application and industry for which it is being used. However, many users of this technology may sometimes not be aware of the options available to achieve the same outcome. OSRAM has many lighting technologies that can not only improve lighting efficiencies but also help reduce costs for the end user. We would like to highlight a few examples of how we can help improve lighting efficiencies in current situations with best outcomes and improved savings for clients. Tunnel Lighting, Mining industries and Power plants all need low maintenance and safe but efficient lighting. Many of these industries still use T8 Fittings and do not want to replace these fittings with more efficient alternatives.

and can easily replace a standard T8 Lamp. If the lamps are left on 24/7 and run 365 days a year, they would need to be replaced after 5 years at least. Although these lamps would cost at least six times more than standard lamps, imagine the savings for relamping Tunnel Lighting in terms of labour costs, equipment hire costs and little or no inconvenience for users of the tunnel. The same positive savings could be looked at for Osram’s Super 4Y High Pressure Sodium (NAV) Lamps for tunnels and road lighting which offer 32,000 hours of operation and an improvement in the luminous flux over standard sodium lamps. With a range of options available for high pressure sodium lamps in elliptical, tubular or double-ended shapes, now is the time to switch to efficient lamps.

OSRAM has available a 75,000 hours T8 Fluorescent lamp known as the Lumilux XXT that can last as long as an LED


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Secure Credit Card Ordering now available at! August sees the release of our secure credit card ordering facility at Rexel Online. Don’t have an online account? No worries! Simply login as a guest at and experience the convenience of online ordering today. In August, we activated our secure credit card ordering facility that will allow you to pay for your orders by Visa, MasterCard or Amex credit card. Using the credit card facility is easy, simply enter your email address and postcode and log in as a guest. As a guest you will be able to search and order instantly. Alternatively account customers can register to use their trade account on the website, where you will have access to extra functionality such as order tracking, saved lists, invoice reprints/emails, account summary and much more.

LCD TV up for grabs! For our registered customers in August, every online order over $250 + GST will get an entry in the draw to win a Panasonic Viera Panasonic VIERA Full-HD LCD TV 42”! So visit to experience the convenience of online shopping today!

New Product Groups Search We’ve also made some improvements to the search experience by simplifying our product categories, ensuring that you can find what you need – when you need it. After much research, we have grouped our products into 26 high level product categories, to use this function click on the drop down category menu in the search screen.

Terms and conditions: For every online order over $250 + GST in one transaction, customers receive a free entry to the draw prize (Panasonic VIERA Full-HD LCD TV 42” valued at $1299 R.R.P). This offer applies on orders placed between 01/08/2010 and 31/08/2010. Multiple entries possible. Draw date set on the 06/09/2010. The winner will be advised by phone on the 07/09/2010 and the prize will be delivered to their home branch for pick up. NSW Permit No.LTPS/10/07007. Rexel Webservices, PO Box 143 North Ryde 1670 NSW. Phone: (02) 9887 6222.


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Sales Representative Traineeship

For 2010 Rexel Group Australia have launched a new and exciting training program that will help change the way we sell and interact with our customers. We have developed a groundbreaking Sales Representative Traineeship Program with the goal of developing quality future Sales Representatives for our company and our customers. We understand that integral to our current and future success as a company is the quality of all our employees, with this program we are focussing on our Sales Representatives. By developing our future and current Sales Representatives we plan to deliver a professional sales approach that demonstrates a significant point of difference in our industry. With this in mind we have designed a strategic development process built on providing our sales teams with quality training that will result in offering our customers industry ‘best’ Sales Representatives. Within our organisation we see the role of the Sales Representative as a vital link between our business and our customers. For our company to be relevant we need to add value to the business relationship and help our customers succeed. We aim to do this through using a consultative sales approach that improves our understanding and knowledge of our customer’s key business needs and challenges and offering them our specific relevant solutions. The Sales Representative Traineeship Program for 2010 has the consultative sales approach

embedded throughout all learning. The program consists of a combination of different training approaches including one on one coaching, group workshops and ‘on the job’ learning. The trainees have their own dedicated coach who teaches and mentors them through the program; these coaches are experienced high performers from within our business. The trainees will also attend four group workshops in Sydney where they will learn communication, self leadership and consultative selling skills. The program also has nine comprehensive product training sessions intended to improve an important aspect of sales, ‘knowing what you are talking about’!

For 2010 we have 11 trainees going through the 25 week program with five of the trainees from Rexel Electrical Supplies. Each of our trainees went through a rigorous selection process and are worthy of their position as part of the 2010 inaugural Sales Representative Trainee team. Dave Roberts is one of our trainees completing the course, he is featured on page 11. So if you know of or happen to meet one of the trainees while travelling around our stores offer them a word of encouragement, they are committed to working hard on learning new sales skills and developing their careers. Peter Edwards Group Training Manager

Eaton Launches Power Infrastructure Audit Service Eaton has launched a new power audit service which helps companies take the first step in controlling their power infrastructure. Branded as PowerChain Audit™, the company now offers businesses an end-to-end energy management needs assessment, including an electrical audit of power infrastructure and an electrical analysis and assessment to enhance power performance, compliance, safety and reliability. The PowerChain Audits consist of visual inspections, electrical measurements using power metering equipment, interviews with onsite personnel, and reviews of utility bills and data. The service incorporates a review of HVAC systems, lighting systems and controls, compressed air systems, motor applications, building automation control systems, and plant, office and boiler operations. At the same time, Eaton’s service includes expertise in benchmarking a site’s power compliance against IEEE and AS/NZS 4836 standards. Worker safety is also addressed through auditing ArcFlash


compliance which investigates compliance status, the use of personal protective equipment and facility signage. In order to satisfy the needs of a range of companies depending on their size and footprint in Australia, Eaton offers three levels of PowerChain audits: - Tactical - includes on-site analysis and reporting - Operational - includes on-site analysis, metering and reporting - Strategic – a three-year contract which combines both tactical and operational audits with power quality metering and reports. As part of the offering, Eaton’s power systems engineers are also tasked with identifying a facility’s potential for vulnerability, addressing options for providing protection from utility issues and advising on protecting systems from new and ever-changing load requirements. Eaton can also provide training of key personnel to enhance a company’s energy management program.

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Profile: Dave Roberts (Internal Sales / RES Warehouse / Tingalpa)

How long have you been working for Rexel and what is the best thing about working for the team? I have been working for Rexel for just over 3 years now. By far the best thing I experience every day working for Rexel is I am always learning. Today I learnt the operational difference between multi mode and single mode fibre. What did you enjoy most about the Sales Representative Trainee training? I thoroughly enjoyed the set up of the whole training. Peter Edwards has done a great job cocoordinating the program and I believe all trainees are going to reap the reward. The interaction with the other trainees was a highlight.

Being able to ask questions to each other (eg What is something unusual that has happened in your life?) definitely brought about some interesting answers. It was through these exercises we learnt the value of asking questions and listening, two key skills needed to build rapport and strong relationships with our customers. How will you apply what you have learnt in the training into your everyday position? One of the main things I will take away from the training is that our mindset has a lot to do with our performance. Since returning to work I have had a very positive mindset in looking after my customers. If our customers are having an enjoyable experience when shopping with us they are sure to return. Through positivity, opportunity knocks. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit and playing sport. I play rugby union and enjoy the mateship that comes with playing sport. I follow all sports and also don’t mind a bet if the occasion suits, which might be just about every weekend. What is your favourite place to visit and why? My favourite places to visit would be anywhere with snow and a nice little ski town. I love the snow and the spirit and warmth of a ski town is uplifting. Everyone is happy to be there and is always up for après ski after a big day on the slopes.

Energizer – Your Safety is Our Business Energizer intrinsically safe LED professional flashlight is designed and constructed to ensure that the highest safety standards are met even in the most hazardous work environment. Capitalizing on LED technology, this range of flashlight provides maximum visibility, rugged durability, long run time and most importantly, safety in hazardous environment. • IEC 60529 Waterproof and dustproof standards. • Ingress Protection rating IP67 • Chemical resistant, anti-static polypropylene construction. • Certified for UL913: class 1- group A,B,C and D; class II – Group E, F and G, Class; III • IECEx approval warming: the planet’s temperature has already increased, on average, by +0.6°C over the 20th century. rexel electrical supplies | phone: 1300 my rexel | web:


RexelFlashSpecials Rexel Flash Specials are only valid for the month of August 2010. These prices are available to trade and account customers only. Tube & Starter Special

Made in Germany

While stocks last!

UOM: each

Osram Fluorescent Tube 36W 6500k c/w ST111 Starter P/No: L36W/865+ST111 $2.15+ gst 36W 4000k c/w ST111 Starter P/No: L36W/840+ST111 $2.15+ gst

UOM: 12 pack




12,000 hrs Long Life, 70W P/No: HQI-TS70W/NDL/EXCEL

125W MV HPF Glass Lense (less lamp)

150W MHI HPF (less lamp)

12,000 hrs Long Life, 150W P/No: HQI-TS150W/NDL/EXCEL

P/No: PGM125MBF $79.95+ gst

IP66 Aquascan Sensor - 2 Wire IP66 Aquascan sensor - 2 wire, 5Amp

P/No: 630/9-2W $94.95+ gst IP66 Aquascan Sensor - 3 Wire IP66 Aquascan Sensor - 3 wire, 10Amp

UOM: each

Rj 45 Patch Lead Cat5e 2m Blue P/No: CAT5E2B $2.49+ gst RJ45 Patch Lead CAT6E 2M Blue P/No: CAT62B $6.95+ gst

$99.95+ gst

P/No: 630/9-3W

P/No: LUMA150MHI $94.95+ gst

$13.95+ gst

UOM: each

UOM: each

Patch Panel Cat5e 8p8c K/110 Iru- 24 Port P/No: C5EP24 $79.50+ gst Patch Panel CAT6E 8P8C K/110 IRU- 24 Port P/No: C6P24 $169.95+ gst

These special prices are strictly while stocks last and will be gone in a flash! Get in quick to grab a bargain!

UOM: each

Jack Cat5e Australian 8pc8c K/110-White P/No: C5EJ-WH $3.49+ gst Jack Cat6 Australian 8pc8c K/110-White P/No: C6J-WH $7.95+ gst

$13.95+ gst


UOM: each

Clipsal 56 Series Plugs & Extension Sockets - 250V 10A P/No: 56P310EO $19.46+ gst Clipsal 56 Series Plugs & Extension Sockets - 500V 10A P/No: 56P410EO $51.10+ gst Clipsal 56 Series Plugs & Extension Sockets - 500V 20A P/No: 56P420EO $56.10+ gst

UOM: each

UOM: each

UOM: each

Wire Manager 19” 5 Ring, Black With Cage Nuts

P/No: WMP1 $19.95+ gst

UOM: each

UOM: each

IP56 Enclosure 190 X 140 X 70 P/No: GW44207 $14.95+ gst

IP56 Enclosure 190 X 140 X 70 Clear Lid

P/No: GW44427 $28.50+ gst

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